After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Accepted a what

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The main hall was filled with people, all of them leaders or respected members of different sects. The demonic cultivation had been causing trouble in the Yunxiao lineage for some time, but every time a disciple was killed, they found only lifeless bodies without any clues.

Chen Xu sat on the right side of the main hall, listening to the Elders below asking questions. He wore a forced smile on his face but cursed Pei Yuzhi countless times in his mind.

“Elder Chen… We have been waiting here for two hours. Where is the Sect Master?”

Being of low status, they couldn’t show diEsrespect towards the Yunxiao Sect Master, so they asked their questions cautiously.

Chen Xu: “He should arrive soon.”

Several elderly Elders exchanged glances and chose to remain silent.

However, there were also some impatient and hot-headed individuals inside. After waiting for so long, one of them suppressed their anger and said, “If I remember correctly, Tianya Daoren went out for training and enlightenment. Just a disciple serving as the temporary Sect Master—keeping us waiting like this?”

Chen Xu:  “We can’t blame him. He was unaware of his matter when he left.”

A young Elder in a dark robe chuckled, “What a convenient excuse. This evil cultivation has been causing trouble and hurting people all around. Serving as the Yunxiao Sect Master, if he doesn’t know about this, what does he know?”

Chen Xu: “……” He also wanted to know.

What was Pei Yuzhi doing anyway?

The Elder from the same sect beside him wiped the sweat off his forehead and whispered, “That’s enough, no need for this. We came here to ask for help. Acting like this, what kind of impression are you giving?”

The young man in the dark robe turned his head and said, “It’s not about asking or not asking. Yunxiao, as the leading sect of cultivators, has the duty to eliminate demons and evil spirits.”

“Since he enjoys the respect of people from all over the world, he should set an example. Not knowing is incompetence, and knowing but not taking action is heartless.”

Chen Xu listened to his words, gripping the handle of his sword. He could only smile and maintain a composed demeanor.

The Elder who was with the young man in the dark robe twitched his face, making gestures and hints, but the young man couldn’t see them.

Finally, with frustration, he gritted his teeth and leaned in, whispering in resentment, “Temporary Sect Master? Do you know who he is?”

The young man in the dark robe glanced at him, straightened his posture, and spoke loudly and firmly, “Regardless of who he is, the fact remains that he is responsible for this!”

The Elder exclaimed, “You—!” He was so angry that he raised his hand as if to strike.

Chirp, chirp, chirp.

While everyone was watching the drama unfold, suddenly, a bird flew in through the palace doors. Flapping its yellow wings, it headed straight towards Chen Xu. Beyond Tianqian Peak, with its tiled roofs and wisps of clouds, the bird seemed to bring a refreshing breeze.

Everyone was startled, feeling a surge of pressure coming from outside.

Chen Xu’s heart skipped a beat as he reached out and caught the bird, whispering, “Where is he?”

The little yellow bird raised its wing and pointed behind itself, chirping, “Chirp, chirp.” He’s chasing me from behind.

Chen Xu smirked and gently flicked the bird’s head with his fingertip, whispering, “Silly bird.”

The pressure was undeniable. Everyone showed reverence, holding their breath and involuntarily becoming tense.

However, the young man in the dark robe appeared unfazed. “He’s finally here. Making a grand entrance, huh?”

The Elder beside him slapped his head forcefully and said with a menacing tone, “Take a good look at who he is!”

The young man held onto his own conviction. “Who cares who he is?! It’s his fault, no matter what!”


The palace doors swung wide open.

The young man halted his words and joined everyone in looking outside.

They could only see a tall figure standing at the entrance of the palace, illuminated by the backlight. The person wore pristine white robes, held a sword in hand, and beneath the crown and hairpin, his hair fluttered as if touched by the wind, appearing like a temporary celestial being.

The young man in the dark robe was stunned. He had only recently come out of seclusion and was not well-informed about the outside world—Tianya Daoren went on a journey, and Pei Yuzhi was in closed-door cultivation.

Wasn’t the temporary Sect Master supposed to be a favored disciple of Yunxiao Inner Peaks…?

However, his hopefulness was quickly shattered.

Before the person appeared, his voice preceded them.

“Apologies for my tardiness.”

The young man in white spoke with a carefree tone, accompanied by a hint of a smile.

With the cool breeze and light, he exuded an otherworldly and dignified aura.

He emerged from the light.

The snowy garments brushed over the threshold.

One person seemed to bring life to the otherwise silent mountain peak. His garments floated ethereally, resembling wisps of blue smoke and solitary clouds. His features were handsome, but his smile seemed unattainable.

Everyone’s hearts trembled in awe.

Even the young man in the dark robe stood there, eyes wide open, his face filled with disbelief. After the disbelief came embarrassment, accompanied by a mix of shame and indignation. His face alternated between pale and flushed.

He finally understood what the elders meant.

——Open your eyes and see who he is?

Who was he?

Pei Yuzhi of Yunxiao.

The person he had always admired and idolized.

The little yellow bird hid behind Chen Xu, its round eyes secretly glancing at Pei Jing.

Chen Xu’s heart finally settled, and he stood up. Pei Yuzhi had gone all out to exert pressure, so he naturally had to show respect. He spoke with utmost deference, “Sect Master.”

Pei Jing nodded at him, then walked forward. Draped in flowing robes, he took his seat at the main position, facing everyone. He spoke, “I apologize for keeping you all waiting.”

The Sect Masters from various sects were revitalized, afraid to utter a word of complaint.

“No, no, it’s already an honor for us to be able to meet the Sect Master.”

Pei Jing: “A few days ago, I encountered a demonic creature in Changtian Realm. Its strength was unfathomable, so I went to investigate along with Yu Qinglian of Yingzhou. It took us some time. I apologize for the delay. I hope you all understand.”

Yu Qinglian of Yingzhou. Now, none of the Elders present dared to speak. There was no hint of complaint, only a sense of shame and guilt.

Some matters were of great importance. When two of the top five prodigies in Wentian Rankings were involved to investigate together, that demonic creature must be incredibly powerful, and it must have harmed numerous innocent people. It was undoubtedly a matter of utmost importance!

Chen Xu: “Since the Sect Master is here, please speak up about what you have to say.”

Pei Jing’s outward demeanor was that of a aloof and taciturn individual.

Upon hearing this, he remained silent. He turned his head slightly and noticed the timid bird hiding behind Chen Xu. He gave it a warning gaze.

Instantly, the little yellow bird was frightened and buried itself in Chen Xu’s hair.

Chen Xu wanted nothing more than to throw that foolish bird out, but he restrained himself and addressed the crowd, “The Sect Master has been on a journey and is unaware of the events that have taken place in the past month. Please provide a clear account of everything so that the Sect Master can have an understanding of this malevolent entity.”

Several Elders stood up from their seats in an instant, filled with excitement.

“Sect Master, the initial incident occurred in my Shendao Sect. One of our Elders’ daughters went missing one night, and when she was eventually found, her body was submerged in a pool, ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴀʟʟ ʜᴇʀ ᴏʀɢᴀɴꜱ ᴛᴀᴋᴇɴ ᴏᴜᴛ. It was a horrific sight. That young girl had exceptional talent and was someone I watched grow up. Never did we imagine that she would suffer such a tragic fate. We hope that the Sect Master can help us find this demonic creature and avenge her untimely death.”

Another person spoke up.

“Among the incidents in our sect, both male and female disciples were victims, and they were all found with their bodies mutilated. Despite the sect’s heightened vigilance and precautions, more people have tragically died. These past few days, the incidents have been occurring frequently.”

“Being able to infiltrate our sect without detection indicates that the demonic creature is at least at the Golden Core cultivation level.”

Each person took turns speaking, but Pei Jing didn’t gain any useful information.

These were all things he had heard from Xu Jing before leaving Yunxiao.

Putting on an air of profundity, Pei Jing listened attentively, nodded sagely, and then feigned depth by saying, “I understand.” Afterward, he gestured to Chen Xu with his eyes, indicating that he should see the guests off.

Chen Xu tugged at the corner of his lip, granting them face. He stood up again and addressed the group, “Elders, please don’t worry. If there are any additional clues to be shared, I will personally inform the Sect Master. For now, please return and be cautious in the coming days.”

The Elders had many things to say, but they restrained themselves and nodded. Setting eyes upon Pei Yuzhi was already enough to put their hearts at ease. In the present world, those who had reached the Nascent Soul stage were powerful beings who had lived for thousands of years, rarely appearing in the world.

Pei Yuzhi, despite his young age and being only at the Half-step Nascent Soul stage, was truly deserving of his title as the top genius of the Trial. Few could rival him in the entire world.

With him taking charge, the matter was already eighty percent resolved.

Of course, they might be unaware that this renowned individual, who was ranked first in the Trial, had been encountering formidable adversaries ever since his emergence from seclusion.

Meanwhile, the young man in the black robe, who had been incessantly complaining before, became as quiet as a wilted eggplant in the presence of Pei Yuzhi. He kept his head down, sulking silently until it was over.

Exiting the main hall of Tianqian Peak, the magnificent scenery of the 108 peaks of Yunxiao stretched out before them.

One of the accompanying Elders glanced at him and said, “I’ve been subtly suggesting for you to keep quiet all along, but you insist on being stubborn with me. Right and wrong, which matters more? Does Pei Yuzhi need your guidance? It’s partly my fault for not explaining it clearly to you beforehand. Thankfully, Pei Yuzhi didn’t even spare you a glance. Otherwise, if he didn’t let go of your remarks, the consequences would have been severe.”

The young man in the black robe remained silent.

The Elder teased, “Weren’t you always aiming to surpass him? Now that you’ve seen him, are you giving up?”

The young man in the black robe replied awkwardly, “Why should I give up? There are still fifty years until the next Trial. I still have time!”

The Elder raised an eyebrow and chuckled, “That’s some ambition you have. I’ll be waiting to see your name on the Wentian Rankings.”

The young man in the black robe clenched his fists. When he first formed his Core, he was full of confidence, his spirit soaring high with lofty aspirations. However, that youthful arrogance crumbled to dust the moment he laid eyes on Pei Yuzhi in the main hall of Tianqian Peak. It disintegrated, reduced to mere ashes in the dust.

Aspiring to rank on the Wentian Rankings was probably the dream of every young cultivator. It represented the pinnacle of the continent, the highest honor.

However, just now, he stood so close to the previous top-ranked cultivator, almost within reach, yet as distant as a chasm.

After speaking disrespectful words, the young man, who was around the same age as him, didn’t even spare him a glance. He casually took his seat, his white clothes resembling snow, and his longsword emitting a frosty aura.

The Elder observed the young man’s expression in secret, and upon seeing him truly affected, shook his head and offered comforting words. Letting out a sigh, he said, “Why are you comparing yourself to him? You two are not even in the same realm.”

The young man in the black robe replied, “Elder, please don’t say any more. I hope to meet him again in the future, at the peak of Wentian.”

The Elder stroked his beard.

He smiled, his eyes filled with support and praise.

“Well done, young man.”

In the vast land of Canghua, where countless lives reside.

There was once a saying in the Celestial Pavilion that became immensely popular.

When asked about “Yunxiao’s Pei Yuzhi,” an anonymous female disciple of Yunxiao responded:

He is a person with clear goals and ambitions.

The lifelong aspiration of male cultivators is to meet him at the peak of Wentian.

The lifelong aspiration of female cultivators is to share a bridal chamber and a candlelit night with him.

Truly, the dream man of countless female cultivators.

However, the legendary figure remained elusive, unseen by countless admirers who never had the chance to see his true appearance.

With everyone gone, Pei Jing took the opportunity to reprimand the bird that dared to peck at his hair, plucking a few feathers as a punishment.

“Your audacity has grown.” 

Chen Xu watched the commotion with a headache and snatched the chirping little yellow bird back. “Can you please focus on the present situation for a moment?”

Pei Jing stood up from the icy cold Sect Master’s seat, blowing away the bird feathers from his fingertips. “Those old men talked for ages but provided no useful information. Why waste time thinking? Let’s first search for clues. Why don’t you tell me what happened at Zhongnan Peak?”

Chen Xu gritted his teeth, keeping a mental note of all the troubles caused by Pei Yuzhi, eagerly awaiting the Sect Master’s return to lodge a complaint.

“An outer disciple had an incident at Zhongnan Peak. He didn’t die, but he lost his sanity and his cultivation was completely destroyed.”

Pei Jing raised an eyebrow and asked, “Oh? Where is he now?”

“I had the Peak Master of Zhongnan Peak take care of him. He’s waiting for your return.”

Pei Jing nodded.

They walked toward the rear hall of Tianqian Peak.

Chen Xu: “I remember you brought along two young disciples from the Outer Peak this time, didn’t you?”

Pei Jing: “Yes.”

Chen Xu widened his eyes and raised his voice, “You just said you were investigating the demon with Yu Qinglian! Why would you take them along for such a dangerous task? Where are they?”

The corridors of the rear hall were veiled in clouds and mist, while the scenery of Tianqian Peak seemed ethereal, like that of an immortal realm.

“Why are you shouting so loudly? Those two, no matter what happens, they won’t die.”

One of them was even more formidable than him.

The other was the protagonist of the book.

Chen Xu asked only one question, “Where are they?”

“Ji Wuyou is unconscious and currently on Shangyang Peak. As for Chu Junyu…” He paused, thinking about the deception that lasted for many days. “He was lured away by a female demon who stole his soul. He can’t come back. He died in the Realm of Tenderness.”

Chen Xu: “……”

He laughed with exasperation, grinding his teeth, “Well, well, well. The mighty Yunxiao Sect Master takes disciples out and manages to lose one.”

Pei Jing smiled and said, “No one was lost. Although I lost one, I brought back another.”

Chen Xu: “What do you mean?”

Pei Jing: “I brought you a nephew. Remember to treat him kindly.”

Chen Xu was so shocked that he almost couldn’t catch his breath. He grabbed Pei Jing, his eyes filled with horror. “You had a child outside? In less than a month, Pei Yuzhi, what kind of person are you? Are you the one who was seduced by the female demon? Without the Sect Master around, you’ve completely lost your mind!”

Pei Jing felt both annoyed and amused. He swatted away Chen Xu’s hand. “What do you take me for? I adopted—”

He didn’t finish his sentence.

At the end of the cloud-covered corridor, a deep and nonchalant voice sounded.

“Adopted a what?”

Amidst the ethereal curtains and mist-covered corridor, cherry blossoms bloomed as the mountain path twisted and turned.

Pei Jing met the blood-colored gaze of the silver-haired young man.

Pei Jing froze, momentarily at a loss and embarrassed.

“Adopted a what?” Chu Junyu asked again.

“……” Pei Jing didn’t dare to anger Chu Junyu. Taking advantage of Chen Xu being captivated by Chu Junyu’s gaze, he quickly changed his words, speaking in a particularly vague and murmuring tone.

“Adopted a big brother.”

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