After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 22

Chapter 22: I’m only familiar with you.

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“Name, age, home address.”

“Qiao Si… Seventeen years old, used to live at 276 C District, now residing in the employee apartment.”

“Which apartment, what’s the door number?”


Zhao Jiu’s cold and oppressive tone, coupled with his intense gaze, made Qiao Si, who was being interrogated for the first time, feel extremely anxious. Unconsciously biting his finger, he softly said, “I… I can’t remember.”

“Lived for so long and can’t remember?” Zhao Jiu asked indifferently.

Qiao Si, restraining his urge to cry, said, “I’m a bit nervous and can’t remember. I’m sorry…”


“Zhao Jiu, can’t you ask some useful questions?” Song Youji, unable to bear it, said with an unpleasant tone.

Watching Song Youji bend down to comfort Qiao Si, Zhao Jiu sneered, “These are the most routine and basic questions. I’m not as familiar with him as you are. Of course, I need to verify his identity properly.”

Because the Emperor called an emergency military and political department meeting, the originally scheduled inquiry was postponed by two days. During these two days, Zhao Jiu didn’t return home. Song Youji stayed in the empty villa, enjoying freedom but feeling an emptiness in his heart.

He kept thinking if his words that day were too harsh.

Yesterday, when Song Youji went to the hospital and mentioned Zhao Jiu to Song Jing, Song Jing, contrary to his usual behavior, didn’t advise him to stay away from Zhao Jiu. Instead, with a face full of melancholy, he talked about Zhao Jiu’s experiences.

Some were familiar to Song Youji, while others were completely unknown.

“Although Zhao Jiu is emotionally clumsy and lacks a string in romantic matters, he values emotions and loyalty. When our father was imprisoned, he called the Emperor from Muta Star, asking him to investigate the truth and not to wrong an old general who had contributed to the empire.”

It was “asking” rather than “requesting.” Taking advantage of their long acquaintance, Zhao Jiu never hesitated to speak bluntly in front of Yuna. It was the only time he bowed his head in front of Yuna.

It was for Song Youji, but also for the pure-hearted loyalty they both shared as generals.

“I tell you this not to make you accept Zhao Jiu out of gratitude. I just want to tell you that Zhao Jiu is not as bad as you imagine. He may be talkative, have a bad temper, but his heart is not bad. If you can accept him, it might not be a bad thing.” That’s how Song Jing put it.

Facing the elder brother’s 180-degree change in attitude, Song Youji could only shake his head wryly. Even if he had a slight attraction to Zhao Jiu, he never thought of being with him. Zhao Jiu and Zhao’s family wanted an Omega, and his gene test report showed a 99% probability of differentiating into Beta.

However, Song Jing’s words still had an impact on Song Youji. He had always wanted to find an opportunity to talk to Zhao Jiu, to clarify their relationship, and to avoid future entanglements.

Under Song Youji’s comfort, Qiao Si’s emotions calmed down, but he remained fearful and trembling in front of Zhao Jiu.

Zhao Jiu sat up straight, trying to make his voice sound less harsh, “According to the information we obtained, your brother Qiao He has been active in the capital for the past three years. He has worked in various positions, such as a hotel waiter, school logistics, and delivery driver. His external identity has always been Beta, and the police haven’t found any records of him purchasing suppressants.”

“Is my brother Omega, really…” Qiao Si anxiously glanced at Song Youji. Encouraged by Song Youji’s encouraging eyes, he asked, “Did something happen to my brother? Did he change from Omega to Beta?”

Zhao Jiu observed the eye contact between the two and bit his posterior molar fiercely before saying, “Several years ago, there was an organization called NL that wandered through the stars, specializing in gland modification. Later, the Kingdom of Keya and surrounding planets jointly destroyed the organization’s base. However, some fugitives from that organization have not been found yet.”

New Life.

Song Youji’s pupils suddenly contracted; he seemed to have heard this name before.

In a low voice, Qiao Si asked, “Gland modification, can it turn someone from a troublesome Omega into a Beta? Is that bad?”

Sometimes, he hated his physical weakness, especially when his heat came, and rationality disappeared, making it painful to control his body’s feelings.

“All things have their laws of operation, and violating the laws of nature comes with consequences. NL organization conducted numerous experiments to ensure the success of gland modification. Several Omegas and Betas died miserably during the experiments. Although the experiments were eventually successful, those who underwent the modification wouldn’t live past fifty years old.” Zhao Jiu’s tone sounded mocking of his naivety.

In this era of advanced technology with an average lifespan of two hundred years, fifty years is considered short-lived. Using three-quarters of one’s lifespan to undergo gland modification is not a cost-effective deal.

The core members of the NL organization, knowing the surgery had side effects, deceived many people into undergoing gland modification. This was one of the reasons they were eventually defeated by a joint effort of various countries.

Qiao Si’s body trembled suddenly, and tears blurred his eyes again. “Then, what about my brother…”

Zhao Jiu clasped his hands together and said, “Your brother might know information about the remnants of the NL organization. He has been cautious in the capital these years, changing jobs and addresses immediately if any abnormalities were detected. We want you to help bring your brother to the police station to assist in the investigation. He might not be aware of the surgery’s side effects, and you wouldn’t want to see your brother die prematurely, would you?”

“I… I don’t want my brother to die…” Qiao Si raised his head in confusion, looking at Song Youji. “Brother Youji, what should I do?”

Song Youji said, “What Zhao Jiu said is true. I’ve heard from my older brother that gland modification has side effects. If your brother cooperates with treatment, considering the current level of medical technology, there might be a chance to help him.”

“But I haven’t seen my brother for a long time. I’m afraid he won’t recognize me.”

“I’ll be with you,” Song Youji said firmly.

Qiao Si couldn’t control his tears. He wanted to hug Song Youji, but he quickly suppressed the thought when he saw the murderous intent in Zhao Jiu’s eyes.

Song Youji held his hand and said softly, “You go and prepare. The day after tomorrow, we’ll go to your brother’s place to find him.”

After sending Qiao Si back to the apartment, only Song Youji and Zhao Jiu remained in the association’s reception room. As a matter of courtesy, he reviewed the conversation and handed the organized manuscript to Zhao Jiu. “Thank you, Marshal.”

He never looked into Zhao Jiu’s eyes throughout the whole process.

“No need to be polite. Thanks for the association’s help.”

Unexpectedly, Zhao Jiu was polite, which surprised Song Youji. He thought Zhao Jiu would leave after taking the manuscript, but instead, Zhao Jiu only locked the door of the reception room and returned. He placed the manuscript Song Youji organized on the table.

“Zhao Jiu, what are you doing?”

As soon as Song Youji spoke, Zhao Jiu pressed him against the door and kissed him without hesitation.

While the wooden door felt chilly, Zhao Jiu’s overbearing kiss was scorching, as if he wanted to melt Song Youji. Song Youji pushed him a couple of times but couldn’t break free, quickly losing consciousness in Zhao Jiu’s agitation.

After kissing Song Youji until his lips were swollen, Zhao Jiu reluctantly let him go, using his fingertips to caress the red lips.

“Zhao Jiu, are you insane? This is the association, my workplace! Are you out of your mind!”

His wrist firmly held by Zhao Jiu, Song Youji could only glare at him fiercely. However, after experiencing the deep kiss, his eyes were moist.

“Song Youji, you were holding hands with that kid and whispering to him right in front of me. Are you crazy? Don’t forget, I’m still your fiancé.”

Zhao Jiu’s thumb pressed harshly on Song Youji’s lips, causing him pain. Without hesitation, Song Youji bit Zhao Jiu’s thumb.

“This is my job.”

“Your job is to flirt with an Omega, huh? Brother Youji.”

With the advantage of height, Zhao Jiu’s fingers slid into his mouth, teasing Song Youji.

“Why you… let go!” Song Youji bit Zhao Jiu’s hand again.

This time, Zhao Jiu released him, not because it hurt much, but he was afraid that he might not be able to control himself and do something inappropriate in the reception room.

“Why don’t you reflect on it? Why did you scare Qiao Si like that? I don’t know how you treat your subordinates, but Qiao Si is an Omega who has suffered a lot of abuse when living in C District. His psychological resilience is inherently poor. Yet, you released pheromones there. Were you deliberately targeting Qiao Si?” Song Youji scolded.

Hearing his words, Zhao Jiu became agitated. “Can you smell my pheromones?!”

“I guessed…” Song Youji looked away; he knew Zhao Jiu had issues, so he made Qiao Si take suppressants before coming.

A trace of disappointment flashed in Zhao Jiu’s eyes. “I didn’t intentionally release pheromones. It’s just a bit uncontrollable. I retracted them as soon as I noticed.”

His condition was initially not a big deal, but it seemed to worsen after meeting Song Youji. He frequently involuntarily released pheromones.

“…I understand.”

Song Youji felt a lump in his throat and dared not say anything comforting. Zhao Jiu had a strong sense of pride, and he probably didn’t want others to know about his illness.

“Youji.” Suddenly, Zhao Jiu leaned his shoulder against him and whispered in his ear, “What I said that day was a bit unpleasant. It was just out of anger. I definitely won’t talk about our matters in front of classmates. I’m not close to them.”

“I’m only familiar with you.”

His deep voice carried a hint of grievance, making Song Youji’s heart tremble.

“I don’t blame you for what you said.” Song Youji sighed, “I just feel that our way of getting along might not be right.”

He really couldn’t handle Zhao Jiu. These actions would make Song Youji feel like Zhao Jiu liked him and couldn’t control his growing affection. 

But Zhao Jiu… maybe he didn’t even know what “liking” meant?

“Is there a problem with our current way of getting along?” Zhao Jiu lifted his head to meet his gaze. “We are both adults. Is there anything wrong with a mutual agreement between us?”


So, Zhao Jiu also had such thoughts?

A bitter smile formed in Song Youji’s heart. He arched his eyebrows, and his voice trembled slightly. “Of course, it’s fine.”


Author’s note:

Yuna’s love lesson. (Irrelevant to the main story)

Yuna: When the wife says she’s cold, don’t tell her to wear more. Instead, say you’ll keep her warm for a lifetime…

Zhao Jiu’s practice.

Song Youji: It seems a bit cold today.

Zhao Jiu (with deep affection): I’ll keep you warm for a lifetime.

Song Youji: … Gun.

Zhao Jiu (to Yuna): Refund!!

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