After Differentiating into a Beta and Having Engagement Withdrawn Chapter 8

Chapter 8: A Bit of Gentlemanly Demeanor, but Not Much

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Song Youji ached all over—head, throat, waist, and even the roots of his legs hurt.

Opening his eyes, he found himself in an unfamiliar environment. He was initially vigilant, but the memories of last night flooded into his mind like a tide.

He was tired and went to rest;

He lost consciousness;

He saw Zhao Jiu;

He kissed Zhao Jiu;

He… slept with Zhao Jiu?

What exactly happened last night?! How could he be so shameless? Why would he seduce Zhao Jiu, the person he wanted to stay away from? Was it an accident or…


Suddenly, Song Youji’s mind burst with thoughts of his mother’s recent actions. He hadn’t been in contact with anyone else except for Cheng Yuan during this time.

He had been manipulated by his mother, sent to Zhao Jiu’s bed, injected with drugs, and made to seduce Zhao Jiu like an estrous Omega, doing things that his rational self would never allow.

Now, not only was Song Youji physically in pain, but his heart also began to ache. The pain of being betrayed by a loved one wrapped around his heart like a spider’s web, tightening and consuming it. His head throbbed, and tears uncontrollably welled up.

Suddenly, a man’s somewhat concerned voice sounded beside him, “Are you feeling unwell?”

Song Youji turned his head to see the man’s face, wishing he could die by smashing his head right now.

“Commander Zhao, Zhao Jiu…”

“It seems you still remember last night.” Seeing him cry so sorrowfully, Zhao Jiu’s heart ached.

Why was Song Youji so disgusted with him?

Just because they slept together for a night, he cried like this. Would he seek death when they got married?!

Making it seem like Zhao Jiu had taken advantage of him! 

In the presence of others, Song Youji wouldn’t easily cry, but due to the discomfort caused by the medication, his self-control plummeted. Surprisingly, he cried for over ten minutes in front of Zhao Jiu. 

Although Zhao Jiu had a disdainful expression, he didn’t leave. Every now and then, he handed Song Youji a tissue, quietly waiting for him to finish crying. 

After stopping the tears, Song Youji stared blankly at the tissue in his hand, a sense of shame and helplessness overwhelming his mind. How should he explain things to Zhao Jiu?

Are we lying on the same bed because we were deceived by my mother?

Regardless of Cheng Yuan’s intentions, being suspected of plotting against the commander of the Three Summer Legion, ranged from exile to execution.

Song Shan and Song Lan have already lost their father. Should they lose their mother as well?

“I…” Song Youji’s voice was hoarse, as if rubbed by sandpaper. He wiped away his tears and looked at Zhao Jiu, whispering, “What happened last night was an accident. I won’t hold you responsible.”

If this incident threatened Zhao Jiu, the Zhao family would also find it difficult.

Thinking he spoke the right words, Song Youji didn’t expect Zhao Jiu, who was sitting obediently, to suddenly change his expression. Like he was about to devour him, Zhao Jiu grabbed his wrist.

“What do you mean? You don’t want to admit it?”

“No, I just feel that you…”

“Think my skills are not good? Nonsense! Last night, you clearly enjoyed it and clung to me, unwilling to let go.”



A volcanic cloud exploded above Song Youji’s head. His earlobes turned red, and with embarrassment, he lowered his head.

He didn’t want to recall the details of that moment! He certainly didn’t want Zhao Jiu to help him remember!

Right now, a wall would be perfect. He could just hit it, and those things would have nothing to do with him anymore.

Supporting his face, Zhao Jiu felt that Song Youji’s shy appearance was cute. He taunted him, “It seems you really enjoyed it last night.”

“Shut, shut up! I don’t want to hear it.”

Song Youji dared not look at him but still wanted to say what was on his mind, “What I mean is, I won’t use this to blackmail you. I know the situation in my family. If you want to annul the engagement…”

“It’s too late. When I came out this morning, I encountered a large group of reporters. I guess the old man is already giving interviews now,” Zhao Jiu said nonchalantly.


The shame and anger instantly vanished from Song Youji. 

Yes, there were reporters.

He should have thought of it. Why would his mother only send him to a hotel? Cheng Yuan had always been a gentle mother in front of them, to the extent that he almost forgot how hysterical she could be for his father.

“Have you become stupid?” Zhao Jiu waved his hand in front of his eyes, “Song Youji, I know what you’re thinking. I don’t like you, but our old man values reputation the most. This scandal is so big; you won’t be able to escape for a while.”

Zhao Jiu’s words were half true and half false. The old man indeed valued reputation, but he would probably resolve this matter by sending Song Youji to a remote planet. Zhao Jiu wouldn’t let him do that; he enjoyed seeing Song Youji look helpless. To continue enjoying that expression, he would make sure the engagement continued.

Silent for a long time, Song Youji said, “Zhao Jiu, I didn’t want this to happen.”

“I know,” Zhao Jiu’s smile was fading, “But do you know who did this?”

Song Youji hesitated and said, “….I don’t know.”

“Is that so?” Zhao Jiu could tell he was lying at a glance. He was curious about who, after being deceived, Song Youji would still desperately protect.

Song Youji didn’t respond, and Zhao Jiu, feeling enraged, couldn’t help but mock, “Song Youji, how did you end up like this? The Song Youji who used to act all high and mighty at school, do you now climb into other people’s beds without a shred of shame?”

“Enough!” Song Youji shouted loudly, but due to the forceful strain on his vocal cords, a piercing pain shot through him. He turned his head aside, suppressing his tears and tightly biting his lip to avoid crying out loud.

Acting all high and mighty? Was that how he was in high school?

Why did Zhao Jiu harbor such deep prejudice against him, and what kind of feelings were between them last night?

Song Youji felt that he had become an utterly shameless and debauched figure in Zhao Jiu’s eyes.

Clearly, he didn’t want things to be this way. Why did it have to be like this?!

Zhao Jiu also realized that his words were too extreme. He sighed, got up, and left the room, saying, “Stay here until things calm down. Don’t worry about anything for now.”

Left alone in the room, Song Youji could no longer restrain himself and started sobbing softly.

Zhao Jiu didn’t go far; he stood by the door, listening to the fragmented and restrained cries coming from inside. He felt an indescribable irritation.

His phone was about to explode with calls from family members. Zhao Jiu couldn’t be bothered to come up with excuses and dialed back.

His mother answered the phone, “Where did you go?! How can you not come home when such a big thing is happening? Do you know your father is almost driven to death by your antics?!”

“I went back to my own place,” Zhao Jiu said.

Mother Zhao said, “Who was with you last night? Could it really be someone from the Song family?”

Zhao Jiu directly admitted, “Yes, it was Song Youji. There’s only him in their family who isn’t an Alpha. So, he’s the one I’m going to marry…”

“Marry your fart!” Father Zhao snatched the phone, “Song Shoucheng committed treason. Are you going to marry the son of a criminal? How can you face the ancestors of the Zhao family?!”

Whenever his father started talking about the ancestors, Zhao Jiu would get a headache. “Which of the ancestors of the Zhao family has higher military achievements than me? With my current military merits, even if I want to marry an S-class felon, His Majesty would agree.”

“You, you unfilial son! You immediately come back!” Father Zhao shouted.

“No. Song Youji is sick, and I need to take care of him.” 

Before Father Zhao could explode, Mother Zhao took the phone back and kindly negotiated with him, “For such a big matter, how can you decide on your own? Even if you really want to marry the son of the Song family, it should be with the consent of your parents, right? Sweetie, come back first. Send that child to the hospital since he’s sick.”

Father Zhao’s voice came again, “After causing such a shameful incident, how can he dare to go to the hospital?!”

“Mother, my marriage is naturally my own decision. Besides, the engagement with the Song family was established by you and father back then. In order not to let you bear the blame of abandoning others in times of trouble, I, as your son, naturally need to fulfill the engagement.”

“You little brat! How dare you speak about your parents like that! Come back immediately, or face the consequences of family discipline!”

“Mother, take care of father for me. I’ll hang up if there’s nothing else.”

Ignoring Father Zhao’s furious rage, Zhao Jiu hung up the phone, cutting off all communication signals.

Having skipped lunch all morning, he needed to find something for himself and Song Youji to eat.

The villa where Zhao Jiu currently resided was a gift from Yuna when he first achieved merit on the battlefield. Except for Yuna and a few trusted aides, no one knew the address. To maintain peace, he had no servants. The villa had only one robot butler.

Fortunately, he stocked up well these days while recovering here. Zhao Jiu, drawing on his survival skills from the battlefield, cooked two bowls of clear noodle soup. Thinking about Song Youji being sick, he added two eggs to his bowl.

“I won’t eat.”

After crying and feeling exhausted, Song Youji was just about to fall asleep when Zhao Jiu pulled him up again to eat. Song Youji had no appetite.

Zhao Jiu, “Do you dislike the food I cooked? Would you rather starve to death?”

Song Youji:…

Why did Zhao Jiu always misinterpret his words?

“I have no appetite. I just want to take a bath.”

Hearing this, Zhao Jiu’s gaze involuntarily shifted downward. The marks on Song Youji’s neck hadn’t disappeared yet; those were his marks. “I’ve cleaned up…. last night.”

Blushing, Song Youji covered his collar and said, “I know. I just want to take a bath.”

Except for some soreness, there was nothing unusual on his body. It indicated that the aftermath was handled well, and… Song Youji had a guess that Zhao Jiu didn’t go all the way.

“There’s a bathroom in the room,” Zhao Jiu said with a mysterious and unclear look, like he was enchanted.

He moved aside to give way to Song Youji, who limped into the bathroom while clutching his clothes.

The sound of water gushing, mist lingering, Song Youji stood in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at the marks almost covering his entire body. His face felt hot from the steam.

Has Zhao Jiu gone mad?!

In addition to the bite marks on his body and neck, there was no sensation on the back. However, Song Youji lowered his head, and the water flowed down his legs, revealing a crimson hue at the roots of his thighs. Some soft and vulnerable areas were even scratched.

No wonder it hurt when he walked earlier.

After carefully examining his body, Song Youji had an indescribable feeling. Zhao Jiu didn’t take advantage of him in a vulnerable state, but the marks left were undeniably real.

A bit of gentlemanly demeanor, but not too much.

Author’s note:

Song Youji: Affection points +0.100086

Zhao Jiu: Got it, the wife likes a gentlemanly demeanor.

After half a day—

Zhao Jiu: Haha, whoever wants to be a gentleman can be one. Stick to me, wife.

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