After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Mediocre Chickens Pecking at Each Other, Poisonous-tongued Sister Yue 

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Wherever they went, they stirred up a breeze.

Yici: “I arrived a bit late. Is there still a seat?”

Everyone, including Liu Bowen, the organizer of this gathering, was dumbfounded.

“What’s going on?”

“Is there a demonic wind blowing today? We already have the school grass and school flower and now we’re adding a school bully?”

“If we talk about being impressive, it’s still Wen Wenzi who’s the most impressive. Even this person is willing to give face.”

Most impressive Wen Wenzi: Actually, I’m quite confused as well.

“Brother Ci! Over here!” Liu Fei waved to him, indicating there was a vacant seat specially reserved for him.

Unexpectedly, without even glancing over, Yici walked straight to Hou Siyuan, one hand gracefully resting on the back of his chair, a smile that was not quite a smile on his face. “Student Hou, can you make some room for me?”

Hou Siyuan stiffly averted his gaze, looking towards Liu Fei, “Your… your seat is over there.”

“But I want to sit here. What should I do?”

The tone was light-hearted, but no one took it as a joke.

Hou Siyuan’s heart trembled, his scalp tingling. It seemed like he was about to succumb to the pressure when a cold sneer cut through everyone’s ears.

“Heh! Yici, your courage is quite impressive! You dare to snatch Young Master’s seat?”

Everyone turned their heads towards the sound and saw Zhong Ziang striding in, dressed in a black suit. His open coat revealed a white shirt and a gentlemanly vest. His hands were in his pockets, and his two long legs, accentuated by the suit pants, were straight and slender.

A pair of golden-rimmed glasses, meticulously combed hair—like he had just left some party.

As soon as he stood there, with his entire demeanor and the natural nobility in his every move, plus a hint of the playfully cynical attitude typical of the young masters in the capital, a complete fan-shaped statistical chart appeared—or rather, a person with a high and unattainable image was portrayed vividly.

Yes, portrayed.

At first glance, Jiang Fuyue almost sprayed out the tea she was drinking. She thought the “Junior Version of Xie Dingyuan” had broken through the barriers of time and space and descended from the heavens.

“Zhong Ziang?! Why are you here?!” Yici frowned, his tone harsh.

“You’re here, so why can’t I be here. Right, little monkey?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Hou Siyuan nodded quickly, hastily giving up his seat and scurrying away.

He couldn’t afford to offend either of them. Escape was the only option.

As Zhong Ziang walked over, ready to take a seat, he was preempted by Yici, who sat down firmly, not budging.

“What do you mean? This is my seat!”

“You say it’s yours, so it’s yours? Is your name written on it? Tsk—” Yici sneered with a touch of disdain, his mouth curled.

“Hou Siyuan, who did you say the seat was for?!”

Poor Hou Siyuan shrunk into the farthest corner, wishing he could turn into air. Unfortunately, wishes don’t always come true, and he was forcibly singled out.

Can’t you just let me go?! 

His heart roared. 

But the gazes of the two tyrants were more ferocious, one after another. He was so scared! 

He first smiled at Yici in an attempt to please him, facing the almost murderous gaze of Zhong Ziang, “Initially, it was left for Mr. Zhong…” 

“Very well!” Yici snapped his fingers, “You also said initially, now you’ve run away, the seat is vacant, and I took it. Is there any problem?” 

Hou Siyuan: “?” I’m even more wronged than Dou E! 

Zhong Ziang: “…” This dog is more shameless than a b*stard! 

“Today, this seat, you let me have it!” Zhong Shaotian was born without knowing what “fear” meant. 

Yici has been the leader for so many years, how can he be easily provoked? 

“I won’t let you, what can you do to me?” A provocative smile, carefree. 

“Since soft tactics don’t work, then I can only let you taste something hard.” 

“Come on! Who’s afraid of who?” 

The two were evenly matched, neither giving in. 

Seeing the atmosphere becoming more tense, the onlookers were dumbfounded. 

Isn’t it just a seat? Is it really necessary? Is it plated with gold or embedded with silver? 

“Hey, Zhong, Brother Zhong, what if I give you my seat?” Liu Fei cautiously spoke. 

Zhong Ziang ignored him. 

Liu Fei looked at Yici, who arrogantly occupied the seat. Okay, he couldn’t afford to provoke him even more. 

In this day and age, it’s tough to be a good person… 

Just when the tension reached its peak, and a big battle was about to break out, Liu Bowen suddenly stood up, “Stop arguing! I’ll give mine to you guys—” 

After saying that, he walked to another empty seat and sat down, with a pair of shrewd eyes constantly scanning between Zhong Ziang, Yici, and Jiang Fuyue. 

Oh, right, add Ling Xuan too. Look at that face turning almost completely black. Don’t admit you’re secretly thinking about Sister Yue. Let’s see how long you can pretend! 

Just when everyone thought Liu Bowen’s “yielding” was in vain, Zhong Ziang actually walked over and sat down?! 

D*mn it! 

No one here is a fool. With just a little thought, everything became clear. It turns out these two tyrants are both after Jiang Fuyue? 

People quickly exchanged glances as if discovering some century-old gossip.

[Is it true or not?] 

[My intuition tells me there’s a love triangle among these three!] 

[Sister Yue’s charm is extraordinary, attracting two handsome guys to compete!] 

[The domineering CEO falls in love with me, warning.] 

[She’s here, she’s here! She’s coming with the Mary Sue novel’s female protagonist halo!] 

[Wait, something’s not right. Sister Yue’s reaction is a bit… um! Too indifferent.] 

Jiang Fuyue, holding her phone, stared at the screen without turning her eyes away. Except for glancing up when Yici and Zhong Ziang came in, she remained unaffected, even when Liu Bowen voluntarily gave up his seat. Her reaction was flat. 

Seemingly belatedly, she realized that something was off in the sudden silence within the private room. As she shifted her gaze away and turned off the screen, she met the subtle expressions of the others. For a moment, she felt a sense of confusion. 

“Aren’t we getting any food? Who are we waiting for?” 

Zhong Ziang: “…” 

Yici: “…” 

Everyone: “…” 

While you argue, I’ll just pretend nothing happened. 

Liu Bowen silently gave a thumbs up in his heart: This is a true master move! 

“Bring the food!” 

Soon, dishes of various sizes were brought in and filled the entire table. 

When someone accidentally almost knocked over a cup of tea in front of Jiang Fuyue while turning a plate, two protectors acted simultaneously. 

Zhong Ziang reached it first, stabilizing the cup. 

Yici then moved the cup slightly to prevent any future mishaps. 

Locked in a gaze, the collision of their eyes in the air sent invisible sparks flying. 

Even Hou Siyuan, who was keeping his distance, could smell the scent of gunpowder. 

Ling Xuan sat across from Jiang Fuyue, witnessing the girl’s unmoved face and capturing the urgency in Zhong and Yici’s actions, he picked up a piece of ribs closest to him, put it in his mouth, chewed for a bit, only to realize it wasn’t tasty. 

But due to etiquette and manners, he couldn’t spit it out publicly. 


Like a fishbone stuck in the throat! 

Lin Yao glanced at the young man’s casually resting hand on his leg under the table, which was already clenched into a fist. 

She had known Ling Xuan for so many years, and in her impression, he was a quiet, restrained, and gently controlled handsome young man. She had never seen his emotions fluctuate so much, like a bow pulled taut, ready to snap at any moment. 

“Ah Xuan…” She lifted her hand, gently covering his knuckles, her soft voice carrying a soothing charm, “Are you okay?” 

Silent, the comfort flowed without a word. 

But the next moment, Ling Xuan abruptly pulled his hand back, and his gaze, serious, met hers. “Lin Yao, don’t do this next time. It’s not good if someone sees.” 

“But I’m willing…” 

“I’m not willing.” 

Lin Yao’s pupils constricted, and she bit her lip in embarrassment. “Do you… have someone you like?” 

A trace of confusion flashed through Ling Xuan’s eyes, and after a moment, he replied, “…No.” 

Lin Yao didn’t believe it, her doubtful gaze shifting to the face of Jiang Fuyue opposite her, who appeared excessively indifferent yet stunning each time you looked at her. 

She was beautiful, there was no denying that. 

Her academic performance was unexpectedly excellent. 

But with a humble background, lacking social skills, and often showing a cold and aloof demeanor that kept people at a distance, she probably never had the chance to learn musical instruments and sports. Not to mention hobbies like tea art, flower arranging, yoga, and cooking that rich young ladies typically engaged in. 

The most important thing was personality; Ling Xuan was reserved and steady, needing a girlfriend who was considerate and understanding, not a wild woman who only focused on her studies and had no sense of romance! 

In this regard, Lin Yao was confident she could surpass her.

Jiang Fuyue was eating while pondering the message Uncle Liu had sent just now. 

Yesterday, after giving the keys to King and Queen to Hu Ben and Little Six, the two of them immediately dressed in suits, tied their ties, and took up their positions this morning. 

Not a word was mentioned about having Uncle Liu send someone to teach them how to manage the bar. 

Uncle Liu was worried that the two lacked management experience and didn’t understand the ins and outs, fearing that their reckless actions might lead to trouble. As soon as he received the message, he reported it to Jiang Fuyue. 

She replied: [No need to monitor them, let them be. Wait until the situation becomes a mess and can’t be handled, just tie them up and bring them to me.] 

Liu Jinzhong: [Understood.] ​

Jiang Fuyue was a bit curious about how these two would mess up a perfectly good bar. 

Thinking about it, she raised her lips with interest, but unexpectedly sensed a probing gaze from across the table. She narrowed her eyes and suddenly looked up. 

Lin Yao didn’t expect the other party to suddenly look at her, and was momentarily stunned. 

Before she could react, Jiang Fuyue had lowered her eyelids, seemingly evading with a hint of avoidance. 

Why evade? 

Of course, it was because of inferiority! 

She couldn’t compare to herself, so seeing herself sitting next to Ling Xuan, she chose to avoid. 

This allowed Lin Yao’s frustrated sense of superiority to heal again and become even more solid. 

She thought, Jiang Fuyue is quite self-aware. 

Isn’t this another advantage? 

“Yao Yao, why haven’t you started eating? Is it not to your taste?” Tang Ruoyan on the side asked softly, caring as she casually picked a piece of rib she liked into Lin Yao’s bowl. 

“Try it, this one is not bad!” 

A flash of disgust quickly crossed Lin Yao’s eyes, but in an instant, she restrained it completely. “Thank you, but I’m on a low-fat diet recently, so… sorry.” 

“Oh my god! You’re so thin and you’re still dieting? How are we supposed to live?” Tang Ruoyan, who was used to pampering her, spoke with an unintentional exaggeration, and her volume inadvertently became louder. 

Many people around heard it. 

Lin Yao looked embarrassed. 

Tang Ruoyan didn’t seem to notice, taking this opportunity to do her best to help Lin Yao find a presence, attempting to shift everyone’s attention from Jiang Fuyue, Zhong, and Yici. 

“What do you guys think? Yao Yao is already so thin, yet she’s still dieting. It’s too disciplined! Indeed, a goddess is not something ordinary people can be!” 

People subconsciously looked at Lin Yao, seeing that besides that piece of rib in her bowl, the edges were clean, and the chopsticks were still on the table, untouched. 

“In life, enjoying food and drink is a must. If you can’t wholeheartedly enjoy delicious food, it’s too restrictive.” Someone said. 

“Yeah, I feel weak if I don’t eat meat for a day!” 

“When you’re young and don’t eat, by the time you reach middle age and are prone to gaining weight, you won’t even have the chance to eat anymore.” 

Tang Ruoyan: “Guys don’t really care about their appearance, of course, you can eat and drink as you please. How can you compare to girls? We not only have to control fat to maintain our figures but also control sugar to prevent aging. Which girl doesn’t diet? Forget it, you guys won’t understand.” 

“There are girls who eat heartily! I see Sister Yue enjoys her meal.” 

As soon as this was said, everyone’s eyes turned to Jiang Fuyue. She had two bowls and a plate in front of her, one bowl for rice and soup, and the plate for dishes.

Acting fast, precise, and ruthless, without losing courtesy; chewing and swallowing with serious concentration, enjoying the food. 

Compared to Lin Yao’s shy reserve, Jiang Fuyue’s straightforwardness clearly won more hearts. 

“D*mn—I was already full, but watching Sister Yue eat, I feel like I can eat two more bowls.” 

“Goddess, even the way she eats meat is breathtakingly beautiful.” 

“Look, she doesn’t need to diet, right?” That person turned his head and looked at Tang Ruoyan. 

On the side, Hang Haoran also nodded in agreement. 

Tang Ruoyan glared at him fiercely, her cheeks turning red. “I…” 

“Maybe everyone has a different physique,” Lin Yao laughed, trying to defuse the situation. “Like me, I can’t eat like that.” 

Tang Ruoyan quickly added, “Me neither!” 

Lin Yao’s eyelid twitched. 

“So, Sister Yue belongs to the naturally slim type?” 

Lin Yao: “…Probably.” 

“There’s a saying, how does it go? Something about being born… not easy to give up?” 

“Naturally beautiful, hard to abandon!” 

“Yes, that saying was created specifically for Sister Yue!” 




Liu Bowen and Hou Siyuan, the two pitiful ones who were forced to give up their seats, listened and ate while nodding enthusiastically. 

Sister Yue is the most beautiful, no room for debate! 

Tang Ruoyan couldn’t help but roll her eyes. What’s so impressive?

Lin Yao still had a smile on her face, but her eyes were already frozen, and she hadn’t touched a single chopstick afterward. 

Just sitting there like a vase, beautiful but lifeless. 

Seeing this, Ling Xuan couldn’t help but frown. “If you didn’t plan to eat, why bother attending?” 

Neither Lin Yao nor Ling Xuan used to appear in such gatherings. 

But today, both of them came. 

“You do whatever you want, I’ll do the same.” She replied. 


On the other side, when Jiang Fuyue, almost full, was about to put down her chopsticks, Yici suddenly picked up a piece of tofu and placed it in her bowl. 

Using the public chopsticks. 

“Uh… I see you like it, and it’s the last piece.” 

Zhong Ziang snorted, “A little trick…” 

Then he called the waiter directly, pointing at that dish, “Bring me another serving!” 

Yici: “?” 

Zhong Ziang: Hehe, fooled, huh? 

Jiang Fuyue: “…” 

Well, they’re bickering over food. 

“I’m full. Going out for some fresh air. Take your time eating.” After saying that, she stood up and left. 

With this move, there was no barrier between Yici and Zhong Ziang, their gazes met like unsheathed swords, colliding with each other. 

The atmosphere immediately became tense. 

Yici sneered, “Some people think they’re invincible just because they have a few pennies. To put it plainly, they’re just a nouveau riche, a foolish old hat!”

Zhong Ziang unwillingly retorted, “That’s still better than some people who fawn over others. The key is whether they accept it?” 

As he spoke, he glanced at the untouched tofu in his bowl. 

Yici: “…” D*mn! 

“Uh, sorry to disturb,” the waiter awkwardly spoke, “Do you still want the pan-fried tofu?” 

Yici suddenly smirked, “Want it? Master Zhong? You make it sound like you’ve been accepted. Aren’t you in the same situation as me?” 

Zhong Ziang’s brow twitched, “No! No need! It’s too slow!” 

The waiter who had been standing there the whole time: “?” 



After leaving, Jiang Fuyue called Niu Chunhua. 

Long Tian had been cleaned up, and his subordinates were trimmed by Liu Jinzhong. 

“… But when he left, he was still clamoring to see you, saying something about Lousheng’s return.” 

Niu Chunhua was unaware of Lou Mingyue’s identity as “Lousheng” from her past life. Still, on the day they cleaned the place, combined with Long Tian’s crazy ramblings after being taken away, she had some speculations. 

But she wouldn’t be foolish enough to ask Jiang Fuyue directly. 

She knew the boundaries and distances she needed to maintain.

“I didn’t give him a chance to talk nonsense. I just covered his mouth and threw him to feed the sharks. Wasn’t he nicknamed the ‘Dragon King’? Now he can be the king in the sea.” 

Jiang Fuyue: “Then it should be called the Sea King.” 

The other side was stunned for a moment, then burst into laughter, “Your mouth is still as poisonous as ever.” 

“Hang up.” 

After ending the call, Jiang Fuyue turned around and, just a few steps away, bumped into Zhong Ziang. 

“How did you get back yesterday? Did you get a car after?” 

“Mm.” Jiang Fuyue nodded. 

“No… why are you just saying ‘mm’? I said so much, and you just respond with one word? It’s too perfunctory. I worried about you all night…” 

Jiang Fuyue’s eyes looked at him with a strange and subtle expression, making Zhong Ziang’s scalp tingle. 

“What… what are you looking at?” 

“Looking at something unusual.” 


After a while, Zhong Ziang reacted, “…Are you mocking me?!” 

Actually calling him “unusual.” 

“Isn’t that right? Just based on the fact that I beat you more than twice, we can never be friends. But you actively approach me, show concern, why?” 

As she spoke, she took a step forward, shortening the distance between them. Their eyes met, and their breaths were close. 

Jiang Fuyue’s pair of pitch-black and profound eyes seemed to penetrate him. Under this sharp scrutiny, it felt like all tricks and deceit would be laid bare. 

“Have you heard a saying?” 

Zhong Ziang’s heartbeat: Thud thud. “W-What saying?” 

“No courting without a reason, either a lover or a thief.” 

“… C-Can’t it be just concern between classmates?” 

“Of course, but Classmate Zhong, are you perhaps meddling too much? Hm?” 

The tone lifted at the end, like a feather brushing against a young heart. 

“N-No, not too much…” He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, subconsciously wanting to retreat to avoid her enchanting interrogation. 

Jiang Fuyue glanced lightly and reminded, “Don’t step back; there’s a pool behind you.” 

“Huh? Oh!” Zhong Ziang shuddered.

Suddenly, “What are you and Yici up to?” 

The tone was casual, as if mentioning it casually, but it caught the young man off guard. 

“…N-nothing at all!” 

“Nothing? Why are you nervous then? Dilated pupils, stiff muscles, even your voice went up a few degrees. When someone is guilty, they tend to emphasize intentionally.” 

Zhong Ziang’s heart pounded as he listened, but Jiang Fuyue’s radar-like gaze remained on his face, so he couldn’t afford any signs of unease or evasion. 

He could only force himself to maintain eye contact with her, but in reality, his back had long been soaked with sweat. 


Jiang Fuyue withdrew her gaze, taking a step back to give him some breathing space. 


“I don’t believe you. One day, I will find out the truth. Don’t let it be some old and cliché trick to bet on who can win my heart first.” 

Zhong Ziang: “!” 

D*mn! Almost scared the pee out of me. 

After saying this, Jiang Fuyue turned and walked away. 

Zhong Ziang stood there, dazed, then suddenly rushed after her, “Wait—” 

The girl stopped and looked back, lightly smiling, “What’s wrong? Decided to confess and seek leniency?” 

“Cough! I haven’t done anything wrong, what is there to confess…” he muttered to himself. 

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, “Then why did you call me?” 

He suddenly took a step back, stood straight, and casually adjusted the vest and shirt collar on him, then raised his chin, looking at the girl arrogantly. “How is it?” 


Jiang Fuyue: “How is what?” 

“This outfit of mine!” He said, emphasizing by adjusting the gold-rimmed glasses that hadn’t slipped down on his nose. 

“…Do you want to hear the truth?” 

“Of course!” 

Jiang Fuyue looked at him carefully, quite seriously assessing him for a moment, “Firstly, let me ask you a question.” 


“Wearing a vest and buttoning the shirt collar all the way up in the middle of summer, isn’t it hot?”

Zhong Ziang: “Well, a bit. But don’t you think I look very gentlemanly and stylish like the male protagonist stepping out of a Shakespearean play? Every move is a synonym for romance.” 

“Shakespeare? I think you resemble him quite a bit, just missing one ‘shi’.” 

Zhong Ziang: “?” 

Shakespeare, minus one “shi”… 


How foolish! 

Jiang Fuyue shrugged, “You said it, not me.” 

Zhong Ziang: “…” D*mn! 

“Oh, by the way, can you not lift your chin when looking at people?” 

“Why?” Intuition told him it wouldn’t be something good. 

“Looks like a fighting rooster.” 

Zhong Ziang was on the verge of tears. 

“You’re talking nonsense! Deliberately trying to bring me down! My uncle always dresses like this. He lifts his chin even higher than me, but wherever he goes, women throw themselves at him.” 


Xie Dingyuan? 

Jiang Fuyue’s eyes chilled, “Oh, maybe he’s a fighter jet among roosters, capable of flying with his chin up in the sky.” 

With that, she left confidently. 

“How can it be a rooster? Is there a rooster as handsome as me?” 

“Even if it’s a rooster, why am I not a fighter jet? Why is my uncle the one?” 

Young Master Zhong was left puzzled. 


Not long after Jiang Fuyue returned to the private room, everyone finished eating. 

Just as they were about to disperse, suddenly, Hou Siyuan stood up with a cup, “Wait! I have something to say!” 

Everyone paused and sat back down. 

Hou Siyuan took a deep breath, as if summoning twelve times the courage, “I want to toast to someone. Originally, I was just dragging everyone down in the physics competition class. When the school didn’t emphasize physics competitions before, I was barely getting by in that class. But suddenly, they adjusted the difficulty, saying we had to participate this year…” 

“I remember that day, many people left all at once, and there were only a dozen students left in the end. To be honest, I wanted to quit too, but that day, I had diarrhea and rushed to the toilet. I didn’t even have time to choose and ended up staying by accident.” 

“But my foundation is not good. I can’t even keep up with the average progress of the class. And then, I became anxious. I couldn’t sleep all night, and even when I did, I dreamed of writing exams.” 

“I can say that that period was the darkest and most terrifying time of my entire high school life. Even now, thinking about it makes me shiver, and my hands start sweating.”

“Because the pressure was too much, I couldn’t help but vomit in class. Every class, I vomited once. Now, some people call me ‘Vomit Baby’…” 

This immediately triggered laughter. 

Recalling the bittersweet moments during the initial training, everyone displayed varying degrees of emotion on their faces. 

Hou Siyuan took a deep breath and continued, “She rescued me from this unremitting pressure, and the way she rescued me was… cough! by subjecting me to even greater pressure.” 

“Hahaha…” Laughter erupted even more. 

Everyone knew who Hou Siyuan wanted to toast to, and they all turned their eyes towards Jiang Fuyue. 

Sitting beside Hang Haoran, Tang Ruoyan noticed him staring at Jiang Fuyue with an excited and admiring expression, and couldn’t help but roll her eyes. 

In this atmosphere, Lin Yao felt a bit uncomfortable. 

She wasn’t a member of the physics competition class, so she couldn’t empathize with what Hou Siyuan was talking about. She sat quietly, listening. 

On the other hand, Ling Xuan, though not as outwardly expressive as the others, revealed a faint and gentle smile, betraying his true emotions. 

This was their shared experience, forming memories where they were intertwined with each other. 

Lin Yao had never been part of it, so she lacked the qualification to join in the discussion of sentiments. 

This made her deeply envious of Jiang Fuyue. 

In such a setting, she wasn’t the center of attention for the first time, and she was overshadowed by another girl who was not as capable as her. 

Lin Yao pursed her lips, and her hand under the table involuntarily tightened, creasing the tablecloth. 

Hou Siyuan: “…Since that day, I’ve been living in days of extreme pressure because she is just too terrifying! Solving a closing question in five minutes, completing a set of A++ difficulty papers in ten minutes.” 

“But miraculously, I didn’t vomit again, maybe because both Liu Bowen and I were turned into rubbish in front of her. Since we’re both rubbish, why bother with distinctions? Right?” 

The crowd echoed, “Right! Absolutely! We’re all rubbish in front of her!” 

Jiang Fuyue shook her head, smiling. 

Hou Siyuan continued, “…Later, I passed the preliminary rounds, entered the semi-finals, and finally won the first prize in the national competition. In the past, I wouldn’t even dare to dream about it.” 

Finally, he looked at Jiang Fuyue, “It’s you who made me the person I am today, a better Hou Siyuan. It’s also you who showed me what a real ‘genius study god’ is!” 

“That feeling… how should I put it? Like seeing a shining lighthouse on the vast sea, standing so tall and shining so brightly. It’s the target for future navigation and the pinnacle of human attainable heights. It’s magnificent and powerful.” 


Magnificent, powerful. 

He spoke out the perception that everyone had in their hearts about Jiang Fuyue. 

If life must have a benchmark, then Jiang Fuyue is definitely standing at the highest and farthest point, visible to everyone but rarely reached by anyone. 

How fortunate they were to pass by her, witnessing her towering presence, yet till now, no one had estimated her true height.

Hou Siyuan: “In short, Sister Yue, you are forever the goddess in my heart. I toast to you!” 

Thunderous applause followed. 

Jiang Fuyue slowly stood up, picking up the tea cup in front of her. 

No longer the expressionless figure facing Zhang and Yi, she had a smile on her lips, and her beautiful peach blossom eyes were filled with gentle light. 

Everyone knew Jiang Fuyue was beautiful, but they often subconsciously overlooked her feminine traits due to her excessively strong abilities. 

For example, she could smile, radiate brightness, possess the innocence and kindness of a girl, and be lively and playful. 

At this moment, everyone’s faces were filled with amazement. 

Ling Xuan smiled with raised eyebrows. 

Yici’s eyes sparkled. 

Zhong Ziang had a slightly dazed look in his eyes: So, this is how she looks when she smiles… 

But she had never smiled at him before. 

His gaze swept over to Yici. This guy hadn’t experienced this either, so he instantly felt balanced. 

The cups in Jiang Fuyue’s and Hou Siyuan’s hands gently touched, “You’ve worked hard, and everything you’ve gained now is a deserved reward. Congratulations.” 

“Sister Yue, say a few encouraging words to everyone? Don’t just spoil Houzi*, okay?” Liu Fei loudly suggested.

Everyone immediately echoed: “Yes, yes!” 

“Goddess, give us a few words of wisdom! We’ll write them down when we go home and frame them on the wall!” 

“I can customize a cup with words, keep it by my side to absorb your good luck. Drinking from it would be full marks, and even what I spit out would be full marks. Brilliant!” 

“Ew! He Xin, you’re really something!” 


Unable to resist the enthusiasm, Jiang Fuyue thought for a moment and finally gave them a piece of advice: “Study hard, make progress every day, and strive for the construction of our great motherland.” 


If there were special effects, there would definitely be a flock of crows flying by at this moment. 

The entire room seemed to press the pause button, and everyone was at a loss. 

One second, two seconds… 

Five seconds passed, and suddenly a light laughter rippled through, carrying the unique playfulness of a girl. 

Tang Ruoyan covered her mouth, “What era is it now, and we’re still talking about building a great motherland? Student Jiang, aren’t you a bit old-fashioned?” 

Bonus question: What will Sister Yue’s reaction be next? 

A. Immediately refute; B. Not say anything

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