After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Give Him Back to Me

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Zhao Jiu not only missed the victory banquet but also disappeared from public view after the triumph. Yang Zhengying, on the other hand, prospered, not only avoiding imprisonment but also entering Keya’s research institute.

However, settling down posed a significant problem. To become a legal citizen of Keya, one needed outstanding contributions and a suitable recommendation for endorsement.

With Zhao Jiu missing, Yang Zhengying became an ant on a hot pan. After all, he was a former Star Pirate, and without a powerful backer, when he exhausted the technology he possessed, he might be discarded.

Yang Zhengying managed to meet Newman, Zhao Jiu’s deputy, only to learn that neither he nor the king could contact Zhao Jiu.

Newman and the others were in chaos, gathered in the palace, waiting for Yuna to make a decision.

“The Marshal disappeared without a word, missed the victory banquet, and two days later is the military and political department meeting. Minister Hudson and the others will definitely take advantage of this to trouble the Marshal!”

“These old guys in the military and political department have always targeted the Marshal. Now, with the Marshal’s significant contributions, that group of old men is desperate. If the Marshal makes a mistake at this time…”

Yuna had been in power for only five years, and his wings were not yet fully developed. Over the years, he had been suppressed by the old courtiers in the military and political department. The only Legion completely loyal to him was the Three Summer Legion, and to some extent, he and Zhao Jiu were on the same boat.

Zhao Jiu, with numerous outstanding achievements, was beloved by the people but frequently displeased the military and political department with his arrogant behavior. Previously, Old General Zhao helped speak up for him, but now… it was heard that Zhao Jiu had a big argument with Old General Zhao last night, sending the old man to the hospital.

“The issue of the Star Pirates has been resolved, and you brought back Yang Zhengying. Even if Minister Hudson wants to trouble you, he will have to be cautious about the Legion’s achievements. He won’t do anything that might anger the public at this time. As for Zhao Jiu, let him go.” Yuna was also itching with anger but couldn’t show it in front of his subordinates.

He couldn’t control Zhao Jiu anymore, and at this point, Zhao Jiu was probably close to Xiaoman City. Anyway, the plan had reached the time to close the net, and Zhao Jiu’s involvement or not wouldn’t have a significant impact on the final outcome.

“Just think of it as I’m giving you a long vacation. You don’t have to attend the military and political department meeting. Let those old guys talk to the air themselves.”


Xiaoman City Hospital.

Yu Ran took off his shirt, revealing a body covered in bruises. His body was bruised and battered, with even slight bumps on his belly showing fresh bruises.

He felt embarrassed, covering his abdomen with his hands. “He almost caused me a miscarriage the last time he hit me, so I wanted to divorce him.”

Song Youji furrowed his brows, a burning anger in his heart. “He has beaten you like this. It’s not as simple as just divorcing him. He will be sued and sent to prison.”

Yu Ran showed a trace of surprise on his face. “R-really? If he goes to jail, will he lose his job too?”

Sang Tong raised an eyebrow, a faint mockery in his tone. “Our hospital doesn’t hire individuals with a criminal record. What’s the matter? Can’t bear it anymore?”

“…” Yu Ran’s eyes flickered with hesitation but quickly turned resolute. “No, he did something wrong, and he should pay the price.”

Song Youji nodded. “Good. Once the medical report is out, sign on the divorce and lawsuit applications. We can help you resolve this matter in as soon as a week.”

Sang Tong nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright, put your clothes back on. Later, you can go for a prenatal checkup.”

As the work on this side ended, Talina, who was guarding outside, opened the door slightly and informed Song Youji, “Aud is here.”

The hospital was filled with Aud’s colleagues, and his marriage to an Omega was well-known. Many people knew Yu Ran, and despite Sang Tong avoiding Aud’s usual department, someone informed him.

Talina asked, “He looks fierce. Should we take coercive measures?”

Song Youji asked, “Can you handle it?”

Talina replied, “No problem. This is a hospital, and injuries can be treated.”

Song Youji said, “Alright, be careful.”

Toppling a 190 cm tall man was not difficult for Talina. She asked Song Youji for permission only to ensure she was not overstepping her bounds.

“Yu Ran, come out! What are you doing at the hospital? Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Aud angrily pushed the door open, and when he saw Sang Tong and Song Youji, his rage reached its peak.

“Doctor Sang, why are you in the same room with my wife? And you, who is this wild man?!”

He pointed at Song Youji and asked.

Yu Ran hid behind the two, too frightened to speak.

“Answer me!” Aud rushed in, and just as he took his first step with his left foot, Talina, who was well-prepared, brought him down with a move, and his arm made a crackling sound.

With years of experience, Sang Tong judged and said, “It’s probably broken.”

“Let me go!” Aud turned around, unable to believe that he had been knocked down by a woman, “Are you an Alpha?!”

“None of your business,” Talina kicked him in the back.

Song Youji walked forward, showing his work ID, “We are from the Omega Rescue Association and have accepted the divorce application from your spouse, Mr. Yu Ran.”

“What?! Yu Ran, you want to divorce me?!” Aud widened his eyes in anger, staring at Yu Ran behind Sang Tong, “How dare you! It seems I was right; you’re indeed carrying the wild man’s child. Is he the one? Is he your lover?!”

The usually calm Song Youji showed no emotion on his face. He calmly said, “Not only that, but due to domestic violence, you will face imprisonment for more than five years. We will inform the police.”

Aud’s body stiffened, as if someone had pressed the stop button.

Five years? Imprisonment?!

His attitude changed suddenly, his tone trembling with fear, “How could this be, how is this possible? What law did I break? He’s my wife; we just had a little conflict. I might have accidentally hit him in the heat of the moment, but it’s our family matter! Why should you arrest me?!”

Song Youji detested hearing such words from domestic abusers. People like Aud treated their spouses as their private belongings. Beating a stranger was a crime, but abusing one’s spouse was considered a display of the head of the family’s dignity.

“Just with this statement, I will have our lawyer fight for the highest possible punishment for you, preferably with chemical castration.” Song Youji said angrily.

Aud gritted his teeth, his face showing fear. He turned towards Yu Ran, continuously apologizing, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, my wife. I was confused! I was confused; I just love you too much…”

“Shut up, your nauseating words almost made me throw up yesterday’s dinner.” Talina slapped him across the face, tying his hands behind his back. “Save these disgusting words for the court.”

The police car arrived quickly and took Aud away under the eyes of many doctors and patients.

Yu Ran was frightened by this sudden turn of events, and his already fragile self almost fainted.

Song Youji planned to take him back to the association first. “Mr. Yu, do you regret it?”

He had encountered many people who reported their spouses and later regretted it. They might have wanted their partners to treat them better through the association, but the law was unforgiving.

“If I have to say regret, I regret not reporting him earlier.” Yu Ran was extremely disappointed. When he hesitated for a moment upon hearing that Aud was going to prison, seeing Aud apologize out of fear only made him feel disgusted.

Aud knew that beating someone was wrong, but relying on Yu Ran’s love, he was unrestrained. From the first time he hit someone, Yu Ran was no longer his family or lover in Aud’s heart; he was just an item possessed by Aud.

Song Youji felt relieved. “Until the matter is resolved, you can stay at the association. We will provide assistance when your child is born.”

He had Talina take Yu Ran back first.

After the onlookers dispersed, Sang Tong closed the door and leaned on the table. He looked at Song Youji’s face, gently lifting the corners of his mouth. “I never thought that the usually gentle Song Youji would say such harsh words.”

Song Youji blushed and stammered, “I spoke the truth.”

Sang Tong laughed aloud, and his whole person became gentle. “Long time no see, Youji. Would you like to have a drink after I finish work?”

“Sure, I’d like to chat with you too.”

Song Youji had a lot of things he wanted to say to Sang Tong. He wanted to ask why he dropped out of school, how he became a doctor, and how he came to Xiaoman City and what he had experienced here over the years. However, inevitably, it would involve Sang Tong’s transformation into an Omega, and Song Youji didn’t know if Sang Tong still cared.

“After the differentiation, I couldn’t accept that I had become an Omega. My will was low, and coupled with my parents going through a divorce at that time, I dropped out. Later, I came to Xiaoman City with my mother, restarted my studies here, and got into medical school.”

Sang Tong brought up the matter of Omega on his own, and his words suggested that he had already accepted this fact.

Song Youji’s hanging heart finally dropped. He poured himself a glass of wine. “Then why didn’t you contact me?”

“I was afraid you’d be angry, blaming me for leaving the capital without telling you.” Sang Tong smiled, but his eyes were filled with sadness and awkwardness. “To be honest, at that time… I was, in the end, too ashamed to face you. When I found out you joined the rescue association, I was also surprised.”

Song Youji joked, “Actually, it was to find you.”

Sang Tong burst into laughter, as if he had returned to the lively days of his youth. “If I had known you cared so much about me, I would’ve… Would you like to smell my pheromones? Actually, they smell pretty good.”

“I might not be able to smell them,” Song Youji said, but Sang Tong had already leaned in, innocently showing him the gland on the back of his neck.

A faint scent of rosemary drifted into Song Youji’s brain, causing him to widen his eyes in astonishment.

Sang Tong sat back with a smile. “Surprised, huh? Although Beta individuals aren’t sensitive to pheromones, you can actually smell a bit when you get close to the gland.”

Song Youji clinked glasses with him, his words reminding him of Zhao Jiu. Come to think of it, he did seem to have smelled alcohol on Zhao Jiu before. Was that his pheromones?

Wait a minute…

“You know, I’m a Beta?” Song Youji tightened his grip on his glass, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“I guessed.” Sang Tong smiled gently.

Song Youji hadn’t completely recovered from his embarrassment. He asked, “Do you know about me and Zhao Jiu?”

“…,” Sang Tong’s expression stiffened, and he drank up the wine in his glass. “Yes, I know.”

“Oh.” Getting a positive answer, Song Youji felt relieved. It wasn’t strange for people in Xiaoman City to know about these things, considering it wasn’t isolated from the world.

“You can rest assured; people here don’t pay much attention to gossip like that. The reason I know is because I follow your news closely. You and Zhao Jiu are not together… I’m happy.”

After saying this, Sang Tong lowered his head and poured himself a drink, one after another. 

With alcohol boosting courage, he might reveal the words he hadn’t said before if he got a bit more intoxicated.

“Take it easy on the drinking,” Song Youji advised while drinking with Sang Tong, “If you get too drunk later, I won’t know where you live!”

As a result, Sang Tong wasn’t drunk, but Song Youji was completely unconscious.

Sang Tong settled the bill, and with one hand, he picked up Song Youji. He said, “With such low alcohol tolerance, you dared to drink with me?”

Drunk Song Youji was even more defenseless than usual. Sang Tong, with a teasing smile, used his fingers to playfully touch Song Youji’s face. “Nice, seeing you again.”

“I’ll take you home this time.”

Sang Tong supported Song Youji out of the restaurant. There were many people on the street, warm and lively. Song Youji obediently leaned on him, filled with a sense of content happiness.

Everything seemed harmonious, except for the cold and sharp gaze behind them.

Turning a corner onto a less crowded alley, a tall figure blocked Sang Tong’s way.

Zhao Jiu looked stern, and his aura oppressed everything around him. He restrained his jealousy and anger in his tone, staring at Song Youji in Sang Tong’s arms. “Release him to me.”

“Long time no see, Zhao Jiu,” Sang Tong said fearlessly, “Is the mighty Imperial Marshal planning to snatch someone on the street?”

“I’ll say it again, let him go.”

“And I’ll tell you, I won’t.”

Sang Tong was familiar with Zhao Jiu’s gaze. In high school, whether in the classroom, in the cafeteria, or on the way home, there was always this kind of gaze behind them, observing Song Youji and envying him for being able to get close.

Because of the differentiation, he didn’t dare face Song Youji, so he chose to escape.

When he heard about Zhao Jiu and Song Youji’s engagement, Sang Tong drank for three days at home, causing himself gastric bleeding and ending up in the hospital.

He was the one who fled first; he had no right to regret it. But now, Song Youji had come into his world again, and he absolutely, absolutely would not let go.

The author has something to say:

With each drink that Song Youji and Sang Tong had, a passerby was scared away by the resentful gaze hidden under the tree by Zhao Jiu.

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