After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Song Youji can differentiate into an Omega, and the engagement can continue.

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《Spending the night with the marriage partner, is the Empire’s Number One Marshal about to tie the knot?!》

An article with a UC-style title spread across the entire intelligent network of the Keya Kingdom within half a day, with over a hundred million views. Although the engagement partner’s name wasn’t mentioned in the article, just the name ‘Song’ was enough for people’s imaginations to run wild. Known for committing treason, Song Shoucheng had four children. The eldest, Song Jing, was an Alpha, the twins were young, and only the second child, who was the most low-key and inconspicuous, could potentially be with Zhao Jiu.

Song Shoucheng was imprisoned for treason, and his wife and children returned to civilian life, fading from public view over the years. There was very little information available online about Song Youji. They only managed to dig up that he had worked at the Omega Rescue Association.

The article circulated online for a while but was deleted from the entire network in the afternoon. However, almost everyone in the capital had already read it. After all, Zhao Jiu was a golden son-in-law valued by many families, and the entire capital was paying attention to his marriage.

In the Capital Hospital, two Beta nurses were discussing the matter.

“But hasn’t Song Youji not differentiated yet? He was here at the hospital not too long ago,” A said.

“Such a late differentiation should typically result in becoming a Beta. Could he have suddenly differentiated into an Omega?” B speculated.

A’s tone became ambiguous, “Our hospital’s Dr. Song is the chief disciple of the empire’s most outstanding researcher on pheromone-scent-related illnesses. Maybe he has a way to turn a Beta into an Omega and then send them to the Marshal’s bed. Ruin the Marshal’s reputation, and he’ll have to fulfill the engagement.”

“Could it be that the Song family wants to rise again through Marshal’s identity?”

“That would be disgusting. The entire family of someone who committed treason should be banished!”

“Shh… Dr. Song is here.”

Song Jing walked past the two of them, and they greeted him with fake smiles, saying, “Dr. Song.”

The two of them had been chatting quite audibly, and Song Jing had heard every word. He nodded in acknowledgment, his face calm.

Last night, Song Youji’s phone was continuously unreachable, and Cheng Yuan couldn’t get in touch either. Song Jing suspected that something had happened, but he hadn’t expected Cheng Yuan to go to such lengths, willing to sacrifice her biological son just to catch the Zhao family!

If it had been done discreetly, there might have been a chance to remedy the situation. However, now that it was widely known, given General Zhao’s temperament, Song Youji would either die or…

For the first time in many years, Song Jing hoped that Zhao Jiu’s obsession with Song Youji was deep enough, so there might be a chance for Song Youji to survive.

Song Jing was restless throughout the day, and his mind was not on his work. Moreover, the hospital’s patients were also discussing the affairs of the Song family. Concerned about affecting his mood, the hospital director took the initiative to give him half a day off.

On the way home, Song Jing received a call from Pulan. As soon as he spoke, there was fatigue in his voice, “Is there something?”

Pulan was alarmed by his condition and asked with concern, “Senior, are you okay? I saw the news, and my brother told me that Youji is in the Marshal’s residence now and is safe.”

Pulan knew that Song Jing must be worried about his younger brother. After gathering information from his brother through various means, he immediately called Song Jing.

There was no reply from the other end of the phone. Pulan cautiously continued, “Senior, I heard that General Zhao is very angry. He has already rushed to His Majesty, demanding the address of the Marshal’s residence. This matter has caused a big uproar in the city, and it won’t just pass like this. Is there anything I can help you with? My father gave me a private spaceship for my birthday last year. If you want to take Youji away, I can help you figure something out.”

His words gave Song Jing a glimmer of hope. As he opened the door, contemplating and organizing his thoughts, he noticed a pair of unfamiliar shoes at the entrance. 

The person in the living room waved at him, gesturing for him to come over. 

“I have something to attend to here; I’ll contact you later,” Song Jing said as he ended the call.


After Song Youji finished his bath, he didn’t see Zhao Jiu. A set of clean clothes was placed outside the bathroom, seemingly prepared for him. After hesitating for a moment, Song Youji put them on. The clothes were slightly oversized, but they carried the sweet scent of white peaches. He leaned in to smell, marveling at how Zhao Jiu, a high-ranking Marshal, still had a touch of girlishness.

He wandered around the room, finding it larger and more warmly decorated than he had imagined. Sunlight streamed through the floor-to-ceiling windows, dancing on the wool carpet, creating a warm atmosphere. He was probably on the second floor now, and through the window, he could see the vibrant pink roses blooming in the garden. Song Youji, after a long time, felt a sense of tranquility.

After a short period of quiet, the door opened, and Song Youji’s heart skipped a beat. Turning around, he saw only a domestic-type robot.

The robot placed a box in front of him, containing a complete set of toiletries. In a serious, elderly mechanical voice, it announced, “Song Youji’s belongings have been delivered.”

Song Youji had no idea what Zhao Jiu was up to this time and asked, “Where is Zhao Jiu?”

“The master is downstairs,” it replied. “If you need anything, Robot A357 is at your service.”

Song Youji asked, “What’s your name?”

The robot answered, “I am named Old Head.”

Song Youji:…

There was no doubt that Zhao Jiu had chosen the name.

“Mr. Old Head, can I leave now?” Song Youji asked.

Old Head paused for a moment and said, “Within the villa’s range, you are free to move.”

Was Zhao Jiu not planning to let him go? Song Youji followed Old Head downstairs, intending to find Zhao Jiu and get some clarity.

At the staircase, he heard an argument. An enraged middle-aged voice shouted Zhao Jiu’s name, followed by the sound of objects being thrown.

A porcelain cup fell on Zhao Jiu, and he didn’t dodge. Just like with the engagement to Song Youji, he showed no signs of giving in.

“Why can’t you see the situation clearly?! Whether the engagement is dissolved now depends on the Zhao family. As long as you haven’t marked him, whatever happens between you two is just a fleeting connection. It won’t affect your future marriage arrangements.”

“Marked.” Zhao Jiu lied with his eyes open.

Father Zhao was stunned, then furious. “You always talk nonsense in front of your father! Song Youji hasn’t even differentiated. How did you mark him?”

If he hadn’t done a background check before coming, he would have been almost fooled by this unfilial son.

Exposed, Zhao Jiu showed no shame and said straightforwardly, “Back then, it was you who actively arranged the engagement with Uncle Song. When I was still ignorant, you decided my marriage. Anyone from the Song family, as long as they differentiate into an Omega, I have to marry them. Now you want to cancel the engagement, ignoring my thoughts. What am I in your eyes? A dispensable pawn for a political marriage?!”

“I’m doing it for your own good,” Father Zhao said.

Zhao Jiu retorted, “Doing things against my will under the guise of being for my sake. You are truly a good father.”

“You, you… I’ll kill you, unfilial son!” Father Zhao pulled out his gun.

“What are you going to do!” Mother Zhao rushed over and protected Zhao Jiu.

Song Youji, at the staircase, was also startled. He had heard that Zhao Jiu and his father had a tense relationship, but he didn’t expect it to escalate to this point of pulling out a gun.

Zhao Jiu remained composed, not even blinking. He stood tall, like a sturdy pine standing on the edge of a cliff.

Father Zhao’s hand holding the gun trembled. This was his son, whom he had raised. Blue has surpassed by blue, and since he sent Zhao Jiu to the military camp, he had lost control over him.

Even if he were ruthless, he couldn’t kill his only child. Father Zhao put away the gun, conceding, “If Song Youji can differentiate into an Omega, the engagement can continue.”

“That won’t…” 

Mother Zhao covered Zhao Jiu’s mouth and shook her head desperately. “Just listen to your father.”

Zhao Jiu’s rank was higher than his father’s. If Father Zhao really shot, she would lose her husband and child in one day.

For the sake of his mother, Zhao Jiu made a verbal compromise, “Fine. But I have a condition.”

Father Zhao’s veins bulged again on his forehead. “You dare to talk about conditions?!”

“Calm down! Listen to what our son has to say.”

“Let him speak!”

Zhao Jiu said, “During the week-long celebration, I want to announce the engagement with Song Youji.”

“… ” Father Zhao trembled with anger, ready to pull out the gun again.

Mother Zhao held his arms tightly and pulled him back. “Fine! We agree to your condition. Let’s leave it at that. You two, rest well.”

She glanced towards the stairs.

Song Youji awkwardly stepped back, feeling a slight sense of shame for eavesdropping on their conversation.

He was just curious about how the Zhao family would resolve this matter. He had expected to be secretly exiled to a remote place or even secretly executed. However, he never thought that Zhao Jiu would dare to confront his father head-on, just to marry him?

What was Zhao Jiu thinking? Why… treat him like this?

“Why are you here?” After sending away his parents, Zhao Jiu went upstairs and happened to run into Song Youji, who was lost in thought and didn’t manage to escape in time.

Song Youji was crouched on the ground, wrapped in oversized clothes, looking small and thin enough to be easily picked up. When he looked up at Zhao Jiu, his eyes were unexpectedly bright and cute.

The annoyance from his father’s quarrel instantly dissipated. Zhao Jiu’s tone carried a pleasant uplift, “Eavesdropping on our conversation?”

Song Youji hurriedly stood up, “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.”

“Oh. So, you must have heard about our engagement.” Zhao Jiu chuckled.

“…” Song Youji was becoming increasingly unable to understand Zhao Jiu. Was there anything worth celebrating in getting engaged to someone without emotions?

“Your father said the engagement would proceed as long as you differentiate into an Omega, right? Given my current situation, the chances of differentiating into an Omega are very low. Engaging with me, besides affecting your reputation, has no benefits.”

The benefit was that Zhao Jiu could witness a variety of expressions on Song Youji’s face, like now, where Song Youji was starting to worry about his reputation. Zhao Jiu felt extremely pleased.

He said, “Why say there are no benefits? For twenty years, I’ve lived under my father’s control. Even a small failure to meet his demands would result in beatings and scoldings. Now, I can see him anxious and helpless over a small matter. Isn’t that a good reason?”

Author’s note:

Song Youji: That was close, almost misunderstood.

Zhao Jiu: Not-so-bright-shaking-head.gif

How Zhao Jiu gradually sent himself to the pursuit-of-wife crematorium with just his mouth.

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