After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Farming

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“Well, you were quite accurate with your guess.”

Pei Jing couldn’t sleep in the well. The thought of the snake being there with him made him shudder. Dealing with it wouldn’t take long, but Pei Jing didn’t want to look or touch it. Leaning against the well’s wall, he gazed at the sky and thought, “Does this incident on his first day pretending to be a new disciple already a sign of the hardships he would face in the future?”

Feeling bored, he decided to close his eyes and relax.

Finally, the sky became bright.

Yinghui Peak got its name because it was the first peak in all of Yunxiao to welcome the morning sun. A single line of red light illuminated the world. The vibrant colors of the sunrise looked beautiful, like rouge spread across a painting, as seen from the narrow perspective of the well.

Pei Jing endured a boring night and could finally wake up Chu Junyu confidently.

He turned to the side and grabbed Chu Junyu’s sleeve, giving it a few tugs. “Wake up, wake up, it’s morning now. Don’t sleep anymore.”

Chu Junyu slowly opened his eyes, calmly looking at Pei Jing. His eyes were clear, without any confusion, as if he hadn’t slept at all.

Pei Jing was surprised. “Did you wake up early?”

Chu Junyu sat up. “You woke me up.”

Pei Jing responded, “That’s not true, I didn’t make any noise.”

Chu Junyu pursed his lips and remained silent.

The morning had arrived, and the scene inside the well became visible.

Pei Jing turned his head, his gaze freezing as he discovered something astonishing. In the corner of the well, he noticed that the coiled venomous snake had died without his knowledge. Its body was twisted, inch by inch, suggesting it had experienced great pain and struggled before its demise. The snake’s head was turned upward, with blood-red vertical pupils.

However, he had a fear of snakes, and seeing the lifeless snake’s body intensified his discomfort. It sent shivers down his spine, and with a single glance, Pei Jing felt a wave of nausea. Without thinking, he instinctively clutched Chu Junyu’s sleeve, seeking refuge behind him.

Chu Junyu lowered his head, briefly glancing the hand resting on his sleeve, then shifted his gaze to the unfortunate dead snake.

Pei Jing couldn’t hide his genuine frustration. “Why do they have to die in such repulsive ways?”

Chu Junyu responded, “Why are you even afraid of dead snakes?”

Pei Jing stumbled over his words, “I’m not scared, I’m just disgusted.”

Chu Junyu smirked, “Is that so?”

“Yes, it is so.”

Yinghui Peak had strict regulations, and new disciples had to stay there for a full year before being allowed to join other peaks. During morning sessions, attendance was taken, and if the management noticed their absence, they would certainly send someone to find them. For a Golden Core cultivator to locate two Qi Gathering disciples within a single mountain peak would be an effortless task.

They simply had to wait for someone to arrive now.

Pei Jing sat with his legs crossed, twiddling his fingers, and casually reasoned, “If you think about it, between us, you saved me once, and I saved you once. Plus, we spent a night together in this haunted place. Even if we’re not like brothers, we’re still good friends, right?

“Last time, I gave you detailed information about my hometown, and you just brushed it off with a generic response. Isn’t it time to be a bit more sincere?

“Where are you from? You’re probably not from Canghua, right?”

When the youth in brown clothing smiled, his eyes seemed to be immersed in a cascade of radiant colors.

Chu Junyu paused, met his gaze for a second, then turned his head and said, “A place you haven’t visited.”

Pei Jing thought to himself, “There are hardly any places in this world I haven’t been to.” He continued, “Tell me, who knows, maybe I happen to know about it.”

Chu Junyu didn’t respond to him.

Isn’t this like having a warm face stuck against a cold buttock?

Pei Jing remarked, “Wow, are you not good at chatting? I bet with your personality, except for me, you can’t find a true friend within the entire sect.”

Chu Junyu maintained a cold expression. “Not necessary.”

Pei Jing expressed self-assurance. “Forget it, it’s alright. You have me, and that’s enough.”


Before long, Huang Fu Daoren arrived with his group and rescued them from the well.

The disciples who tricked Chu Junyu into going down the well and then stole the rope were also brought out. They trembled with fear, huddled in a corner, too scared to say a word.

Huang Fu Daoren’s face remained composed as he questioned Pei Jing, “Yinghui Peak has its rules. Once night falls, no one is allowed to leave. Chu Junyu was framed, but what about you? Were you taking a stroll outside?”

Pei Jing honestly explained, “…I simply lost my way and couldn’t find my way back. There’s no ulterior motive.”

Huang Fu erupted in anger, “Can’t you take this seriously?”

Pei Jing responded, “…I’m really serious.”

Huang Fu became infuriated, grinding his teeth. Pei Jing’s impression on him deepened once again. “Still getting lost at this age! You seem quite foolish to me. I won’t assign you any other tasks. Just go and water the plants in the spiritual garden.”

With that, he turned around, casting an annoyed glance at Pei Jing and waved his sleeve dismissively. “You’re dismissed.”

The surrounding cultivators instantly chuckled and dispersed. Faintly, a male cultivator’s voice could be heard, filled with malicious joy, “Let me tell you, this isn’t a chosen one. This is just an unlucky fellow. While we go hunting demons, he can go tend the fields. Hahaha!”

The disciples of Yinghui Peak were assigned complementary tasks each month, not requiring them to visit the Consulate Hall. It was considered their homework and an opportunity for training. However, Pei Jing was currently on the outskirts of the Outer Peaks, residing in the poorest dormitory and assigned the most tiresome and seemingly insignificant tasks.

Pei Jing and the others had left, and he muttered to himself, “Does Huang Fu really hold grudges that strongly? It was just tearing his paper yesterday. Is it necessary to target me like this?”

Chu Junyu, the last one to depart, was also rescued from the well. Not a single disheveled strand adorned his body. As he walked in the morning light, he remained silent, emanating an aura that kept others at bay.

Pei Jing barely had time to contemplate his impending fate of tending to the fields. He hurriedly jogged to catch up with Chu Junyu. “Hey, wait for me.”

Chu Junyu pretended not to hear.

Pei Jing quickened his pace and caught up. While walking, he said, “What do you mean by being framed and venturing out in the dead of night? In my opinion, the Peak Master recognizes your talent and doesn’t want to punish you. He believe I’m beyond redemption, hence I’m banished to do farming assignment.”

The more he pondered, the more it seemed plausible.

“It’s unfair, truly unfair.”

Chu Junyu nonchalantly responded, “Then go and kill him.”

Pei Jing exclaimed, “Huh?”

Chu Junyu turned his face, as pale as cold jade. His gaze descended softly, resembling the chill of the first snow. He said, “I’ll restore fairness to you.”

Pei Jing was greatly surprised. This guy was unbelievable, his principles were completely twisted.

Pei Jing offered him some guidance, “…Let’s not engage in acts that betray our teachers and ancestors. Don’t even think about it. It’s a serious offense in Yunxiao.”

Chu Junyu smiled, “A serious offense?”

Pei Jing nodded, “The first rule in Yunxiao’s sect regulations is not to harm fellow disciples, let alone our masters.” He continued, “In fact, we can resolve problems without resorting to such violent means. Whether you believe it or not, I will soon make Huang Fu Daoren take notice of me.”

Chu Junyu’s smile carried an ambiguous meaning. “With your exceptional farming skills?”

Pei Jing ignored his sarcastic tone and said, “No, it’s not about that. Just wait and see.”

Currently, the morning lessons at Yinghui Peak focused on knowledge about Spiritual Roots—the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth—the essence from which everything originated. The books also mentioned that a mutated water spiritual root becomes ice, a mutated wood spiritual root becomes wind, and a mutated fire spiritual root becomes lightning.

Among the spiritual roots, having a single spiritual root was considered the most optimal, allowing for the broadest absorption of spiritual energy during cultivation. Among the mixed spiritual roots, the five elemental spiritual roots were deemed the least desirable.

To be accepted into Yunxiao, one had to possess at least a triple spiritual root. So, when everyone heard this, they began contemplating their own spiritual roots.

Pei Jing had decided to aim for a triple spiritual root, but he hadn’t yet determined which three types he would choose.

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