Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Wearing a blue gown in a fit of anger for one’s beloved

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“Be careful—”

An Lan called out.

Gu Liyu suddenly turned around and slammed the basketball into Li Zhennan’s face.

Everyone was dumbfounded.


Li Zhennan’s fist swung past Gu Liyu’s ear. He fell backward, hitting the ground and didn’t get up for a while.

“Oh, Class Monitor… won’t he be knocked to death?” Xiao Chen coolly poked Xu Xingran next to him.

“Tsk, troublesome.”

Xu Xingran patted the student in front of him, asking them to make way. 

“Gu Liyu, you knocked down Li Zhennan. It’s not good to just stand there, right?” Xu Xingran squatted down beside Li Zhennan, patting his face. The nosebleed became even more severe.

Gu Liyu then imitated Xu Xingran’s manner, squatting down as if to say, “Now I’m not just standing.”

Li Zhennan wiped his nose, waking up. His anger hadn’t dissipated. “Gu Liyu, do you think having the surname Gu gives you the right to dominate everything?”

Who knew Gu Liyu would retort, “My family doesn’t own shares in the school.”

The implication was that Li Zhennan’s family did have shares in the school, allowing him to dominate.

After a brief moment of silence, everyone burst into laughter.

“This matter is not over between us! Class Monitor, did you see that? This guy used a basketball to hit me three times! You guys still want to split the bill and protect each other!” Li Zhennan questioned.

“I’ve heard of going Dutch when splitting the bill, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of protecting each other.” Xu Xingran took a pack of tissues from his pocket and handed it to Li Zhennan.

Li Zhennan pushed it away, “I don’t want it! I want Gu Liyu to apologize to me!”

“Oh, I see. Apology or no apology, both of us are students, and it’s not easy to make a judgment. Otherwise, you can call your dad. Gu Liyu… Do you want to call your dad?” 

“My dad won’t come.” Gu Liyu replied.

There are many rumors about Gu Liyu’s old man, such as a car accident years ago, leading to long-term recuperation in the hospital, or his high A-value, fearing negative impacts on society, so he remains hidden.

Li Zhennan wondered if he had a mental problem. Why would he want to meet Gu Liyu’s dad?

“Nonsense, Gu Liyu’s dad is not a member of the school board.” Xiao Chen, who knows when he arrived, threw in a comment.

Everyone burst into laughter again.

“What do you mean? Blaming me for having connections with my dad?” 

“How could that be? When your dad comes, let your dad have a good look.” Xu Xingran said, taking out his phone and showing Li Zhennan the recorded video.

In the video, Gu Liyu had his back to Li Zhennan, just picking up the basketball from the ground. Li Zhennan swung his fist at him.

Gu Liyu turned around and threw the basketball at him purely in self-defense.

Li Zhennan watched the video, and his face changed. He knew his dad’s temper too well. He learned from his own dad that different people require different faces.

The Gu family still holds considerable influence. Being a family of high-quality Alphas, Li Zhennan’s dad, when he arrives, will undoubtedly have to show goodwill. Moreover, with this video, there’s a chance Li Zhennan might get a couple of earfuls; it’s not worth it.

“Everyone got a bit impulsive. Your posts online seem to belittle someone’s elder brother, and he challenged you to a PK. You ended up with a bloody nose. If you think Gu Liyu did it intentionally, a sneak attack in righteous anger isn’t hard to understand. We’re all classmates, let bygones be bygones. What do you say?”

Xu Xingran’s “let bygones be bygones” wasn’t directed at Li Zhennan but at Gu Liyu.

In other words, this matter would only be truly over when Gu Liyu said so.

After all, if Gu Liyu didn’t like Li Zhennan, there were over a hundred ways every day to make him uncomfortable. Moreover, Gu Liyu was straightforward and direct.

“Sure.” Gu Liyu responded lightly, stood up, put on his school uniform jacket, slung his bag over his shoulder, and left the basketball court.

He didn’t care about others’ opinions or whether Li Zhennan would retaliate.

Xu Xingran announced loudly, “Classmates, is today’s mock exam not enough for you? Or does the monthly test not count as pressure for you? Perhaps playing games in the internet cafe is more interesting than watching basketball on the court?”

Everyone understood Xu Xingran’s intention—it was time to disperse and mind their own business.

Qiao Chuluo pulled An Lan and quickly left.

“Why leave so quickly?”

“Don’t want Li Zhennan to see me.”

“Fair enough.”

An Lan grabbed a bicycle, and Qiao Chuluo sat on the back. The two left the school.

On the way, Qiao Chuluo nudged An Lan. “I feel like today Gu Liyu challenged Li Zhennan just for you.”

An Lan’s heart skipped a beat, and the bike almost toppled into a ditch.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Didn’t Gu Liyu say it was for his cousin, Gu Qingchuan? Li Zhennan is just too arrogant!”

“But I feel that Gu Liyu treats you differently.”

“How is he treating me differently?”

“Today, when you got injured, who wiped your nose clean? Gu Liyu has a cleanliness obsession, you know! And he doesn’t like being touched by others.”

“How do you know he has a cleanliness obsession and doesn’t like being touched?”

“It was said in the group. We have someone in the group who was Gu Liyu’s classmate since junior high.”

“…” An Lan was speechless.

“Wearing a blue gown in a fit of anger for one’s beloved*, do you feel moved?” Qiao Chuluo tugged at the hem of his shirt.
* This phrase is often used to describe a person who becomes determined and takes bold actions, even undergoing a transformation, for the sake of someone they deeply care about

“Doesn’t Li Zhennan fancy you? In my absence, he comes to block you every day. Do you find that moving?” An Lan purposely pointed out.

“Do you want me to lose my appetite at night?”

“Perfect for weight loss.”

At that moment, a car drove past them and arrogantly blocked their way.

The window rolled down, revealing Li Zhennan inside, his nose still red, and more importantly, his gaze hostile.

“Why, Qiao Chuluo—do you prefer crying on his bicycle rather than laughing in my car?”

Li Zhennan’s expression was somewhat fierce.

An Lan knew why. Just today, he had been humiliated by Gu Liyu, and now, seeing Qiao Chuluo sitting on his bicycle immediately after, Li Zhennan’s alpha pride was on the verge of bursting, needing an outlet for release.

And they happened to collide right then.

“No, I would rather ride a bicycle and laugh than cry in your car.” Qiao Chuluo got off An Lan’s bicycle.

An Lan pulled Qiao Chuluo back, but Qiao Chuluo was still in front of An Lan.

This matter originally started because of him, and An Lan had just been hit by a basketball. Who knew what problems might arise next time?

Qiao Chuluo didn’t want An Lan to be innocently implicated again.

“Qiao Chuluo, do you think rejecting me makes you look noble and capable? Can’t you see the reality? You’re an omega. In the end, you’ll be marked by an alpha. You’re dissatisfied with me, how confident are you in yourself? Don’t think I don’t know you daydream about Xu Xingran every day. With Xu Xingran’s family background, he won’t look at you.”

Li Zhennan originally wanted to take advantage of the time when An Lan was away in the past few days to directly make a move on the solitary Qiao Chuluo. However, he didn’t expect Qiao Chuluo to be unyielding. 

Now that An Lan is back, the two are close again. Today, he even greeted An Lan’s face, but this guy surprisingly doesn’t know what’s good for him! 

“Do you ever dream of becoming the world’s richest person when you were a child? Do you think that would be true?” Qiao Chuluo sneered, “I think Xu Xingran is handsome. It’s human nature to love beauty. What does that have to do with whether Xu Xingran can be interested in me?” 

An Lan was momentarily stunned. He now understood that he had touched Qiao Chuluo’s bottom line with that ball he received today. 

Qiao Chuluo didn’t intend to endure it any longer and was ready to be straightforward with Li Zhennan, to tear things open. 

Seeing Qiao Chuluo’s attitude, Li Zhennan’s internal anger burned even more fiercely. “You have this self-awareness, yet you still want to associate with this beta? What can he give you? Can he comfort you when you need it? Or provide you with a sense of security? He can’t even beat me!” 

An Lan’s eyebrows twitched slightly. Li Zhennan… he must have been severely provoked today, his mind must be short-circuiting.

“Classmate Chen Zhennan*, have you noticed that whenever you appear, Qiao Chuluo seems particularly uneasy?” An Lan pulled Qiao Chuluo behind him. After all, he’s a prospective alpha. How could he let Qiao Chuluo block him?
* not sure why they switch between li and chen

Moreover, they are brothers. Shouldn’t you go to great lengths for your brothers? 

“Also, I think Qiao Chuluo deserves someone better than you,” An Lan looked at Li Zhennan, his gaze calm, neither fearful nor humble. 

Li Zhennan curled his lips, “That’s because you don’t know the kind of influence an alpha has on an omega.” 

After saying that, An Lan felt the air becoming heavy, permeated with an uncomfortable scent of strong liquor. An Lan began to feel a bit dizzy, his breathing becoming uneasy. The scent of alcohol became intense, and the space around him seemed to distort and sink.

Qiao Chuluo’s hand grasped An Lan’s shoulder, and he lowered his voice, saying, “He… released pheromones… let’s go quickly.”

An Lan hesitated; Li Zhennan was using pheromones to suppress Qiao Chuluo.

Qiao Chuluo’s legs weakened, and his knees slowly sank.

“You see, an omega is an omega; you can’t resist an alpha. In the future, when you’re with a beta, any alpha can make you submit.” Li Zhennan’s face was full of triumphant expression.

Facing such intense pheromones, An Lan was also finding it hard to cope. He realized that the alpha world was indeed not easy to navigate.

The crisp sound of a bicycle bell made An Lan’s nerves tremble.

Even though the oppressive pheromones were still present, An Lan felt as if he could breathe a sigh of relief, simply because he was “attracted” by that bell sound.

The bicycle stopped beside An Lan. An Lan wanted to see who it was, but due to the influence of Li Zhennan’s pheromones, he couldn’t turn his head.

A hand reached out, covering An Lan’s eyes and nose. The palm was warm, the fingers were long, and the callus at the base of the thumb touched An Lan’s mouth, tickling him slightly.

“The perception of pheromones is, in fact, the result of the brain’s discrimination. As long as you shift your attention, your brain can deceive you into thinking you haven’t sensed anything.” A cold voice sounded.

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