After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Is he insane?

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The hotel room was filled with the sweet aroma of white peach sparkling wine. Song Youji’s hands were tightly held, and his soft lips were being harshly sucked by Zhao Jiu, making him sore. With no experience, Song Youji couldn’t resist and quickly got lost in the surging desire.

Zhao Jiu seemed tireless, invading every inch of his sanity with enthusiasm. Song Youji’s breathing became more and more rapid, his whole body turning red. The unfamiliar and easily reaching climax sensations left Song Youji at a loss. He clenched his teeth, unaware that he was crying.

And Zhao Jiu was preparing for a more aggressive invasion.

“No, I can’t…” The rejection uttered with breaths sounded more like another form of seduction. However, the tiny bit of sanity told Song Youji that he had to stop all of this. “I-I haven’t differentiated yet.”

Zhao Jiu paused in his actions, “You’re telling me this now? You rushed to offer yourself even before differentiating. What exactly do you want, Song Youji?”

By now, Song Youji had been completely dragged into the deep sea of desire by the drugs and Zhao Jiu. Besides a soft moan, he couldn’t provide any other response to Zhao Jiu.

Zhao Jiu had figured it out. Song Youji wasn’t willing; he had been set up and sent to his bed.

Suddenly, Zhao Jiu felt very angry. So Song Youji didn’t want to be in bed with him? 

Then why did he come up like a fool?

Having waited for Song Youji to initiate contact for a long time and seeing no movement, even in his unconscious state, he still maintained some restraint. He lightly brushed his lips on the edge of Zhao Jiu’s lips, a clear seductive meaning, but there was no further action.

Skin touching skin, Zhao Jiu felt his pheromones becoming more chaotic. He didn’t want to investigate further; he simply obeyed instinct and desire. He pressed against the back of Song Youji’s neck, biting fiercely on the still-developing glands, “This time, I helped you. Remember, you owe me a favor.”

Song Youji, of course, couldn’t respond. He moaned in pain, then wrapped his arms around Zhao Jiu’s neck and kissed him.


The engagement banquet of Vice General Newman was attended by the most important guest, Commander Zhao Jiu. Many paparazzi who got wind of this information hid there, waiting to capture exclusive shots of Zhao Jiu. However, after having a drink last night, he excused himself due to feeling unwell and went to the room to rest. The paparazzi squatted there all night but didn’t get a single beautiful shot.

In the hotel room, Song Youji developed a fever due to the drugs.

Zhao Jiu, who had regained consciousness, looked at the mess in the room. He slapped himself on the face, muttering, “How did my self-control become so bad?”

He instructed the front desk to send two clean sets of clothes and wrapped the confused Song Youji in them, carrying him out.

Going to the hospital was definitely not an option; what if he ran into Song Jing? It would be better to call Yuna’s private doctor.

Zhao Jiu originally intended to fly through the VIP channel with his aircraft. However, as soon as he opened the room door, numerous cameras were aimed at him and the person in his arms.

“Marshal! It’s really the Marshal!”

“Marshal, is the person in your arms your partner?”

“Marshal! You already have a new partner. Does your engagement with the Song family still count?”

His whereabouts were leaked.

Zhao Jiu immediately covered Song Youji’s face with his coat, frowned, and said in a low voice, “Scram.”

His words still carried a deterrent force. The reporters immediately dispersed, making way for him. Zhao Jiu walked away with swift steps, carrying Song Youji, leaving Pulan Hotel rapidly.

When he returned to his residence, Zhao Jiu found that Newman had sent numerous messages.

[Marshal, it seems the news of the engagement banquet has been leaked to the media.]

[These people have impure motives; they might be targeting you. Please be careful.]

[Marshal, are you okay?]

Zhao Jiu checked the sending time; he was in the midst of intertwining with Song Youji, unaware of the world.


Zhao Jiu cursed inwardly and called Yuna’s private hotline, “Last night…”

“I already know. Zhao Jiu, you’ve been set up. The news of you spending the night with a mysterious man has already been published, and now the entire internet is digging into that person’s identity. Who is he?”


Yuna said, “You’re telling me or not? It’s challenging for me to help you without this information.”

Zhao Jiu, “It’s Song Youji.”


Yuna: “So, are you boasting to me?”

“Not at all. Song Youji seems to be not willing.” Thinking about this, Zhao Jiu wanted to scold someone again. “In any case, there’s something fishy about this. Help me investigate.”

Yuna: “Is this the only reason you called me?”

Zhao Jiu: “What else?”

Yuna: “I thought you would ask me to suppress the news.”

Zhao Jiu couldn’t understand, “Why should I suppress it? Is spending a night with my fiancé something shameful?”

Yuna: “…”

He was wrong; he shouldn’t use a normal person’s mind to speculate Zhao Jiu’s thoughts.

Zhao Jiu: “By the way, lend me your private doctor; Song Youji has a fever.”


Yuna ended the call.

When Zhao Jiu returned to his residence, the private doctor sent by Yuna was already waiting there. An elderly man, shaky and trembling, stood in the wind. He had just read the news about Zhao Jiu. If everything went as expected, he would be the first to know about Zhao Jiu’s partner’s identity.

Thinking about it made him a bit excited.

“He has a fever,” Zhao Jiu said, placing Song Youji on his bed. He told the doctor, “Prescribe some fever-reducing medicine for him.”

The doctor naturally assumed it was a fever caused by some behavior. He had already planned what to say next, but when he approached and saw Song Youji’s face clearly, all the words got stuck in his throat.

Before becoming the personal doctor to the monarch, he had spent six months in the Song family and had taken care of several children. He had a particularly vivid memory of the quiet and well-behaved Song Youji.

Now seeing Song Youji on the bed, the doctor felt his blood and qi surging backward. If it weren’t for Zhao Jiu in front of him, he would have definitely burst out cursing, “You, you, you… he hasn’t differentiated yet. Marking before differentiation will cause pheromonal…”

“I didn’t mark him. He might be having a fever due to the drugs,” Zhao Jiu said.

“How is that possible…” Without marking him…

The densely packed marks on Song Youji’s neck resembled a splendid cherry blossom tree in full bloom. In this situation, could Zhao Jiu dare to say he didn’t mark him?!

Zhao Jiu was a bit impatient, “I really didn’t! Take a look. He might have been injected with a high-concentration pheromone extract.”

The doctor hesitantly checked Song Youji’s pulse. After a moment, he lowered his brows and sighed, “How could this happen, how could this happen…”

Zhao Jiu hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

“An overdose of Omega pheromone mixed extraction. Sometimes hospitals use diluted low-concentration pheromones to stimulate differentiation, but there are strict requirements for the concentration. Excessive concentration not only induces heat, but also causes irreversible damage to the glands.” The doctor felt the glands at the back of Song Youji’s head, covered in bite marks.

He glanced at Zhao Jiu with bitterness.

Zhao Jiu waved his hand, “You said it has a heat-inducing effect. I didn’t mark him; it’s my exceptional willpower.”

The doctor sighed, “Of course, you are the Marshal of the Three Summer Legion, having experienced the most brutal training.”

Ignoring the doctor’s sarcastic tone, Zhao Jiu asked, “What should we do? Will he be okay?”

“Luckily, the ingestion time wasn’t long. Medication for a period of time should be sufficient. When using medication, he should stay away from the previous environment.”

After the doctor gave Song Youji an antipyretic injection and left, Zhao Jiu sat by the bed. His smart brain was already filled with messages and missed calls. Zhao Jiu gave it a quick glance, then tossed it aside irritably.

“Help me find Nord Pulan.”

“Nord, investigate people who approached my room last night and how the media got the information.”

Nord Pulan didn’t expect to be the first one to be contacted by Zhao Jiu. He sounded anxious, “Marshal, we’ve been searching for you like crazy. The media has already exposed the identity of your lover. Although the photos are blurry, they all say it’s the second young master of the Song family. General is furious. You better…”

“I know, I will contact my father about it.”

Without waiting for Nord to finish, Zhao Jiu hung up. Song Youji on the bed groaned uncomfortably. Zhao Jiu reached out and touched his forehead; the fever had subsided.

The clothes temporarily sent over didn’t fit Song Youji’s size. Every move exposed large areas of fair skin, with marks resembling blooming plum blossoms on it, contrasting starkly with Song Youji’s innocent face.

There was one thing Zhao Jiu had to admit; this was the first time in twenty years that he felt dominated by desire. A slight touch from Song Youji could ignite his lust.

Originally, Zhao Jiu planned to bring Song Youji home and let him experience the feeling of being a caged bird next to someone he despised. It was a punishment for ignoring him for so many years. However, after last night, Zhao Jiu realized that maybe their bodies were quite compatible. After marriage, he and Song Youji could consider maintaining such a relationship, and if Song Youji was willing, they could even have their own child.

Wait a minute, what was he thinking? Having a child with Song Youji?

Zhao Jiu bounced up from the bed. Was he crazy? How could he even think of having a child with Song Youji?!

A strange and unfamiliar emotion took over Zhao Jiu’s heart, like a wild beast trapped in a cage. He didn’t know where this emotion came from.

Just as he was perplexed, Song Youji on the bed groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

Author’s Note:

Present Zhao Jiu: I actually thought of having a child with Song Youji. Am I crazy? Have I been poisoned?

Later Zhao Jiu: Oh, it’s the magic of love.

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