Who On Earth Bit Me? Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Directed Warning

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After saying that, Bald Qiang took out his phone and started playing the old-fashioned song “You, My Deskmate” through the speakers.

Most of the students were immune to this style of sentimental songs, but this was senior year, and many had been deskmates for two years. Even if they used to dislike each other, at this moment, they might suddenly feel a deep connection.

Who will marry the sentimental you? Who will read your diary?

Who will tie up your long hair, and who will make your wedding dress?

You used to be very careful, asking to borrow half of my eraser.

You once mentioned unintentionally, that you liked being with me.

Time always passes too slowly, you always said graduation was distant.

In the blink of an eye, we’ll go our separate ways…

D*mn, this was a super tearjerker. Several female classmates’ eyes were red, and they were holding each other’s hands under the desk.

As An Lan watched, he felt that if he didn’t hold Qiao Chuluo’s hand, it would seem like he didn’t cherish the friendship between them.

Turning his head, An Lan noticed that Qiao Chuluo was biting his lower lip, and his toes were continuously tapping on the ground.

This indicated that he was anxious.

“What are you worried about? Your grades have always been stable,” An Lan reassured.

Qiao Chuluo’s grades were even better than most alphas in the class.

“Pff, I’m worried about us going our separate ways. When will you return the half eraser you borrowed from me?” Qiao Chuluo said in a hushed tone.

“Huh? When did I borrow an eraser from you?”

“You heartless person, in first grade of elementary school,” Qiao Chuluo replied.

An Lan understood that Qiao Chuluo’s anxiety wasn’t about the report card, but rather, he was concerned that they might not be able to sit together when choosing seats due to the significant difference in their rankings.

They had been in the same class since elementary school. When Qiao Chuluo differentiated in junior high, his mother even asked An Lan to take care of him. However, in reality, most of the time, it was Qiao Chuluo taking care of An Lan. Especially in subjects like physics and chemistry, An Lan could imagine that when they were separated, trying to look at the answers to big questions might involve traversing half the classroom.

An Lan’s phone vibrated, and he glanced down to see a message from Qiao Chuluo.

Little Qiao: [It seems like Chen Zhennan has set his eyes on me lately.]

An Lan was surprised. Chen Zhennan, for the most part, hung out with Xiao Chen and didn’t have a great reputation. He had dated several omegas and didn’t allow omegas to initiate a breakup.

An Lan wondered if his grades were better than Chen Zhennan’s.

Little Qiao: [You better pray that you perform better than him; otherwise, you’re in for a tough time.]

An Lan glanced at Chen Zhennan, who was indeed twirling his pen while sneaking glances at Qiao Chuluo.

An Lan: [D*mn, my raised pig is about to be turned into braised pork by someone else!]

Little Qiao: [Get lost!]

“If only I had purposely done worse on the exam,” Qiao Chuluo said.

“Don’t. Maybe you overestimated your own abilities, and I just happened to perform exceptionally well,” An Lan comforted.

At this moment, Bald Qiang began distributing the report cards.

“First place, Xu Xingran. Class Monitor consistently performs well; everyone should learn from him!”

After that, applause echoed in the classroom.

Xu Xingran calmly accepted the report card and returned to his seat.

“Second place, Student Gu Liyu!”

Gu Liyu stood up and walked towards the podium, but instead of directly handing him the report card, the teacher said, “Gu Liyu, your science scores are actually the same as Xu Xingran’s. It’s just this Chinese essay. As your Chinese teacher, I’ll give you some sincere advice: even in argumentative essays, add a bit of emotion so that the readers can feel empathy and sympathy.”

“Okay.” Gu Liyu clenched his fists on both sides. When the teacher handed him the report card, he turned and went back to his seat.

An Lan suspected whether he had paid attention to Bald Qiang’s advice, considering he was… too cold.

“Third place, Xiao Chen.” Bald Qiang lifted his eyes and looked at the last row.

Xiao Chen was sleeping with his head down, showing no intention of getting up.

So Bald Qiang decided to showcase his secret skill – cross-classroom shooting!

A chalk, full of force, flew towards Xiao Chen’s head.

Xiao Chen, as if the back of his head had eyes, suddenly raised his hand and effortlessly caught the chalk. Then, he leisurely raised his head.

“Third place, Xiao Chen.” Bald Qiang, without fear of the school bully, did not shift his gaze.

Xiao Chen lifted his leg and kicked the chair of the student in front of him.

The student in the front row reluctantly stood up and took Xiao Chen’s report card back for him.

Bald Qiang’s forehead veins were bulging, but to avoid conflicts in the classroom, he could only endure.

Report cards were distributed one by one.

“Twelfth place, Qiao Chuluo!”

Qiao Chuluo stood up, took the report card, and although the grade was good, there was tension. An Lan knew he was worried about An Lan’s grade.

“Fifteenth place, An Lan.”

As soon as An Lan heard this, not only did he heave a sigh of relief, but Qiao Chuluo, who had been nervously tiptoeing, also stopped.

Chen Zhennan ranked sixteenth, just behind An Lan. His face looked quite unpleasant, as if he had eaten a fly.

After all students received their report cards, everyone left the classroom and then returned.

An Lan and Qiao Chuluo successfully sat together again.

Both couldn’t contain their excitement, and under the desk, they held hands—no, they were conducting a snack exchange.

An Lan gave all the vegetable crisps to Qiao Chuluo, and he also posted a circle of friends to express his loyalty: “You will always be my little Qiao, and I will always be your Gongjin.”

Below were friends making disgusted comments.

Fat Flower: Gross, Dad-level gross!

Chen Naonao: Isn’t this just for the convenience of copying homework? Why make it seem so deep and emotional for everyone to see?

An Lan replied to them: It’s for not having to return the half eraser from elementary school!

For some reason, after posting this circle of friends, An Lan felt a bit suppressed, and there was an indescribable smell in the air.

That feeling, as if the ceiling was about to fall, and the entire space was about to collapse, trapping An Lan tightly.

An Lan looked at Chen Zhennan, only to see him raising his eyebrows with a cold smile.

Was it really him?

At this moment, Xu Xingran’s voice sounded, “If you don’t have the ability for directional oppression, don’t release pheromones recklessly.”

Everyone looked over, and Xu Xingran’s words were inexplicable. The classmates had no idea what had happened.

Chen Zhennan’s expression turned unpleasant.

“Want to die?” Xiao Chen’s voice echoed.

As everyone looked over, they speculated whether it was Xu Xingran and Xiao Chen releasing pheromones in secret. However, An Lan and the other alphas remained silent; they knew the class monitor and Xiao Chen were referring to Chen Zhennan.

At this moment, Chen Zhennan’s face turned pale.

Gu Liyu returned with a water bottle, passing by Chen Zhennan. Like the last straw that broke the camel’s back, Chen Zhennan collapsed onto the desk.

An Lan pounded his chest, and that nervous feeling suddenly disappeared. It seemed that Chen Zhennan had retracted his pheromones.

“A reminder to all students, school is a place for learning. Alpha pheromones should be displayed for your significant other,” Xu Xingran’s voice echoed once again.

“Class Monitor is quite assertive,” Qiao Chuluo, who had felt the intense oppression earlier, now finally felt the air freshening up.

“Well…” An Lan pondered for a moment and sent a message to Qiao Chuluo.

An Lan: [Was the alpha who targeted you with directional oppression in class just now Chen Zhennan?]

Little Qiao: [No, Chen Zhennan can’t do directional oppression. He’s not a high-quality A!]

An Lan: [Chen Zhennan looks terrible.]

Little Qiao: [Because the Class Monitor also released pheromones as a warning to him, right? I really want to smell the Class Monitor’s pheromones, but unfortunately, he only released them directly at Chen Zhennan.]

Looking around, the seating arrangement in their class had undergone a significant change.

For example, Class Monitor Xu Xingran moved his seat one row back, putting two people between him and An Lan.

Similarly, Xiao Chen, who had always sat at the back from the first year to the second year, inexplicably moved two rows forward today, leaving only one classmate between him and An Lan.

The student in front of Xiao Chen didn’t look pleased because Xiao Chen spoke up, “Make sure to sit up straight for every class. Understand?”

“Under… understood…”

Meaning, Xiao Chen wanted to sleep, so you in the front must obediently block for him.

On the other hand, Gu Liyu maintained a similar position, leaning against the window, reading a book with great interest.

However, these three high-quality A seats formed a subtle triangle, and An Lan was in the center of this triangle.

No, it was him and Qiao Chuluo in the center.

An Lan suddenly had a very dramatic idea. He started chatting with Qiao Chuluo online: [Little Qiao, what if more than two high-quality As are interested in you? Can I handle it?]

Qiao Chuluo: [If those two or more are also high-quality As, I’ll just lay flat and wait for the one who wins to come over. If it’s other rotten ones, fight until the last second for me.]

An Lan swallowed saliva. He felt being a beta was probably happier.

In the afternoon, Qiao Chuluo nudged An Lan with his elbow, “Let’s go out tonight; it’s the weekend tomorrow. There won’t be good days like this anymore.”

“To the internet cafe for duo queue or should we invite Fat Flower and Chen Naonao for a four-person team?” 

Qiao Chuluo whispered, “You want to die! I heard that the Extinction Abbess from the Academic Affairs Office is leading a team to sweep all the internet cafes in the city. If caught, we’ll have to write a self-criticism during the morning assembly.”

“What should we do then?” An Lan asked.

“There’s a new KTV that just opened. Buy one hour, get one free. Buy two hours, and we can sing until midnight. They also offer free drinks.”

“Are the free drinks just iced sour plum soup? A big pot made from a pack of sour plum powder?” An Lan asked.

“Who cares. Having sour plum soup is better than buying cola for ten yuan a can, right?” Qiao Chuluo said. “Fat Flower and Chen Naonao have already sent red envelopes to me.”

As soon as the class ended, Qiao Chuluo sat behind An Lan’s bicycle, and they rode out of the school gate.

Fat Flower and Chen Naonao each grabbed a bike and followed closely behind.

The author has something to say:

Hehehe, how many old As suppressed Chen Zhennan?

A. One.

B. Two.

C. Three.

This question is a freebie.

Finally, the highly anticipated KTV scene is coming up. An Lan is about to be bitten. Are you looking forward to it?

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