After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Stunning the Audience, The Ninth Master Arrives 

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“Who’s going first?” she asked.

Tang Ruoyan: “Does it matter?”

“Of course,” Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow, “I have different choices for different people.”

After some thought, Liu Bowen suggested, “How about we go in the order of who rolled the leopard first?”

Jiang Fuyue had no objections.

“Okay,” Tang Ruoyan smirked, but her smile didn’t reach her eyes. “I won’t be polite then. Jiang, you decide, truth or dare?”


“You sure? Once you decide, you can’t change it. Do you want to reconsider?”

To be honest, Tang Ruoyan was shocked when she heard that Jiang Fuyue chose “dare.”

Facing someone with ill intentions, someone who deliberately wanted to make her look bad, wasn’t telling the truth the safest choice? Although the questions might be sensitive and embarrassing, they were still better than actually doing something.

What if Jiang Fuyue asked her to publicly French kiss someone for five minutes?

Or asked her to play the “Big Exchange Cup” drinking game?

Wasn’t she afraid?

Or maybe… had Jiang Fuyue prepared some hidden tricks?

Or, were these just distractions, and she had already set up traps for her to fall into?

Thinking about this, Tang Ruoyan felt a chill down her spine.

Especially since Jiang Fuyue chose so decisively, there must be something fishy!

But… after winning this opportunity so hard, could she just waste it like this?

Moreover, all the questions she had prepared were truth-based. Now, out of the blue, she faced a dare, and Tang Ruoyan hadn’t figured out what dare she wanted Jiang Fuyue to do.

She was getting a little anxious.

So, while she delayed on the surface, her brain was spinning rapidly.

What should she make Jiang Fuyue do? A real French kiss? A big exchange cup?

No, no, wouldn’t that just be helping her matchmake with Zhong Ziang or Yici?

These two were so handsome and came from wealthy families; how could she let Jiang Fuyue take advantage of them for free?!

Suddenly, Tang Ruoyan’s gaze froze and landed on the small stage directly opposite her.

More precisely, on the right side of the stage, on that vertical stainless steel pole.

Got it!

“I won’t make any unreasonable demands to embarrass you. Just go up there and perform a pole dance for everyone.”

Fearing that Jiang Fuyue might use the excuse of not knowing how to dance to refuse, Tang Ruoyan didn’t give her a chance to speak and continued, “It doesn’t matter if you can do it or not. The key is to capture the feeling of pole dancing, understand?”

The feeling of pole dancing?

To put it nicely, it’s called “sexy”; to put it less nicely, it’s “seduction!”

These people all treat Jiang Fuyue as a “goddess,” addressing her as “Sister Yue” with more respect than they show their teachers.

So, she’ll let them see what kind of person this ‘Jiang’ really is – whether she’s a “goddess” or just a “cheap act”!

With these words, the entire venue gasped.

“Isn’t this a bit too much?”

“Pole dancing? Can she even do it?”

Tang Ruoyan chuckled, crossing her arms. “Sister Yue is well-versed in all eighteen martial arts. What’s a little pole dance to her? She might even be able to dance non-mainstream! Who knows!”

“But… isn’t pole dancing inappropriate for minors?”

Tang Ruoyan said, “Are you still a minor? Moreover, you have to appreciate this kind of dance with the right perspective. Who asked you to focus on those explicit things?”


Cough, cough!

Without directly mentioning anything, she subtly steered everyone’s thoughts toward unhealthy aspects.

Originally somewhat embarrassed, the crowd gradually revealed an anticipatory look.

Pole dancing!

They had only seen it online or on TV, never witnessed it live.

Although it was embarrassing, they were curious!

It wasn’t that they had any impure thoughts, but subconsciously, they regarded Jiang Fuyue as an all-capable figure, never considering that she might not be able to do or perform something well.

Yes, they strangely believed in this way.

“Sure,” Jiang Fuyue nodded.

Wasn’t it just pole dancing?

The other party wasn’t wrong; she did know a bit about non-mainstream dance.

Yes, just a “bit” and not much more.

Yici frowned, seeing through Tang Ruoyan’s hidden agenda. He quietly approached Jiang Fuyue and whispered in her ear, “Are you sure about this? Maybe we should call it off?”

Jiang Fuyue turned her head, locking eyes with him. She raised an eyebrow slightly. “Why? Don’t trust me?”

“It’s not… I’m just a bit worried. You clearly know she’s deliberately making things difficult for you…”

“I’m aware.” Jiang Fuyue interrupted him, getting up directly.

With her legs straight and slender, standing in front of the coffee table, almost everyone instinctively looked up at her, including Tang Ruoyan.

Jiang Fuyue’s gaze never lingered, turning around and walking onto the stage, standing in the center.

The stage wasn’t large, but it was well-equipped. It had LED strips and flashing lights that changed with the music, high-quality speakers, microphones, and even a machine for creating mist with dry ice.

The AI central control system would create the optimal performance environment based on the performer’s actions, music rhythm changes, and algorithmic big data. This included whether to DJ, when to adjust the lighting, or whether to raise or lower the stage, among other things.

This was one of the main features of the King Luxury Box Room.

So, when Jiang Fuyue stepped onto the stage, the central control system had already started working, and the lights dimmed in an instant.

From afar, only a blurry silhouette could be seen.

But even so, she was still beautiful—

Her shoulders were straight, her neck long, forming a perfect shoulder-neck line; her waist was slim with one not bearing to grip; her long and evenly proportioned legs had no excess fat, appearing flat and firm.

Lin Yao subconsciously looked at Ling Xuan. The young man stared at the stage with intense concentration, his pupils deep black, with a faint light surging within.

That was a signal of his curiosity about new things.

Lin Yao had only seen it in his eyes the first time he dealt with stocks.

Now she saw it again, but directed at another girl—

Is she really that beautiful?

Lin Yao couldn’t help but scrutinize her with a critical eye, from head to toe and then from toe to head, not missing any details.

During this process, she couldn’t suppress her dislike for Jiang Fuyue as a person.

But even so, after taking a closer look, she had to admit that, solely based on her figure, Jiang Fuyue had no flaws.

This made Lin Yao suddenly feel helpless, unable to find a starting point.

It seemed that this person was indeed so perfect, not just praised, but a fact.

Then, what advantages did she have?

She fell into a brief confusion.

But soon, this negative emotion was dispelled.

Lin Yao lowered her head and adjusted her slightly messy skirt. Due to the pressure from her bent legs, it had wrinkles. With a gentle touch, she smoothed them out.

The reason was simple; this dress had a unique and invaluable material.

Perhaps its style wasn’t as good as those on the street, but only when worn would one know who was more comfortable.

Just like Jiang Fuyue and her: one had a humble background, lowly and cheap; the other came from a wealthy family, worth a fortune.

The former might pique a man’s interest for a while, but the latter was the ultimate destination.

So, she wasn’t in a hurry.

No matter how impressive Jiang Fuyue was, she had already lost from the beginning due to her background.

Tang Ruoyan was also observing Hang Haoran’s reaction. Seeing him staring fixedly at the stage without shifting his eyeballs, she couldn’t help but pinch his arm.

“Ouch! What are you doing?!”

“Is it pretty?”

“It does look pretty!” Hang Haoran replied, confused.

“Should you glue your eyes onto her and take a closer look?!”

Hang Haoran: “My eyes aren’t paper, can I apply glue and stick them onto people? Is your brain malfunctioning?”

Tang Ruoyan gritted her teeth, “Stop pretending to be stupid!”

“Who’s pretending? I think you don’t need to pretend; you’re genuinely foolish. Look, you’re turning blue…”

“Serves you right!”

Just then, the soothing music began, and the stage lights gradually brightened as Jiang Fuyue prepared to start.

Suddenly, “Hold on—”

Tang Ruoyan stood up, her face still showing traces of anger, “Shouldn’t I be the one to choose the background music?”

Hang Haoran frowned.

Others were also displeased. It was about to start, and she had to hit the brakes, causing frustration!

Yici said, “Don’t go too far!” This shout immediately carried the aura of a leader.

Tang Ruoyan was scared, her legs went weak, but the hatred in her heart still prevailed. Though she didn’t dare openly challenge the school bully, she didn’t relent.

“Hang Haoran, do you still care about your girlfriend?” Yici stood up, cracking his knuckles, making a crisp sound. “If you don’t care, then I’ll take charge.”

“Oh ho! Brother Ci is mighty!”

“The Earth revolves around Brother Ci!”

“Don’t talk; when Brother Ci speaks, that’s the final say.”

“Dutiful son? Who?”

“Are you blind? Besides the one on stage, who else could it be?”


“What, what are you planning?” Tang Ruoyan nervously swallowed saliva, her legs trembling.

Yici didn’t speak, preparing to show her some color. Hang Haoran, seeing that things were getting serious, couldn’t sit still, “Brother Ci, don’t… we’re all classmates. Let’s talk, Yanyan, she…”

Just then, on the stage, Jiang Fuyue suddenly spoke, “Change the song, right? Okay.”

Yici was slightly stunned.

“Give her the tablet,” Jiang Fuyue instructed.

Zhong Ziang handed over the device, and in passing, he pressed Yici back to his seat, “What’s the hurry? Do you think Jiang Fuyue is stupid?”

Yici shook off the hand on his shoulder, disdainfully dusting off some dirt, looking disgusted, “Speak if you have something to say. Are we close? Don’t touch me.”

“…” D*mn!

“What did you mean by what you just said?”

Zhong Ziang also joined in, “If you have the guts, don’t ask me, figure it out yourself!”

Yici sneered and moved away a bit.

Don’t ask, then I won’t ask, who cares?

Zhong Ziang: “?” How stubborn!

Tang Ruoyan had no spare brainpower to ponder why Jiang Fuyue agreed. All she thought about was how to make her look ridiculous!

Extremely ridiculous!

Suddenly, the finger dragging on the tablet paused. She smiled and lightly tapped…

The prelude of “Lady Marmalade” played; this was one of the classic soundtracks for pole dancing. It had a fast tempo, strong rhythm, and was passionate, but, of course, it was also quite challenging.

Beginner pole dancers usually used medium-paced songs to practice steps. The goal was to practice footwork initially, and after mastering the basics, attempt faster-paced music.

Seeking speed blindly, chasing musicality, could result in embarrassment or even injury. If something went wrong, especially with moves like inversions or hanging, it could damage nerves and joints.

Tang Ruoyan’s choice of this song was not merely to “teach Jiang Fuyue a lesson” but to make her “fall and never get up again!”

Lin Yao’s eyes flickered slightly, looking at Tang Ruoyan with some surprise. She hadn’t expected her to be so ruthless…

But she didn’t speak up to stop or warn.

If Jiang Fuyue really messed up, then…

Glancing at Ling Xuan, whose face struggled to maintain calm but still showed a hint of anticipation, Lin Yao tightened her lips.


At the moment when the music started, the stage lights shone brightly. Following the rhythm, Jiang Fuyue walked from the middle to the left side of the pole.

As the first “Hey Sister, Go Sister” sounded, she raised her right hand, tilting her head and hooking her lips.

With this movement, the originally loose hair tie completely fell apart, and her black hair cascaded down like ink spreading in water.

The wind machine also automatically started at this moment, fierce winds whipping up her unruly hair, instantly changing the atmosphere.

If the original Jiang Fuyue was a clear and cold pond, then at this moment, she was a surging sea.

Her calm demeanor remained unchanged but appeared even more vast and magnificent.

The distance between her body and the pole was 20cm, almost in a parallel state.

For those knowledgeable, this was an extremely professional distance and a very skilled opening, just like Lin Yao.

“Soul Sister, Go Sister ~”

On the second sentence, Jiang Fuyue began to walk in a circle around the pole, seemingly casual steps but each firmly on the beat.

On the third step, her right foot left the ground, and her body leaned, then her left foot followed.

The circular walk continued, changing directions once, but her feet remained suspended, seemingly walking on air.

During this, she relied solely on the strength of her arms. However, Jiang Fuyue appeared calm, showing no signs of effort.

The entire audience was now shocked.

“Damn! Sister Yue is a pro at this?”

“With such a skillful posture, if she claims she hasn’t learned this, I’ll immediately twist my head off and tie it to my belt!”

“…” Uh! There’s no need to be so harsh.

“My god, is there anything she can’t do?”

The same question arose in everyone’s mind.

“Awesome, Sister Yue, a ten… no, a hundred talents!”

“Am I the only one who thinks she’s beautiful, cool, and awesome?!”

“And me, thank you.”

“Brother, you’re not alone.”

“Who cares whether she learned it or if it’s good or bad; she looks gorgeous, that’s all that matters!”


“My god, look—”

Everyone stared, and the next second, they couldn’t help but hold their breath.

They saw Jiang Fuyue’s right foot extend straight to the left front at a 45-degree angle, lifting it high and hooking the pole at the clockwise back of her knee. Her left foot pushed forcefully, bending in the direction of the momentum, the tips of her feet closing, and both knees opening.

Top hip, waist bending backward, forming a triangular shape, rotating clockwise three times.

A perfect “climb” was completed!

(Music: He met Marmalade down in Old New Orleans~)

Continuing, her front right foot’s toe touched the ground, the left leg extended straight to the left at a 90-degree angle, swung it towards the right foot with inertia, both feet’s toes closed together, and landed steadily.

In pole dancing, five steps make a round.

After consecutively completing the forward spin, reverse spin, left hook leg turn, knee cap turn, and straight leg small turn, the audience’s throats were already shouting to the point of hoarseness.

But it wasn’t over yet…

In the second step of the sixth round, Jiang Fuyue rotated a full circle, lifting her right leg to hook the pole, pushing off the ground with her left foot, sucking her legs, bending down, her right waist muscles against the pole, accelerating the rotation clockwise for three rounds.

Suddenly, Han Haoran excitedly shouted, “I know this! It’s called the lying fish spin!”

Hearing this, Jiang Fuyue suddenly looked towards him. The next moment, her red lips lifted slightly.

Wasn’t Tang Ruoyan looking for a “feeling”?

Alright, then she would give her that “feeling”!

Han Haoran’s mind buzzed suddenly. He raised his hand to cover his chest, as if struck by an invisible arrow, giving up the resistance directly.

“Sister Yue, kill me a hundred times…”

Hou Siyuan continued awkwardly, “Who isn’t?”

Liu Bowen swallowed his saliva, saying, “Our group of country folks has broadened our horizons today.”

Liu Fei suddenly approached Yici and said, “Brother, seriously, if you hadn’t noticed Sister Yue first, I would have done everything to chase her.”

“Heh,” Yi Ci sneered, “Wake up. Don’t dream. Even if you put in all your effort for the next life, you won’t catch up.”

“…I suspect you’re deliberately discouraging potential rivals.”

Zhong Ziang was also deeply engrossed.

As a well-known playboy in the capital with a prominent status, he had been to nightclubs no less than a thousand times, but the pole dancing performances he had seen were never as breathtaking as Jiang Fuyue’s.

Those pole dancers, whether in revealing outfits or showing off acrobatic skills, couldn’t compare to Jiang Fuyue’s ordinary attire and down-to-earth performance.

She hadn’t even worn high heels, but with each move, she nearly stole his soul.


A crisp sound.

Zhong Ziang looked up and saw that Ling Xuan, sitting opposite him, had unknowingly flipped his water cup. The cup collided with the tabletop, rolled several times, and he hadn’t reacted in time.

When water splashed on him, he belatedly righted the cup, disregarding drying his sleeves with tissues, and continued watching the stage, fearing he’d miss something.

Zhong Ziang frowned.

However, Tang Ruoyan’s reaction was completely different from everyone else.

Provoked by Jiang Fuyue’s sudden “attack,” she was so angry that her eyes turned red, but she felt helpless.

She knew that the other party did it on purpose!

Among so many people present, who couldn’t she throw a flirtatious look at? She chose to do it to Han Haoran?

She was clearly provoking, demonstrating, and retaliating!

But she had no way to do anything about it and could only watch helplessly.

At this moment, Tang Ruoyan realized that from the moment she decided to let Jiang Fuyue perform pole dancing on stage, she had already lost.

Lost thoroughly!

Lin Yao, on the side, didn’t react much. Her gaze towards the stage remained calm, but the hand under the table unconsciously tightened the skirt.

This time, the wrinkles caused couldn’t be smoothed out no matter how much she stroked them.

Just like her heart, twisted by jealousy, it was challenging to ease and return to its original state.

The music continued—

(Voulez-vous coucher avec moi Ce soir? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?)

In the last round, Jiang Fuyue raised her left foot to the right at a 45-degree angle, and her right foot touched the ground. Both arms formed a triangle with the pole. At this moment, her body had to be far from the pole. With the inertia, both feet’s toes closed together, and her legs opened, top hip, rotating clockwise for three rounds.

In the final “Mocca chocolata ya ya,” the bright lights suddenly dimmed, flashlights lit up simultaneously, accompanied by the smoke created by the dry ice machine and the tousled hair blown by the wind machine. Jiang Fuyue gracefully descended, perfectly ending the entire dance.

At that moment, the entire venue fell silent, and you could hear a pin drop.

Five seconds later, thunderous applause erupted, and everyone seemed to wake from a dream.

Because the applause didn’t come from inside the private room but from outside, all the customers in the downstairs hall!

It turned out that while Tang Ruoyan was selecting the music, she also activated the “Synchronized Projection” function.

Once this function is activated, the 4D giant screen in the downstairs hall will project the scenes from the stage inside the luxury room in real-time and in high-definition.

In other words, all the customers downstairs witnessed this soul-stirring pole dance performance.

Due to the enhancement of the 4D giant screen, they could even see more details than the people inside the private room.

For example, the stable arm strength of Jiang Fuyue when climbing the pole, the astonishing flexibility during both forward and backward spins, and the precision and professional level of each completed movement.

Especially when the wind machine started blowing, and she stood on the pole with her black hair flying, it was as beautiful as an angel descending.

A combination of an angel and a devil, a perfect blend of purity and brilliance.

“Wow! She’s so beautiful!”

“Is she a professional pole dancer? To be able to complete five different spins consecutively, and each spin with such high precision!”

“It takes at least seven or eight years of practice. But she looks so young, just a little girl~”

“The biggest luxury room… Hmm, I guess she might be a playful young lady who sneaked out without the knowledge of her parents. Because she looks so clean.”

“Can I say that I envy her swan-like arms? Pole dancing requires strong arm strength, and practicing for a long time can make your muscles bulky. I tried Botox, but look at her, her arms are slender and long, and her biceps aren’t prominent at all. It’s another day when I can’t help but admire the beauty of a young lady!”

“I thought that when I came to the nightclub, among the chaos of the crowd, dressed in a white dress, I was the most beautiful white lotus. But now… sorry for the disturbance, I don’t deserve it! She doesn’t even wear a white dress, but she’s even more of a white lotus.”

“White lotus isn’t quite appropriate.”


“I think she’s like moonlight, clear and cold. You know you can’t hold it, but you can’t help but want to scoop up a handful. Yes, the White Moonlight.”


The above discussions were all heard by Xie Dingyuan, who hurriedly arrived and happened to watch the entire process on the giant screen.

The man stood under the dimly lit wall, his handsome face hidden in the shadows, wearing a neatly fitting black suit that looked out of place among the lively and festive surroundings.

However, no one paid attention, or took an extra look, because at this moment, all the attention in the hall was on the girl dancing on the screen.

Someone shouted “Encore,” others whistled madly, and someone kept clapping until their hands went numb. There was even someone who picked up a microphone and shouted upstairs—

“Beautiful girl, show your face!”

Then the microphone was taken away by another person—

“Miss, take a look at me! I also pole dance, but not as well as you! You are truly incomparably beautiful!”

Then another person took the microphone—

“Goddess! I solemnly pledge for another dance. Do you think I still have a chance?!”

“D*mn! Is this the nightclub version of Zhang Dongsheng?”

Listening to these “ghost crying and wolf howling” remarks, Xie Dingyuan couldn’t help but frown.

What are they…doing?

There was no mockery or sarcasm in the man’s eyes, just a genuine sense of confusion.

At this moment, a male waiter passed by, holding a tray, and saw Xie Dingyuan standing alone in the corner, completely covered in shadows, not actively talking to the people around him.

It felt like…even though he was in the same place, he seemed to be separated from the others.

This side was quiet, the other side was noisy.

He was in the mountains, people were in the bustling city.

It was quite strange…

In line with the spirit of customer first service, the waiter kindly approached to inquire.

“Sir, do you need me to take you to a booth?”

The man suddenly looked up at him. Now that he was closer, the waiter could see the overly handsome appearance of the man, which surprised him.

Even more bizarre was that he was wearing a suit, a complete one, with the shirt buttons done up to the top, revealing a slightly protruding Adam’s apple…

He looked like an elite professional who had just finished a business meeting and was preparing to attend a banquet. But why was he at a bar?

“Um…did you walk into the wrong place? The Hilton Hotel is next door.”

With a good quality of asking when in doubt, Xie Dingyuan asked, “Why do you think I walked into the wrong place?”

“Uh…” The waiter scratched his head, looked him up and down, and said, “Your outfit, it doesn’t seem like something someone from our establishment would wear.”

“What should I wear then?”

The waiter turned and looked towards the dance floor. His gaze suddenly pointed in a certain direction, and he nudged his mouth, “There, like that guy.”

Xie Dingyuan followed his gaze, only to see a young man… let’s call him a young man, because he had dyed his hair yellow, and his age characteristics were not very obvious. However, judging from the degree of skin aging and the development/shrinkage of bones, he could roughly determine that the age was between thirty and thirty-five.

He wore a small finger-thick silver long necklace, with a pendant hanging in the middle shaped like a human skull (actually, a skull, yes, Mr. Xie really doesn’t understand fashion that well).

Black five-minute shorts, but the crotch seemed like it could fall to the heels at any moment.

After Xie Dingyuan finished looking, he looked at the waiter with a questioning look, “?”

Are you trying to deceive me? Is this what people wear?

The waiter: ? Faced with a fashion-insensitive person, I’m really struggling.

Finally, under Xie Dingyuan’s “you must explain it to me today” death stare, the waiter searched for a long time and finally locked in on the location of the bar. “Look at that guy, your styles are actually quite similar…”

Never having been to a nightclub and urgently needing a crash course, Mr. Nine decided to trust him once more.

Seeing the man next to the bar in suit pants and a white shirt, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, looked kind of like that.


Xie Dingyuan’s gaze fell on his open and slightly messy collar, as well as the casually dyed purple hair, causing him to frown. A hint of disdain flashed in his eyes.

The next moment, he couldn’t bear to look any longer.

Continuing to watch, he was afraid that he would be unable to resist ordering him to button up.

“How is it?” the waiter asked, “Did I say it wrong? Your styles do seem quite similar.”

Xie Dingyuan suddenly became curious, “What style?”

“A refined scoundrel!”


This was the second person after Zhong Ziang who had said these words in front of him.

Was he really this refined?

Uh… scoundrel?

Trying to understand contemporary young people’s fashion but ultimately failing miserably, Xie Ninth Master, who didn’t want to waste any more of his precious time, got straight to the point: “Take me to the luxury room upstairs.”

“Huh?” The waiter’s expression was strange.

“Is there a problem?”

“Of course, there’s a problem! Do you think you can just go to the luxury room whenever you want?”


The waiter sighed, advising with a heavy tone, “I know you’re like them, all wanting to go upstairs to find that pole-dancing fairy. But look at how loudly they’re shouting, has anyone actually gone up?”

Xie Dingyuan came to catch Zhong Ziang, and since Zhong Ziang was with Jiang Fuyue and the others, it was reasonable it means the same things. 

“I do want to find her.” The man looked serious.

The waiter had a look of “I knew it” as if he had seen through everything. “Brother, it’s not me pouring cold water on you, but what is the most important thing for us as human beings?”

Xie Dingyuan pondered for a moment, “Cultivate oneself, harmonize the family, govern the country, pacify the world.”

The waiter: ?

Is this guy in the wrong bar or on the wrong set?

Xie Dingyuan: “Do you have any insights?”

“The most important thing for a person is to have self-awareness! People like us ordinary folks shouldn’t have delusions of eating swan meat.”

“Swan… meat?”

“Yeah, when you go to the luxury room to find someone, that person should find you worthy. Although you are indeed a bit better-looking than me, do you have anything else to offer besides a handsome face? Money? Power? Car? House?”

The waiter gestured with both hands, asking soulfully, “Do you have them?”

Xie Dingyuan: “I have…”

“You have nothing! For those beautiful girls, let’s not even think about it, huh? Maybe they’ve already been spoken for.”

“Beautiful girls?” The man looked strange.

“What’s with your tone? Isn’t she beautiful?”

In front of Xie Dingyuan’s eyes appeared an elegant figure twirling around, long hair flowing like a waterfall, skin as fair as snow, fingers gripping the cold stainless steel pole. With every step, every turn, every movement seemed to be accompanied by a small hook, and her gaze ignited the air.

Is this considered beautiful?

Xie Dingyuan shook his head, “Not dignified.”

“Huh?” The waiter was surprised, “Did you come from the Qing Dynasty or something?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t they look beautiful? Why isn’t she dignified when she hasn’t exposed anything, dressed properly and decently? Where isn’t she dignified?”

“Too small.”

In his eyes, Jiang Fuyue was as young as Zhong Ziang, still in high school, just a kid.

Not studying well, why dance on the pole?

Not to mention the bad influence in such a place, just those dangerous moves weren’t worth trying.

Moreover, there were so many… predatory weirdos downstairs.

“Too… small?” The waiter’s eyes suddenly became subtle, “Brother, you observe very carefully, huh?”

Xie Dingyuan: ? Do you need to observe age? It seems necessary, like that guy with the yellow hair earlier.

So, not good at playing along, Ninth Masyer nodded in the slightly playful gaze of the other party, “Used to it.”

Every step of the observation process in the laboratory is much more difficult than this.

The waiter: !

He looks decent, but who would’ve thought his skin is so thick?!

Xie Dingyuan made his request again, “Take me upstairs.”



Ninth Master (serious): My “too small” is different from your “too small.”

Waiter (indifferent): …Oh. (Old man, I don’t believe you!)


Sister Yue: Am I too small? Like your nephew? Fine, you’re the elder, go wherever you feel comfortable.

Ninth Master: Mouth briefly blunt, dumped in the garbage dump.

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