Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Signs of Pregnancy

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An Lan shook his head.

“Wearing headphones and listening to English listening comprehension,” Qiao Chuluo said.

“…Well, he just isn’t interested in certain social interactions or activities. That doesn’t make him aloof, right?” An Lan reasoned.

“Before, there was an omega who plucked up the courage to confess to him, but he didn’t even look at the person for more than a second and rejected them. Do you think he has appreciated anyone for more than a second?” 

An Lan thought for a moment, “Class Monitor?”

Qiao Chuluo almost collapsed onto the table, “Are you forcing Gu Liyu and the class monitor into a CP? Well, that’s fine, Xiao Chen is ours then.”

“This CP is too terrifying. Let’s forget it.”

Actually, An Lan wanted to say that he had seen last season’s Club’s 10-meter Moving Target competition, where Gu Liyu and Xu Xingran competed for the championship.

An accident happened during the semi-finals—an omega entered estrus.

It was said that this omega was exceptionally high-quality, so his pheromones were rich and full of allure, spreading instantly throughout the shooting range. This caused many alpha participants to be affected.

The scene was chaotic. Many alpha participants were affected by the extreme, paranoid, and violent emotions induced by the pheromones, and it even led to them releasing pheromones, pressuring each other.

Many shooting competitions were held indoors, and various pheromones mixed together, forming a huge and chaotic web.

At that time, all the betas on-site, even the participating players, entered an emergency state to help the committee maintain order, deliver inhibitors and blockers.

There was an alpha who locked himself in the second-floor changing room, and no one dared to approach him. It was said that this person’s pheromones were terrifying. An Lan, who had learned rock climbing, bit the inhibitor and climbed through the second-floor window to deliver the medicine. When he came back, his wrist was sprained, and he gave up the competition.

He was very upset. In the bathroom, he splashed water on his face, actually trying to conceal his unwillingness because he was in excellent form in those few matches.

But unexpectedly, there was another alpha in the bathroom who entered their susceptible period.

Although An Lan didn’t know who the other person was, he remembered the feeling of the person tightly holding his hand through the crack in the door.

His fingers were almost crushed, and even through the intervals of the bathroom door, An Lan could feel the extreme pain the other person was enduring. An Lan informed the other that he was going to a competition, and when he tried to leave, the hand holding his tightened even more. The helplessness and vulnerability of the alpha touched An Lan’s heart, and he remained crouched outside the door until the other calmed down.

He didn’t know what happened to that alpha later, but for An Lan, an alpha who restrained himself and tried to conquer his instincts was worthy of respect.

It was heard that Xiao Chen had also entered the finals, but because he was very close to that omega, he was most affected. Not only did he withdraw from the competition, but he was also sent to a special ward in the hospital, isolated for a whole week before returning.

An Lan also went to that hospital for X-rays. He remembered how the nurses discussed Xiao Chen—lonely, silent, unresponsive to external stimuli. An Lan understood then that the world of high-quality alphas was not all powerful and glamorous; they might endure more than ordinary people.

The day after the storm subsided, the finals began.

Gu Liyu and Xu Xingran passed the organizer’s a-value test and entered the finals.

Both of them had steady shots. Despite the static posture in shooting, there was a sense of strength and speed.

The final shot was suspenseful, and Xu Xingran won against Gu Liyu.

After the match, Xu Xingran shook hands with Gu Liyu. Though Gu Liyu was quiet, An Lan felt he had a certain demeanor.

Gu Liyu wasn’t cold; he was just indifferent to things he didn’t care about. Of course, this was An Lan’s wishful thinking.

An Lan sighed and continued scrolling down. Finally, he reached the annual school hunk selection.

Their school’s hunk selection was different from other schools; it considered not only looks but also factors like physique, academic ability, sports, and temperament.

In other words, anyone selected as the school hunk at their school would be an insult to the concept of the “C position debut.” They were the epitome of a perfect human, genes worthy of being stored in the human gene bank, launching into space with the rocket, debuting in the universe.

An Lan opened the results, and the top three were entirely within his expectations, but the order surprised him.

“Hey, I don’t understand. You guys said you wanted to be marked by Xiao Chen, but in the school hunk selection, you ranked him third?” An Lan shook his head.

“His Chinese is not good; he’s too one-sided.”

“Then you should just rank based on the final exam grades.” An Lan was speechless.


An Lan looked at the second-ranked person and couldn’t help saying, “The class monitor is only second? I doubt you guys really want to marry him.”

“I find you particularly protective of our class monitor.”

“The class monitor is really nice. He accompanied me to the hospital for check-ups.”

An Lan would do his best to defend people he identified with.

“The class monitor is indeed very good. Being with him makes you feel safe and happy, but he lacks a little…” Qiao Chuluo squeezed his fingers, squinting his eyes, teasing An Lan.

An Lan pressed down his hand. “If you don’t say it, the class monitor who goes to pick up the nutrition meals for the whole class will be back soon.”

“Okay, he lacks a bit of dominance and charisma. That unstoppable kingly aura. In short, our class monitor is suitable for being a prime minister, assisting the king, and bringing peace to the world. But he can’t be an emperor; he lacks the arrogance of being unrivaled.” Qiao Chuluo earnestly commented.

That’s because you guys haven’t seen Xu Xingran’s appearance when he’s shooting.

Low-key, lurking, concealing all his breath and presence, then a fatal shot to reverse the situation.

“Did you see who the school hunk is this year? It’ll surprise you.”

“Hey, it’s Xiao Chen and Xu Xingran every year, and this year, the first is…” An Lan’s eyes almost popped out. “How come it’s Gu Liyu?”

“Is Gu Liyu handsome?” Qiao Chuluo asked.

“… Handsome.” From a male aesthetic perspective, An Lan had to admit that he was indeed handsome.

“Is Gu Liyu in good shape?” Qiao Chuluo asked again.

“… Good.”

Although it sounded cliché to talk about things like broad shoulders and narrow waist, Gu Liyu did have the ability to make the ordinary blue and white school uniform exude a sense of sophistication.

“The provincial shooting competition last quarter, the all-around champion in the three shooting events, wasn’t it Gu Liyu?” Qiao Chuluo continued.

With Qiao Chuluo’s words, An Lan could only nod.

Although Xu Xingran won against Gu Liyu in the ten-meter moving target, the all-around champion was the true king.

“So, for the school grass, is he deserving of the title?” Qiao Chuluo asked.

An Lan continued to nod. “Yes, absolutely.”

“Moreover, the school grass must have a trait.”

In this day and age, being a school grass had so many requirements?

“That is, he must always be everyone’s lover, unable to fall in love. Among Gu Liyu, Xiao Chen, and Xu Xingran, the least likely to be moved by someone is Gu Liyu! And every omega can fantasize that one year, one month, one day, at some moment, the least likely to be moved Gu Liyu descends from the cold altar and falls in love with someone…”

An Lan felt goosebumps all over his body as he listened, and Qiao Chuluo became more emotional. At this moment, Xu Xingran happened to come back with the whole class’s nutrition meals. As he entered the classroom door, An Lan quickly covered Qiao Chuluo’s mouth.

“Wuwu… wuwu…” Qiao Chuluo looked at him accusingly, meaning that if you don’t let go, little Qiao here will go to the afterlife, leaving behind a fragrance.

An Lan let go, took out his phone, and sent a message to Qiao Chuluo: [Alphas have good hearing. Be careful with what you say; they might have heard it all!]

Qiao Chuluo was stunned for a moment and angrily accused An Lan: [Why didn’t you remind me earlier!]

An Lan continued scrolling down the votes and finally reached the latest issue—Alpha NO1 Most Desired to Be Hugged!

According to the preferences of Omega classmates, An Lan originally thought that Gu Liyu should be ranked first. After all, isn’t the school grass the object of Omega students’ fantasies?

But unexpectedly, the first place went to Xiao Chen, and the second place went to Xu Xingran.

Of course, the votes for these two were almost the same.

However, to An Lan’s great surprise, Gu Liyu not only ranked third, but his votes were only one-fifth of Xu Xingran’s, a staggering decline.

An Lan asked on WeChat: [Isn’t Gu Liyu the embodiment of your fantasies? Why are there so few people who want to be hugged by him?]

Qiao Chuluo: [Because he’s too aloof. No one wants to be frozen in his embrace. Also, remember to use abbreviations when chatting with the main characters.]

An Lan: [What abbreviations?]

Qiao Chuluo: [Are you from Mars? It’s glY!]

An Lan: [Oh… Why does it sound like secret codes?]

In reality, An Lan knew that Gu Liyu’s embrace was not cold.

An image of Gu Liyu’s arms encircling him unexpectedly flashed in An Lan’s mind. It lasted less than a second, but his embrace was warm.

Xu Xingran and other class helpers started distributing the nutrition meals, each person receiving a bottle of yogurt and a bread roll.

Despite having Oreos just a while ago, An Lan felt hungry again.

Qiao Chuluo turned to him and asked, “Are you a bottomless pit?”

An Lan smiled, and as someone passed by, two bottles of yogurt and two bread rolls were placed on his desk. An Lan looked up to see Xu Xingran smiling at him.

“Class Monitor? Why are there two portions?”

“One of them is me giving it to you. Don’t you always feel both hungry and tired?” Xu Xingran leaned on the desk, looking down at An Lan.


“These are signs of pregnancy.”

As Xu Xingran spoke, An Lan almost choked on his own saliva.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

Xu Xingran laughed, and the air seemed to vibrate with his laughter. An Lan felt like he could hear the resonance from Xu Xingran’s chest.

“Fool, you’re just growing.” Xu Xingran laughed and walked away.

An Lan was dumbfounded, and beside him, Qiao Chuluo was excitedly pulling on An Lan’s sleeve.

“This is the first time I’ve seen Xu Xingran up close! The class monitor’s eyes are so beautiful! He has such an elegant aura when he smiles!”

An Lan was being shaken by Qiao Chuluo, feeling dizzy. “Yes, yes, you can look slowly.”

After school, when An Lan got home, he told his mom that he easily gets hungry. His mom prepared a big bag of cookies and bread for him. However, the next day at school, An Lan forgot to take them with him and left them on the shoe rack.

At first, he felt a bit upset, but when he entered the classroom, he found a bag full of snacks in his desk drawer.

There were high-calcium milk, fruit bread, vegetable crisps, and more, all very healthy. Looking at them, An Lan felt like they were meant for a pregnant woman.

Qiao Chuluo walked over to him, eyes shining as he looked at the pile of snacks.

“An Lan! Did you buy so many delicious things? These vegetable crisps are expensive, but they taste amazing. Each pack only has a few pieces! And this egg roll uses premium butter! The beef jerky is also without MSG, but the more you chew, the more flavorful it becomes!”

“How do you know about these snacks?” An Lan asked.

“I saw them recommended in a live broadcast!”

“Oh.” An Lan looked around, trying to figure out who put them on his desk.

Who could it be, going through so much trouble?

At that moment, Xu Xingran returned to his seat with water. An Lan quickly said to him, “Class Monitor, did you give me these? It’s too extravagant, isn’t it?”

Except for Qiao Chuluo, it seemed that only Xu Xingran knew that An Lan could eat a lot because he was going through a growth spurt.

But Xu Xingran shook his head and said, “It wasn’t me.”

“Ah? Then who could it be?” An Lan looked around, but no one seemed to be paying attention to him.

“It’s for you, so just eat it! Maybe it’s a girl’s expression of goodwill?” Qiao Chuluo blinked.


After morning self-study, the first class was Chinese.

Their class teacher, Bald Qiang, walked into the classroom holding last week’s quiz results.

The classmates who were still playing around suddenly fell silent.

Bald Qiang smiled and, with a flick of his finger on the stack of test papers, said loudly, “It seems that during the last vacation, you all had a very fulfilling time—other than studying, you probably did everything else.”

In an instant, the majority of the classmates in the classroom lowered their heads.

An Lan also felt guilty because this was the last summer vacation before senior year. He had spent a lot of time playing video games with Qiao Chuluo at the internet cafe, often for half a day, and lied to his parents that he was studying hard at KFC.

In the end, they shared and copied each other’s homework to complete the summer assignments.

As for how he performed in the quiz, it was hard to say.

Bald Qiang continued, “According to our school’s senior traditions, after each exam, we rearrange the seating. Students with good grades can choose their seats first. So, embrace the classmates next to you, because you might be separating soon.”

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