After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Meeting the Dragon King, Dropping Another Identity 

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Jiang Fuyue: “Aren’t you trying to work for me?”

Hu Ben: “?”

“If you lack basic judgment, how can you work with me? Fortunately, you figured it out eventually.”


“How about it, surprised?” Jiang Fuyue poured tea into his cup, her fair hand gently holding it, steam rising, “A person’s potential is like this glass, you only know how much it can hold once you’ve tried.” 

Hu Ben stayed silent, and Little Six felt the increasingly tense atmosphere and didn’t dare to speak. 

“….So, am I qualified?” Hu Ben finally asked. 

Jiang Fuyue replied, “Of course.” 

He picked up a plastic bag from the floor and placed it on the table, “You gave me one hundred thousand, spent sixty thousand, and this is what’s left. The account book is inside, with records of every expense.” 

Jiang Fuyue didn’t move, just glanced at it, “Take it and divide it.” 

Hu Ben, “?” 

“Brother—” Little Six’s eyes lit up, and he bumped his shoulder. 

The man suddenly furrowed his brows, “I said, this isn’t a transaction, there’s no need for compensation.” 

“Who said this is compensation?” Jiang Fuyue took a sip of tea. 

“Then what is it?” 

“It’s a reward.” 

Hu Ben and Little Six exchanged glances. 

Jiang Fuyue set the tea cup down, “For those who get things done at my place, there’s meat to eat.”

Hu Ben: “….Thank you, Miss.”

Jiang Fuyue stood up. “Take the money and follow me.”

The two men immediately followed.


Half an hour later, at the largest shopping mall in the CBD.

Fourth floor, men’s clothing section.

“This outfit and this one, try them on.”

Hu Ben and Little Six were completely bewildered, their expressions confused.

“Buying clothes?”

Jiang Fuyue, “What else? Are you going to rob someone?”

The store clerk: “?” Well, there’s no need for that.

Hu Ben cleared his throat and whispered, “This…I’m not comfortable wearing these. It’s really not necessary.”

He wasn’t suited for suits and leather shoes.

Little Six nodded eagerly to show his agreement. A monkey wearing clothes still didn’t look human, so he was happy being a monkey.

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow. “This is a mission.”

Hu Ben: “?”

“Time is running out,” she checked her wristwatch, “hurry up.”

Hu Ben and Little Six: “Yes!”

Store clerk: “?” Why is buying clothes so urgent, like they’re going into battle?

Two minutes later, the fitting room door opened slightly, and Hu Ben emerged, struggling with the suit. He asked, “Um, how do I wear this?”

A male store clerk immediately stepped forward.

Little Six quietly said, “I need that too.”


During the wait, Jiang Fuyue sat on the sofa, her phone horizontally held in her hand, tapping on the screen as if playing a game. However, in reality, the floor plan and 360-degree detailed layout of the restaurant that Hu Ben had found were presented before her eyes. Her gaze examined every detail, while her peripheral vision retained the size measurements.

Just then, a familiar voice sounded from the entrance, filled with youthful arrogance.

“Bring out all the seasonal limited editions for me to choose from. Young Master, I, will take my time!”

A group of clerks quickly surrounded him.

“Young Master Zhong has arrived! Please come in.”

“We’ve already prepared the limited edition items you wanted, and a few exclusive high-end pieces have been specially imported from our F headquarters. They are unique worldwide.”


Zhong Ziang excitedly nodded, “Alright, you’re quick.”

“Mrs. Zhong is our brand’s top-tier member. We wouldn’t dare to neglect her instructions.”

“Right, I’ll have her come to your store for more purchases later.”

The clerk responded with a warm smile.

Zhong Ziang was led into the store. Suddenly, he paused and looked at the girl sitting on the sofa, playing with her phone.

The next moment, he blinked hard to make sure it wasn’t an illusion.

“Jiang Fuyue?! What are you doing here?” He walked over in a hurry.

Jiang Fuyue looked up with her dark pupils, sparkling with a glint of light.

“Why can’t I be here?” The girl asked.

“But… this is a men’s clothing store!”


Zhong Ziang was momentarily taken aback, then he shrugged, “Alright, since we’ve met, it must be fate. Let’s make the most of it, and you can help me pick something.”

He stepped aside and a dozen staff members had a variety of suits prepared. Alongside them were matching shoes, ties, and cufflinks on the cabinet.

Zhong Ziang said, “So, which outfit should I try on first?”

Jiang Fuyue remained expressionless, “Why is this my concern?”

“It’s not I’m just giving you some face. Many people want what you have, but you don’t seem to understand, do you?”

“I don’t.”


Zhong Ziang was about to spit out blood.

Jiang Fuyue sat calmly on the sofa, continuing to use her phone. 

The young master unable to contain himself, rushed forward to grab the phone, but she evaded him, moving three meters away.

He grumbled, “Feeling itchy for a fight again?”

Jiang Fuyue smiled, “What, you want to provoke me?”

Zhong Ziang, “!”

I can’t afford to provoke her, what can I do? I’m quite helpless too!

“Cough… I just asked you to help me pick some clothes, was it necessary to be so aggressive?” he muttered quietly.

Jiang Fuyue smiled, “You can speak up a bit louder, I can’t hear very well.” 

“…Fine, I won’t say it again.” He tried to maintain his composure. 

Zhong Ziang’s eyes darted around as he remembered his mother’s enthusiasm for clothes and bags, suddenly feeling fortunate, “Hey, Jiang Fuyue, we’re all classmates, there’s no need to be so tense, right?” 

Jiang Fuyue watched him quietly. 

Zhong Ziang thought she had agreed and felt a sense of victory rising within him, “You can pick anything you like from this store, take whatever you want. I’ll pay for it, but you have to agree to one condition.” 

“Oh?” Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, seemingly interested, no longer displaying her usual indifference. “What’s the condition? Tell me.” 

“Be my girlfriend.” 

Zhong Ziang had thought it through; as soon as Jiang Fuyue nodded, he would immediately contact Yici, regardless of anything else, he would win this gamble first. 

As for Jiang Fuyue… 

He could give her a few more bags or just give her cash as a reward. 

“Girlfriend?” The girl curled her lips, and the corners of her eyes also lifted. 

Her beautiful peach blossom eyes were no longer clear, but instead emitted an irresistible charm, easily captivating people, leaving them enchanted. 

The young man’s breathing hitched, unable to resist swallowing hard, “You…” 

Jiang Fuyue took a step closer. 

As the distance between them became shorter, Zhong Ziang felt the dangerous and mysterious vibe in the girl’s eyes, but he inexplicably couldn’t move. 

The next moment, the scent grew stronger, and he found himself held by the collar, being pulled closer. 

Their eyes met, and Zhong Ziang could clearly hear his own abnormal heartbeat. 

Thump-thump, thump-thump. 

“It seems like you’re really asking for a beating.” She chuckled and her fist fell. 

Zhong Ziang turned his head to avoid the punch, belatedly grabbing the girl’s wrist uncontrollably and muttered, “You smell really nice…” 

At that moment, the doors to the two fitting rooms were pulled open from the inside, and Hu Ben and Little Six had finished changing into suits. They were about to come out to make Jiang Fuyue laugh when they unexpectedly witnessed this scene. 

The two quickly rushed forward, one from the left and one from the right, and forcibly restrained Zhong Ziang. 

“Stinking brat, openly making a move, do you think your life is too long?” 

“Daring to flirt with Sister Yue, today we’ll teach you why roses are so red!” 

Zhong Ziang: “?”

Where did these two wild people come from?

He had no chance to resist, and in an instant, he was taken away from Jiang Fuyue. 

“Let me go! Do you know who I am?” Zhong Ziang’s hands were tied, leaving only his legs kicking around in the air. 

He appeared both comical and ridiculous, and the air of a wealthy young master was completely gone.

Hu Ben, “We don’t care who you are. In this Lord Hu’s hands, you’ll behave.”

“Do you believe I can make you unable to survive in Linhuai?!”

“Don’t believe.”

“….” F*ck! Then there’s no plan.

Hu Ben raised an inquiring look to Jiang Fuyue: How should we handle this?

She loosened her grip on her wrist and let go, saying, “Throw him out.”

Hu Ben and Little Six immediately complied.

All the store staff watched quietly. No one dared to say a word.

Zhong Ziang was unceremoniously tossed out like a bag of trash.

Hu Ben and Little Six stood before him, looking down on him with menace. “You little brat, dare to be rude to her again in the future, and this Lord Hu will personally teach you how to behave.” 

Jiang Fuyue settled the bill, and the three of them departed. 

A store employee rushed to help Young Master Zhong up. “Is Young Master Zhong okay?” 

“Get lost! All of you get lost for me!” 

Does this Master not want face?! 


Meanwhile, as Hu Ben and Little Six left the shopping mall, both dressed immaculately, they almost tripped over each other while crossing the road. 

“Didn’t you act natural when confronting him earlier? Why the discomfort now?” 

Hu Ben cleared his throat. “… I was never comfortable with it. I didn’t have time to think too much earlier.” 

“In that case, don’t think too much.” Jiang Fuyue raised her eyebrows, her eyes shining fiercely. “Tonight, you two will need to wear these outfits for something important.” 

Hu Ben was about to agree when Jiang Fuyue raised her hand to stop him. “This task carries some risk. Think it over before answering.” 

Hu Ben grinned. “My answer has always been clear. What else are you thinking?” 

Little Six nodded. “I’m clear too.” 

Since the moment they decided to follow Jiang Fuyue, they had already made their choice. 

Life is long, and they both wanted to become someone! 


That night.

Near a busy road, inside an abandoned public telephone booth, a man inserted a card and dialed a number.

The darkness obscured his facial features, but there was a scar of about five centimeters above his eyebrow, running through the brow and leaving a bald mark.

After a long series of beeps, the call was answered, but there was silence for a while. 

It seemed they were waiting for him to speak.

As he wished, Hu Ben said, “Dexian Restaurant, right? I’d like to book 101 seats and a stage play.”

The other end remained silent for a couple of seconds before saying, “Sorry, you have the wrong number. This is Yufeng Kitchen, not Dexian Restaurant.”

“But someone told me this number belongs to Dexian Restaurant.”

“…Do you really want to book 101 seats?”


“Which play would you like to have? The Goddess Marrying the Scholar or The Drunken Concubine?”

Hu Ben, “I think ‘The Dragon King Seeking a Son-in-law’ would be better.”

“I’m sorry; we don’t have that one.”

“Under the vast sky, Sea Dragon King, seeking a son-in-law, welcoming the groom, the ghostly messengers arriving from afar, the son-in-law kneels before the father-in-law, and the ox-headed and horse-faced demons stand on both sides. Is it confirmed?” 

“….2 a.m., Dexian Restaurant, third floor.”

The voice on the other end of the line responded and then hung up.

Hu Ben stepped out of the telephone booth, opened the door of the black Mercedes parked on the roadside, and took a seat in the back.

Dressed in an expensive suit, he exuded a fierce and domineering air. He unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, revealing a hint of wildness and rebellion.

Little Six sat in the driver’s seat, and they exchanged a glance through the rearview mirror.

Hu Ben said, “Let’s go to Yufeng Kitchen.”

In the passenger seat, the figure had yet to speak. A baseball cap concealed most of her face. Dressed in a suit like Little Six, she appeared almost identical to him, except for her slightly slimmer frame.

At 1:45 a.m., Yufeng Kitchen was still open.


Hu Ben led the way, with two “subordinates” following him.

The server smiled and asked, “Do you have a reservation?”


“Which room number?”


The server hesitated for a moment and gave a strange look at Hu Ben, but maintained their smile. They politely said, “Sir, I’m sorry, but our restaurant only has two floors, and your room number starts with 3… that’s not possible.”

“Is that so?” Hu Ben’s voice was low and insinuating. “Think about it again.”

After hearing his words, the server didn’t deny it but instead began to contemplate.

It took a while before she asked, “May I ask what business you have on the third floor?”

“Watching a play.”

“What play?”

“The Dragon King Seeking a Son-in-law.”

“Would you like to listen first or buy the tickets first?”

“Silver and goods paid when goods delivered.”

The server’s face changed, and they instantly became more respectful. They bowed ninety degrees and said, “Three guests, please follow me.”

Guided by the server, the three entered an elevator. When the metal doors opened, they were greeted by a well-lit scene.

A spacious and quiet hall laid before them. The room was elegantly adorned, with small sandalwood round tables surrounding a group of genuine leather sofas. Hanging white curtains collected video feeds from both inside and outside the restaurant.

Hu Ben noticed that the abandoned telephone booth he had used earlier was displayed in the surveillance footage as well.

In other words, his every move had been monitored since he made that phone call.

This realization sent a chill down his spine, raising the hair on the back of his neck.

But the more challenging the situation, the more he needed to stay calm. 

He adjusted his breathing and surveyed the surroundings. A red carpet covered the floor, green jade decorations adorned the space, and the entire hall was opulently decorated.

Black-clothed individuals stood on both sides, well-built and silent.

Suddenly, footsteps could be heard in the front. From around the corner appeared an elderly man dressed in traditional clothing.

He had a slender figure and graying temples, but his eyes were sharp, and his aura was imposing. He looked like someone who had held a position of power for a long time.

As Hu Ben examined the old man, the old man was also observing him.

The young man was wearing a suit and pants, appearing respectful. However, two buttons of his shirt were undone, revealing half of his chest. He had a somewhat rebellious air, and the old scar above his eyebrow added to his unruly appearance.

“Are you the one who called to book 101 seats?” the old man asked in a deep voice.

“Mainly to watch a play,” Hu Ben replied, “The Dragon King Seeking a Son-in-law.”

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a chilling undertone crept into his voice. “Young man, you’ve got guts. For the past twenty years, you’re the first one to request this play!”

Hu Ben remained composed. “If I’ve offended the Dragon King in any way, I apologize.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Long Tian, Mr. Long, they call you the ‘Dragon King’.”

“Hahaha…” The old man burst into laughter. “Interesting, very interesting! I’ve been away from Jianghu for many years, but I didn’t expect the younger generation to still recognize me.”

Hu Ben, “Not only do I know that you’re the ‘Dragon King,’ but I also know that your only daughter had an accident ten years ago. She passed away prematurely. As for ‘The Dragon King Seeking a Son-in-law,’ it only recruits the dead.”

The old man’s smile vanished. “Who are you?”

He even knew about his private matters.

Hu Ben, “An old friend.”

“Ha…” The old man chuckled. “It’s just hearsay and speculation. Who would believe it?”

“Whether it’s hearsay or speculation, you know it, and I know it. Those who need to believe it will naturally believe it.”

Long Tian, squinted. “Young man, tell me your purpose.”

Hu Ben took a seat on a sofa, with his two companions on either side, resembling gatekeepers.

“Shall we start by reminiscing about old times?” 

The old man followed suit. “What old times? What kind of reminiscing?”

“How about we start from when you were just a peddler in Shangyue Village twenty years ago…”

Long Tian’s face turned pale, and he abruptly stood up. Black-clothed individuals on both sides quickly closed in, ready to take action with a single command, effectively resolving the situation.

Hu Ben’s smile remained unchanged as he shifted to a more relaxed posture.

His gaze passed over the black-clothed individuals and locked onto the wrinkled face of Long Tian. “It’s just a reunion, why be nervous?”

“Who are you exactly?!” 

“As I said earlier, an old friend from twenty years ago.”

“This is impossible! You’re just a young lad, twenty years ago you were a child in diapers. How could you possibly know…”

“So, you admit it?” Hu Ben responded with a smile and a rising tone in his voice.

Long Tian pushed his way past the black-clothed individuals and walked up to him, his voice low and filled with suppressed anger. “Curiosity killed the cat. Since it’s an old story, there’s no need to dig it up. What do you think?”

Hu Ben shrugged, his palms open. “I didn’t mention any names, so there’s no need to jump to conclusions.”


“But twenty years ago in Shangyue Village, every household relied on fishing to make a living. In one of these households with the surname Long, the father was a fisherman, and the son sold goods. They were not wealthy, but they had a peaceful and stable life.” 

“Unfortunately, a storm capsized their fishing boat, and the father perished at sea. Overnight, their family was shattered, burdened with debt. The son had no choice but to leave their hometown and seek his fortune elsewhere.” 

“Two years later, when he returned to the village, he not only cleared the debts but also became a nouveau riche, admired by everyone in the village. Can you guess why?” 

Hu Ben didn’t need an answer and continued on his own: “Because he met a benefactor!” 

Long Tian’s face turned pale. 

“During those two years, guided by this benefactor, he not only earned enough money but also gained access to the world of the privileged that ordinary people couldn’t touch.” 

“This man, once he suddenly became wealthy, he was prone to develop ambitions, craving things that didn’t originally belong to him. He didn’t have this opportunity initially, but one day, the benefactor, as if facing some problems, suddenly handed over the entire financial group to him and then disappeared.” 

“Originally, it was agreed that he would only manage it temporarily. However, as time went by, a month, a year, two years… the benefactor never reappeared. He thought, could he turn all of these assets into his own? After all, the true owner had disappeared, perhaps dead, who knows, but it would be better if they were dead.” 

Hu Ben said, “So, he transformed the financial group, starting with its name, followed by its structure, and finally, by eliminating all those who knew the truth, he made the financial group entirely his own!” 

As the story unfolded slowly, the details in the middle were gradually revealed, and the old man’s already unsightly face turned completely black. 

“How do you know all of this? Who are you?!” Long Tian stared intently at Hu Ben’s face, attempting to find traces that resembled the person he was thinking of among his features. 

But unfortunately, there was none! 

“You are not his descendant!” Long Tian asserted decisively. “But how do you know all of this… did Lousheng tell you?!” 

“No… it’s impossible… he has been missing for twenty years… there’s no way he could come back…”

“In the Yue province area, men are often addressed with their surname followed by ‘sheng,’ meaning ‘Mr.'” 

Lousheng is ‘Mr. Lou.’ 

Hu Ben smirked and stepped closer, saying, “Why is it impossible?” 

He glanced at the black-clothed people around and continued, “Did you recruit this bunch using the financial group’s funds? Long Tian, what you force down will eventually come back up, and now is the time.” 

“What do you mean?” The elderly man asked with widened eyes. 

“Of course, I represent Lousheng to take back what’s rightfully his.” 

“Bold statement! On what grounds do you represent him? What qualifications do you have to represent him? Back then, it was Lousheng themself who handed over the Yufeng Financial Group to me!” 

Hu Ben lightly laughed and pulled something out from his pocket, something just the right size to fit in the palm of his hand. “It’s based on this.” 

Long Tian stared closely, and his body trembled suddenly. 

“Do you recognize this? It’s Lousheng’s private seal. Without this seal, many decisions of the financial group would be beyond your influence, right?” 

Long Tian exclaimed, “How did you get this?!” 

Hu Ben smiled, “What do you think?” 

“Impossible! He has disappeared for twenty years…” Suddenly, he realized, “You are an imposter!” 

His eyes gleamed with murderous intent. 

Hu Ben appeared calm on the surface, but his back was covered in cold sweat. 

Everything that had transpired so far was within Jiang Fuyue’s expectations. She had instructed him on how to handle the situation, and every word from Long Tian had been rehearsed. 

However, starting from the accusation of being an imposter, Jiang Fuyue hadn’t provided any further guidance. 

What should he do now? 

Long Tian saw through the insecurity in Hu Ben’s eyes. “Indeed, you are a counterfeit! Don’t think that holding a fake seal entitles you to represent Lousheng with just a few words!” 

He suddenly leaned in, lowering his voice, “Even if you were genuine, I can make it fake with just a thought!” 

Hu Ben was momentarily stunned. 

Before he could react, the force of Long Tian’s fist arrived. Hu Ben instinctively dodged it, the attack barely missing his ear, raising a gust of murderous intent. 

Hu Ben understood that Long Tian intended to silence him. 

Long Tian retreated to a safe distance and raised his hand, commanding, “Seize him!”

The black-clothed individuals sprung into action.

Little Six, who couldn’t contain himself and wanted to rush forward to help, was held back by the person wearing the duckbill cap.

“Brother Hu is in danger!” Little Six exclaimed.

The person beside him replied in a low voice, “Not yet.”

Just as the words were spoken, the brightly lit room was suddenly plunged into darkness.

“What’s happening?”

“Power outage!”

“Protect the Dragon King!”


Moments later, the lights came back on, revealing a completely changed situation. 

The black-clothed individuals, who had previously been menacing, were now lying on the ground, overwhelmed and subdued by a group of blue-clothed, masked individuals who had appeared from nowhere.

Long Tian, who had been commanding them, had been reduced to a captive.

Suddenly, the blue-clothed men, who had surrounded Long Tian, stepped aside, leaving a path open.

Niu Chunhua and her son, Niu Rui, walked down that path.

Niu Chunhua appeared a bit nervous as her eyes searched the room. After not finding what she was looking for, she looked at her son with growing concern. “Where is the person?”

Wasn’t it said that they would be able to see the “new master” when they arrived in Linhuai?

Niu Chunhua had a guess that was taking root in her mind and needed validation.

Perhaps… that person had returned?

Niu Rui didn’t respond to his mother and his gaze passed over Hu Ben, landing on the person wearing the duckbill cap.

It stayed fixed.

Niu Chunhua followed his gaze, but couldn’t discern anything meaningful.

In the next moment, Niu Rui stepped forward, and both Hu Ben and Little Six moved back behind the person with the duckbill cap, lowering their heads respectfully.

Jiang Fuyue removed her hat and raised her head slowly. “Not bad, right on time.”

Niu Rui, “As soon as we received the message, we started the operation.”

“Who are you?” Suddenly, a female voice interjected.

Jiang Fuyue turned slightly, making eye contact with Niu Chunhua. One face held a calm smile, the other was filled with confusion.

Twenty years hadn’t left a mark on the woman’s face. She was still the stunning Niu Chunhua.

Time had not only frozen her beauty, but also endowed her with a unique charm and elegance that defied her age.

As Jiang Fuyue examined her old friend, Niu Chunhua was doing the same. 

She was a beautiful young lady with flowing black hair, porcelain-like skin, and enchanting peach blossom eyes. Yet, a touch of indifference that defied her age, making her seem cold, settled in her eyes. At first glance, she appeared to be emotionless.

The expression in her eyes…

Niu Chunhua froze.

It was the same as that person!

However, there were differences in physical appearance, height, age—everything except for the look in her eyes!

“Who are you?!” Without receiving a reply, she asked again, impatient.

Jiang Fuyue raised a corner of her lips and said, “We spoke on the phone not long ago. I thought you knew.” 

“Mom!” Niu Rui stepped forward. “This is the master of the Mechanical pendant, the new owner of our Mechanical Hall!” 

“Shut up! I didn’t ask you to speak!” 

Niu Rui: “?” 

Niu Chunhua didn’t even give her son a glance, keeping her eyes locked onto Jiang Fuyue, not missing any subtle expressions on her face. 

“That day, over the phone, why did you say I looked good in a white cheongsam?” 

“It wasn’t ‘white,’ it was ‘moon white.’ They are not the same.” Jiang Fuyue replied casually. 

Niu Chunhua’s pupils constricted, and she suddenly tensed. 

Back then, Lou Mingyue had corrected her in the exact same way. 

Not only the choice of words but also the tone was identical! 

“You… you are—” 

This is more than 7,000 characters, and LazyFish doesn’t want to split chapters for this series. 

Trivia Question: Can you guess whether Niu Chunhua will recognize that Sister Yue is actually Lou Mingyue? 

A. Yes; B. No

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