After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Give it a try

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Chen Xu felt insulted, thinking that his intelligence was being mocked. “Big Brother?”

Pei Jing got angry and pushed Chen Xu back. “Why do you care so much? We’re almost at the Sect Master’s chamber. Can you go in there? Just leave quickly.”

Chen Xu was still shocked and kept turning his head, looking at the man in the distance with silver hair and a black robe. He was shocked for two reasons. First, Pei Yuzhi, who was known for being fiery, actually acknowledged someone as his elder brother. Second, someone as disliked as Pei Yuzhi had someone who considered him a younger brother.

“No, let me see your big brother.”

Upon hearing this, Pei Jing became furious, covered Chen Xu’s eyes forcefully, and made him turn around. “What’s there to see? Haven’t you seen other people before?”

Chen Xu’s head was forcefully held down, preventing him from turning around. With Pei Yuzhi pulling him forward, he blindly bumped into a pillar. The nearby flowers splashed water over him.

“Alright, alright.” Chen Xu startled, pulled Pei Jing’s hand away from his eyes. “Alright, I won’t look.”

“Hurry back to your Wenzhen Peak. Why are you so idle?”

Chen Xu almost couldn’t catch his breath.

Why was he sitting here so early on this freezing Tianqian Peak today?

Every day he was blocked at the door answering questions, while he had no idea where this jerk was enjoying himself.

Chen Xu was furious, gritting his teeth and said, “You’re a real dog!”

Pei Jing couldn’t help but laugh and patted Chen Xu’s shoulder. “Good job these past few days. Actually, you’re the true Sect Master. I’ll make sure Master rewards you properly when the time comes.”

Chen Xu rolled his eyes. Pei Yuzhi had been spoiled since he was a cub. Chen Xu had almost gotten used to it, but it was about time those who admired him saw his true nature.

With a cold laugh, Chen Xu said, “You better think about how not to get punished by Master.” He turned around and left, brushing his sleeves.

Chen Xu didn’t believe Pei Jing’s claim about Chu Junyu disappearing. They grew up together, and he knew Pei Yuzhi well. Even if Pei Yuzhi had some bias against Chu Junyu, he wouldn’t let him get hurt.

As for why it was being kept a secret, maybe Pei Yuzhi had his own reasons.

After seeing off Chen Xu, Pei Jing finally breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to face Chu Junyu, a smile appearing on his face. “Let me take you into the hall first.”

However, Chu Junyu ignored his attempt to change the subject and calmly said, “Shouldn’t you be calling me Big Brother?”

Pei Jing tugged at the corner of his mouth, pretending not to hear.

As they walked forward, the mist parted, revealing a suspended pavilion at the end.

“This is the place where I lived during my childhood, Wuya Pavilion. The name ‘Wuya’ means ‘boundless’ or ‘endless,’ but I’m not sure which predecessor chose it.”

Chu Junyu listened attentively.

Tianqian Peak consisted of the Yishi Hall, Tianqian Hall, and the Wuya Pavilion. Yishi Hall was the main hall, where outsiders were received. The Tianqian Hall was where the Sect Master practiced and handled affairs, with a central mirror that could reflect everything within the sect. It was also used for communication with the Master.

Wuya Pavilion was his sleeping quarters.

However, for Pei Jing, it only existed in childhood memories.

After growing up, he spent most of his time traveling outside, and even in Yunxiao, he mostly secluded himself in Changji Peak. He couldn’t remember the last time he slept in Wuya Pavilion.

The aerial palace-like pavilion resembled a fairyland, hidden amidst drifting clouds and adorned with beautiful flowers and plants. Leading Chu Junyu into the pavilion, every decoration inside was familiar—the bed on the other side, made of fragrant sandalwood, with a jade pillow and exquisite silk curtains. In the center of the pavilion was a long table covered with writing brushes, ink, paper, and inkstones, mostly used during the punishment of transcribing sect rules.

The windows were suspended, and the curtains fell to the ground, allowing the cool breeze to gently brush in, bringing in the sunlight from outside.

Pei Jing tilted his head and noticed something hanging on the wall—several poorly crafted clay figures. When he first arrived in this world, he had to recite the core socialist values every night to fall asleep. But as time went on, he became more intrigued by the overwhelming power of the cultivation world. During his idle moments after cultivating his qi, he attempted to infuse these clay figures with spiritual energy, hoping to bring them to life. Unfortunately, they remained lifeless, and he almost got mistaken by his Master for having intellectual issues, as he would often be seen talking to these clay figures.

“Guess what they are?” Pei Jing playfully asked, feigning mystery, as he pointed at the clay figures on the wall.

Chu Junyu followed his gesture, remaining unresponsive, but his tone was plain, “They’re really ugly.”

Pei Jing continued with an air of profundity, shaking his head in denial, “I didn’t make them. Don’t judge them by their appearance alone. Despite their ugliness, these clay figures are treasured objects passed down through generations in Yunxiao. They possess the power to ward off evil spirits and are highly valuable. But since you’ve saved me numerous times, if you like, I can give them to you.” Take them all, no need to hesitate. These things are so horrifyingly ugly. Whenever I see them hanging here in the middle of the night, I have nightmares. However, my Master won’t allow me to take them down, insisting that they serve as a reminder of my foolishness in my childhood.

It could only be given away in such a tactful manner.

If it weren’t for this return visit, he would have almost forgotten about this silly items.

Chu Junyu smiled, his silver hair shimmering, his features elegantly curved, “You’re quite generous.”

Pei Jing coughed slightly, feeling a bit embarrassed, and said, “Since you’re currently staying in Wuya Pavilion, it is considered one of the most spiritually abundant places in Yunxiao. It’s beneficial for healing and cultivation.”

Chu Junyu’s gaze fell on the table in front of him, and he lowered his eyes. “Do you trust me this much?”

“This was where I lived during my childhood. There’s nothing important here, so feel free to take anything you like.” He didn’t have a deep attachment to this place, as cultivators considered the world their home.

Chu Junyu walked over and sat in the sunlight, his black robe flowing like heavy silk, and his silver hair cascading down.

The table was cluttered with scattered papers, ink dried up, and brushes placed haphazardly.

Pei Jing had Ji Wuyou on his mind and said, “You stay here for now. I need to attend to some matters.”

He had to go to the Shangyang Peak to make arrangements.

Chu Junyu nodded, watching the young man’s departing figure. He lowered his head and smiled, his lips hinting at something mysterious.

After the white-clad young man left, Chu Junyu’s fingers touched a hidden compartment under the table. He lightly triggered the mechanism, and a small box popped out, containing a pile of small items—paper cranes folded out of boredom during childhood and the diary he scribbled in when he first arrived, with twisted and distorted characters resembling talismanic symbols.

Nevertheless, he recognized them.

They were so small, difficult to hold a pen properly, so the handwriting seemed as if written by a left-handed person, all crooked and twisted.

A ray of light passed through the window, casting a faint glow on the paper.

Having lived for so long, his childhood memories felt like a distant lifetime, unable to stir any emotions. So, upon seeing these writings, his mind didn’t recall the past but instead imagined how Pei Yuzhi looked back then, sitting in this very place.

It should have been a scene of a chubby child, with a furrowed brow and a pouty face, diligently writing at the desk. Every stroke of the brush stained their clothes and hands with ink.

Today, I got beaten up again. Trashy Chen Xu. Trashy bird.

Today, I got beaten up again. Trashy Chen Xu. Trashy bird.

Today, I got beaten up again. Trashy Chen—Why is it always me that Master beats!

…Trashy Pei Yuzhi, trashy Executioner’s Sword.

Chu Junyu flipped through the pages, a faint smile playing on his lips. The sunlight bathed his deep red eyes, casting a gentle glow.

In the timeless chaos of eternity, all the worldly desires and emotions had been eroded, leaving only a sense of eternal regret.

Hence, his return was never for the purpose of redemption.

When the sect fell, it was forever buried in that storm.

When friends and masters perished, they forever became memories in the Underworld.

Everything now was not his.

The past self he saw was also not him.

He lived in the cold embrace of memories, suppressing his emotions, becoming a demon consumed by slaughter, with only killing filling his heart and eyes.

So… why then allow people to get close?

The young man exuded a solitary and icy temperament, his fingers as pale as bone.

Another page of the diary was turned. It contained the ramblings of a young boy.

Ji Wuyou is still impressive. This whole story revolves around him. Besides being a glutton, the chubby kid doesn’t have any major flaws. I can’t imitate the original owner’s actions completely, following the plot is impossible. Perhaps I can attempt to influence him.

Tianqian Peak, a normally desolate mountain peak, now bustled with activity. The wind, tinged with a cold chill, rustled the curtains and tousled the young man’s silver-white hair.

He lowered his head, his blood-colored eyes filled with icy coldness.

Patience exhausted.

He had also made up his mind.

The courage of his youth, so solitary and valiant, could only be concluded with blood.

The last sentence in the diary. He could imagine the scene the boy must have pondered with a furrowed brow and a pen held to his lips.

Perhaps I can attempt to influence him.

Chu Junyu smiled tenderly, taking the paper into his hands and gently kissing its edge, his voice soft.

“Give it a try. You will come to beg me.”

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