Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Let You Pass, But Take Your Life

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“Ah Luo… if there’s no evidence, don’t…” 

“What do you mean by no evidence? He hit the ball towards your face twice. Is he a professional with slippery hands? It’s just because I rejected him, and he misunderstood that I’m with you, so he took the chance for private revenge!” Qiao Chuluo said. 

At this point, Gu Liyu had already walked out of the school clinic; it seemed like he genuinely didn’t care about this matter. 

For some reason, An Lan always felt compelled to listen to what Gu Liyu said. So, he really timed it, lying down for two minutes and stuffing cotton before leaving the school clinic. 

Physical education class had already ended, and when An Lan returned to the classroom, he learned that in the end, Xu Xingran’s team lost to Xiao Chen’s team by a one-point difference. However, after An Lan left, Xiao Chen kicked Li Zhennan out of the game.

Xiao Chen, this person, seems a bit arrogant and domineering, but what he dislikes the most is others playing tricks. The people following Xiao Chen comforted Li Zhennan, implying that they would help him plead for leniency in a few days.

Li Zhennan responded indifferently, “He’s not the emperor, and I’m not his little brother. Is being a high-quality Alpha impressive?”

He could afford to speak like that because his family was on the school board.

Others found it uninteresting and didn’t bother to engage with him.

Qiao Chuluo glanced back and noticed that Li Zhennan was still looking at him gloomily.

Class monitor Xu Xingran entered the classroom, holding a piece of chocolate and approaching An Lan.

“Sorry, we lost the game.”

“Victory and defeat are common in warfare,” An Lan smiled, “Class monitor, you’ve refreshed my perception of you.”

“What perception?” Xu Xingran chuckled, lowering his head to look at An Lan’s nose.

“I originally thought you were a scholar, but it turns out you’re also a warrior.”

Xu Xingran whispered in a voice only An Lan could hear, “More like a fierce bandit.”

Having said that, Xu Xingran left.

Qiao Chuluo nudged An Lan, “Quick, look! The group chat is exploding. After we left, the two teams clashed, and it’s a fierce battle now, life and death!”


An Lan quickly took out his phone, and there were many small videos sent by classmates in the group chat.

One by one, he opened them, and it was thrilling to watch.

Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen were in a direct confrontation, displaying astonishing jumping and explosive power. An Lan began to doubt if these two were even human; the other players seemed like decorations.

Xu Xingran didn’t smile throughout, and his icy demeanor completely changed, unexpectedly adopting a new character.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen’s wild and tense presence made every dunk exhilarating. In the final slam dunk, even the rubber band snapped, and his hair scattered, displaying an explosive momentum.

Xiao Chen’s mid-air direction change and Xu Xingran’s pull-up layup made An Lan regret not staying until the end even if his nose bled dry.

“If I had known it would be so exciting, I would have endured a nosebleed to watch it until the end.”

As An Lan spoke, he heard two very light laughs simultaneously.

One was from the direction of Xu Xingran, who now appeared friendly without the aggression he had on the basketball court.

The other laughter came from behind, and An Lan didn’t dare to turn around. He knew it was Xiao Chen.

Classmates, do you know that when you quietly discuss alphas in the class, they can actually hear you?

An Lan continued scrolling down the messages in the group chat, feeling overwhelmed by the classmates’ earnest souls and bold spirits.

At this moment, Gu Liyu walked into the classroom holding a book. When passing by Li Zhennan’s seat, he suddenly stopped.

“I heard you’re good at basketball.”

“Huh?” Li Zhennan didn’t expect Gu Liyu to talk to him. He thought everyone in the school was invisible to Gu Liyu.

“Hitting the target every time, right?” Gu Liyu asked.

The entire class fell into a dead silence. Li Zhennan looked at Gu Liyu with a bewildered expression, tilting his head upward.

“…It’s… it’s okay.”

“I heard you’re even more formidable than Gu Qingchuan?” Gu Liyu asked. 

“Huh?” Li Zhennan still had a confused expression.

In an instant, the WeChat group vibrated again.

[Who is Gu Qingchuan?]

[You don’t know Gu Qingchuan? The school’s medical school heartthrob, MVP of the National University Basketball League! He’s also Gu Liyu’s cousin!]

[What’s the joke about Li Zhennan being better than Gu Liyu?]

The screenshot was instantly shared. It’s Li Zhennan’s post on the campus forum. He did a fadeaway shot, which is Gu Qingchuan’s signature move.

The text below the picture read: “Hitting the target from all angles, what’s so great about GQC!”

[D*mn, Li Zhennan is too funny, right? Gu Qingchuan is a basketball god in university! Just because he learned a fadeaway shot, he thinks he’s better than Gu Qingchuan?]

[He must think Gu Qingchuan won’t look at our school’s forum. But the problem is that Gu Liyu is from our school, right?]

[But he doesn’t even dare to directly mention the name of the great god Qingchuan, resorting to coyly using the initials. Isn’t that hilarious?]

[Could it be that Gu Liyu is here to help his cousin regain his reputation?]

[How is he going to help? Have you seen Gu Liyu play basketball? Doesn’t he study shooting?]

[Yeah, I’ve never seen Gu Liyu shoot a basketball in school. He’s not interested in group activities, right?]

The melon is too big, not only did Xu Xingran look over, even Xiao Chen, who was dozing off with his chin on the desk, woke up and stared at Li Zhennan with a cool gaze.

Everyone was waiting for Gu Liyu to speak.

Although Li Zhennan was face-saving, he didn’t dare to provoke Gu Liyu because he didn’t know Gu Liyu’s skill level. So, he had to play along with the act.

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding. I was just excited because I learned the fadeaway shot, so I made that comment. Because God Qingchuan is great, you know.” Li Zhennan smiled along.

An Lan admired his thick-skinned attitude. He spoke people’s language, ghost’s language, and broke the boundaries between people and ghosts, transcending Yin and Yang, a versatile man!

“He’s great, or are you great? Let’s find out after school. 5:40, school basketball court.”

Gu Liyu casually dropped this sentence and returned to his seat to do whatever he was supposed to do.

On the other hand, Li Zhennan’s expression changed subtly.

The group chat erupted once again.

[So, Gu Liyu can really play basketball! My god, we’re about to witness Gu Liyu playing basketball!]

[What kind of heavenly day is today! First, Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen break through the A-value limit, and now Gu Liyu explodes!]

[I guess Gu Liyu’s basketball opponents are people of Gu Qingchuan’s level! Li Zhennan is in trouble this time!]

[Directly calling CZN by his real name, be careful of being retaliated with screenshots.]

The group immediately displayed a message being recalled.

Everyone was spamming the chat too quickly, all looking forward to the showdown after school today.

When the English teacher entered the classroom, he found the whole class in chaos. The English teacher couldn’t bear it, forcefully knocked on the blackboard.

“The gossip in the group chat won’t run away. Can you at least pay attention to the blackboard?”

Xu Xingran cleared his throat lightly, and it worked. Everyone sat up straight, staring at the blackboard, although their minds were already drifting to the basketball court outside the window.

This English class became particularly unbearable.

Finally, it was time to finish class, and the English teacher wanted to extend it. Little did he know that Chen Naonao raised his hand and said, “Teacher, I don’t feel well. I need to go to the bathroom!”

Fat Flower also chimed in, “Teacher, my stomach doesn’t feel well. I need to go to the bathroom too!”

So, with a chorus of stomach discomfort and bathroom needs, the English teacher had to suspect that there was collective food poisoning in the class.

“How many times have I told you! Don’t eat random things! How can you not listen!”

In the concerned voice of the English teacher, everyone grabbed their school bags and rushed to the basketball court.

Qiao Chuluo also packed his bag quickly, helping An Lan stuff all the practice papers in the drawer, then pulled him and ran.

“Let’s go, go, go! The basketball court is waiting! Let’s see what excuse Li Zhennan has to escape!”

Gu Liyu casually packed his school bag, hung it over his shoulder with one hand, and walked out of the classroom as if no one else was there.

Li Zhennan sat alone at his desk. His only hope was that what Gu Liyu said before class was just talk.

He turned his head and looked out the window, hoping that Gu Liyu wouldn’t go to the basketball court but would go home directly.

But his hope was in vain.

Because Gu Liyu put his school bag on the edge of the basketball court, took off his blue and white school jacket, wore a pure white T-shirt, and came to the center of the court.

All the classmates turned to the window where Li Zhennan was sitting.

Li Zhennan was really in a dilemma. If he found an excuse to leave at this moment, he would become the laughingstock of the whole school.

But if he faced it…

Perhaps Gu Liyu really couldn’t play basketball. If he could, he hadn’t seen him shoot in more than two years of high school.

He probably relied on being a high quality Alpha, thinking he could excel in all sports.

D8mn it! He looked down on people!

After a bit of self-hypnosis, Li Zhennan bravely packed his bag and went to the basketball court.

Gu Liyu had his back to him, not even warming up.

Li Zhennan thought, basketball is not the same as shooting. Gu Liyu might have won the provincial shooting all-around championship, but that didn’t necessarily mean he had enough stamina to play basketball.

Not even warming up—a novice.

“I’m here,” Li Zhennan said.

Gu Liyu finally bent down, picked up a basketball from the ground, and threw it to Li Zhennan.

“Come on.”

Outside the court, Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen stood behind the watching students. With their absolute height advantage, they easily saw the situation on the entire court.

Xiao Chen frowned and asked, “Does Gu Liyu really know how to play basketball?”

“Of course,” Xu Xingran smiled, tilting his mouth.

“He does? Then why didn’t he even look at our shooting club’s basketball game? Look down on us?” Xiao Chen was unhappy.

“He plays basketball with Gu Qingchuan. Isn’t that good enough for him? Why should he pay attention to us?” Xu Xingran answered indifferently.

An Lan glanced back. Sometimes he really couldn’t understand the relationship between Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen could compete with Xu Xingran in basketball for the sake of his subordinates, and now they could chat together.

Looking at them this way, suddenly both Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen’s gazes turned towards him.

Xiao Chen directly gestured to him to come over, meaning “come to me.”

But Xu Xingran raised his chin, implying, “Just stay there.” 

An Lan turned his head and continued watching the game.

Xiao Chen frowned, “What’s wrong with this kid? He was hit by a basketball and bleeding heavily just over an hour ago. Why is he coming forward again?”

“It’s okay. With Gu Liyu here, Li Zhennan won’t be able to play any tricks.” Xu Xingran replied.

The discussion among the students was not as intense as the previous game, after all, Gu Liyu was too aloof, and everyone felt that they had to maintain absolute silence when watching him play basketball.

Li Zhennan had already planned to take the initiative, giving Gu Liyu a deterrent.

He dribbled quickly towards Gu Liyu. Everyone widened their eyes, watching as he was about to pass by Gu Liyu. However, Gu Liyu extended his long arm, and Li Zhennan’s ball was gone.

Li Zhennan immediately intercepted, and Gu Liyu quickly bypassed him, jumping directly.

Having seen Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen’s jumping ability, which he already thought was powerful enough, when Gu Liyu jumped, it was as if he had freed himself from the constraints of gravity. An Lan’s dynamic vision was super strong. He saw how Gu Liyu used his shoulder and back to exert force, how his upper and lower arms worked together, and the smooth transmission and explosion of that kind of power. It firmly held his line of sight.

Gu Liyu’s one shot was soul-stirring, and the basketball hoop trembled as if it was about to collapse.

Li Zhennan’s air suspension ability was not as good as Gu Liyu’s. When he landed, the ball hit him on the shoulder.

“Ah—” Li Zhennan groaned.

Everyone was stunned.

Under normal circumstances, Gu Liyu should have apologized to Li Zhennan, even though the situation couldn’t be blamed on Gu Liyu at all.

But Gu Liyu omitted even the most hypocritical apology and directly asked, “Can’t go on? You haven’t even used a fadeaway shot.”

Even the dumbest person could tell that Gu Liyu was genuinely going to deal with Li Zhennan.

“Are you… doing it on purpose?” Li Zhennan, who was somewhat pampered at home and was held in high regard by those around him, had never been confronted so directly.

“I did it on purpose, calculating the angle of your landing.” Gu Liyu replied casually.

Li Zhennan was speechless.

People started whispering.

“Yeah, how did Gu Liyu know where you would land?”

“Being hit by a basketball during a dunk is a common thing, isn’t it?”

“He also hit An Lan today while playing basketball, didn’t he?”

Xiao Chen turned his head and asked Xu Xingran beside him, “Is it intentional?”

To outsiders, it sounded like Gu Liyu was being sarcastic, but Xu Xingran shook his head, “Gu Liyu said he did it intentionally, so it must be intentional.”

Qiao Chuluo pulled An Lan’s sleeve and whispered, “Is it satisfying?”

“It’s okay…” An Lan wasn’t someone with a vengeful spirit.

Qiao Chuluo said regretfully, “True. It would have been better if he had hit him at the nose. Li Zhennan doesn’t have the red streaks under his nose.”

Gu Liyu threw the ball back to Li Zhennan and bent down, saying, “Again.”

Li Zhennan already knew how formidable Gu Liyu was. The advantage of being an excellent student in physical fitness couldn’t be underestimated, and Gu Liyu really knew how to play basketball.

Li Zhennan performed some fancy dribbling, thinking that Gu Liyu wouldn’t be that agile. However, with just a turn, Gu Liyu followed Li Zhennan’s fake move, showcasing astonishing agility in his knees and ankles.

Li Zhennan found an opportunity to get around Gu Liyu, and the move was quite spectacular.

Everyone thought Li Zhennan was about to score, but Xiao Chen laughed, “Clearly ‘letting you pass, but taking your life.'”

Li Zhennan attempted a dunk, but Gu Liyu swatted the ball from behind him at an unusual angle, hitting the basket accurately. As Gu Liyu landed, he blocked Li Zhennan, forcing him to stagger backward. Unexpectedly, the basketball hit him in the face.

Li Zhennan fell to the ground, and the basketball bounced out of the court, rolling to An Lan’s feet.

Everyone stared at Li Zhennan’s nose, and An Lan even heard someone counting down.

“Three… two… one…”

Before Li Zhennan could come to his senses, his nose felt warm, and finally, the nosebleed started.


The classmates collectively sighed, as if this moment had been long-awaited.

Li Zhennan lowered his head, touched his nose, and widened his eyes, as if he had never had a nosebleed in his life.

Gu Liyu remained calm and walked over to An Lan. The classmates subconsciously retreated, and An Lan followed suit. Gu Liyu bent down, picking up the basketball in front of An Lan.

He suddenly tapped An Lan’s shoe, saying, “Your shoelace is untied.”

Through the shoe surface, An Lan felt the slight pressure of Gu Liyu’s fingertips.

Sensations from all over his body surged toward that small area. An Lan’s toes curled subconsciously.

At this moment, Li Zhennan regained consciousness. Anger surged within him, tearing away the fake smile he had put on earlier. He threw a punch directly at the back of Gu Liyu’s head.

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