After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Why is my mind full of such things?

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It turned out to be for revenge against his father.

Hearing this answer, Song Youji breathed a sigh of relief. He had feared that Zhao Jiu towards him… fortunately, he didn’t.

Song Youji belatedly realized that his speculation was somewhat ridiculous. He didn’t have much contact with Zhao Jiu, and the few encounters during high school left him with unpleasant memories. Zhao Jiu probably didn’t like him.

But for Zhao Jiu to engage with him just for revenge against his father? The conflict between him and Father Zhao must be exceptionally deep.

Zhao Jiu said, “You must have heard what my father said…”

Song Youji said, “I can’t be engaged with you.”

Zhao Jiu’s eyes instantly turned cold, “What do you mean?”

“The probability of me differentiating into an Omega is very low, extremely low. Announcing our engagement at the celebration, everyone will know. If I end up differentiating into a Beta, how will you deal with it?”

“I don’t care about all that.”

His agreement with Father Zhao’s condition was just a temporary measure. After the engagement, Song Youji would be his. Find an opportunity to register later, and even if Father Zhao was angry, there would be nothing he could do.

“But I do.” Song Youji sighed lightly. “You can’t jeopardize our future just for revenge against your father. With your prestige in the Kingdom of Keya, announcing and then breaking off the engagement would cause a significant reaction…”

“So what? I don’t care about that.”

Zhao Jiu agreed to Father Zhao’s conditions as a temporary tactic. Once engaged, Song Youji would be his, and finding an opportunity to register later would make Father Zhao powerless even if he were angry.

“But I do care.” Song Youji sighed lightly. “You can’t sacrifice our future just to get back at your father. With your prestige in the Kingdom of Keya, announcing and then breaking off the engagement would cause a significant reaction…”

“So what? I can’t retaliate against my father in this way, but your mother can send you to my bed to save your father. When you willingly approached me, do you think you still have a future?”

Song Youji felt like all the blood in his body had flowed to the soles of his feet. His hands and feet were ice-cold, and he felt a sense of powerless despair. “You… You know everything?”

Zhao Jiu raised an eyebrow. “Your mother is too arrogant, thinking we can’t find out. What I can find out, my father can find out too. I said the engagement was for your own good. Without my protection, do you think your mother, your siblings, your Song family, can survive under my father’s watchful eye?”

Song Youji was enveloped in deep despair, and the sense of helplessness wrapped around him like a spider web. His already weak body trembled violently and he leaned backward.

“Your mother did that to you but you are still feeling reluctant to harm your mother?”

Without the expected pain of falling, Zhao Jiu reached out and caught him.

“Don’t worry, I’m just scaring you. As long as you agree to engage with me, I will take care of my future mother-in-law and little brother-in-law.”

Song Youji opened his mouth to say something, but Zhao Jiu lifted him up horizontally. “Rest well for now. Think about what you want to say carefully.”

Zhao Jiu’s chest was broad and warm. Song Youji was pressed against his heart, and he could hear the vigorous beating of the heart in the chest, thumping in rhythm with Song Youji’s own heartbeat. 

A sweet peach fragrance enveloped him, and Song Youji, full of weariness, fell asleep in Zhao Jiu’s arms. 

“Old Head!” Zhao Jiu gently placed Song Youji on the bed, and a robot responded, walking over. “Measure his size and buy him some clothes. Fill up the wardrobe with them.”

When they met that day, Song Youji was obviously not much shorter than him. Why were the clothes so much larger on Song Youji?

Zhao Jiu held the wrist of the sleeping Song Youji. It was too delicate, white, and tender, resembling a lotus root, making it somewhat prickly when held. 

Suddenly, he recalled the scene from last night when they were open and honest with each other. Song Youji’s arms were not only white; every part of him was exceptionally fair, like the pristine white of a vast snowy field, giving rise to impure thoughts. That’s why he couldn’t resist leaving multiple marks on Song Youji’s body, even though they didn’t go all the way. 

Playing with Song Youji’s wrist, Zhao Jiu suddenly felt that there was something missing on the clean surface. He was always a proactive person, and when he sensed something amiss, he believed in immediately correcting it. 

Lowering his head, Zhao Jiu pressed his lips to Song Youji’s wrist, lightly biting and sucking, repeatedly caressing until he finally left a beautiful red mark.

This looks much better. Zhao Jiu lightly kissed the red mark and left the room satisfied.


For two whole days, Song Jing couldn’t see Song Youji. Both Song Lan and Song Shan were worried, and the first thing they did when returning from school each day was to inquire about any news of their second brother.


Song Jing could only say this. He contacted everyone he could, and apart from Pulan reassuring him that Song Youji was safe, there was no other information.

Not knowing how the Zhao family would treat Youji, Song Jing became increasingly worried with each passing moment. On the second night, he couldn’t sleep and called a mysterious hotline in the early hours.

The call connected quickly, and he heard Yuna’s voice with a hint of surprise, “Song Jing? Is it you, Song Jing?”

“It’s me.” Song Jing sighed silently, feeling ashamed to face his former friend after his father committed treason. However, he had to trouble Yuna for the sake of his family. Song Jing felt ashamed.

Yuna quickly calmed down, “Are you here to ask about Song Youji?”

“Yes.” Song Jing’s ears were burning, as if one more word from Yuna would make them overheated.

“I don’t know the specifics, but I can tell you he’s safe now. With Zhao Jiu around, he’s very safe.”

The miraculously calming words from Yuna made Song Jing’s anxious heart settle down. He almost teared up, suppressing the trembling in his voice, saying, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“I told you, don’t call me that way.” Yuna’s tone was somewhat displeased. “Song Jing, are we still friends? Do you still consider me a friend?”

Of course, they were. Friends since childhood, twelve years of classmates—Yuna had long become family to him. 

But the mistakes his father made almost cost Yuna his life, and Song Jing felt too ashamed to respond sincerely to Yuna’s genuine kindness.

Seeing him not responding for a long time, Yuna sighed, “Rest assured, your brother will be fine. I’ll find a way for you to meet. Let’s talk about us later, okay?”

The gentle inquiry left Song Jing with no more reasons to avoid. “Okay, thank you, Yuna.”

On the third morning, Song Jing was awakened by a series of urgent calls from his hospital colleagues.

“Song Jing, your brother is really with the Marshal. Congratulations!” The tone couldn’t hide the sarcasm.

He woke up abruptly, turned on the TV, and every channel was broadcasting an interview with General Zhao from this morning, where he straightforwardly addressed the rumors about Zhao Jiu.

“Free love, normal dating, parents don’t inquire much.”

With a simple sentence, he confirmed that the person seen with Zhao Jiu that night was indeed Song Youji. However, from his restrained tone and displeased expression, the media and netizens began speculating and filling in the blanks, automatically completing the unspoken words of General Zhao.

“It’s indeed a forced marriage. General Zhao has already submitted the application to annul the engagement. Now, this drama.”

“Marshal has been on the battlefield for so many years; how can he have time for romance?”

“Is the Song family treating this engagement as a bargaining chip? Song Youji hasn’t even differentiated yet, and he’s hastily sent to the Marshal’s bed.”

“Poor Marshal, able to resist external enemies but unable to guard against internal enemies TAT.”

“So pitiful, is there anyone to save Marshal?”

Online, there was a torrent of abuse towards the Song family. It was clear that someone was influencing public opinion, making General Zhao look like a victim of manipulation, forced into a relationship with Song Youji. Manipulation was true, but coercion might not be.

General Zhao came forward to admit their relationship, so there must have been a deal between Zhao Jiu and his father.


Inside Zhao Jiu’s private residence.

Song Youji had been living here for two days. After the first day of meeting Zhao Jiu, he hadn’t seen him again. Old Head took care of his daily life, managing everything efficiently but not allowing him to contact the outside world.

“The young master said your phone is under repair,” Old Head said.

“But I still need to let my family know I’m safe. Don’t these home-type robots have communication functions?” Song Youji asked.

“I don’t have one; I’m defective,” Old Head replied.

It seemed like the robot indeed followed its owner’s traits when it opened its mouth.

Song Youji was unaware of the discussions surrounding him and Zhao Jiu outside. Not being allowed to contact his family, Song Youji changed the topic, “Where is Zhao Jiu? When can I see him?”

“The young master will be back tonight.”

Although Song Youji liked the Chinese dishes served for dinner, including oil-braised prawns, chestnut chicken chunks, greens with tofu, and ham winter melon soup, he couldn’t muster an appetite. He kept looking towards the door and asked Old Head, “Why hasn’t Zhao Jiu returned yet?”

Before Old Head could answer, Zhao Jiu’s voice sounded at the door, “Miss me so much after two days of not seeing each other?”

Song Youji stood up abruptly, and his ears turned red. “You’re back. I need to talk to you.”

Zhao Jiu, in his military uniform today, carried the warmth of the outside with him. He walked towards Song Youji with large steps, the cape creating a breeze that brushed Song Youji’s face, warm and tingling.

He sat naturally next to Song Youji, pressing his shoulders to make him sit down. “Anything important can wait until after dinner. Have you been eating well these two days?”

Song Youji, wrapped tightly today, caught Zhao Jiu’s disapproving gaze on his neck. The marks had faded, and they needed to be imprinted again.

Song Youji didn’t have the time to eat slowly. “I’ve been thinking these past few days. I’m willing to be engaged with you. However, according to your agreement with your father, if I don’t differentiate into an Omega, our engagement is annulled, and you can’t harm my family.”

Zhao Jiu’s face turned cold. Song Youji’s hasty attempt to set boundaries irritated him. He also lost his appetite, picking Song Youji up and heading upstairs.

The sudden weightlessness made Song Youji panic. He shouted, “Also, you can’t touch me! Don’t force me to… make love.”

Zhao Jiu restrained his kicking legs and lightly patted his buttocks. “What are you thinking? I’m here to sign an agreement with you. Why is your mind full of such things?”

Author’s note:

Song Youji: Yeah, why is my mind filled with that kind of thing? Wait, where did he just pat?

Zhao Jiu: Really soft (smirking).


Adding point:

The setting is interstellar, with advanced technology. There are various communication devices, including smartphones and smart networks. Transportation includes both cars and spaceships, depending on affordability (cue the tears of poverty).

There is a side couple, but their role is limited, serving the plot.

The plot is not overly complex, mainly focusing on emotions and Zhao Jiu’s slow pursuit of love.

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