After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Kiss me, Ninth Master Snatches the Packet 

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Waiter: “Certainly not.”

Xie Dingyuan: “?”

“The upstairs is full of distinguished guests. Without receiving a notification, I can’t just go up casually. How could I take you up?”

“I have the VIP card for this place,” he said, emphasizing each word, with a serious expression.

The waiter almost believed him: “Really? Take it out, let me see?”

“…Taken by my nephew.”

“Tsk, then there’s nothing I can do.” This person didn’t even know how to come up with a decent excuse.

At this moment, the manager hurriedly arrived, his chubby face full of fear. Seeing Xie Dingyuan’s straight posture, he immediately bent down.

“Mr. Xie, I’m really sorry. I just received a call from the front desk and learned that you came in person. I apologize for the inadequate reception. Please forgive us.”

“Mmm.” Xie Dingyuan’s face remained expressionless.

The waiter was a bit confused and hadn’t reacted yet. However, he saw the manager, who usually acted arrogantly in front of them, now sweating profusely and carefully wording his speech.

“May I ask, what brings you here?”

“Looking for someone.”

“Can I help with anything?” The tone was extremely humble.

“Take me upstairs.”

The manager bowed: “This way, please…”

The two left.

The waiter stood in place: “?” So, what did my big stinky mouth just say?

Meanwhile, in the luxury box on the second floor.

After seeing the situation in the hall, Zhong Ziang immediately took the tablet from Tang Ruoyan’s hand and turned off the “synchronous display” function.

But it was too late; the commotion had already started below, and the shouting voices were getting louder.

It seemed that without Jiang Fuyue appearing, the commotion wouldn’t subside.

“D*mn!” Zhong Ziang was furious, pointing at Tang Ruoyan without mercy. “Do you have bubbles in your head? Why did you turn on the synchronous display?”

Tang Ruoyan was scared by his sudden accusation: “I, I don’t know…”

“You don’t know?” Zhong Ziang sneered. “Who are you trying to fool?”

Hang Haoran was about to step forward to speak for his girlfriend, but a warning look from Zhong Ziang nailed him in place.

Tang Ruoyan was completely panicked: “I didn’t do it on purpose, I… I didn’t know that the synchronous display would be visible in the hall too.”

“Isn’t this what you wanted? You wanted Jiang Fuyue to make a fool of herself, even if it means a big embarrassment. It’s not enough for us to see, you have to shout outside to gather more people to watch, right?”

The most malicious corner of her heart was exposed in public, and Tang Ruoyan shook her head in panic: “No, I didn’t… you’re talking nonsense!”

However, given her previous clashes with Jiang Fuyue, most people in the room no longer believed her.

Lin Yao curled her lips, covering the fleeting mockery in her eyes.

Tang Ruoyan’s reckless and reckless nature was destined to lead to such consequences.

Lin Yao didn’t find it strange at all.

Just a little bit regretful.

After all, such a sharp knife was easily broken…

Jiang Fuyue is really cunning.

Quietly, she makes a stunning move.

Zhong Ziang, still in a rage, continued to scold with increasing vigor, “…Do you think you’re clever? Very scheming? Let me tell you, when I was rolling in conspiracies, you were still playing with mud. With this little ability, who do you think you can deceive me? Do you think everyone is as stupid as Hang Haoran?”

Hang Haoran, inexplicably caught in the crossfire: “?”

Soon, Tang Ruoyan was scolded to tears by Zhong Ziang’s verbal assault.

Compared to Yici’s use of force, Zhong Ziang’s mouth was evidently more lethal.

Every word hit the dark side of human nature, exposing all the ugliness and disgrace under the sunlight, and calling everyone to watch.

Who could endure that?

After the scolding, Zhong Ziang gave the mastermind a fierce look, took out his phone, and turned away to a corner as if to make a call.

Two minutes later, he returned: “I’ve already told the front desk to have their manager figure out a way to appease those lunatics downstairs. We won’t show up for now. We’ll wait until the situation stabilizes before leaving.”

Yici nodded: “I think that’s a good idea.”

No one objected.

Since they couldn’t leave, they couldn’t just sit here doing nothing, right?

“Shall we continue the game?” Lin Yao, who had been silent, suddenly asked.

People looked at each other.

Again, they unconsciously glanced at Zhong Ziang, who could erupt at any moment. Well… better not say anything, self-preservation is important.

Didn’t you see that someone had already cried?

They didn’t want to be the second.

“Of course,” surprisingly, it was Ling Xuan who spoke, “the rules are established, and they should be followed to the end.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone turned to look.

Right, he was the second one to roll leopard dice.

Zhong Ziang, furious, laughed, “Alright, today won’t end well, huh?”

Ling Xuan wasn’t intimidated, “The person involved hasn’t spoken yet. What are you jumping around for?”

The first time the gentle and jade-like school grass showed a sharp and attacking side.

Everyone was shocked and dared not breathe.

Lin Yao also looked surprised because these didn’t sound like words Ling Xuan she knew would say.


Had she never truly known him?

“Okay,” Jiang Fuyue raised her eyes, collided with the calm gaze of the young man, hooked her lips, and spoke slowly, “Continue.”

Ling Xuan also smiled, but there was something else entangled in his eyes. Ultimately, it turned into a deep-sea-like calmness.

“Truth or dare?” he asked.

Jiang Fuyue: “Truth.”

For her choice, Ling Xuan seemed not surprised, but others might be.

“Why? Is there any particular significance in this?”

“Haven’t you heard Sister Yue say before? Whether it’s truth or dare, it depends on the person.”

“So, why is Tang Ruoyan a dare, and Ling School Grass becomes the truth?”

“Who knows?” Hou Siyuan shrugged.

“Aren’t you the one who claims to be the tapeworm in Sister Yue’s belly?”

“Yeah, you also said that tapeworms are in the belly, so how do you know what’s on someone’s mind?”

“…” D*mn! It sounds like there’s a tiny bit of logic in it?

“Hush! Don’t argue, they’re starting to ask.”

Ling Xuan: “If the school grass confesses to you, would you accept?”

Exactly the same as Jiang Fuyue’s previous question to Tang Ruoyan!

At the moment when everyone was stunned and didn’t know how to react, Jiang Fuyue gave an answer without hesitation: “No.”

Ling Xuan’s eyes tightened: “Why?”

She smiled, “That is the second question.”

Unfortunately, he only rolled a single leopard.

Ling Xuan lowered his eyes, pursed his thin lips into a straight line, with a slightly sharp edge.

However, Jiang Fuyue’s gaze had already left him: “Who’s next?”

Zhong Ziang’s eyes rolled: “I request to change the order, let Yici go first.”

Liu Bowen thought about it: “The other party must agree.”

Yici looked at Zhong Ziang suspiciously: What are you up to?

Zhong Ziang: Don’t say your bro didn’t take care of you. Do it quickly! If I go first, you won’t even have a chance to speak later.

Yici: What kind of trick are you playing again? Also, who’s your bro? Get lost!

Zhong Ziang: …

That’s right, he just wanted to play a trick!

This trick might make Jiang Fuyue run away, so letting Yici go first was just an act of kindness.

The result was this guy not appreciating it?!


Zhong Ziang: Suit yourself!

Yici thought for two seconds: “I agree.”

Zhong Ziang sneered: Heh, your mouth is basically a toy!

Liu Bowen: “Then there’s no problem.”

This time, Jiang Fuyue chose truth again.

Yici: “Cough… Among me, Zhong Ziang, and Ling Xuan, who better fits your aesthetic? You can’t say none, you must choose one and only one.”

Another earth-shattering question.

“Brother Ci is 666!”

“Now we’ve finally hit the nail on the head.”

“Even as an outsider, I can feel Sister Yue’s dilemma at this moment.”

“Are you sure it’s a dilemma and not a difficulty? After all, it’s about choosing the tallest among the short guys.”

“Short, short guys? Are you referring to Yi, Zhong, and Ling? Then what are we? Common folks in the land of dwarves?”


“Is Sister Yue taking a bit too long to decide this time?”

In fact, it hasn’t been long since Yici asked the question, not even thirty seconds, but compared to Ling Xuan’s previous question, it did feel “long.”

Zhong Ziang subconsciously sat up straight, waiting to be picked.

He was still confident about this~

Ling Xuan, despite trying to maintain composure, couldn’t help but clench his fists.

And Yici stared intently at Jiang Fuyue, not blinking.

Under the gaze of everyone and the three subjects being compared, Jiang Fuyue felt no pressure at all and calmly spoke, “I choose you.”

When speaking, she looked at Yici.

The latter was ecstatic, his whole face lighting up!

Only to hear him stammer, “Although it’s the second question, I’m still curious why? Can you tell me? Of course, you can choose to answer or not.”

“Because,” this time, Jiang Fuyue was very generous, “you seem physically fit.”

Yici: “Huh?”

Ling Xuan was also stunned.

Zhong Ziang: “…” Physically fit… was he the only one who thought inappropriately?

The next second—

Jiang Fuyue: “Can take a beating.”

Physically fit, for taking a beating?

What kind of reasoning was this?

But Jiang Fuyue really thought so.

Firstly, Ling Xuan was on the thin side, with a slender body and a scholarly appearance, indicating a lack of physical strength.

As for Zhong Ziang, he can indeed take a beating, having been beaten up several times. In this regard, Jiang Fuyue still has a say. 

However, it’s just a matter of taking a punch, so he’s not exactly impervious to beatings.

Zhong Ziang: “?” D*mn! He was beaten up, and she still complains? F*ck!

But Yici was different. After all, he had been the school gang leader for so many years, standing firm in his position in the school hierarchy, indicating some real skills.

After hearing this, everyone fell into silence.

Yici: “?” Am I being chosen because I’m strong, not because I’m handsome or rich?

Jiang Fuyue nodded, “Any problem?”

Everyone expressed, “No…” As long as you’re happy.

Zhong Ziang reluctantly accepted this reason, already scheming on how to overthrow Yici from his position as the school gang leader.

Ling Xuan, on the other hand, lowered his eyes and remained inscrutable.

Liu Bowen: “Next.”

“Hehe…” Zhong Ziang rubbed his hands together, “It’s my turn to ask!”

Clearly, he was well-prepared.

Jiang Fuyue glanced at him, “I choose a dare.”

Zhong Ziang: “?” Why does this person always play by her own rules?

“Brother Ang! What are you waiting for? The opportunity is rare, hurry up and propose!” someone urged.

Zhong Ziang snapped out of his daze.

Right, wasn’t his goal to have Jiang Fuyue do whatever he wanted?

A dare was much more exciting than truth.

“Cough—” he cleared his throat, looking at Jiang Fuyue, “Actually, it’s not much of a dare. It’s just a matter of one sentence, very simple! Either agree to be my girlfriend or kiss me on the spot, choose.”


“He actually dares to suggest that!”

“Oh no, oh no, Sister Yue’s face is turning black.”

“Really? Let me see… Oh, it’s indeed turning black.”

“No wonder he’s Young Master Zhong, not only is his wallet fatter than ours, but his face is also thicker!”

“Xiu Er, please sit down. You’ve violated the rules.”

“Is this the meaning of openly taking advantage?”

“Why didn’t I roll three sixes?”

“Just based on this statement, you’ve exposed your sinister intentions!”


Lin Yao glanced at Ling Xuan without changing her expression. She knew she shouldn’t look, but she couldn’t help it.

Could it get any worse than this?

As it turned out, there’s no “worst,” only “worse.”

The usually gentle young man’s eyes were sharp and the flickering flames in his eyes exposed his anger.

Does it matter that much?

Lin Yao self-mockingly smiled.


Yici slammed the table directly, “What’s wrong with you, Zhong Ziang? Who makes demands like this?”

“What’s wrong with me? Afraid to do it yourself, yet blame others for being too much? Do you live by the seaside? You’re too broad-minded.”

Yici sneered, “I knew you didn’t suddenly have a conscience to let me go first. Turns out you were afraid I’d copy you?”

Zhong Ziang’s eyes flickered.

Well… he admitted it.

There’s only one Jiang Fuyue, so if he proposed first and Yici followed suit, how would that be counted?

Anyway, the position of “Jiang Fuyue’s boyfriend” was his!

He wouldn’t let the host of that gambling game, Yici, take it away!

That’s right, he was just that outstanding.

Now it depended on how Jiang Fuyue would respond. Would she agree to be his girlfriend, or would she kiss him? Hehe…

Zhong Ziang looked expectant.

“Are you sure about these two demands? No changes?”

“No changes.” He swore.

“Okay.” Jiang Fuyue walked towards him.

Zhong Ziang’s heart thumped, he stood up with a thud and casually adjusted his clothes.

Whether it’s the first kiss or first love, they should both be decent.

Everyone watched without blinking, afraid of missing the crucial moment.

Lin Yao secretly took out her phone…

Compared to Zhong Ziang’s nervousness, Jiang Fuyue was unusually calm. Her hands, hanging by her side, clenched and unclenched, as if loosening up for some kind of action.

She was even thinking, should the first punch land on the cheekbone or the nose?

Zhong Ziang was completely unaware, his heart and eyes full of joy about to embrace the beautiful woman.

“Be my girlfriend, okay?” The boy’s gaze was sincere, his tone gentle.

Compared to a brief kiss, he actually wanted a label.

A label that allowed him to stand proudly by Jiang Fuyue’s side from now on, holding her hand openly.

As the distance between the two narrowed, the atmosphere in the room became even more tense.

Everyone held their breath.

At this moment, just outside the door, the uniform shirt on the manager was already soaked with cold sweat. Glistening beads of sweat slid down his greasy face, but he didn’t even have the courage to wipe it off.

In the peripheral vision, Manager Yue scanned over Xie Dingyuan, who stood still in front of the door. He was peering into the room through the crack in the door, maintaining this posture for an entire minute, as if something significant was happening inside.

Yes, the manager had been standing outside with him for fifteen minutes, seemingly with no intention of entering.

Aren’t you supposed to be finding someone?

The manager hesitated, but the person who hadn’t moved suddenly reached out and pushed open the door. The manager was startled and immediately followed.

At that moment, Zhong Ziang and Jiang Fuyue were already very close, facing each other with their gazes entwined, their breaths almost touching.

It seemed like they would kiss in the next second.

“Zhong Ziang, what are you doing?!” A cold shout echoed.

Everyone turned their eyes towards the entrance. They saw a tall man in a neatly fitting suit, long legs straight, but his specific features were unclear due to the backlight.

Zhong Ziang stiffened, turned abruptly, and stared at the newcomer as if he’d seen a ghost.

Jiang Fuyue raised an eyebrow and silently loosened her tightly clenched fist, taking a step back.

As the person approached, everyone finally saw his face and then fell into greater shock—

“Wen Wen Boy,” Hou Siyuan tugged on Liu Bowen’s sleeve, “Did I, did I see correctly?”

Liu Bowen turned bewilderedly, “I was going to ask you the same thing. Am I seeing things?”

The two looked at each other for five seconds, then spoke simultaneously—

Liu Bowen: “You didn’t see wrong.”

Hou Siyuan: “You’re not hallucinating.”

The newcomer was indeed Xie Dingyuan—

Actual controlling shareholder and chief researcher of Qingqing Life Sciences, head researcher of the Institute of Bioengineering at the Academy of Medical Sciences, and the discoverer of the Nova Virus C99 vaccine!

A national treasure, unparalleled in the world!


Clearly, everyone who attended the Physics Competition Awards Ceremony recognized him. That day, Xie Dingyuan personally presented awards to Jiang Fuyue and Ling Xuan!

Oh my god!

How did he end up here?

Wait a minute… didn’t he just call someone’s name earlier?

Zhong, Zhong Ziang?

“Hehe… Why are you here?” Zhong Ziang, with a flattering smile on his face, approached, even using a respectful form of address.

Xie Dingyuan glanced at him expressionlessly, “If I didn’t come here, what were you going to do?”

The young man touched his nose, his gaze flickering slightly.

“It seems like you didn’t listen to a word I said.” The man’s eyes glinted coldly, mysterious and deep.

Zhong Ziang recalled the phrase “Love without marriage as a prerequisite is playing hooliganism” and felt like his uncle was too conservative, as if he lived in the 1950s or 60s.

But he didn’t dare to retort at all, meekly lowering his head.

Xie Dingyuan: “You have ten minutes. Finish up here and come home with me.”

After speaking, he turned and left.

He didn’t look at Jiang Fuyue once during this, and of course, Jiang Fuyue didn’t look at him either.

Zhong Ziang explained a few words to the crowd, but he deliberately avoided mentioning his relationship with Xie Dingyuan. Then he waved his hand, “Alright, everyone disperse.”

People went their separate ways.

Lin Yao gently tugged on Ling Xuan’s sleeve, looking aggrieved, “Ah Xuan, it’s so late, you won’t make me go home alone, right?”

“…I’ll send you off.”

Lin Yao immediately smiled, “Okay!”

Hang Haoran and Tang Ruoyan were discussing something as they left the private room.

Others left in pairs or alone, taking taxis.

Soon, the private room was empty.

Jiang Fuyue also intended to leave but was forcibly stopped by Zhong Ziang, who dragged her into a corner.

“Let go.”

He was stunned.

“Don’t make me say it a second time.”

The young man pouted, glanced around, didn’t see anyone else, and, not afraid to lose face, immediately obediently released his grip.

“Cough… you’re going to be my girlfriend, how can you still be so fierce? Can’t you be gentle with me?”

The last word “gentle” sounded soft and whiny coming from his mouth, almost like a spoiled tone.

Jiang Fuyue stared at him with a dumbfounded expression, “Who said I’m being your girlfriend? Clarify.”

“It’s you!” Zhong Ziang said confidently.


“Since you didn’t kiss me just now, then you default to the other option.” He seemed quite logical.

Jiang Fuyue laughed, “Actually, there has always been only one option.”

“What option?” Zhong Ziang’s eyes lit up, “Are you becoming my girlfriend? I knew you must have feelings for me—”

Before he could finish speaking, the next moment, he saw Jiang Fuyue flexing her finger joints.

A familiar feeling rushed over him, and he swallowed hard, “What… what are you doing?”

“I’m telling you about the option. That is—”

Zhong Ziang: Suddenly, I have a bad feeling.

“Take you down!”

“Wow! You’re coming at me sneakily—”

Jiang Fuyue didn’t waste time on words; she went straight for a punch.

Zhong Ziang dodged while shouting, “You dare?! My, my uncle is outside. If he loses his temper, even the heavens will tremble!”

“Really? But I feel like he’d enjoy seeing you get beaten up.”

“…” What nonsense is that?!

Zhong Ziang had decent running speed; he had even specifically practiced long-distance running back in the capital. Unfortunately, he still got caught.

Jiang Fuyue forcefully pushed him against the wall, then closed in and delivered a powerful impact.

Zhong Shao was horrified. Was this the strength of a normal person? What’s worse, she only used one hand!


“What… what do you want?”

Jiang Fuyue said, “Say it again, who is your girlfriend?”

“No… no one…”

Jiang Fuyue was satisfied with this answer, but it wasn’t over.

“Will you bring this up again in the future?”

Zhong Ziang shook his head.


“I… I won’t bring it up.”

“Can you do that?”

He hastily nodded, “Absolutely!”

Jiang Fuyue stopped, stood upright, took two steps back, preparing to let him go.

Zhong Ziang was about to slip away when suddenly he froze, staring fixedly behind Jiang Fuyue. First, he looked surprised, then his face turned black, revealing a hint of embarrassment.

Jiang Fuyue turned around to see Xie Dingyuan standing in the corner behind her, arms crossed, leaning, and tall. She didn’t care about this; she had done what she needed to do and was ready to leave.

She walked straight past Xie Dingyuan, maintaining eye contact with the front, not giving the slightest attention as she passed by. She didn’t even glance at him with her peripheral vision.

Afterward, as she gradually moved away, her figure disappeared.

Xie Dingyuan raised his eyes, straightened up suddenly, and walked to Zhong Ziang.

The latter hung his head in low spirits, like a deflated ball with wrinkled skin, looking rather unsightly.

“Now realize you’ve lost face?”

Zhong Ziang remained silent.

Being pushed against the wall and then wall-slammed by Jiang Fuyue wasn’t a big deal.

Men should yield to women.

What he couldn’t get over was that Xie Dingyuan happened to witness this scene, probably even secretly watching the whole process.

Thinking that he, Young Master Zhong, should at least have some dignity as a public figure, how could he be threatened by a woman?

Moreover, he even showed cowardice…

Zhong Ziang dared not recall his performance just now. The thought of Xie Dingyuan silently witnessing everything made him awkward to the point of curling his toes.


Half a lifetime of wisdom, ruined in a moment!

“How is it? Are you ready to be a shrinking turtle and refuse to communicate now?”

Zhong Ziang calmly retorted, “… If I am a turtle, then you are an old turtle; after all, we’re a family.”

Xie Dingyuan chuckled, “I haven’t been pressed against a wall by a woman.”

Zhong Ziang replied, “Rest assured, you’ll experience it when you encounter Jiang Fuyue.”

Xie Dingyuan frowned, obviously recalling some unpleasant experiences and hesitated to refute immediately.

“Zhong Ziang,” Xie Dingyuan called his name seriously, indicating that he was not joking, “Since the girl has no romantic interest in you, stop bothering her in the future.”

Pausing for a moment, he added, “It’s not classy, nor decent.”

Zhong Ziang responded, “How do you know she has no interest in me? What if she does?.”

“Heh…” Xie Dingyuan sneered, “Does someone interested in you treat you like a chicken, pressing you against the wall like handling a rooster?”

“Rooster?” Zhong Ziang made a strange expression.

“Did I say something wrong?”

Shaking his head, Zhong Ziang said, “She said that too.”


“Jiang Fuyue! But she said I’m like a fighting cock. Is there a difference between a ‘rooster’ and a ‘fighting cock’? Which one do you think suits me better?”

Xie Dingyuan: “?” What confusing remarks?

“How about ‘fighting ***’? Doesn’t it sound fierce?”

Xie Dingyuan: “??”

“Oh, by the way,” Zhong Ziang casually added, “she also said you’re a chicken.”

Xie Dingyuan: “!”

“The exact words were — a fighter jet among chickens, the kind whose jaw can fly to the sky.”

Xie Dingyuan’s brow twitched, unconsciously lifting his chin, but halfway through, he awkwardly stopped and then discreetly lowered his jaw.

Is it really that high?

Isn’t flying to the sky a bit exaggerated?

“Uncle.” Zhong Ziang sighed.


“How could she say you’re a fighter jet?!” Zhong Ziang complained, his expression angry.

Just as Xie Dingyuan was internally feeling a bit relieved, thinking, “My nephew is finally growing up and knows how to defend his uncle,” the next moment—

Zhong Ziang: “If there’s a fighting jet, it should be me! How could it be you? She has really poor taste…”

Xie Dingyuan: “…Can I stuff him back into Xie Yunzao’s belly for a reforge now?”

“Uncle, why is your face so dark?”


“Who upset you?”

“…Get lost and go home!”

Zhong Ziang: “?” Wait… he was fine just now. Why the sudden outburst?

Meanwhile, Jiang Fuyue, who left alone, stepped out of the King’s door. The night breeze greeted her, carrying the unique dampness of summer.

“I’ll send you home.” Ling Xuan, with one hand in his pocket, stood with a straight shoulder line, exuding a sense of purity and elegance. A few strands of hair fell disorderly across his forehead, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

He looked like the kind of young man depicted in youth novels who would read classics under the shade of trees. Wearing a white shirt, he possessed the most handsome side profile in the world. The sunlight pierced through the overlapping tree leaves, enveloping him in a halo.

Whether he lowered his gaze with a smile or shook his head with a grin, he could capture the hearts of a large group of girls, eliciting exaggerated screams.

The title of “School Grass” was well-deserved, and Ling Xuan truly lived up to it.

Unfortunately, no matter what “grass” it was, it was completely irrelevant to a certain person—

“No need, thanks.” Jiang Fuyue withdrew her gaze, her tone calm.

“What if I insist?” he asked.

Jiang Fuyue found it amusing, “What, do you think everyone is like Lin Yao?”

A glint appeared in the young man’s eyes, “Are you unhappy that I offered her a ride?”

“…” Okay! Another person with the same kind of problem as Zhong Ziang!

“I didn’t send her off; I just called to inform her family to send a car to pick her up…”

Jiang Fuyue interrupted, “Whether you offer or not, to whom, and in what way, it has nothing to do with me, so you don’t need to explain.”

The young man was stunned for a moment, lowered his head, and after a while, raised it again, “About the love letter… you haven’t forgiven me yet?”

“Heh… Ling School Grass, do you ever think before you speak? Without an apology, where does forgiveness come from?”

“Okay,” the young man became serious, “I apologize. I’m sorry for… ruining your intentions back then.”

Tonight was the first time Jiang Fuyue looked at him directly.

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