Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Unconscious Release

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The two Alpha Management Committee men left without any further explanation.

Coach Lin finished the call and came to them, saying, “An Lan’s parents are on their way. I hope this child is safe.”

Although the Alpha Management Committee people came to deliver the neutralizing agent, the expressions of Xu Xingran and the others did not become relaxed.

“I feel that something is wrong with this. That antidote… I don’t believe it’s a neutralizing agent,” Ye Yun said.

“Why?” Gu Liyu looked at him.

Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen’s gaze also became tense.

“It’s simple. According to what you said before, An Lan was injected with eve’s apple a month ago. If he needed a neutralizing agent, he should have used it when he was brought to the hospital that day. Since he used it then, why would he need it again?”

Ye Yun’s question made the others fall into contemplation.

“And the triple concentration of eve’s apple… did it cause An Lan to differentiate in the direction of omega? In just a month, it’s not enough for his omega glands to develop from nothing. How could he have the symptoms of heat?” Ye Yun asked again.

The three alphas on the scene fell into a dead silence. Ye Yun couldn’t see their true thoughts in their eyes.

“This question… only the doctor can answer.” Coach Lin spoke up.

After almost half an hour, the attending doctor finally came out and said to them, “An Lan’s condition has stabilized. He needs good rest now.”

“What about his pheromone levels?” Ye Yun asked.

“Very stable. Fortunately, you brought him here promptly,” the attending doctor breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, An Lan’s parents arrived, and the attending doctor immediately called them into the office to explain the current situation.

Coach Lin patted Ye Yun and Xu Xingran on the shoulders, saying, “I know everyone is concerned about An Lan, but the doctor also said An Lan’s current condition is stable. Regarding differentiation, it’s a matter of privacy, and we shouldn’t continue prying into it. When An Lan fully recovers, if he’s willing to tell you, you will naturally know what happened to him.”

Xiao Chen, somewhat unwilling, was still pulled up by Xu Xingran.

“We’ll take Ye Yun back first,” Coach Lin said.

On the way back, Ye Yun sat next to Coach Lin, supporting his head and looking out of the window, deep in thought.

In the back seat, Xiao Chen looked at the back of Ye Yun and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Ye Yun, if you have any thoughts, just say it. Your hesitant appearance makes me want to punch you,” Xiao Chen said.

“Xiao Chen, you want to punch even an omega. You really lack manners,” Ye Yun said half-jokingly.

“I’m just a wild dog, what do I need manners for?” Xiao Chen smiled with a tug at the corner of his mouth.

“I mean, initially, I thought An Lan was in a susceptible period and wanted to use my pheromones to comfort him,” Ye Yun said.

Xu Xingran’s brow furrowed, “Ye Yun, you’re a high-quality omega. Have you ever considered that using your pheromones to comfort An Lan might lead to him being addicted to your pheromones?”

“That’s because he was already experiencing rapid heart rate at that time. Even if he becomes addicted to my pheromones, he can still quit after that. Without his life, there’s nothing left,” Ye Yun replied.

“Although it’s unpleasant, it does make sense,” Xiao Chen responded.

“The key is that he didn’t respond to my pheromones. At that time, he seemed more like an omega in a special period than a susceptible alpha. Especially when you guys appeared, I could feel that he was significantly comforted,” Ye Yun said.

“You’re telling us this because you’re not upset that your pheromones have no attraction to An Lan, right?” Xu Xingran asked.

“What I mean is, he had a stress and addiction response to alpha pheromones. When I helped him unzip his shooting suit, I saw bite marks on the back of his neck, as if he had been bitten by an alpha’s canines. So, I suspect that after being injected with eve’s apple initially, he exhibited omega symptoms and was marked by some alpha. The mark won’t stand without omega glands, but that alpha’s pheromones definitely entered his body, perhaps helping him resist eve’s apple but also meaning that he developed dependence on that type of pheromone.”

After Ye Yun finished speaking, Coach Lin, who was driving, was completely baffled.

“So, is this a marking? Or is it helping him resist eve’s apple?”

“We have to ask that alpha about it,” Ye Yun replied.

Instead, the three alphas in the back remained silent.

Throughout the entire afternoon, An Lan’s parents stayed by his side. An Lan was in a state of drowsiness, but his heart rate and breathing were stable.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with An Lan?”

“Don’t worry, the situation has stabilized. It’s the same as we discussed last time. He is currently in the differentiation process, disturbed by eve’s apple. Today, he probably came into contact with many high-concentration pheromones, causing a stress reaction. We injected him with a special medicine to stabilize his current condition.”

“Special medicine? What special medicine? Are there any side effects?” An Lan’s mother anxiously asked.

“Please listen to my explanation. Do you remember the alpha who bit An Lan?” the attending doctor asked.

“Remember… Oh my, he didn’t bite our An Lan again, did he?”

The attending doctor quickly shook his head, “No, no! Because his pheromones once helped neutralize eve’s apple in An Lan, this made An Lan have a fledgling attachment to his pheromones.”

“Fledgling attachment? What… does that mean?”

An Lan’s parents were confused by the doctor’s words.

“It means An Lan has trust in this alpha. Normally, when alphas release pheromones, there is hostility between them. But there is no hostility between them. Due to the stimulation of eve’s apple, An Lan accepted this alpha’s pheromones, resisted the forced reversal of eve’s apple, and developed a dependence on this type of pheromone.”

“So… Doctor, I don’t need to know the process. Just tell me the result,” An Lan’s father said.

“Yes, yes, the result, what is the result?”

“The result is that An Lan has a dependence on the pheromones of this alpha. It’s commonly known as addiction.”

“Doctor, although my wife and I are both betas, it doesn’t mean we don’t understand the things about pheromones. Alphas may become addicted to omega pheromones, and omegas may also become addicted to alpha pheromones. But how can alphas become addicted to alpha pheromones?”

“Because An Lan has been comforted by this type of pheromone and even had his life saved by it. Eve’s apple acted as a catalyst, facilitating the match between these two types of pheromones. This alpha actively provided his own pheromones to the alpha management committee, and the committee purified this type of pheromone, removing components like aplus that would affect An Lan. Then, it was injected into An Lan. It’s like a natural alpha pheromone enhancer, more harmless than any synthetic pheromone.”

“So, can I understand it like this… it’s like a blood transfusion. An Lan’s alpha pheromones are weak, like anemia. If he wants healthy growth, he needs sufficient blood, and this alpha provides his own pheromones, like giving An Lan a blood transfusion. The last blood transfusion contained some components that were unfavorable to An Lan’s differentiation, such as that aplus. But this time, what was injected into An Lan is the most effective serum without aplus?” An Lan’s father asked.

“Yes, that’s the understanding!”

“So, this neutralizing agent is effective only for our An Lan. The alpha management committee actually produced this neutralizing agent specifically for our An Lan?” An Lan’s mother asked curiously.

As a woman, her sixth sense made her feel that this alpha must be someone An Lan knew.

“As long as An Lan is fine. And look at the pheromone levels in his blood; they are already above average. The other party is an extremely high-quality alpha. With his pheromones as a carrier, An Lan’s differentiation might be very successful.”

With the doctor’s explanation, An Lan’s parents felt relieved.

“But what exactly caused An Lan to suddenly have such a stress reaction? When he wakes up, I’ll have a chat with him. We need to analyze specifically which pheromones he came into contact with today.”

An Lan continued to sleep like this.

In a daze, An Lan felt that his bed seemed to sink, as if someone was sitting beside him.

He was about to open his eyes, but the other person’s finger touched his brow, as if saying, “If you see me, I will disappear from now on.”

An Lan felt a sudden panic and clutched the bedsheet tightly, keeping his eyes shut.

The person’s hand went under the blanket, touched An Lan’s hand, and the fingers slowly entered the gaps in An Lan’s fingers, then tightened.

Bending down, the person touched An Lan’s backhand, pulled open the sheet tightly held by An Lan, slowly embedded his fingers into the gaps in An Lan’s fingers, and then clasped them.

He lowered his body, and An Lan sniffed the other person’s scent forcefully, believing that with his excellent sense of smell, he could surely discern who it was.

But this person concealed everything, including pheromones. It was as if he had imprisoned himself in an impenetrable fortress, but the more this happened, the more An Lan tried to discern his pheromones. He lifted his chin, his head gradually leaving the pillow, and he followed the other person’s breath until his lips touched something soft.

The other person paused, and An Lan also became nervous. He feared that the other person would be disgusted and leave.

But the next moment, the other person’s kiss came down more forcefully.

It was like falling from an unreachable cloud into the dust, but the other person seemed to enjoy it.

An Lan’s hands were tightly pressed, and the other person seemed afraid of his resistance. The tongue, carrying heat and madness, rolled between An Lan’s lips and teeth, like lava flowing in seawater. The sea surface rose with emotions, as if wanting to engulf the entire sky.

An Lan’s knees reacted subconsciously, touching the other person through the blanket.

The other person’s kiss turned from exploration to blatant seduction. An Lan couldn’t help responding, and the other person finally let go of An Lan’s hands, pulling his body instead, as if wanting to lock him into his own world, fully possessing him.

An Lan grasped the other person’s shoulders, kissing him forcefully. He found himself wanting everything from this person—their strength, their reason, their restraint, even their strength and vulnerability—all belonged to him.

“Doctor! Doctor, come and see, my son’s heart rate is so fast!”

An Lan heard hurried footsteps, and his eyelids were opened. Light streamed in.

His body sank for a moment, and he took a deep breath, turning his face away and breathing heavily.

“He’s awake, he’s awake. It’s okay. He had some physiological reactions to the pheromones of another alpha. It’s okay, it’s okay.”

An Lan opened his eyes in confusion, seeing his parents and sister by his side.

Hearing the doctor’s words, his parents visibly relaxed.

His sister, An Yuan, was also wiping away tears with a smile and pinched An Lan’s nose.

“Stinky boy, you were frowning and blushing just now, what were you thinking? Honestly, were you having some dirty thoughts in your head?”

An Lan was stunned; it seemed like he had returned from another world to reality.

And the person who had kissed him forcefully and possessed him had disappeared.

But the reverberation of his heart beating intensely still vibrated in his chest. He swallowed saliva and dared not move his legs because he knew it was a mess down there.

And the person in his mind felt so real.

An Lan exhaled a breath, drawing the appearance of that person in the air.

The doctors gradually left his ward, and his mother brought a cup of cooled boiled water to feed him.

“Why… am I back in the hospital again?”

An Lan asked.

“You suddenly had a stress reaction. The doctor said the pheromone concentration in your body was not enough, and you were threatened and stimulated by high-concentration alpha pheromones. At this time, your body instinctively sought protection because you had trust in the alpha who bit you. So, you were looking for his pheromones, something you needed from him. This caused symptoms similar to omega estrus.” An Yuan, his sister and the smartest person in the family after An Lan, explained after she arrived. 

She had a thorough discussion with the attending doctor about An Lan’s condition and concluded based on various test reports.

“How am I now…”

“The alpha actively provided his pheromones to the management committee, and the committee has many research institutions. They are also studying the neutralizer for eve’s apple. You are a very special and meaningful case, so they provided you with a special neutralizer.”

An Yuan brought a small metal box to An Lan’s face. This small box was a thermostat, and the temperature inside was exactly zero degrees.

There were nine syringes left in the box.

“This is the purified pheromone from that alpha. It only contains pheromones, without any substances with marking or that would affect your own pheromone balance. The doctor said you have to carry it with you every day from now on. It’s your blocker and suppressant.”

An Lan touched the small box and leaned over to smell the inside.

An Yuan smiled.

“Don’t smell it. It’s been purified, as I said. The alpha’s pheromone scent comes from aplus. Since there is no aplus inside, it naturally has no scent.”

“Oh.” An Lan closed the box, feeling a sense of regret in his heart.

Leaning on her chin, An Yuan observed her brother’s expression and whispered, “Do you really want to know how he smells?”

“Yes, very much. That person saved me, and… indeed, I feel like I’ve been searching for him from the depths of my heart. I feel… I feel like I trust him a lot. But I don’t know who he is, what kind of person he is.”

An Lan did not hesitate to share his inner feelings.

“He must care a lot about you too. Otherwise, why would he provide pheromones to the alpha management committee for you? I heard from the doctor that the purity of these pheromones is very high, meaning that person has to provide at least four hundred milliliters of blood every week. Although alphas have good physical fitness, the fact that he does this for you shows how much he values you.”

An Lan’s fingertips trembled a bit. Just the thought of having that person’s pheromones in his body, as if being protected by him, made An Lan feel warm from head to toe.

After An Lan had dinner, the attending doctor came to his bedside. “I’ve come to talk to you about today’s situation. Let’s try to figure out what caused your stress reaction.”

An Lan sat up and nodded, “Okay. I also want to know what happened.”

“So, during the day today, who was the first person whose pheromones you encountered?” the doctor asked.

An Lan carefully thought back and said, “The first pheromones I could identify were from Ye Yun. He is an omega, and his pheromones have the scent of snow lotus. But he said he could smell my pheromones because I don’t unconsciously suppress my pheromones; I keep releasing them.”

“Okay, reason one: you don’t suppress your pheromones, causing them to spread outward continuously, meaning that the concentration of pheromones in your body cannot be maintained at a normal level.”

“But Ye Yun quickly suppressed his own pheromones. Then in… in the locker room, I encountered another alpha named Xiao Nan. Although he hasn’t reached the level of a high-quality alpha, his pheromone concentration should not be low. I had a dispute with him, and my friend helped me… taught me to use pheromones to suppress Xiao Nan.”

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