After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Ninth Master’s Help, Fire Can’t Be Contained 

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Xu Kaiqing had no idea how the people in the audience were reacting; he was still waiting for the team leader’s response.

After what felt like a long time, the list was scrutinized several times.

“There really isn’t, no, no mention of Jiang Fuyue’s name.”

Xu Kaiqing asked sternly, “Did you look carefully? Are you sure?”

The team leader was on the verge of tears, “Really, there isn’t.”

Finishing his sentence, he directly handed the list up from below the stage, “If you don’t believe me, take a look yourself.”

Xu Kaiqing did take it and scanned it, indeed, there was no mention.


The list was slapped on the table. Xu Kaiqing took the microphone, and with a voice both aged and resolute, his words echoed through the entire lecture hall, “There’s an issue with the selected list. The ceremony is paused, and the opening is postponed!”


The place instantly exploded.

“What does it mean that there’s an issue with the list?”

“Who is this Jiang… what’s her name?”

“Why did Professor Xu specifically ask about her? And why delay the opening?”

“I think I smell a conspiracy.”

The room was abuzz.

“Xiao Zhang!”

“Professor Xu, I’m here.”

“Organize the students for a orderly evacuation. The committee and all staff for this summer camp stay.”

“Yes!” Xiao Zhang’s expression turned serious.

Professor Xu was taking this seriously; the matter was far from over.

When the head coach of the summer camp, Yan Zhenfeng, rushed over upon hearing the news, the scene was nearly empty.

Xu Lao stood in the center at the front, looking coldly at the people sitting in the first row.

When Yan Zhenfeng swept his eyes over the scene, he saw committee member Zhao Yongtao, a few opening ceremony planners, two team leaders, three coaching staff, and several life counselors, all sitting in a neat row. Under Professor Xu’s stern gaze, they resembled quail, keeping their heads low and mouths shut, afraid to speak.

Seeing this situation, Yan Zhenfeng knew that the matter was serious.

However, he still forced a smile and walked towards Xu Kaiqing. “Teacher…”

“Why didn’t you just have dinner before coming?!” Xu Zhenfeng scolded.

Yan Zhenfeng: “?”

“You’re still smiling? What’s so funny? I think you, as the head coach, are too easygoing, wandering around in a daze all day, looking foolish!”

Yan Zhenfeng: “?”

Being scolded upon arrival left him bewildered. He had no idea what was going on and didn’t dare to ask.

He could only grit his teeth and accept the criticism.

Seeing that even the head coach Yan Zhenfeng was scolded so harshly, everyone else dared not breathe heavily, fearing to attract the wrath of Professor Xu.

“Teacher, please don’t worry. Whatever the issue is, I’ll handle it.”

Xu Kaiqing’s expression eased a bit, and he turned around, picking up the list from the table and patting it into Yan Zhenfeng’s arms. “Take a look for yourself!”

Yan Zhenfeng took it, examined it from top to bottom twice, and said, “Is there a problem?”

Xu Kaiqing sneered, “Check it more carefully.”

Yan Zhenfeng’s expression became serious, indicating he realized something.

He immediately took out his phone, opened the list saved in the cloud document, and prepared to cross-reference it.

However, the first name already had discrepancies.

He paused and continued reading…

In the end, “Jiang Fuyue was missing, and Zhao Tong was added.”

Xu Kaiqing’s face was as calm as water.

They dared to manipulate things right in front of him? These people were truly bold!

“Did you know about this in advance?” he asked Yan Zhenfeng, his gaze sharp and penetrating.

The latter quickly clarified his position, “I just found out. But as the head coach, I have an undeniable responsibility.”

Xu Kaiqing nodded. After all, he knew Yan Zhenfeng’s character, having personally guided him.

“This matter has an extremely negative impact and must be thoroughly investigated! I want to see who is scheming behind this!”

“Don’t worry; leave it to me to handle,” Yan Zhenfeng assured Xu Kaiqing. After pacifying him, he turned abruptly to the quiet row of people sitting in the first row.

Gone was the smile on his face, replaced by a chilling sternness.

Zhao Yongtao sat mixed in with the group, looking inconspicuous.

After Professor Xu called out Jiang Fuyue’s name, he panicked. When the assistant was clearing the venue, he took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and called Li Xingfang.

The two coordinated their stories to deal with the upcoming unexpected situation, allowing Zhao Yongtao to regain some confidence.

However, when Yan Zhenfeng blurted out, “Jiang Fuyue is missing, and Zhao Tong is added,” he couldn’t help but feel uneasy again.

After several adjustments to his breathing, he barely maintained his composure.

“Old Zhao, why are you sweating so much? Your collar is wet.”

“… I’ve always been sensitive to heat, don’t you know that.”

“True, where are you planning to escape the heat this year?”

“… Not decided yet, we’ll see.”

“With your back drenched in sweat like this, why don’t you ask them to lower the air conditioning temperature?”

“No need to bother; it’s fine like this.”

“Who do you think would be so blind this time, daring to tamper with the summer camp list? With just over twenty people, adding or subtracting one would easily be noticed. Is that person stupid?”

“…” Zhao Yongtao forced a smile.

Another person interjected, “Why replace anyone else? You specifically swapped out the top scorer, fearing it wouldn’t be eye-catching enough?”

“The key is that this top scorer is also Professor Xu’s acquaintance. When they took a look at the list, oh boy, it immediately went south!”

At this point, Yan Zhenfeng had already questioned the team leader, the life counselor, and now it was the competition committee’s turn…

“Director Zhao, the final step in the list goes to your competition committee. You’re responsible for calling the students to notify them to attend the camp on time, right?”

Zhao Yongtao nodded, “That’s correct.”

“Did the list have Jiang Fuyue on it at that time?”


Yan Zhenfeng raised an eyebrow, “You seemed to hesitate just now.”

“Yes, because I’m not very sure if the person responsible for making the calls below strictly followed the list.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because when we coordinate with the students, there might be some special circumstances. For example, in previous years, some students voluntarily gave up their spots in the summer camp. Or there might be cases of sudden illness preventing a student from participating in training. We handle each case individually, so the list may undergo changes.”

“So, are you suggesting that Jiang Fuyue didn’t come because of some special circumstances?”

“I can’t confirm that yet. I need to contact the person in charge of making the calls.”

“Alright,” Yan Zhenfeng gave him a deep look, “then you go ahead and contact them.”

Zhao Yongtao calmly took out his phone…

At the same time, in the Education Bureau of Linhuai City, there was a heated dispute in a second-floor office.

Yu Wenzhou: “Our procedures are complete, and we are in the right.”

Meng Zhijian: “They are too much in the capital, and my students can’t bear this injustice.”

Yue Wenzhou: “I can’t stand it either!”

The office staff, looking at the two unyielding individuals, felt a headache. “Both teachers, I understand your feelings. I’ve already grasped the situation here and will promptly report it to the higher-ups. Please be patient and wait for a while. Once there’s news, I’ll immediately inform both of you.”

Yue Wenzhou: “What does ‘promptly’ mean?”

Meng Zhijian: “How long is ‘wait a while’?”

Office staff: “…” Going crazy.

“You have to give us a specific time! The summer camp in the capital has already started, and if we wait any longer, even the daylilies will cool down!”

“Exactly, time waits for no one. Some things get worse the longer you wait. Over time, the fake becomes real, and the right turns into wrong.”

The office worker was truly helpless, “Okay, before the end of the working day, I will definitely give you a response!”

Is this acceptable?

Yue Wenzhou and Meng Zhijian exchanged a glance: Good!

“So, should you two go back…” to wait?

“Go back for what?” Yue Wenzhou checked his watch, “Anyway, there are still three hours until the end of the shift.”

Meng Zhijian: “We’ll just wait here! Convenient.”

Office worker: “?”

Fine, circled around, but ended up back where they started.

“Does this arrangement work for you two? I have a guest later, would you mind waiting in the adjacent meeting room?”

Meng Zhijian and Yue Wenzhou were not unreasonable people. Although they were a bit impatient, they were not rude. “Okay.”

The two left and went to the adjacent room.

The office worker sighed in relief and looked at the wall clock again; it was almost three o’clock…

Under the bright sun, a business Benz stopped at the entrance of the Education Bureau.

Driver: “Ninth Master, we’re here.”

Xie Dingyuan opened his eyes; his black pupils, as deep as the night, were filled with endless indifference.

He adjusted his front collar and smoothed out the wrinkles at the cuff.

Then, he pushed the car door open.

Although the sunlight shone on him, it couldn’t penetrate the indifferent and stern expression on his face.

After discussing with Xie Yunzao and Zhong Yunyi, they decided to let Zhong Ziang stay in Linhuai for the college entrance examination. They had also transferred his academic records accordingly.

Due to the cross-province transfer, they had specially coordinated everything, so the process was quick.

Today was the day, and he had been informed by the city’s education bureau to come over and sign some documents.

Knowing that Xie Dingyuan was coming, they had arranged for someone to receive him early on.

Yes, it was the office worker who had been bombarded by Meng Zhijian and Yue Wenzhou earlier.

“Mr. Xie, please come this way—”

Xie Dingyuan followed him to the second floor and into the office.

“Please have a seat, and let me pour you a glass of water.”

“No need to trouble yourself.”

Despite his words, the office worker respectfully served him a cup of hot tea.

“It’s like this. Normally, both the withdrawal and transfer of student records should be signed by the guardian. However, since Mrs. Xie is far away in the capital, making a special trip for this isn’t necessary. According to the regulations, the party involved can entrust a direct relative to sign on their behalf…”

After a series of established procedures, the office worker handed over the documents and a pen.

Xie Dingyuan habitually scanned the contents, confirmed there were no errors, and then signed.

Afterwards, he prepared to leave.

“Please wait a moment.” The office worker called him back and casually closed the office door.

Xie Dingyuan observed but remained composed. “Is there anything else?”

“…Student Zhong Ziang had two disciplinary actions in the capital previously. They are recorded in the file, and though the offenses were not severe, it doesn’t look good.”

Especially for a family like the Zhongs, if Zhong Ziang were to enter government service in the future, these two disciplinary actions would be fatal stains on his record!

Xie Dingyuan: “What do you want to say?”

The office worker lowered his voice, “I have a way to erase them. Would you consider it…?”

“No need. Making mistakes and facing consequences is only fair. He caused trouble himself, so he should bear the corresponding cost.”

The office worker looked alarmed; he hadn’t expected Xie Dingyuan to refuse so categorically. Moreover, the look in his eyes was terrifying…

Like the stern gaze of a headmaster scolding a student for wrongdoing.

It made him feel ashamed and remorseful.

Xie Dingyuan: “With power in hand, it shouldn’t be used for personal gain. Be mindful of your actions.”

The office worker’s face turned pale, and his legs trembled.

As Xie Dingyuan exited the office, he had only taken a few steps when he heard a familiar name—

“Where’s Jiang Fuyue? Is she okay?” Meng Zhijian asked.

“Just sent her a WeChat message. She’s enjoying herself at home, no worries at all,” Yu Wenzhou replied, typing rapidly on his phone.

“Haha, the two of us are in such a rush here, afraid she might not make it to the summer camp. Turns out, she’s perfectly relaxed! This is like… the emperor isn’t worried, but the eunuch is?” Yu Wenzhou chuckled.

Taking a sip, Yu Wenzhou suddenly reacted, “Who’s the eunuch here? You’re the eunuch!”

“Just making an analogy, hehe…”

Xie Dingyuan stood outside the door, contemplating.

The flustered office worker, still bewildered by the meaning behind Xie Dingyuan’s last words, was pondering when the door suddenly swung open. The person who had left reappeared.

“Mr. Xie…” he stammered, swallowing nervously.

Internally, he began to wail like a tempest: Big boss, please spare me! I won’t dare again!

“Cough! I have a question for you.”

“Huh?” The office worker was a bit confused.

“Two teachers, I’ve reported the situation to the higher-ups…”

After waiting for just half an hour, Yu Wenzhou and Meng Zhijian sat up straight, their eyes gleaming. “What’s the news?”

“They are taking it very seriously upstairs. They have already contacted the Education Bureau in the capital, demanding a thorough investigation. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, there should be results by tomorrow.”

Thorough investigation?

The two exchanged glances. Did they mention this requirement?

Yu Wenzhou: Did we mention it?

Meng Zhijian: I don’t remember.

Yu Wenzhou: Forget it, let those parasites behind the scenes be exposed!

The office worker did not lie. With Xie Dingyuan speaking up, the entire Municipal Education Bureau started to take it seriously. Then they realized—

D*mn! Isn’t this our best seedling?

How could someone else take credit for it?!

This injustice, not only were the teachers and students unable to endure, the entire Linhuai district couldn’t accept it!

A call was then made to the Education Bureau in the capital. Upon hearing about this unfortunate incident, the Bureau was furious.

After that, another call was made to the Organizing Committee.

Upon hearing the furious roar and reprimands from the other end, Zhao Yongtao felt his knees go weak, slumping into a chair.

Now, the situation was completely out of control.

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