Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Do You Wish It Were Me?

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The attending doctor paused, “Your pheromones… actually reached the point where they could suppress the alpha named Xiao Nan? His last name is Xiao… Could it be the Xiao family I’m thinking of?”

An Lan nodded, “It’s that Xiao family.”

“How did your friend teach you?” the attending doctor asked.

An Lan explained the process of how Gu Li Yu guided him.

The attending doctor squinted, “The problem may be here.”

Without thinking, An Lan immediately refuted, “He won’t harm me. He’s just helping me use my pheromones reasonably.”

The attending doctor quickly raised his hand to indicate that An Lan shouldn’t be hasty.

“What I mean is, the method he taught you was effective at the time, but it also created a problem. When you suppressed the alpha named Xiao Nan with your pheromones, you released all of your own pheromones at once. This made you become very vulnerable.”

Understanding dawned on An Lan.

“Yes—later, Xiao Nan had a quarrel with another classmate, Xiao Chen, in the locker room. Xiao Chen is already a high-quality alpha, and their conflict evolved into a battle of pheromones!”

“Did you smell their pheromones?” the attending doctor asked.

An Lan hesitated for a moment, then shook his head, “Initially, I didn’t smell anything. I heard about it.”

“An Lan, your sense of smell should be very sensitive,” the attending doctor said.

“Yes.” An Lan nodded. He could recognize scents from several streets away.

“Then how could you not smell the pheromones of an alpha in rage?”

The doctor’s question made An Lan instantly realize that something was wrong—he seemed to have only sensed it when he and Ye Yun left the shooting range and walked into the corridor… When Xiao Nan passed very close to him and bumped into him, he smelled it.

“In the shooting range, you were under the protection of a certain high-quality alpha’s pheromones. He used his own pheromones to form a barrier, isolating the pheromones of others, making you feel safe without the threat of pheromones from other alphas.”

“This… is this possible?” An Lan was stunned. Did he know too little about high-quality alphas, not knowing that they could achieve this level?

“Of course.”

“But since his pheromones formed a barrier around me, shouldn’t I be able to smell his pheromones?”

“Because his pheromones didn’t enter your respiratory tract like other molecules carrying scents in daily life. His pheromones surrounded you but did not come close to you.”

“No wonder…”

An Lan suddenly understood. He felt nothing in the shooting range, but when they entered the corridor, An Lan sensed Xiao Nan’s pheromones after being bumped by him. That was because the corridor was already outside the range where the alpha protected him.

“This Xiao Nan was previously suppressed by your pheromones. When he passed by you, he couldn’t help but have negative emotions, which caused his pheromones to carry such emotions. And you, in a state of lacking your own pheromones, instinctively sought protection. You craved the pheromones of that alpha, and your symptoms looked like those of an omega entering a special period.”

“So I’m not in heat; I just…”

“You just long for that alpha you trust.”

Not just any alpha, only that person.

The one who bit him in the restroom of the KTV, the one who used pheromones to create a barrier to protect him.

“From his act of providing his pheromones to the alpha management committee, he is well aware that his pheromones have possessiveness in them for you, and a high aplus content would affect your differentiation. He is someone you know, even someone you are very familiar with. He wants to protect you; that’s beyond doubt. But his protective desire means that he wants to release pheromones to attract your attention, even tempt you, capture you. The aplus content in this will not be low; it will subtly influence you every day… because this alpha desires you to become his omega.”

“Because the aplus content is too high, will it continue to make me prone to differentiation towards omega?”

“No, he has already purified his pheromones for you. Unless he forcibly engages in marking behavior with you, you shouldn’t differentiate into omega. But you will continue to generate stress reactions.”

“Because… I need him, and he is also attracting me?”


“Oh… my God.” An Lan lifted his arm and hugged his head.

“On the day at the shooting club, there are only a few alphas who have the ability to do this, right?” The chief doctor felt that the answer was already close at hand.

An Lan helplessly smiled at the other person and silently raised his hand, extending three fingers.

“You’re perfectly fine… do you want to swear?”

“There are three.”

“Three of what?”

“High-quality alphas. And they are all my classmates.” An Lan said.

The chief doctor choked for a moment and asked again, “How is your relationship with them usually?”

“It’s all right.”

Class Monitor Xu Xingran took good care of An Lan. This time, the invitation to the shooting practice at Observing Mountain and Sea was also Xu Xingran’s suggestion, and he personally came to pick him up.

And when they found that Xiao Nan and Xiao Chen were exchanging pheromones, it was Xu Xingran who first told An Lan to leave with Yun.

Not to mention that day in the KTV, An Lan heard from Qiao Chuluo that when the ambulance arrived, it was Xu Xingran who carried An Lan up.

…Could it be that the alpha was Xu Xingran?

And Xiao Chen, who originally had a shoulder injury, as soon as he heard that An Lan participated in the practice match, he anticipated that Xiao Nan might trouble him. He said he didn’t want An Lan to take his place, but he was actually worried that An Lan would be bullied by Xiao Nan.

An Lan was a bit afraid of him at first, but after understanding his character, he wanted to be friends with him a bit.

That day, Xiao Chen was also in the KTV… and kicked the guy who injected Eve’s apple into An Lan. Is it possible that Xiao Chen found An Lan in the bathroom, bit him, and then went out to settle the score with that jerk?

Gu Liyu… he is pure and noble. Thinking of him as an alpha with possessiveness, An Lan felt that his own dirty thoughts had tarnished him. An Lan automatically took out a towel in his mind and wiped Gu Liyu clean.

Not to mention, Gu Liyu wasn’t even in the KTV that day.

“Is it inconvenient to ask them directly?” The doctor looked at An Lan, who was tilting his head and frowning, and it seemed like his head was about to explode.

“A little bit. We are friends, but we haven’t reached the point where we can talk about awkward things and then forget about it. But being alphas, being hesitant is also troublesome. I’ll just ask them directly.”

Class Monitor Xu is okay to talk to, he would probably smile and ask, “Do you want me to bite you?”

Xiao Chen might explode—does he look so indiscriminate, catching this little omega and biting him?

As for Gu Liyu, he would probably answer indifferently, “It’s not me,” and then… there would be no further communication. From then on, no more contact, not even a word to say.

But An Lan knew very well that asking these three people directly was easy. However, no matter how awkward it was to say, cracking a couple of jokes and treating them to a hot pot would solve everything. The real difficulty was himself… because a few hours ago, he was still dreaming of that person in his dream.

“There is another way, which is to find an opportunity to smell their pheromones.”

“But I don’t remember what the pheromones of the person who bit me were like!”

“But your body remembers. When you smell it, you will be sure in your heart.” The chief doctor replied.

It would only be truly awkward when he confirmed who that person was.

An Lan had to thank him for his protection all along, and he had to ask him to restrain himself, let go of his obsession, otherwise An Lan would have more severe stress reactions next time.

Everyone is a student, study well and strive for progress every day. Don’t think about disharmonious things every day.

Bah, An Lan, do you have the nerve to say that? The person with a mind full of disharmonious thoughts is clearly yourself!

“Aren’t you going to have trouble sleeping tonight?” The chief doctor asked.

“Huh? Why would I have trouble sleeping?” An Lan was puzzled by his words.

“There’s an alpha coveting you, thinking about marking you every day. Aren’t you afraid?”

An Lan pulled the quilt onto himself, “Even if he wants to mark me, I don’t have glands. Besides possessiveness, doesn’t he also have protective instincts? It’s a three-life blessing to be protected by a high-quality alpha.”

“Do you have no worries at all?”

“I do. I didn’t finish my mock exam paper, but you guys insisted that I could leave the hospital tomorrow. This means I have to sleep well and get up early to review tomorrow.”

An Lan sighed deeply with great regret. As a student, what could be more troublesome than “Three Years of High School Entrance Examination and Five Years of Mock Exams.”

“You’re fine like this. Good luck on Monday.”

The lights in the ward went out. An Lan turned his face to the side. Whether it’s Xu Xingran, Xiao Chen, or even Gu Liyu, they are not bad people. Finding an opportunity to understand and make things clear is the best way.

Even if it’s awkward after speaking, a hot pot meal and a couple of jokes can solve everything. If one meal isn’t enough, then two meals will do.

The next afternoon, An Lan’s parents went through the formalities, and his sister An Yuan was on the side, peeling fruit and watching her younger brother brushing his papers on the small table beside the bed.

“Tsk, so serious, do you want to get into a better university than me?” An Yuan asked.

“Is that not okay?” An Lan didn’t even lift his eyelids.

At this time, the omega group in his phone started buzzing again.

Tsk, what big news is there now? Or has the news of An Lan fainting at Observing Mountain and Sea made it to the headlines of their group?

An Lan opened the message and was stunned.

[Xiao Chen has run away from home! He even took his sister with him!]

[What? Why?]

[It seems like he had a dispute with his cousin, Xiao Nan, the one studying at One High, and it escalated to the point of exchanging pheromones!]

[Just a fight between two alphas, why would it lead Xiao Chen to run away from home?]

[It’s because Xiao Chen’s current mother is not his biological mother! I heard that Xiao Chen also has a half-brother with the same father but different mother, Xiao Yun! He used to study at Fu High, with excellent grades, but due to a heart problem, he took a leave of absence to recover at home. It’s not easy for an outstanding alpha to come from a prestigious family. The legitimate son is incapable, so they brought him, the illegitimate child, back home.]

An Lan’s eyelids twitched. He suddenly remembered the conversation between Xiao Chen and Xiao Nan in the locker room.

Xiao Nan accused Xiao Chen of being ungrateful, but Xiao Chen said they were just Xiao Yun’s heart cultivation vessels.

Maybe everything in this gossip discussion is not as simple as it seems.

[Xiao Chen’s parents asked him to apologize to Xiao Nan, but Xiao Chen refused. It’s said that his father got really angry, saying that if Xiao Chen didn’t apologize, he could leave the Xiao family. And then Xiao Chen really left with his bags!]

[I don’t understand this. Xiao Chen, relying on his abilities, suppressed that Xiao Nan with pheromones. What’s there to apologize for in the winner-takes-all situation?]

[Because Xiao Nan’s family’s reputation is more valuable than Xiao Chen, the outsider son.]

[Darn, our math class representative is also quite valuable!]

[Support the math class representative, after defeating the scum, why apologize? Does a strong person need to apologize for being strong?]

[No need!]

[+1 No need!]

[+2 No need!]

[+ID number No need!]

This is their typical style at Third High. Behind closed doors, they can talk about Xiao Chen, the school bully, kicking Zhang San yesterday and beating Li Si the day before. But if someone outside messes with Xiao Chen, the whole school unites against them.

Their school bully can only bully others, how can he apologize?

An Lan sighed. He thought Xiao Chen might not be in a good mood recently, and it might be more appropriate to ask about that problem later.

However, the affairs of Xiao Chen’s family, whether true or false, have the strong flavor of an evening soap opera.

An Lan never thought that the people around him would actually be in such a dramatic situation.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door of the ward, and An Lan looked up to see Ye Yun and Xu Xingran.

“You guys are here!” An Lan put down his pen and smiled.

Sitting on the side, peeling fruit, An Yuan, saw two super handsome guys coming and immediately placed the apple behind her, tidying up her own hair.

There weren’t many chairs in the ward, so An Lan pulled his blanket and made space for them to sit on the bed.

So Ye Yun sat on the left, and Xu Xingran sat on the right. Both of them unconsciously looked at An Lan.

“When we brought you to the hospital yesterday, you were all sweaty, and you didn’t respond when we called you. It was so frightening. Just one night, and your spirit is up, and you can still study?” Ye Yun asked with a smile.

“Isn’t this… thanks to the special medicine?” 

An Lan felt that the sooner, the better. With so many people around, asking the question himself seemed more straightforward. He looked at Xu Xingran and asked, “Class Monitor, was the special medicine prepared by you?”

In other words, the purified pheromones inside, do they belong to you?

Xu Xingran lowered his eyes and smiled lightly.

“Do you wish it was me?”

Sure enough, there was no direct answer but Xu Xingran’s characteristic counter-question.

“That person protected me, and I just want to thank him in person.” An Lan said seriously.

“Is that so?” Xu Xingran’s voice was calm, but in An Lan’s ears, there was a trace of loneliness.

“Xu Xingran.” An Lan suddenly spoke and pronounced Xu Xingran’s name.

He has always addressed the other as “Class Monitor,” so it’s quite unusual for him to suddenly call the other by their name.

“Hmm?” Xu Xingran raised his eyes.

“Thank you.” An Lan said.

“Thank me for what?” Xu Xingran finally smiled.

“That day at the KTV, you were the one who put me in the ambulance. When Xiao Chen and Xiao Nan started exchanging pheromones, it was you who told me and Ye Yun to leave immediately. You protected me; I know.”

“Who asked me to be your Class Monitor?” Xu Xingran’s lip line curved into a beautiful arc.

This time, his smile was not for others to see but because he was genuinely happy.

“No one has an obligation to help me, and the Class Monitor is no exception. The Class Monitor helped me, and even if I can’t go all out, I will do my best.”

Although these words may sound childish, they come from the heart.

An Lan rarely makes promises, but once spoken, it’s a promise that is hard to break.

“You’ve already helped me.” Xu Xingran’s hand reached over and gently touched An Lan’s head.

Ye Yun coughed, “I’m still here, you know.”

An Lan laughed, reaching out to pat Ye Yun’s head, “You’ve helped me too, thank you Ye Yun.”

“Your ‘thank you’ sounds like something from kindergarten, you know?”

“Huh? What?”

“One for you, one for me. Since Gu Liyu and Xiao Chen aren’t here, do we need to leave one for them?”

As soon as Ye Yun finished speaking, An Lan became even happier, and there was a taste of that.

“By the way, where are Gu Liyu and Xiao Chen? I heard they both came to the hospital with me yesterday.”

Xu Xingran spoke up, “Xiao Chen… had a falling out with his family. It’s been spread all over our school, and you’ll probably know soon.” Xu Xingran said, “He and his sister left the Xiao family yesterday. When they left, they were dragging suitcases and were even photographed by tabloid reporters. These tabloid reporters love to report on the dramatic conflicts of the upper-class alpha families.”

His voice was calm, as if Xiao Chen leaving home was not a big deal. Or perhaps Xu Xingran has always understood the situation of Xiao Chen’s family, and in Xu Xingran’s eyes, Xiao Chen’s current choice is not bad.

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