After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Sister Yue Sets a Trap, He Wants to Kiss Her

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Three 6s, a perfect 18 points!

“D*mn! I believe now that the academic tyrant is good at everything.”

“Unbelievable! Is this the correct way to roll a ‘leopard’?”

“666, when Sister Yue makes a move, everyone else is a loser.”

Hou Siyuan: “Sis, how about you roll again for everyone to see?”

Jiang Fuyue:…

Tang Ruoyan was completely stunned, staring fixedly at the three dice on the table, as if trying to see through them.

“How… how is this possible? She only rolled once…”

Ling Xuan: “Probability has no inherent connection to how many times you specifically roll.”

Jiang Fuyue curled his lips and, facing Tang Ruoyan’s confused gaze, ruthlessly exposed the truth, “You lost.”

Tang Ruoyan:!

Seeking help, her eyes turned to Hang Haoran. He was about to speak, but Zhong Ziang seized the opportunity:

“Eh eh eh, if you lose, you lose. Everyone must follow the rules, right? How can we play otherwise?”

Tang Ruoyan’s own words were thrown back at her verbatim.

Hang Haoran touched his nose and sent a glance to his girlfriend, silently asking her to accept her fate.

Tang Ruoyan, feeling helpless, could only grit her teeth, “I choose truth! Go ahead and ask.”

It’s just one round, no problem. She didn’t believe Jiang Fuyue could keep winning. There would be a time for her to regain her standing!

Wait and see!

Under everyone’s gaze, Jiang Fuyue suddenly looked at Lin Yao beside Tang Ruoyan, with a hint of teasing in her eyes, then—

“If the school grass confessed to you, would you accept?”

Tang Ruoyan was stunned.

Originally, she had prepared herself to be deeply probed by Jiang Fuyue, embarrassed on the spot with questions like “How many boyfriends have you had?” or “Who is your fantasy partner.” Unexpectedly, it turned out to be such a simple question.

But upon closer thought, something seemed off.

After some more thought, she realized it was a huge trap!

Firstly, the school’s school grass, Ling Xuan, was present.

Secondly, Lin Yao, a goddess-level admirer, was also here.

Finally, her official boyfriend was watching from the sidelines.

If she answered “not accepting,” it would seem fake, and no one would believe it. Furthermore, it would offend Ling Xuan.

It was estimated that rumors like “Tang Ruoyan isn’t even interested in the school’s school grass” or “She’s too proud to even give him face” would spread around the school in no time. She might become the public enemy of all female students in the grade.

She couldn’t and dared not.

But… if she answered “accept,” it would not only be hard to explain to Hang Haoran, but Lin Yao might also resent her.

Either way, it was a wrong choice!

No matter how she proceeded, she would step on a landmine!

She would rather have Jiang Fuyue ask her “How many boyfriends have you had?” or even more probing questions.

At that moment, she could play the victim, shed a few tears, not only making Jiang Fuyue look like the villain on the spot but also earning Hang Haoran’s sympathy. Ideally, it could lead to a fallout between her and Jiang Fuyue, parting ways!


Jiang Fuyue was too cunning! She intentionally set a trap for her, now wearing an innocent expression, as if saying, “Look at how simple the question I asked is, I’m such a good person, so innocent.”

Absolutely infuriating!

What’s worse is that everyone was now caught up in it, not finding her actions excessive. Even Hang Haoran felt the same:

“Thanks, Sister Yue.”

“Tsk, the goddess is merciful. If it were me, I’d ask about the color of her underwear, haha…”

“Get lost!” Hang Haoran threatened playfully.

“Yeah, Sister Yue was indeed lenient with her move.”

“Ah! The goddess, full of mercy and compassion, can kill me ten thousand times!”


Jiang Fuyue listened to the praises from everyone around her, maintaining a proper smile.

Seeing Tang Ruoyan struggling, her cheeks turning red, eyes rolling, evidently wracking her brains but unable to speak a word, Jiang Fuyue considerately inquired:

“Is it too difficult? How about I change the question?”

Tang Ruoyan immediately looked wary, afraid that an even bigger pit was waiting for her. She quickly waved her hands, “No need, this question is fine.”

“Okay then,” Jiang Fuyue said with anticipation.

Others were also waiting for the answer.

Only Ling Xuan, whose originally gentle face gradually darkened, looked at Jiang Fuyue with complex emotions.

As if he was desperately restraining something.

Zhong Ziang said, “If you’re going to answer, do it quickly. Are we playing the next round or not?”

Yici slammed the table impatiently, “Hurry up!”

Pressured like this, Tang Ruoyan, with a panicked gaze, looked at Ling Xuan and then glanced guiltily at Lin Yao.


Self-examining, it was the school’s school grass. Just with this alone, no girl could resist.

Tang Ruoyan was no exception, but she couldn’t say that!

Seeing time drag on, Hang Haoran’s expression was beginning to falter. Tang Ruoyan gritted her teeth, “I… I definitely cannot accept!”

“Oh? Is it true? That’s the school’s school grass, Ling Xuan.”

Someone didn’t believe it and started to cheer.

“Wait a minute,” Hou Siyuan suddenly realized, “You said ‘cannot accept’ instead of ‘do not accept,’ which means you’re still considering it! Adding or omitting just one word makes a difference, you know~”

Another trap.

Lin Yao subconsciously frowned, a hint of contemplation passing through her eyes.

Was Tang Ruoyan creating opportunities for her and Ling Xuan with so much effort with another intent, like inviting her to the so-called gathering today, as well as various explicit and implicit gestures of goodwill and matchmaking?

After all, these days, there were instances where best friends helped each other chase a guy, and during the pursuit, the friend ended up becoming the girlfriend herself.

Tang Ruoyan was finally in a panic, palms sweating, and found it hard to speak.

At that moment, Hang Haoran, who already had a pretty bad expression, suddenly stepped forward to explain, “Guys like Ling Xuan, probably 99% of girls would like him. It’s not strange; everyone has a desire for beauty, right? But Yanyan is already with me, so, of course, she can’t accept confessions from others, right?”

“Yes, yes! That’s right!” Tang Ruoyan hurriedly nodded.

“Oh, Brother Hang protects her so tightly!”

“Especially at critical moments, our Brother Hang’s boyfriend aura is overflowing, thumbs up~”

Hang Haoran laughed heartily, expressed his thanks with a bow, but what he was truly thinking remained unknown.

Liu Bowen said, “Alright then, let’s consider this round over and continue.”

Five minutes later.

If Tang Ruoyan once again dramatically rolled three ones, dropped everyone’s jaws, then when Jiang Fuyue rolled three sixes again, everyone’s eyeballs dropped as well.

“D*mn! It’s the Panther again. Is this a godly move?”

“I’ve heard of someone possessed by the unlucky god, but I’ve never seen a gambling god sticking around.”

“Goddess, can I borrow your naturally lucky hand to touch it a little? I promise only one touch! Just one!”

“He Xin, that’s enough, have some shame! Hehe, Sister Yue, his hand is too rough, not suitable for you. Mine is completely suitable, don’t you believe me? Give it a try?”

“Liu Fei! Accusing me of having no shame, look at yourself, you’re not even a person!”

“I’m happy, I’m willing, I just want Sister Yue to touch it, what’s the problem?”

Yici was unhappy, “Get lost.”

Liu Fei: “…” Suddenly silent, not knowing, not daring to say anything.

Even Ling Xuan couldn’t help but glance sideways, looking at Jiang Fuyue with a somewhat concealed scrutinizing gaze.

If the first time was a coincidence, the second time was definitely not accidental.

In theory, as a high school student, she wouldn’t normally come into contact with these things.

“Student Tang, I’m really sorry.” You lost again.

To save face for Tang Ruoyan, Jiang Fuyue didn’t say the last sentence.

But everyone understood the meaning.

It was a bit funny and a bit sympathetic.

But as Tang Ruoyan herself said, if you dare to play, you have to be able to lose. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be losing face?

Tang Ruoyan was completely dumbfounded, looking at the dice as if they were some kind of monster.

“Another… another three… impossible! I rolled so many times…”

“Ling Xuan just said, the number of rolls doesn’t necessarily correlate with the points.”

Hou Siyuan nodded approvingly, “Yeah, didn’t he keep rolling threes just before?”

Tang Ruoyan suddenly looked up, her eyes shining as she looked at him, “You come back and continue playing! We’re not drinking now, and you don’t have to keep running to the bathroom.”

Hou Siyuan touched his nose, stepped back two steps, “No, I’d rather not…”

Finally rid of the unlucky god, what if it came back to him?

He wasn’t that foolish!

Tang Ruoyan gritted her teeth, “I don’t believe it’s such a coincidence. There must be something wrong with this dice cup!”

Zhong Ziang raised an eyebrow, “What’s wrong? Everyone is playing; you’re the only one losing. Does this dice cup recognize people or something?”

Tang Ruoyan wanted to say that it recognizes her! Especially her!

But when she spoke these words, she didn’t even believe it herself.

At this moment, Jiang Fuyue once again showed her generosity, “Want to change the dice cup? We could, anyway, no one is doing anything sneaky, and everyone is fine with it. But should we finish this round of Truth or Dare first?”

“Yes, let’s finish the penalty first and then continue.”

Zhong Ziang took advantage of this opening to call a waiter, not speaking quietly, “Bring me ten dice cups.”

Clearly, he said it for some people to hear.

Tang Ruoyan, embarrassed, pursed her lips and looked to her boyfriend for help.

But Hang Haoran didn’t even look at her.

Jiang Fuyue said, “Choose, Student Tang, Truth or Dare?”

Given her previous experience of falling into a pit, Tang Ruoyan didn’t know what tricky question Jiang Fuyue might ask. She bit her teeth and said, “I choose Dare!”

“Oh~” The whole place erupted in cheers.

She took a deep breath, staring at Jiang Fuyue as if resigned to her fate, “Speak, what do you want me to do?”

“Well… I won’t make it difficult for you. I heard you like small animals. How about imitating a puppy’s bark?”

“Is that all?” Tang Ruoyan was surprised.

But when did she ever like small animals?

Imitate a dog’s bark…

Imitate a dog’s bark?!

She’s actually asking her to imitate a dog’s bark?!

Jiang Fuyue said, “Is it too difficult? Then let me think again…”

“That’s enough, Sister Yue. Don’t go easy on her like this.”

“Yeah! How can learning to imitate a puppy’s bark be such a simple dare? It’s a waste of an opportunity!”

“Who made our Sister Yue beautiful and kind-hearted?”


Tang Ruoyan had to admit that it wasn’t really difficult, but she always felt there was some malice in it.

A dog?

Why ask her to imitate a dog’s bark instead of imitating a cat, a chicken, or something else?

Jiang Fuyue seemed to see through her doubts. With a light gaze, she suddenly led Tang Ruoyan’s eyes to Lin Yao, took a small sip of her drink, and then naturally licked her lips.


In that instant, Tang Ruoyan suddenly understood everything.

She was actually mocking her as Lin Yao’s “lapdog”?!

This kind of humiliation, which only two people would understand, left Tang Ruoyan without a chance to retort.

Because others didn’t know!

They would only think that Jiang Fuyue was showing mercy, praising her for her kindness and generosity, calling her “goddess” left and right.

What made her even more infuriated was that Hang Haoran didn’t care about her either!

And Lin Yao, whom she considered a good sister, hadn’t said a word for her since the game began.

Tang Ruoyan suddenly felt a sense of despair, and her resentment and hatred towards Jiang Fuyue deepened once again.

This hatred forced her to grit her teeth and endure. In the midst of everyone’s laughter, she let out a stifled and embarrassed “Woof.”

Jiang Fuyue, just wait!

As the Truth or Dare game concluded, the waiter coincidentally brought the new dice cups, all still sealed.

Zhong Ziang sneered and waved his hand, “Choose one, so you won’t keep feeling like someone is cheating.”

Tang Ruoyan pursed her lips, ignoring the sarcasm, and carefully selected a new dice cup.

With the new dice cup, the third round began.

When Tang Ruoyan rolled three ones again, she felt her vision darken and nearly fainted on the spot.

Now, the private room became unusually silent.

Silent to the extreme, turning into an eerie atmosphere.

“Do you feel the chilly wind blowing?”

“I heard that places with a lot of people, like bars, are often built on graves.”

“Did I offend some deity?”

“Encountering some little ghosts would be more like it…”

“To roll the same smallest number three times in a row in one person’s hands.”

Tang Ruoyan listened with a shudder and let out a scream, throwing away the dice cup.

Everyone was startled by her reaction.

The dice cup was pushed in front of Ling Xuan. He shook it, uncovered it, and surprisingly, it was three ones again!


“What’s happening today?”

“Even the good luck of the academic overachiever is useless?”

“But this also shows that it’s not only Tang Ruoyan who can roll three ones. Although it’s a bit mean to say so, and it’s a bit gloating, I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.”

“Exactly, me too…”

“Let’s raise the temperature of the air conditioner a bit. No wonder it feels chilly.”

When it was Jiang Fuyue’s turn, she rolled three sixes again.

Everyone: “…”

Except for an exclamation of “awesome,” it seemed like there was nothing more to say.

Yici glanced at Jiang Fuyue’s hands and suddenly spoke, “Have you studied this before?”

Everyone was surprised and looked at her.

Jiang Fuyue honestly nodded, “I know a little.”

A little? Is that what you call “a little”?

You’re really good at joking!

“No wonder you’re so amazing.”

“Goddess, please accept my knees. Is there anything you can’t do among the eighteen martial arts?”

“I request the goddess to accompany me to Las Vegas, all expenses paid, with the only requirement of helping me win 10 billion.”

“Get lost! Stop dreaming!”


For a moment, exclamations filled the air.

Jiang Fuyue wasn’t shy, “Do you guys really think that in this world, relying solely on luck can guarantee victory in gambling?”

Hou Siyuan stammered, “Isn’t it?”

“Of course not. Luck, combined with certain skills, is the key to winning.”

Liu Bowen smirked, “I’ve learned something.”

Zhong Ziang seemed contemplative.

Yici also fell into silence.

Suddenly, a sharp scolding voice rose, and Tang Ruoyan, as if seizing onto something, plunged into a state of inexplicable excitement bordering on madness.

“All right! Jiang Fuyue, you cheated—”

“Cheated?” In contrast to Tang Ruoyan’s excitement, Jiang Fuyue remained eerily calm. “Didn’t you choose the dice cup? Didn’t you personally roll the three ones? Did I interfere with your dice results in any way?”

Three consecutive hits left the other person pale.

“But, you’ve studied this. It’s unfair…”

Jiang Fuyue smiled, “In the same class, taught by the same teacher, learning the same knowledge, yet the exam scores are different. You can’t accuse the education system of unfairness just because a high-scoring student hired a tutor or attended weekend tutoring. A gambling game, like an exam, provides identical question papers, answer sheets, and scratch papers to everyone. Is it difficult to admit that you’re not as skilled as others?”

“Moreover, before the game started, you didn’t say that those who had studied it couldn’t play, did you?”

Tang Ruoyan was left speechless by the retort, her eyes filled with aggrieved tears.

On the other hand, Jiang Fuyue sat there, even without any expression or movement, emanating an aura of invincibility.

Two different styles, despite being female.

The atmosphere became somewhat tense, conversation ceased, and everyone looked around, unsure of how to break the deadlock.

Opening her mouth, Tang Ruoyan uttered, “Cheating” excessively.

Jiang Fuyue’s words, on the other hand, were reasonable, holding the moral high ground.

Even Han Haoran couldn’t help his girlfriend by saying a word to ease the situation.

In the end, Jiang Fuyue broke the silence herself, “Shall we continue?”

“O-of course, it’s only been a few rounds, right?”

“Um… Shouldn’t the loser be punished this time? It’s a double whammy~”

“Otherwise, how can we say whether the Bull or Sister Yue is the most awesome?”

Tang Ruoyan still chose Dare.

Jiang Fuyue made her imitate a dog’s bark again.


“Hahaha… Sister Yue, you don’t have to favor your fellow women so openly, do you? It’s like blatantly showing partiality!”

Jiang Fuyue smiled back, “I’m willing.”

Yes, she was genuinely willing.

Tang Ruoyan: “…” Internal injuries!

It’s Ling Xuan’s turn, and he chose Truth.

The young man’s pitch-black eyes gaze directly at Jiang Fuyue, candid and profound. If the previous attention was subtle, private, and not to be declared publicly, this time it was bold, explicit, and openly displayed.

Jiang Fuyue slightly raised her eyes, unexpectedly meeting his gaze in mid-air. In just a second, she calmly shifted her focus away, landing on Hou Siyuan, “You go.”

“Huh?” Hou Siyuan was taken aback.

“You ask.”

“Is… is that really okay?” He rubbed his hands, visibly showing reluctance, though he’s been eager to try.

“What’s wrong? I took your seat.”

“Alright! Then I’ll ask, okay?”

Jiang Fuyue nodded.

Hou Siyuan looked at Ling Xuan, grinning, “Sorry, school grass.”

Ling Xuan glanced deeply at Jiang Fuyue, then turned back to Hou Siyuan, resuming his gentle demeanor, “It’s okay, go ahead.”

“Which person of the opposite sex present would you most like to kiss?”


As soon as this question was asked, the whole room erupted.


“Well done, Monkey!”

“He’s here! He’s here! He’s driving the train towards us! Woo woo woo (suggestive)!”

“That’s right! Questions like these should be asked, or where’s the fun?”

“School grass, think carefully before answering~”


“Monkey, did you do it on purpose?”

Hou Siyuan refused to admit it, “What nonsense? I just asked casually…”

“Casually asked? Why do you look so sly when you’re laughing?”

“Who’s sly? I’m innocent, you know?”

“Old man, I don’t believe you!”


There were only three females present—Jiang Fuyue, Lin Yao, and Tang Ruoyan. Ling Xuan calmly scanned the room, almost without stopping on Tang Ruoyan, then passed over the shy Lin Yao, and finally landed on Jiang Fuyue, who showed no signs of shyness or evasion. 

Then, he pointed his finger, “I choose her.”

Everyone followed the direction of his finger, only to see Jiang Fuyue showing no trace of shyness or avoidance, facing Ling Xuan’s choice and the gaze of everyone else with a calm expression.

At times like this, the more embarrassed the parties involved appear, the more enthusiastic everyone else becomes. Unfortunately, whether it’s Ling Xuan or Jiang Fuyue, one was as composed as the other. The onlookers found it difficult to provoke them.

Who dared to do so?

Haven’t they witnessed Sister Yue shutting down people before?

Hou Siyuan immediately turned his eyes and, with seemingly good intentions, asked Ling Xuan, “Any specific reason?”

The young man with a face as gentle as white jade remained expressionless, “Curiosity.”

Curiosity about how it feels to kiss Jiang Fuyue, hence his choice.

“Do you not have any curiosity about Miss Lin and Miss Tang?” Hou Siyuan’s question carried a hint of deliberately stirring up trouble.

Ordinary people, when faced with such a question, would hesitate a bit, giving the other two girls some face. But Ling Xuan, without much thought, said, “Not curious.”

Hou Siyuan: “…” How do I follow up on that?

Everyone: “…”

Tang Ruoyan was fine; Ling Xuan was never going to like her type, and she knew it. But Lin Yao was different—she couldn’t accept it. From Ling Xuan decisively choosing Jiang Fuyue to casually uttering “not curious,” her world collapsed at a visible speed, leaving nothing behind.

How could he say such things in public?! Where does that leave her heartfelt feelings for him?

Many people present knew exactly why Lin Yao came here, and hearing Ling Xuan’s words… Does it mean a public rejection?

At that moment, Lin Yao felt as if she were stripped naked, exposed for all to see—embarrassed, humiliated, and in pain. Tang Ruoyan’s surprised gaze also turned to her, as if asking: Aren’t you and School Grass a couple? Why did he choose someone else?

Lin Yao, who used to look down on Tang Ruoyan, now lacked the courage even to meet her gaze.

Given the lackluster reactions of the two parties involved, there was no spark, not even a glimmer of it. The onlookers decided to call it quits.

Maybe that’s the only consolation Lin Yao could find.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t bother acknowledging Ling Xuan?

Seeing the anticlimactic situation, Liu Bowen checked the time, “It’s getting late, one more round, and then we call it a night?”


“Should Monkey join in?”


Hou Siyuan planned to squeeze into the seat next to Jiang Fuyue but was stopped by a stern look from Zhong Ziang, then reluctantly moved to the opposite side.

Young Master is quite something, huh? Always bullying people!

Zhong Ziang: Indeed, Young Master is quite something.

The final round began, and everyone was on high alert.

Tang Ruoyan clasped her hands together, “Please, no more triple ones, please!”

After saying that, she tightly gripped the dice cup and gave it a vigorous shake, again and again.

Once she placed it on the table, she quickly uncovered it, as if the numbers inside would change if she were a second slower. At the same time she unveiled the dice cup, she turned her head away, afraid to look at the result immediately.

The entire room fell into silence again, quiet enough to hear only the sound of breathing.

Tang Ruoyan’s heart sank; this reaction…

It couldn’t be another triple 1, could it?!

She turned her head in despair, only to see three dice on the table showing the same number, but it wasn’t 1; it was 6!

“Ah ah ah ah! I, I rolled a leopard?” She grabbed Hang Haoran, excitedly almost breaking into a high-pitched tone. “Look! I’m finally not a 3! This time I win for sure!”

“Yes, yes, yes… You’re the greatest, we all saw it.” Hang Haoran was being pinched by her, his face contorted.

“Um… Yan Yan, can you, um, loosen your grip a bit? It hurts!” he said.

“Oh, sorry!” Tang Ruoyan quickly let go. “Still hurting? Let me see.”

“No, it’s fine now.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to. I was just too excited…”

Zhong Ziang sneered, “What’s the big deal? The game is not over yet; who wins and who loses is still uncertain!”

Next, it was Ling Xuan’s turn.

He still appeared indifferent, gently shaking the dice cup and unveiling it.

Triple 6 again; another leopard!

“Oh my god! Is this for real?” someone exclaimed.

“Even if it’s triple 1 a few times, isn’t it enough? Do we have to roll triple 6 again?”

“It’s either good or bad, really extreme.”

The following turns went back to normal, with Liu Fei, Hou Siyuan, and others playing regularly, and their points were not surprising.

When it was Zhong Ziang and Yici’s turn, they asked, “Who’s first?”

Without hesitation, Zhong Ziang snatched the dice cup, throwing a couple of disdainful glances at Yici.

That’s right, that’s how a Young Master is—so arrogant!

Yici: “… idiot.”

Just as he finished cursing, Zhong Ziang rolled triple 6 again.

Yici: “?” What the heck?

“Oh! Another leopard by Young Master!”

“Master Zhong is amazing.”


Yici felt uneasy. When it was his turn, he nonchalantly shook the dice cup a couple of times and, upon opening it…


“How did you also get a leopard?”

“Is tonight’s result rigged?”

“Who decided to change the dice cup?”

Tang Ruoyan: “…”

Several of Hou Siyuan’s friends, who didn’t get a leopard, were already trembling. If, as expected, Jiang Fuyue also got a leopard, the one to be punished would have to be chosen from among them.

Since both he and Liu Fei had the lowest points, only 10, it was not looking good.

In the end…

Finally, only Jiang Fuyue remained. People were not particularly curious about the result she would roll, treating it like her exam scores, where it was either close to perfect or perfect.

People were already discussing how to make things difficult for Hou Siyuan and Liu Fei.

At that moment, Jiang Fuyue, who had already picked up the dice cup, suddenly lost her grip, and two dice fell out.

“Sorry, the cup lid slipped.”

Tang Ruoyan immediately stood up. “Once your hand touches it, it counts as starting; there’s no going back!”

Liu Fei asked, “How do we count the points then?”

Tang Ruoyan snorted, “Of course, it’s whatever it is. After all, she rolled it herself.”

The two dice that fell showed 1 and 2. Even if Jiang Fuyue rolled the maximum 6 for the third die, the total would only be 9, exactly 1 less than the 10 for both Hou Siyuan and Liu Fei.

The lowest score in the entire room!

So, she was destined to lose this round. There was no need to even look at the points on the third die.

Yici frowned. “Who counts it like this? Isn’t this bullying?”

Tang Ruoyan calmly said, “Rules are rules. I followed them even when I was so unlucky before. How come now Jiang Fuyue can make things special?”

“Using forceful arguments! Anyone with eyes can see that there’s a problem with the dice cup. Zhong Ziang, why are you keeping silent? Speak up!” Yici poked him with his elbow.

But this time, Zhong Ziang unexpectedly went against the norm and didn’t support Jiang Fuyue.

He blinked, clearly brewing some mischief. “Cough… even though, yes, there is an issue with this dice cup, thinking from another perspective, isn’t it also related to a person’s luck? Otherwise, why would it be fine when others use it…”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Yici was shocked. He always thought Zhong Ziang had a temper like dog poop, but now he suddenly discovered there was also poop inside his head.

He couldn’t even distinguish right from wrong now. It seemed that the term “idiot” was not enough to describe his mental deficiency.

Zhong Ziang: “… ” How come this guy is not getting smarter? 

He began frantically signaling to Yici: Fool! Jiang Fuyue has the lowest score; if we get a leopard, we can do whatever we want to her!

Yici: ?

You can still do that?

And he was actually somewhat tempted by this fat deal?

On the other hand, “Leopard” Ling Xuan had apparently already thought of this and sat on the platform in silence.

In his eyes, both Zhong Ziang and Yici were idiots.

No distinction between big and small.

In the end, no one else helped Jiang Fuyue.

She gently slammed the dice cup on the table, raised her eyes with a smile, and softly said,

“I lost.”

No resentment, no argument, just a straightforward acknowledgment.

Accepting failure calmly and with tranquility.

But the impression she left on everyone remained powerful and unshakeable.

Tang Ruoyan bit her teeth, a fleeting hatred flashing in her eyes—

Jiang Fuyue, you also have your days!

“Choose, truth or dare?”

Four leopards, which means Jiang Fuyue has to complete four challenges, each set by different individuals…

In the previous chapter, the correct answer to the question was Option A. Did you all get it right?

What kind of challenging tasks will each of the four people set for Jiang Fuyue?

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