After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 23

Chapter 23: No Finding Others Allowed.

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Getting affirmative answers from Song Youji, Zhao Jiu visibly became happier. Even though he didn’t agree with Yuna’s statement, he couldn’t deny its usefulness. At the same time, he felt it was time to prioritize the wedding with Song Youji. 

With his upcoming mission, ranging from three to fifteen days, he had limited time to prepare for the wedding. Zhao Jiu didn’t want Song Youji to experience a shabby wedding. He decided to stabilize Song Youji first and then immediately get married upon his return.

After returning from the rescue association, Zhao Jiu went to the Army and Government Bureau to find Yuna. Yuna was busy deploying the upcoming eradication operation with several other generals.

Two days ago, the polar bear system’s Ding Bai planet patrol team detected the activities of a small group of star thieves. They seemed to have mastered the black hole jumping technology, and on the same day, eight different countries from three star systems detected their activities.

These star systems were not far from the Nine Heavens system, and the eight countries were allies of the Keya nation. They didn’t dare to come directly to the Nine Heavens system after suffering losses from Zhao Jiu. Instead, they used the threat of these allied countries to provoke the Keya nation.

Failing to eradicate all the star thieves and leaving survivors was the responsibility of the Three Summer Legion, and as a general, Zhao Jiu had an irreplaceable responsibility.

Yuna didn’t question their actions but gave them another order outside of the eradication task—keep someone alive.

The black hole jumping technology had been an unsolved problem for centuries in various star systems. The universe was vast, and black holes were one of the most mysterious celestial bodies. Currently, the technology they had to navigate black holes still had significant issues. If they could get technical data from the star thieves, it would be a huge breakthrough in human history.

Zhao Jiu took on the task, and the Three Summer Legion would depart three days later, on Thursday, with the assistance of Ding Bai planet, to eliminate the roaming star thieves.

Compared to eliminating star thieves, the task of tracking the NL organization was not particularly important. Yuna assigned it to Zhao Jiu because he was afraid Zhao Jiu would be bored during his vacation. Now, he wanted to transfer it to the Department of Human Resources for Zhao Jiu to rest for two days before departure.

Zhao Jiu refused, saying, “I promised to bring Qiao He back with Youji.”

Yuna said, “Your agreed time is the day after tomorrow, and you’re leaving the day after. Can you handle it?”

“Of course. It won’t take much time to catch someone with no strength.” Zhao Jiu said confidently, then he lowered his eyes, his tone somewhat subdued. “The eradication plan requires secrecy before departure. If I suddenly leave Youji, he might not adapt. Please take care of him. Also, after returning, I want to marry Youji immediately. My parents may not support me, Your Majesty…”

Yuna rubbed his forehead, wishing he could give Zhao Jiu a mirror to see how worthless he looked.

“Alright, I will prepare for the wedding, and I will give you the highest standard wedding.”

Yuna changed the subject and asked seriously, “But do you really need to be in such a hurry? General Song’s case has some progress. If we can find the person who threatened him back then, his level of crime will significantly decrease. At that time, you can hold a wedding with Song Youji openly and cleanly.”

Zhao Jiu’s expression was determined. “Regardless of his father, Youji has always been innocent.”

It would be a nice thing for General Song to clear his name, but the wedding with Song Youji was a confirmed matter. Regardless of whether he was a serious criminal, or whether Youji would be classified as Beta during differentiation, it wouldn’t change anything.

Yuna smiled, “Alright, I hope everything goes as you wish.”


Zhao Jiu still didn’t come back.

Song Youji finished dinner by himself, sitting in the empty living room until ten at night when the robot butler Old Head came to urge him to rest.

“The master said he won’t be back for a few days,” Old Head said.

“I’m not waiting for him.” After saying this, Song Youji got up and cleaned up the cold dishes on the table.

Did he think Zhao Jiu’s words earlier today meant he wanted to reconcile? Unexpectedly, he didn’t come back at night.

Was he still angry?

Or did he go to find someone else to do “adult things between consenting adults”?

Song Youji had no expression, realizing he seemed to have turned into a secluded and resentful woman. What did it matter to him whether Zhao Jiu came back or not?

He silently went upstairs, feeling not only physically tired but also emotionally desolate.

He hadn’t been sleeping well these past few nights, waking up in the middle of the night, feeling like a furnace was burning inside him, and his muscles were weak.

Half in a dream, he occasionally caught a whiff of the scent of alcohol and a hint of sweet white peach.

Song Jing told Song Youji that he might be differentiating soon, advising him to stay with him for the next few days.

Differentiating into a Beta was okay, but if he differentiated into an Omega, it would come with his first heat, something he couldn’t handle alone.

Song Youji planned to move to Song Jing’s place tomorrow and visit his younger brother and sister. At the moment, he was contemplating whether to tell Zhao Jiu about this.

If he differentiated into an Omega, Zhao Jiu would fulfill the marriage contract and marry him, but the one Zhao Jiu loved might not be him.

If he differentiated into a Beta, he could gain freedom.

Faced with the dilemma, the scales in Song Youji’s heart were already tilting.

In the middle of the night, Song Youji was again awakened by the heat in his body. The fatigue made it impossible for him to open his eyes. Annoyed, he turned over and fell into a warm embrace. The heat made Song Youji want to push him away, but a pair of big hands firmly restrained his back.

A sweet scent of wine lingered around his nose, playing a good role in helping him fall asleep. Song Youji gave up struggling, falling into a drowsy state.

In a half-dream state, something touched his lips. With a gentle tone mixed with a hint of uneasiness, “Youji, let’s get married when I come back, okay?”

“If you don’t speak, I’ll take it as you agreeing.”

“We agreed that after we get married, you can only be with me.”

“Even before marriage.”

“No finding others.”

Song Youji found him annoying, so he kissed him with closed eyes. The other person’s body stiffened for a moment, then responded with a gentle and cherished kiss.

Under his gentle touch, Song Youji fell completely into a deep sleep.

A night of sound sleep.

In the morning, Song Youji opened his eyes and touched his lips. He had slept well last night, but he felt like he had some strange dreams.

He went downstairs to check, but Zhao Jiu hadn’t come back.

Feeling disappointed or helpless, Song Youji packed his luggage and sent a message to Zhao Jiu.

Not long after sending it, Zhao Jiu’s call request appeared on the smart network on his wrist. Zhao Jiu insisted on him having this, and it only stored Zhao Jiu’s contact information.

Song Youji confirmed the call, and Zhao Jiu’s figure appeared. He glanced at the suitcase at Song Youji’s feet, looking displeased. “Are you angry because I haven’t come home these past two days? Are you going back to your parents’ house?!”

This statement…

“Song Lan and Song Shan are on vacation. I’m going to stay at Big Brother’s house for a couple of days,” Song Youji said.

Zhao Jiu could accept this reason. He nodded, “Say hello to Big Brother for me.”

Before their official marriage, they needed to find an opportunity to meet each other’s parents.

There was a lot of background noise on Zhao Jiu’s side. Song Youji asked, “Are you busy?”

“Not very busy. I won’t miss tomorrow’s operation,” Zhao Jiu stared at him for a while, slightly furrowing his brows.

Seeing someone you love but not being able to touch them was really uncomfortable.

“Youji, take care of yourself, okay?” Zhao Jiu said.

The way he said it made it sound like a farewell. Did he know about his upcoming differentiation?

Although the hospital definitely had connections with the Zhao family, did the news about Song Youji’s differentiation reach Zhao Jiu so quickly?

“I know. You take care of yourself too,” Song Youji said, afraid that his unusual expression would arouse Zhao Jiu’s suspicion, and he hurriedly hung up the call.

The wife suddenly disappeared from his sight, and Zhao Jiu sighed helplessly.

Why did Song Youji still seem angry? They agreed on things last night; he wouldn’t back out, would he?

“Marshal, we need your confirmation on the flight route over here.”


Suppressing the uneasiness in his heart, Zhao Jiu immersed himself back into work.


When he arrived at his big brother’s house, Song Youji discovered that not only Song Lan and Song Shan were here, but Cheng Yuan was also present.

Opening the door and seeing Cheng Yuan sitting in the living room, Song Youji felt as if all the blood in his body was flowing backward, and his heart was uncontrollably pounding, making it hard to breathe.

“Youji,” Cheng Yuan called him. Her complexion looked much better than before, with rosy cheeks and carefully done makeup.

Just when Song Youji didn’t know whether to address her as mother, Cheng Yuan suddenly knelt in front of him, crying and pleading, “Youji, your mother made a mistake back then, but it was out of helplessness. Please forgive me.”

The incident had only happened less than a month ago for Song Youji, yet it felt like a lifetime.

“I did this to save your father. Please forgive me. Your father is about to be executed, and only you, only you can save him. I’m sorry, Mom is sorry.”

Father was about to be executed?! Song Youji was struck by thunder, asking, “When did this happen? How is he now?”

“Because of your engagement to Zhao Jiu, the execution has been postponed.”

No wonder Cheng Yuan looked at him with that kind of gaze. Song Youji’s heart was in turmoil.

If it wasn’t for Cheng Yuan, none of the subsequent events would have occurred.

But she did it for his father…

Song Youji covered his eyes, not knowing how to feel.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Yuan, with a joyful expression, said, “Listen to Ah Jing, you are about to differentiate. Once you become an Omega, marry into the Zhao family, and your father won’t have to die. Maybe, maybe the Zhao family can directly rescue him from prison.”

Song Youji’s heart felt like it had fallen into the sea and was sinking continuously.

Tears seeped through his fingers, and he didn’t even want to look at Cheng Yuan anymore. “Mother, for you, am I just a bargaining chip to save my father? When you sent me to Zhao Jiu’s bed, when you brought the media to us, did you ever think about what kind of person he is, or how the Zhao family would view me, or how I would establish myself in the capital in the future?”

“Zhao Jiu treats you well, doesn’t he?” Cheng Yuan thought she was being clever.

She had considered that the Zhao family might directly handle them, so this was more like a gamble, and it turned out she won.

“Do you feel proud? Did you gamble with the lives of us siblings?!” Song Youji finally couldn’t control himself, and for the first time, he exploded in front of his family. “I respect my father, and I used to think he was a hero. But he gave the map of the Three Summer Legion’s aviation base to the enemy. This is an undeniable fact, and he has confessed to it. What are you still insisting on?!”

“If his actions hadn’t been discovered at the time, whether it was Zhao Jiu, the Three Summer Legion, or our entire country, we might have fallen into danger! Our Song family would have become a permanent shame to the empire.”

“His Majesty has not pursued our sins, which is already lenient. Do you want to save him through someone who was almost killed by father? What are you thinking?!”

Cheng Yuan also shouted, “Your father absolutely couldn’t have done such a thing. He must have had his reasons! Only if he’s alive can we find out the truth.”

“Even if he really had his reasons, even if he was threatened, such actions constitute a crime with irrefutable evidence! He almost killed Zhao Jiu! He almost caused the entire Keya nation to fall into captivity! It was Zhao Jiu who wrote a letter to His Majesty, pleading for leniency. Zhao Jiu has done everything he can for us.”

Cheng Yuan had a hint of joyful expression in her eyes. “Zhao Jiu is willing to ask His Majesty to spare us. Can’t he also ask His Majesty to spare your father?”

“…” Song Youji wanted to roar, wanted to tell Cheng Yuan not to harbor any delusions, but in the end, all the emotions turned into helplessness. He said indifferently, “Mother, there’s no saving you. I will differentiate into a Beta and leave here. Father should also bear the responsibility for the mistakes he has made.”

Author’s Note:

Should be running away in the next two or three chapters.

About Youji’s father, he was indeed threatened, but he also committed a crime, so he still has to serve his sentence.

The main focus is still on the relationship between the two, and there won’t be unnecessary plot extensions. The story should be close to halfway now!

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