After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 123

Chapter 123: The Dispute Involving Zhong Yi, Ninth Master Catching People 

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“What nonsense are you talking about?” Hang Haoran was the first to react, reprimanding his girlfriend.

Tang Ruoyan pouted, “It was obvious, wasn’t it…”

A flicker of amusement flashed in Lin Yao’s eyes.

Building the country…

Indeed, quite outdated.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward, and everyone was waiting for Jiang Fuyue’s reaction.

However, she didn’t say anything. She just raised her cup from a distance to toast Hou Siyuan, tilting her head back and finishing the tea.

Hou Siyuan also hurriedly finished his drink, his expression serious. “Sister Yue, I think you said it particularly well. Generations have worked hard to build our country. Even though living conditions are good now, we shouldn’t just seek pleasure.”

Sneaking a glance in Tang Ruoyan’s direction, he continued, “Some people don’t strive or make progress themselves but mock those who work hard. Don’t you find that ridiculous?”

Tang Ruoyan’s face darkened, “You!”

“Enough!” Hang Haoran pulled her under the table. “Are you finished?”

“Are you blaming me? Clearly, he was criticizing me…” Tang Ruoyan bit her lip in anger. “Who are you, anyway? Why are you protecting Jiang Fuyue so much? If you like her so much, why don’t you go after her? She’s a goddess; catching her would be quite an accomplishment. Why did you bother provoking me back then?”

Hang Haoran’s expression changed slightly, “Can’t you shut up if you don’t know how to speak?”

Tang Ruoyan was stunned.

“Since everyone has eaten about enough, let’s go.” Liu Bowen jumped in to ease the situation.

The atmosphere finally eased, and the group of people left the private room, heading to the lobby.

Jiang Fuyue remained at the back, and suddenly, Yici approached her.

“I can fight for the construction of our country with you. How about considering it?”

“Considering what?”

“Being my girlfriend! I’ve said it so many times.”

“Oh, thanks, I’m fine alone.”

Yici: “?”

“Fool, still talking about building the country…” A sneer echoed, and Zhong Ziang suddenly appeared from behind, obviously following them all the way.

“You scoundrel! Sneaking around and eavesdropping. You’re at least a young master from a wealthy family; do you have to be so sly?”

“If I didn’t eavesdrop, how would I know you’re so silly?” Zhong Ziang justified himself confidently.

Yici: I really want to smash his head in.

Zhong Ziang felt the killing intent but shrugged it off. “You think you can pursue her with your current state?”

Contempt filled his words.

“Heh, so, did you catch her?” 

Zhong Ziang: …

“Anyway, I won’t be like you, talking about building the country…”

“What’s wrong with building the country? Can’t you respect it? If you’re so capable, say these words in front of Jiang Fuyue.”

Zhong Ziang: …

The two of them argued all the way, each wanting to trample the other underfoot.

Unbeknownst to them, there was someone behind, hearing their conversation clearly.

Ling Xuan narrowed his eyes. So, these two really have that kind of intention toward her…

Lin Yao was walking in front, held by Tang Ruoyan, occasionally looking back to search for Ling Xuan’s figure.

“…Yao Yao, do you think he’s too much? At such a crucial moment, how could he not help me?”

“Mm.” Lin Yao responded perfunctorily.

“Jiang Fuyue’s words were already old-fashioned. I didn’t say anything wrong. Didn’t everyone have the same reaction? Why should he tell me to shut up? I think he’s just feeling guilty. Every time Jiang Fuyue is mentioned, he gets angry. If you didn’t know better, you’d think she’s the unrequited love hidden in his heart…”

Tang Ruoyan became more and more aggrieved.

Clearly, she was the legitimate girlfriend, but Hang Haoran had never looked at her with the kind of gaze he used on Jiang Fuyue.

“Yao Yao, do you think I’m inferior to Jiang Fuyue?”


“Yao Yao?!”

“Ah? Sorry, I was a bit distracted just now. What did you say?”

Tang Ruoyan repeated herself.

Lin Yao listened, feeling conflicted. Although Tang Ruoyan wasn’t ugly, comparing her appearance to Jiang Fuyue’s, the latter was undoubtedly far more outstanding.

She really didn’t know how Tang Ruoyan had the courage to ask such a question…

“Everyone has their unique qualities. Be confident and don’t compare yourself to others.” Lin Yao skillfully avoided the question.

Tang Ruoyan, oblivious to Lin Yao’s feelings, became even happier. “You’re right! I don’t care to compare myself to her!”

Lin Yao: …

“Why do you keep looking back? Are you looking for something?” Tang Ruoyan asked.

“I haven’t seen Ling Xuan…”

“He was behind just now; maybe he went to the restroom.”

“Mm.” Lin Yao glanced at Jiang Fuyue not far away. As long as he’s not with her, it’s fine.

They descended the stairs, and a group of people crowded the lobby.

Liu Bowen: “Shall we disband here, each going home, or find another place to continue having fun?”

Hang Haoran: “It’s still early; let’s continue playing!”

He Xin nodded. “Agreed.”

People chimed in.

“Where’s Brother Ci?” someone asked.

Yici remained silent, observing Jiang Fuyue to see her decision.

On the other side, someone also asked Zhong Ziang.

“Should we check everyone’s opinion…,” he said, but his eyes were clearly fixed on Jiang Fuyue. The so-called “everyone” actually referred to only her.

Tang Ruoyan, witnessing this, felt annoyed. “If someone doesn’t want to go, they don’t have to. Can’t those who want to go just make their own plans? At this rate, if one person doesn’t go, no one will be able to go. Is it necessary to be so domineering?”

Hang Haoran replied, “No, that won’t work. Today was originally a gathering for the Academic Competition class. All members of the Academic Competition class must be present; otherwise, it won’t be meaningful. Family members can choose whether to go or not; it doesn’t matter.”

Being publicly contradicted by her boyfriend, Tang Ruoyan was on the verge of tears.

Hang Haoran, oblivious to her emotions, couldn’t grasp the point. “Why are your eyes so red? Did something get into them? Do you want me to blow on them for you?”

“…” Blow my *ss!”

Lin Yao finally found Ling Xuan, leaving the distressed Tang Ruoyan behind, and calmly stood next to him.

“Ah Xuan, are you going?”

Ling Xuan replied, “We’ll see.”

Lin Yao glanced at him, somewhat surprised. 

Ling Xuan used to directly refuse such activities, but this time, he didn’t reject it outright.

Lin Yao subconsciously looked at the slender and tall figure in front of her…

She saw Liu Bowen talking to Jiang Fuyue, who was attentively listening. Her fair face seemed to radiate a layer of sacred light in the sunlight.

Focused, serious, and unaware of her own beauty.

Liu Bowen got a reply and immediately announced, “Sister Yue said she’s going. Let’s head to the KTV!”



“Brother Ci? Brother Ang? Are you two coming?”

The two looked at each other and said in unison, “Yes!”

“School Grass Ling?”

Ling Xuan replied, “Since everyone is going, I’ll join in for the fun.”

Lin Yao, on the side, stared at him in astonishment.

“Ah Xuan, you…”

“I know you don’t like such occasions, so I just called Uncle Lin earlier to send a driver to pick you up and take you home.”

Lin Yao felt a pang in her heart but quickly turned it into stubbornness. “Who said I don’t like it? I didn’t have a chance before, but now that I’ve encountered it, of course, I want to go. Otherwise, it would be a downer, wouldn’t it?”

“…As you wish.”

Lin Yao’s heart sank.

Liu Fei asked, “Which one are we going to?”

He Xin suggested, “Mei Shang is good, and the prices are reasonable.”

Upon hearing this, Zhong Ziang disdainfully curled his lips. “King and Queen, just choose any. I’ll treat.”

“Oh, Master Zhong is amazing!”

“A rich man is a rich man. When he makes a move, it’s a big one.”

“Where are King and Queen? Why have I never heard of them?”

“The two most luxurious bars in Linhuai, rumored to have a million in spending per night.”

“Ah? A million in one night? Is it that exaggerated?”

“I don’t know, just heard about it, I haven’t been there.”

“Is it really that expensive?”

“Don’t worry; Master Zhong will foot the bill.”

“But those are bars… Can we even get in since we’re underage?”


Yici: “I’ll cover all your snacks and drinks! Order whatever you want using your phones, and have the delivery sent directly to the store.”

“Thanks, Brother Ci!”

“Crazy calls for Brother Ci—”

“Is this what it feels like to be classmates with a tycoon? Oh man, it’s amazing!”

Zhong Ziang sneered, “Who asked you to spend money? Young Master, I, can afford it.”

Yici chuckled, “Heh… let you show off. Can’t I be generous too? In this day and age, who doesn’t have a few bucks?”

So, the group headed to the nearby King.

As they entered, everyone was almost blinded by the splendid decoration inside.

Eight golden Roman columns supported an arched dome, and a large crystal chandelier hung from the center, casting a warm light that reflected off the murals painted on the walls.

The floor was covered with expensive Persian wool carpets, walking on it felt soft and silent, as if strolling on clouds.

A young waitress approached, tall and beautiful, her voice exceptionally melodious, “Excuse me, please show your personal identification.”

Everyone nervously looked at each other.

“I knew they’d check our IDs.”

“It’s because we look too young; that’s why they came up to ask for our IDs.”

“Oh no, we probably can’t get in now…”

“Don’t panic, stay calm! Let’s see what Master Zhong and Brother Ci say.”

These two did not disappoint. Almost simultaneously, they pulled out black cards from their pockets.

Yici’s card featured a handsome basketball player confidently making a layup.

Zhong Ziang’s card was much simpler, with a pure black background and silver lines, gold trim around the edges.

The waitress, seeing Yici’s card, visibly showed respect. When she turned her eyes to Zhong Ziang’s card, she widened them in shock and disbelief.

Even Jiang Fuyue, who was standing nearby, raised an eyebrow.

Yici’s card was a VIP annual card for King, accessible as long as you had money.

Zhong Ziang’s card, on the other hand, was a gold card that only supreme members could possess. It not only had consumption requirements but also had restrictions on the cardholder’s identity, either being a prominent figure in politics and business or someone who made significant contributions to scientific endeavors.

The screening criteria for this supreme membership were personally set by Jiang Fuyue back when the club was established.

From the founding of the club until now, there were no more than fifty holders of the gold card.

The card in Zhong Ziang’s hand was definitely not his own.

As expected—

When the female waitress respectfully and even nervously registered the information of this card, Zhong Ziang said, “…It’s my uncle’s. Can’t I use it?”

The waitress quickly shook her head, “Of course, you can. We just need to record the cardholder’s personal information.”

“Oh, go ahead then.”

After a series of processes, the waitress asked, “Which private room would you like?”

Zhong Ziang waved his hand casually, “Certainly the best one.”

Five minutes later.

As everyone found themselves in a palace-like, luxurious private room, marveling at the exquisite furnishings and the panoramic one-way glass offering a 360-degree view of the entire hall and dance floor, a sense of superiority instantly emerged.

“D*mn—standing here feels like I’m a person of high status, doesn’t it?”

“No wonder people in the world chase after money; this treatment is just freaking awesome! If it were me, I’d do the same.”

“Forget it, this isn’t a place you can get into just because you have money.”


Even Lin Yao couldn’t help but marvel at everything she saw.

As a native of Linhuai, she knew there was such a bar in the city center and had come to play with her family before. However, she had never been to a private room on the second floor or above, not because she couldn’t afford it but because they were fully booked. Not to mention a king-level room like this one. She glanced at Zhong Ziang with a subtle and admiring look…

What kind of background did this transfer student from the capital have?

Tang Ruoyan was also stunned, her small mouth forming an “O.” The displeasure from earlier vanished, and she excitedly clung to her boyfriend’s arm, “This place is so beautiful! Does it cost a lot of money?”

Hang Haoran scratched his head, “It should.”

“I didn’t expect Zhong Ziang’s family to be so rich…”

Hang Haoran didn’t respond.

At this moment, the supposed center of attention, the impressive young master Zhong, was holding a piece of watermelon and approached Jiang Fuyue, saying, “This is sweet; do you want to try?”

“Thank you, I’ll do it myself.”

Yici: “Have this; it’s watermelon sago, and I had the bartender at the front desk make it for you.”

Jiang Fuyue looked at this and then at that, suddenly hooking her lips.

Zhong Ziang saw her smile and was stunned.

Yici was almost the same, with hearts practically glittering in his eyes.

“Are you two done?”

Yici: “?”

Zhong Ziang: “?”

Jiang Fuyue glanced at the watermelon and sago in their hands, “Someone sent them over, but I don’t like either of them.”

After saying that, she went straight to the restroom, leaving the two bewildered in place.

Zhong Ziang: “Is she talking about watermelon or people?”

Yici, expressionless, said, “I think she’s talking about you.”

“Nonsense—clearly, she’s talking about you! Also, I booked the private room; who allowed you to go to the front desk and get watermelon sago? Proficient in benefiting from others, aren’t you?”

“Didn’t you willingly treat us? What’s the matter? Can’t even spare a glass of watermelon sago?”

“You’re spending my money to pursue the girl I’m interested in, and you’re calling me stingy?!”

Yici applauded, “Hey, finally caught on? Do you know what this is?”

Zhong Ziang: “?”

“Unjust, big, head!”

That’s what you get for showing off!

Having said that, he walked away calmly.

Leaving Young Master Zhong grinding his teeth in place, clenching his fists tightly.

Soon, the group started to have fun.

Tang Ruoyan and Hang Haoran, prompted by the crowd, sang a duet of a love song.

The male voice was deep, and the female voice was sweet and melodious, complementing each other seamlessly, and they sang quite well.

Clap, clap, clap—

“Hang Bro is indeed the Electronic Music Prince.”

“This scene can only be summed up in one sentence—divine couple, a match made in heaven.”

“Burp! I’m full of dog food.”

“Give each other a kiss! Give each other a kiss!”

Amid the rising cheers, Hang Haoran blushed as he lightly pressed his lips against Tang Ruoyan’s forehead, then quickly pulled away, like an electric shock.

Lin Yao looked on enviously, “They have such a good relationship…”

Next to her, Ling Xuan heard this, showing no expression, his eyes gazing calmly and deeply ahead, though there was nothing there, just a glass.

Lin Yao frowned.

Suddenly, the restroom door opened, and Jiang Fuyue walked out.

She had probably just washed her face, not completely dried, water droplets slid down her cheeks and neck, finally disappearing into the depths of her collarbone.

And all of this was clearly visible through that glass.

Ling Xuan’s Adam’s apple rolled lightly.

“Yao Yao, why don’t you sing a song?” Tang Ruoyan handed the microphone to her.

“No need…”

“Your voice is so good, and you’ve specifically studied singing, definitely better than us amateurs. Come on, don’t be too modest~”

“This…” Lin Yao still hesitated.

When everyone shouted for her to sing a song, she reluctantly took the microphone.

“Well, I’ll sing an English song then. I’m not that good, so don’t mind too much.”

Hearing this, Ling Xuan’s eyes flashed with a hint of mockery.

Others might not know, but he was well aware that Lin Yao had been learning vocal music and dance since childhood, and her level was comparable to professionals.

Sure enough, as soon as the music started, the moment her gentle and melodious voice came in, everyone was stunned, and the whole venue fell silent.

It was as if any noise would disrupt the tranquil atmosphere created by this song.

At the end of the song, applause erupted like a tide.

“The goddess is a goddess, not only is she beautiful, but she also sings incredibly well.”

“I feel like my ears are pregnant.”

“Her English pronunciation is too perfect, a genuine British accent!”


Praise flooded in.

Liu Fei raised his hand, patting Yici on the shoulder, displaying a brotherly camaraderie, “How was that?”

Yici brushed off his hand, “Just talk, stop trying to score points.”

“Me? Score points with you?”

“Isn’t it?”

Liu Fei: [Black person questioning face] JPG

“I’m asking you, how was Lin school flower’s singing?”


“Only average? Were you raised on celestial music since childhood?”

“Indeed, quite average. I didn’t lie.”

Affected and artificial, deliberately showing off skills, as if he hadn’t heard the original song?

Meanwhile, Zhong Ziang was also asked the same question.

“What about it?”

“How did Lin school flower, sing?”

“She’s the school flower?” Young Master Zhong sat up straight, “Isn’t it Jiang Fuyue?”


“It’s… it’s both.”

“That won’t do! One mountain can’t have two tigers, and one school can’t have two flowers. Jiang Fuyue is much more pleasing to the eye.”

“No…” Your topic is a bit intense, I asked if she sang well, and you’re discussing who the school flower is?”

“Do you dare to disagree?” Zhong Ziang’s gaze suddenly sharpened.

“No, no, no…”


“What I mean is—” the person took a deep breath, “Jiang Fuyue is the school flower, universally recognized, the only school flower! Unshakable.”

Young Master Zhong snorted, “That’s about right.”

The person: “…” Cry.

At the same time, in the “DNA” Building of the Historical Biology Institute.

The door of the Polymer Pharmaceutical Laboratory opened from the inside, a cold air wafting out, followed by a tall figure stepping out.

The cold air enveloped him, obscuring his specific features.

As he closed the blast-proof door with a backhand, the cold gradually dissipated, revealing the man’s complete figure.

A white protective suit covered his entire body, a gas mask shielding his entire face.

Only superior body contours and a pair of eyes visible through transparent nano-materials.

Black, calm, like a vortex.

He stood under the showerhead, receiving the first round of cleansing.

Soon, the smell of disinfectant permeated, not very pleasant.

Then came chemical sterilization…

After layers of disinfection, he finally removed the protective suit.

“Mr. Xie.” The assistant timely offered a clean shirt and suit for him to change.

Five minutes later, the two left the laboratory building, heading to the office area.

At this moment, Xie Dingyuan was already dressed in a suit, presenting the perfect appearance and noble demeanor of a typical domineering CEO. He possessed the habit of scrutinizing people from the corner of his eyes.

“The blast door in Zone A has too low a blast resistance level; it needs to be replaced.”

“Yes.” Sheng Yiming quickly took out an iPad and noted, “Dr. Lin mentioned it before.”

“Hmm. The disinfection process is well done, but… the disinfectant seems different from before?”

“This is the new high-efficiency version developed by GF. It has added 24 bacterial antigens, increasing the disinfection rate by 0.3%.”

Xie Dingyuan asked, “Have you conducted tests?”

“Rest assured, everything is done according to the procedure. From opening to usage and recycling purification, each step has undergone no less than ten on-site tests, and we haven’t found any issues so far.”


In the office, as soon as Xie Dingyuan sat down, Sheng Yiming handed him a stack of documents awaiting signature.

“These are decisions that couldn’t be made below. There are a total of twelve; you might need… about half an hour.”

The man rubbed his temples, his face briefly showing fatigue, but he quickly returned to normal. Judging from his facial expressions alone, there was no sign of weariness.

“Also, about an hour ago, your phone received three consumption notifications from King.”


Sheng Yiming knew he had a gold card but had never been there, so he reminded, “It’s the largest bar in Linhuai.”

“A bar?” Xie Dingyuan frowned, looking slightly surprised.

“It should be Young Master Zhong.”

Zhong… Zi… Ang!

He put down the pen and files, stood up, and put on his coat. “Put these in my car. I’ll sign them tomorrow.”

Seeing his determined expression, Sheng Yiming knew he was going to catch that little troublemaker himself. “Should I call the driver?”

“No need.”

After saying that, Xie Dingyuan left with long strides, leaving with a brisk pace.

Sheng Yiming shrugged, thinking, “Someone’s in for it.”

Inside the private room, the atmosphere was lively. 

Tang Ruoyan and a group of people gathered around a table, playing dice games. The losers had to drink beverages.

Hou Siyuan had been to the bathroom countless times, but he still couldn’t escape the curse of losing nine out of ten rounds. Finally unable to bear it, he pitifully pleaded with Jiang Fuyue, “Sister, please save the child.”

While speaking, he glanced at Jiang Fuyue’s phone screen. Oh boy, it was densely packed with English text.

I don’t understand, and I dare not ask.

Anyway, after entering the private room, Jiang Fuyue spent most of her time staring at her phone, not participating in the group’s entertainment activities.

But no one found it strange. On the contrary, if one day Jiang Fuyue enthusiastically joined them, that would be terrifying.

“I’ve lost too miserably; it seems like those dice have a grudge against me. It’s always the smallest number every time!” Hou Siyuan wiped his nose and tears, “You may not believe it when I say it, but I’ve rolled three ones ten times already.”

Jiang Fuyue nodded, “That does seem quite unfortunate.”

Hou Siyuan: “…” Ouch.

He Xin invited, “Sister Yue, join us? If Monkey drinks any more, he’ll probably vomit.”

Jiang Fuyue glanced at the pleading Hou Siyuan, stored away her phone, and stood up, saying, “Sure, let’s play.”

Just a casual game.

Zhong Ziang and Yici heard about it and moved instantly, “We’ll join too!”

After saying that, they glanced at each other, then quickly looked away.

On the side, Ling Xuan, who had been quietly sitting without saying much, suddenly spoke up, “Perfect, count me in.”

Everyone was momentarily surprised.

Zhong Ziang and Yici joining in for fun wasn’t strange at all, considering both of them had made their intentions toward Jiang Fuyue quite clear. But… what was up with Ling Xuan?

Usually, he never participated in such activities, let alone using his piano-playing hands to play dice.

It’s a rare sight!

As if that weren’t enough, Lin Yao promptly followed, “Since everyone is playing, count me in too.”

Everyone: ?

Only Tang Ruoyan was genuinely happy, “Great, Yao Yao! Come sit next to me?”

Lin Yao didn’t respond, only casting a glance toward Ling Xuan.

However, the latter didn’t give her any response. He walked straight to Liu Bowen and sat down.

A hint of embarrassment flashed in Lin Yao’s eyes. She couldn’t force her way into the spotlight in front of so many people, so she could only sit next to Tang Ruoyan.

Jiang Fuyue naturally took Hou Siyuan’s place. Yici and Zhong Ziang, like two big gorillas, forcibly squeezed into the space on her left and right.

Jiang Fuyue: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Ling Xuan lowered his gaze, concealing the fleeting haze.

As the game began, Tang Ruoyan had a sudden idea and said, “Why don’t we change the rules a bit?”

“Change to what?”

“Still comparing sizes, but losers won’t drink alcohol. Instead, we’ll play a game of Truth or Dare. How about that?”

He Xin said, “I think it’s a good idea.”

“No problem, who’s afraid of whom?”

Tang Ruoyan smiled and looked at Jiang Fuyue, “Are you up for it?”

The innocence in her smiling eyes couldn’t hide the strong provocation beneath.

Jiang Fuyue smiled, “Sure.”

“Well, if you say it, stick to it. It’s not fun if you can’t handle losing later.”

Jiang Fuyue nodded slightly, “I’ll keep my word.”

Tang Ruoyan: “…”

In the first round, the dice were rolled clockwise.

Liu Bowen went first, rolling a 4, 2, and 5, totaling 11 points.

Next was Ling Xuan’s turn. He didn’t make any fancy moves, just gently shook the dice.

5, 5, 6, a total of 16 points.

“Awesome, amazing.”

“Is it that everything a top student does is better than an ordinary person?”

Ling Xuan: “Just good luck.”

It was Hang Haoran’s turn. He picked up the dice cup, had Tang Ruoyan blow “fairy air” into it, and then imitated the gestures of the gambling gods in movies. He shook the dice vigorously with dramatic actions, making the sound of dice hitting the cup wall fill the air.

Everyone: “…”

After a while, he stopped and revealed the result – 6, 6, 5, totaling 17 points.

“Wow!” Tang Ruoyan exclaimed, “There shouldn’t be anything bigger than this, right? The person with the highest points can assign Truth or Dare to the person with the lowest points~”

Saying this, she looked at Jiang Fuyue with a faint sense of triumph.

However, Jiang Fuyue didn’t even spare her a glance.

Tang Ruoyan: “…”

“It’s your turn.”

“…Okay.” Tang Ruoyan casually shook the dice. Since Hang Haoran had already won, it didn’t matter whether she got a big or small point.

Result –

1, 1, 1, 3 points!

The whole place fell silent.

Tang Ruoyan couldn’t believe it, blinked her eyes, hoping she had misread it.

Hang Haoran was stunned, his expression… beyond description.

The first to break the silence was Hou Siyuan, who was watching on the sidelines: “Pfft! Hahaha…”

Tang Ruoyan:?

“Oh, um… Hahaha… I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it… Hahaha…”

He had been the one cursed by the bad luck god before, and now it seemed the curse had been passed on?

Once one person started, others couldn’t hold back.

“Hahaha… D*mn…”

“I can’t… Hahaha… Is the luck really this good? After all, the probability of getting three points and eighteen points is the same…”

“Hahaha… Can’t handle it… My stomach is cramping from laughter…”

Listening to the bright laughter around her, Tang Ruoyan’s cheeks turned from red to green, resembling a spilled color palette, feeling utterly embarrassed.

Hang Haoran spoke up at the right time, “That’s enough, give her some face!”

“Alright, Brother Hang has spoken. I won’t laugh, hahaha… I’m really not laughing… hahaha…”

Hang Haoran:?

Tang Ruoyan, feeling embarrassed, buried her face in his shoulder, ignoring everything.

“…Don’t be angry. Although your luck is really bad…”

“You’re still talking!”

“Alright, alright, I won’t say anything. I’ll shut up.” Hang Haoran shrugged his shoulders towards everyone, showing helplessness.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Yao timely advised, “Although you have the lowest score, Hang Haoran has the highest. Whatever punishment he decides is final. What are you afraid of?”

Yeah! Tang Ruoyan revived again and couldn’t help but glare at Jiang Fuyue.

Blame this person. When she wasn’t around, her luck was fine. The moment she joined, bad luck found her.

Jiang Fuyue still paid no attention.

The game continued, and Lin Yao, Zhong Ziang, and Yici played steadily. Although their scores weren’t as high as Hang Haoran’s, there was no second 3-point appearance.

Finally, it was Jiang Fuyue’s turn.

Tang Ruoyan handed the dice cup to her, saying, “Classmate Jiang, you only have one chance. I wish you good luck.”

Jiang Fuyue thanked her and raised her eyes lazily, “Don’t worry, no matter how I roll, it probably won’t be fewer than yours.”

Tang Ruoyan:… Knock!

Finishing her words, she gently flicked her index finger, and her nail made a crisp sound on the cup wall, causing the cup to sway lightly.

Then, she was ready to reveal the result.

“Isn’t it… this?” Liu Bowen showed shock.

“Can’t be, right? She didn’t even shake it much.” Hou Siyuan looked bewildered.

“Sister Yue, you, be a bit more careful. What if you really roll a 3-point?” Tang Ruoyan playfully warned.

Even Ling Xuan couldn’t help but frown at her recklessness.

Seeing this, Zhong Ziang quickly covered the dice cup, “No, no, this doesn’t count. Let’s do it again.”

“Right! Since it hasn’t been revealed yet, roll again.” Yi Ci was afraid Jiang Fuyue would be at a disadvantage. It was rare for him and Zhong Ziang to be on the same page.

Tang Ruoyan, like a fly smelling poop, immediately jumped out to refute, “Everyone only has one chance. I just reminded her a moment ago. Everyone needs to follow the rules, or how can we play?!”

Zhong Ziang was about to say, “This young master follows the rules,” but was stopped by a glance from Jiang Fuyue. He reluctantly withdrew his hand, inwardly lamenting—

D*mn! Did she just catch me staring at her?

Ah ah ah — Beautiful, so beautiful~

Just then, Tang Ruoyan suddenly took action and lifted the dice cup.

The next second, everyone gasped.

Question: How many points did Classmate Jiang roll?

A, three 6s, 18 points; B, three 1s, 3 points; C, the dice broke, 0 points.

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