After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 6

Chapter 6: You Seduced Me First

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“Thirty years ago, the Zhao and Song families formed an engagement under the witness of the former king. Now, with General Song Shoucheng imprisoned and his family missing, it is reported that General Zhao has submitted an application to His Majesty to annul the engagement…”

“This old man, how dare he! Back then, our family treated them so well, and now that the Song family has fallen, he’s adding insult to injury!” Cheng Yuan slammed her bag against the wall, causing a momentary distortion in the projection, which quickly returned to normal.

The director tried to console her with a calm tone, “Madam, don’t be angry.”

Cheng Yuan wouldn’t calm down just because of his words. Anxiously, she asked, “Have you inquired about it? When will there be a chance? It must be before His Majesty approves the application.”

“Inquired. The day after tomorrow, there will be a Vice General from the Three Summer Legion having an engagement ceremony at the Pulan Hotel, and Marshal Zhao will attend. Young Master’s various indicators are within the normal range, and the plan can proceed as usual.” The director wore a fox-like smile. “But, I must remind Madam, once this starts, it cannot be stopped. By then, Madam and Young Master may part ways. Are you sure you want to proceed?”

A trace of pain appeared on Cheng Yuan’s face, but it was quickly replaced by a firm belief. “Youji will understand. He’s the most sensible. This is for the Song family, for his father.”

The director squinted his eyes, “As Madam wishes. On the day after tomorrow, find a way to bring Young Master to the Pulan Hotel. I will handle the rest.”

“Thank you.”

Cheng Yuan covered her heart, watching the monitor that showed a quietly waiting Song Youji in the “director’s office.” A feeling of guilt flashed in her heart, but it was quickly replaced by a determined conviction.

I’m sorry, Youji. Mom has no other choice.

Somehow, Song Youji fell asleep today. When Cheng Yuan woke him up, he still felt very sleepy, his mind heavy.

I had two cups of coffee. How can I still fall asleep?

“Youji, we’re home.” Cheng Yuan took his arm, and in a daze, she turned back into the gentle and elegant mother she used to be. This feeling warmed Song Youji’s heart. Memories of the past, when they trimmed flowers and plants together in the garden, flashed in his mind.

Everything seemed to be moving in a positive direction. Once he annulled the engagement with the Zhao family, he would be free from shackles.


“Normal readings. Besides falling into deep sleep, are there any other instances of uncontrollable pheromones?”

Song Jing’s application to withdraw from the treatment team was rejected, and the hospital director personally came to find him. Emphasizing the importance of this work and appointing him as the chief physician, Song Jing had no choice but to continue treating Zhao Jiu.

However… watching Zhao Jiu’s smug face, Song Jing wished he could slip a drug into his medication that would make him act like a fool.

“No, Big Brother.” 

The smile on Zhao Jiu’s face, which had captivated countless people, now seemed malicious and provocative in Song Jing’s eyes.

Song Jing: “Don’t call me Big Brother!”

Innocently, Zhao Jiu replied, “I’m going to marry Song Youji. Shouldn’t I call you Big Brother too?”

Every word he uttered seemed to challenge the good manners Song Jing had maintained for over twenty years. Song Jing clenched his fists and said, “You won’t get married.”

“Do you want to stop us?” Zhao Jiu’s tone instantly turned icy, and the powerful pressure made the doctor measuring his blood pressure nearby shiver.

Song Jing took a deep breath, telling himself that this was just a bratty kid, not worth his concern.

“Your family won’t agree.”

“That’s none of their business,” Zhao Jiu replied confidently.

His self-assured smile and the beast-like gaze that seemed intent on firmly gripping Song Youji’s heart sent a shiver down Song Jing’s spine.

It’s too late.

Waiting for Song Youji to differentiate would be too late. He had to send Song Youji away in advance.

The sooner, the better!


Today, Song Youji took half a day off with Cheng Yuan to attend a banquet. Cheng Yuan said it was hosted by friends she met in the new community. Although it was essentially a matchmaking event under the guise of a banquet, it indicated that Cheng Yuan might have given up the idea of marrying into the Zhao family.

“Is your mom taking you to a blind date?” Jia Suiyu asked.

“No, it’s not a blind date. Just a banquet.” Song Youji was somewhat embarrassed. He knew that it was, in fact, a matchmaking event disguised as a banquet. But this was the first time since his father’s incident that his mother had agreed to attend an event, and perhaps taking him along was an indication that Cheng Yuan had given up on the idea of a marriage alliance with the Zhao family.

Jia Suiyu nodded, “I understand. It’s time for you to start dating. I’ll approve a day off for you. Spend some quality time with your mother, and if you find a girlfriend, you can invite her over.”

Song Youji was at a loss for words, “It really isn’t a blind date!”

Before leaving, as usual, Song Youji reported his schedule to his elder brother. Song Jing had just finished a surgery, checked the location of the banquet, and found no issues around.

“Big brother, you’re not young anymore. Mom originally wanted to bring you along, but you’re always so busy.”

Song Jing rubbed his forehead, “Next time, next time I’ll definitely accompany Mom. You guys have fun.”

Song Youji said, “Big brother, don’t make excuses. And don’t forget to pick up Song Lan and Song Shan tonight!”

“I know.”

After hanging up, Song Jing felt his right eyelid twitching continuously, and his heart was beating fast. After contemplating for a while, he called his friend from university, hoping he could arrange a ticket to the nearest planet. However, the reply was that he would have to wait until at least June.

“The commotion caused by the Three Summer Legion’s battle is significant. Ninety percent of the countries in the Nine Heavens System have suspended flights for maintenance. In the next two months, official spaceships are out of the question. Try getting a pass and maybe consider private ships.” The young man on the other end of the line complained, “Song Jing, join me for dinner, and I’ll help you. You can leave in a week at the earliest.”

Song Jing helplessly spoke into the phone, “Pulan, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Just for one dinner! Song Jing, senior, how long has it been since you last contacted me?!” The young man’s voice contained a hint of resentment, “When asking for help, you should have the right attitude. Just one meal, I won’t eat you.”

Song Jing hesitated. He and Pulan were students at the same medical school. When Song Jing was about to graduate, Pulan was only a freshman. They shared the same field of study and the same mentor, allowing them to get along. However, after the incident at home and his busy work schedule, Song Jing had rarely contacted Pulan.

“Alright, you arrange the time.” Song Jing agreed.

Pulan’s tone became cheerful, “Great! How about tonight, at my hotel! Oh no, tonight is the engagement of General Newman. Tomorrow night…”

“General Newman? Which General Newman?” Song Jing asked.

“The one from the Three Summer Legion. This matter hasn’t been made public. Senior, keep it confidential.” Pulan began planning the dinner for tomorrow night, on the rooftop garden with music, some red wine, and hopefully, he could win over Song Jing!

“Pulan, when does General Newman’s engagement banquet start, and will Zhao Jiu be there?”

“It starts at four in the afternoon. Zhao Jiu should be heading back. After all, he’s his Vice General… Hey?! I haven’t finished yet. Senior, don’t hang up yet! Alright, alright, you must come tomorrow night!”

Beep beep beep—

The busy signal came through the phone, and Pulan pouted discontentedly, then got out of bed. The butler outside the door had been waiting for a long time.

“Young Master, it’s time to pick a suit. Madam ordered that you must attend the banquet tonight.”

“I know, I know. Both ears heard it!” Pulan muttered, “I’ve never seen one’s own mom arranging a blind date for her son. What’s good about marrying a man who fights all the time?”


In the community’s banquet, it was extremely boring. Listening to elders introduce each other’s children, toasting and smiling, even Song Youji felt bored.

His face was beloved by many, and at least ten people inquired about his occupation and age. Song Youji was forced to drink several glasses of wine, unknowingly getting a bit drunk.

Seeing his fatigue, Cheng Yuan suggested going to the lounge prepared for everyone.

“What about you, Mom?” Song Youji was indeed tired, and both his upper and lower eyelids were in a battle.

Cheng Yuan covered her mouth and chuckled, “I’ll stay here by myself. I’m not a child who needs you to be with me all the time.”

“Okay.” Overwhelmed by drowsiness, Song Youji couldn’t hold on any longer. After entering the lounge, he collapsed on the sofa.

He woke up in agony after an unknown period. His whole body felt weak, like being soaked in a barrel of alcohol. His nose was filled with a strong alcoholic scent, making his head dizzy.

“Hot…” Song Youji moved his arm, trying to unbutton his shirt. However, his elbow touched a body with just the right softness and elasticity.

He drowsily turned his head and suddenly saw Zhao Jiu’s face, his eagle-like eyes staring intensely at him.

Song Youji murmured, “You…”

With very little strength, his words sounded like fragmented whispers.

What’s happening to me? Song Youji felt both afraid and helpless.

The person in his arms blushed, revealing half of his collarbone in a faint pink color. His eyes were covered with a layer of mist, and his plump, rosy lips were slightly open, emitting a tempting fragrance.

Zhao Jiu felt dry, he had never expected Song Youji to have this side. Just looking at him was difficult to resist.

His gaze was also confused, and seeing through all kinds of cunning schemes, Zhao Jiu understood that he had been manipulated. However, the planner underestimated his resistance. Faced with a room filled with a high concentration of pheromone extraction agent, Zhao Jiu could still maintain clarity.

Leaving the room at this moment would be the wisest choice, but the person on the bed was Song Youji.

Zhao Jiu, inexplicably, walked over and was entangled by the semi-conscious Song Youji, who mistook him for an ice pack. Zhao Jiu was angry and annoyed, pinching Song Youji’s chin, questioning, “Is hugging everyone you meet a habit of yours?!”

Song Youji didn’t have the strength to answer, and his fading consciousness told him to stay away from Zhao Jiu. However, his body, ignited by the lust, couldn’t help but get closer to Zhao Jiu.

He lifted his head, lightly brushing his lips on Zhao Jiu’s chin.

This action completely severed Zhao Jiu’s reason. He flipped over, pressing Song Youji down. The pheromones uncontrollably released, and the concentration was so high that the hotel room’s purifier automatically turned on.

“Song Youji, you seduced me first.” Zhao Jiu leaned down, biting his lip. “Since you’re destined to be mine sooner or later, I can exercise my rights ahead of time.”

Author’s Note:

Zhao Jiu: It was you who seduced me. We are archenemies, and you actually used this method to plot against me!

Second Zhao: Thanks for the invitation. It’s firm.

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