After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Sister Yue’s Firm Stance, Xu Lao’s Support 

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No need to wait until the next day; in the evening, Jiang Fuyue received a call from the capital.

“Hello, Student Jiang. I am the head coach of this summer camp, Yan Zhenfeng.”

“…Is there something?” Her clear voice flowed like a murmuring spring, refreshing to the ears.

“I’m very sorry for the situation caused by the mistake of our staff. Your admission to the camp has not been canceled. In the future, we will cooperate with NOI to create better learning conditions for you and try to balance the two subjects.”

A very official tone, sincere to some extent, but not enough.

The phrase “staff mistake” was an attempt to gloss over everything. Can it be that easy?

“I’m sorry. I won’t report for admission until the matter is thoroughly investigated.”


Yan Zhenfeng was stunned.

“It’s not… it’s all investigated. It’s a mistake by the staff…”

“Alright, how many staff members were involved? How did they make a mistake? What is the fundamental reason for the mistake? How do you plan to handle these staff members?”

A rapid-fire barrage left Yan Zhenfeng dumbfounded.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Didn’t you say everything was investigated? These details should be clear, right?”

“Student Jiang, I understand your current mood. It’s not easy for anyone to encounter such a thing…”

“I’m doing fine.” She picked up the remote and changed the channel.

Yan Zhenfeng: “…”

“Yesterday morning, your staff called me, confidently claiming that my qualification was canceled. They repeatedly emphasized that this series of operations complied with regulations. Regardless of my questioning, they remained tight-lipped, showing a very firm attitude. I don’t believe it’s just a simple mistake. The entire conversation has been recorded and was handed over to the Municipal Education Bureau half an hour ago by my two teachers. I look forward to the final investigation results. Before that, I will not set off for the capital.”

Yan Zhenfeng felt his scalp tingling.

He now realized that the voice on the other end of the phone didn’t sound like a high school student at all. Listening to her confident tone, clear logic, and the strategies she employed, even negotiation experts might not match her eloquence. Moreover, she was in the right, perched on the moral high ground, leaving him feeling guilty and breathless, unable to find his bearings.

Yan Zhenfeng took a deep breath. He knew that if he couldn’t regain control, he would truly be led by a high school student.

Therefore, when he spoke again, his tone unconsciously became more severe.

“Student Jiang, I advise you to think it over. Time waits for no one. If you don’t come to the capital, you won’t be able to participate in the training. The summer camp is the only channel to enter the national team. If you miss the selection, it’s equivalent to missing the IPhO. Is it worth it?”

Jiang Fuyue narrowed her eyes slightly, a fleeting coldness in her gaze. “Is this a… warning?”

“Saying ‘warning’ sounds too harsh. Or you can understand it as… advice?”

After saying this, Yan Zhenfeng nervously waited for her response.

Unexpectedly, things might not proceed as he thought.

But in reality…

“Sorry, Coach Yan,” she said leisurely, “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t respond well to threats. Since you’ve brought up the IPhO, I really can’t just let it go. After all, your staff, with one word, indirectly deprived me of the opportunity to step onto the international stage. I’ve already experienced the worst possible outcome. Is there anything worse than that to be afraid of?”


“Still the same, until the matter is thoroughly investigated, I won’t join the camp. If you want to proceed with the training, go ahead. If you want to cancel my qualification, feel free to do so. I’ll take it all!”

After saying this, she hung up directly.

“Student Jiang, don’t act impulsively, we… Hello? Hello?!”

Yan Zhenfeng shouted angrily into the phone, stomping his foot in frustration.

The more he thought about it, the more unpleasant it became. He was filled with anger, like a puffed-up pufferfish.

Are high school students nowadays so difficult to deal with?

He had anticipated that Jiang Fuyue would receive this call with joy, express her gratitude repeatedly, then pack her things and immediately come to the capital to register. The camp entrance ceremony would be held again, and the training could quickly get back on track.

But the result…

Was this?

It was truly infuriating!

“Professor Yan, Xu Lao is asking you to come to his office,” Assistant Xiao Zhang came over to deliver the message.

Yan Zhenfeng took a deep breath to steady his emotions. “I’m coming.”

Five minutes later.

Knock, knock…

“Come in.”

“Teacher.” Yan Zhenfeng stood with his hands hanging down.

Xu Kaiqing locked onto him with a radar-like gaze. “How is it? What did Linhuai say?”

“The education bureaus on both sides are jointly conducting an investigation, but Zhao Yongtao insists he was unaware, so it will take some time… After discussing with several coaches, we decided to bring Jiang Fuyue back to class first. The IPhO is imminent, and training must continue. We can’t delay the formation of the national team.”

Xu Kaiqing nodded in agreement.

“How did she respond?”

“Cough…” Yan Zhenfeng touched his nose, looking a bit disheveled.

“Encountered difficulties?”

Upon hearing this, Yan Zhenfeng immediately felt wronged. He began to complain about Jiang Fuyue, painting a picture that made him sound like a pitiful man beaten up by a high school girl.

“… I’ve been patient enough, right? I’ve never been this patient with my own graduate students and Ph.D. students. I was like a gentle breeze and drizzling rain with them. But her?”

Xu Kaiqing listened eagerly, his eyes shining. “Her? What did she say?”

Yan Zhenfeng was moved. His teacher had never cared about him this much before. “That student is simply infuriating! Do you know what she said?”

“What did she say?”

“She actually said she won’t come until we investigate thoroughly. We can do whatever we want, and then she just hung up the phone.”

Xu Kaiqing: “Outrageous!”

Yan Zhenfeng nodded, “Exactly, it’s simply too much!”

“I’m talking about you!”


“She hung up the phone directly. You can imagine how infuriated she must be. You managed to make her angry?! ” Xu Kaiqing looked at him as if he were dealing with a disobedient descendant.

That look was one of “utter disappointment.”

Yan Zhenfeng: “?” Wasn’t he just expressing concern for me? How did it turn into me being unreasonable?

“You quickly call and apologize. Then, urge the Education Bureau investigation team to clarify the truth as soon as possible and get her to come to the capital sooner! Do you hear me?!”

“…Yes, I hear you.” Yan Zhenfeng nodded blankly.

Xu Kaiqing: “Is there anything else?”

“Isn’t… Do I still have to apologize over the phone?” He was a bit confused. Wasn’t he here to report grievances? Why did it turn into having to apologize?

“Of course!”

“Why, though?”

Xu Kaiqing slammed the table, “You’ve offended her, and you’re asking why you should apologize?”

“She’s just a high school student. Is it really necessary to apologize or not?” Yan Zhenfeng muttered quietly.

Oh, he was a professor, although not as venerable and as respected as teacher, he was still the deputy dean of the Physics Department at Q University, with students all over the country. Was it necessary for him to apologize to a high school student? Did he really need to lose face?

Xu Kaiqing became impatient, “If you’re told to apologize, then apologize. Why so many complaints? If it weren’t for your negligence as the head coach, would the situation be like this? Be sensible!”

On this point, Yan Zhenfeng admitted it.

Apologizing didn’t seem so unacceptable, but…

His gaze flickered slightly, “It seems like you’re paying special attention to Jiang Fuyue… aren’t you?”

Not only could he call her by name, erupting in anger for her during the opening ceremony, even delaying the start time just to wait for her registration. Now, he was helping Jiang Fuyue criticize him, his dear disciple.

Hmm, he had never seen his teacher defend someone so much.

What’s the background of this student Jiang?

Yan Zhenfeng suddenly had a bold idea…

“Have you found your long-lost biological daughter?”

Xu Kaiqing: “Get lost!”

“Or… the affection left behind back then has bloomed and borne fruit without you knowing. Now, the fruit is at your door, acknowledging you as its father? Found out she’s a genius girl?”

Veins popped on Xu Kaiqing’s forehead, “Yan Zhenfeng! How many times have I told you not to read those messy novels online? Instead of speculating on these things, you might as well publish a few more SCI papers!”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Yan Zhenfeng quickly apologized, but he never changed.

It seems the only possibility left is…

“Are you attracted to her?”

Xu Kaiqing wanted to slap him, “What are you talking about? I’m an old man, long past the age of romantic thoughts! Shut up and stop making wild guesses! The more you guess, the further away from reality you get!”

“Romantic thoughts?” Yan Zhenfeng looked bewildered, “I mean, are you interested in taking her as a closed-door disciple?”

Xu Kaiqing: “…” I suspect you’re doing this on purpose. [Smile] JPG

“Hehe, so does that mean I’ll have a little junior sister?”

Xu Kaiqing with a poker face: “That’s your ancestor.”

“?! “

End of the second update with three thousand words.

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