After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 134

Chapter 134: The Scum’s Fate, Ninth Master Assists 

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After leaving without any comfort and being scolded as rubbish, Yan Zhenfeng immediately called Jiang Fuyue.

This time, regardless of attitude or tone, Yan Zhenfeng was exceptionally friendly.

“Student Jiang, we agree to all your requests, so when are you planning to come to the capital?”

The summer camp is still waiting for you to start!

Jiang Fuyue: “Before that, should I be informed of the details of this misunderstanding? For example, who took my spot, and who was behind the scenes supporting it?”

Yan Zhenfeng hesitated for a moment. Some things couldn’t be said casually until the investigation was complete. But Jiang Fuyue was not someone easy to deceive…

After much deliberation, he decided to disclose everything.

“… So, roughly, it went like this.”

After listening, Jiang Fuyue remained silent for two seconds. “Did Zhao Yongtao admit it?”

Yan Zhenfeng was relieved that he hadn’t tried to deceive her from the beginning. Looking at this direct and incisive style, could he have deceived her?

“No, he insists that he didn’t know in advance that you obtained approval for both science competitions through the local education bureau.”

In this way, “canceling Jiang Fuyue’s qualification for the summer camp” became a procedural matter.

After all, there is indeed a clause that stipulates not participating in two or more subject competitions simultaneously without approval.

Jiang Fuyue: “Then the other party is also at fault for negligence.”

Yan Zhenfeng: “Negligence is still better than abuse of power, and the punishment is relatively lighter. Moreover, the review of students’ qualifications for the camp was not handled by Zhao Yongtao himself but by his subordinate. In other words, even if there was negligence, he was only implicated by his subordinate.”

With this series of actions, Zhao Yongtao could easily clear himself.

As for punishment… it would likely be dismissal and transfer to another department, continuing to use power for personal gain.

Jiang Fuyue: “Can’t you find any substantive evidence?”

Yan Zhenfeng didn’t want to discourage her. “The other side is very cautious.”

Clearly, it was someone experienced.

“Is there any issue with his granddaughter’s performance?”

Yan Zhenfeng: “I checked; there’s no problem. It’s just that her ranking is a bit lower, and she didn’t make it to the summer camp list.”

Coincidentally, this “bit lower” just needed Jiang Fuyue to withdraw to be seamlessly filled.

No wonder the other party dared to take the risk.

Many times, those who score 99 points are often more anxious than those who score 69 points because they are only one step away from a perfect score.

“So, it’s not that I deliberately kept it from you, but telling you wouldn’t help. Now, even if we reveal everything, even if everyone guesses the truth and understands the dirty tricks, without evidence, we’re helpless.”

This was also the most important reason why Yan Zhenfeng kept silent before. If Jiang Fuyue couldn’t accept it and her mentality collapsed, what would they do?

Didn’t he realize she was a promising student?

Because of this, he had to take extra care.

However, he clearly underestimated Jiang Fuyue’s resilience because the next moment—

“Who said we’re helpless?”

Yan Zhenfeng: “Huh?”

“I have a way, but you must do as I say.”

The noon sun couldn’t penetrate the dim inquiry room.

A dim yellow lamp and the faintly blinking infrared camera in the corner became the only sources of light in this small space.

When Zhao Yongtao was invited in, there was no part of him that didn’t exude calmness and composure.

Even his refined and gentle face had a three-point smile.

“Director Zhao, please have a seat. Today, we have several questions to ask.”

“Thank you.” He sat down, clasping his hands and placing them on the table. “I will cooperate unconditionally with the organization’s investigation and prove my innocence.”

“Then let’s begin. Before deciding to revoke Jiang Fuyue’s qualification for the summer camp, were you aware that she had obtained approval for participating in the dual-subject competition?”

Zhao Yongtao didn’t hesitate: “I didn’t know.”

“Didn’t the subordinate inform you?”


In the adjacent room, similarly furnished, Li Xingfang was uneasy. She looked at the two investigators across from her and asked, “…I’ve said everything I know. When can I leave?”

“Are you sure it was just a momentary lapse that caused you to overlook the approval letter for the dual-subject competition that came with the review materials?”

“Yes, I’ve been having insomnia lately, often feeling absent-minded. I never expected such a significant oversight. I admit it, and I sincerely repent. I hope the organization can give me a lenient punishment.”

The two investigators exchanged a glance, seeing seriousness in each other’s eyes.

One person or two, it seemed like they were made of the same iron, impervious to water and fire.

Seeing the conversation reach a stalemate, Yan Zhenfeng walked in at that moment.

“I have a few words I want to say to her privately. Could you step aside for a moment?” he asked, referring to the two investigators.

Since he was also involved in the investigation, they had no reason to stop him, so they got up and left.

Yan Zhenfeng took a seat opposite Li Xingfang and got straight to the point.

“They are questioning Zhao Yongtao next door.”

Li Xingfang was momentarily surprised.

Without giving her too much time to react, he continued, “Do you know what Zhao Yongtao said?”

The woman’s eyes flickered slightly.

“He said that everything is delegated to the subordinates to handle. Due to negligence on the part of the subordinates, he bears the responsibility of inadequate supervision.”

Li Xingfang was not surprised because her explanation had been pre-coordinated with Director Zhao.

Yan Zhenfeng flexed his fingers, tapping the tabletop with two dull thuds.

“And you, you’re the ‘subordinate’ he mentioned. So, are you planning to take all the blame for this?”

Li Xingfang smiled, “Professor Yan, there’s no need to intimidate me. It was just a momentary lapse at work, and it didn’t cause any substantial harm. Why has it become such a big deal in your words? Even using the word ‘blame.'”

“How did Zhao Yongtao talk to you?” Yan Zhenfeng chuckled, and his eyes conveyed complex emotions.

“What do you mean?” Li Xingfang felt a chill down her spine from his laughter.

“Zhao Yongtao probably didn’t tell you that your conversation with Jiang Fuyue has been recorded, and it should have been delivered to the investigation team by now.”

“Recording?! Where did it come from?”

“Of course, it was recorded by Jiang Fuyue. She informed the investigation team that when you called to inform her that her summer camp qualification was revoked, she sensed something was amiss and immediately pressed the record button, just in case. Now, it has come in handy.”

The woman’s expression froze, her lips turning pale. Jiang Fuyue had actually recorded the conversation?!

She began to recall what she might have said during their conversation that she shouldn’t have. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember anything.

Yan Zhenfeng: “The investigation team should be analyzing the call content by now. If there’s the slightest discrepancy with what you’ve stated today, your credibility will take a significant hit. As for the truthfulness of what you’ve said… it will likely be in doubt.”

Li Xingfang’s eyelid twitched, and her previously calm demeanor couldn’t contain the emerging panic.

There’s even a recording…

Did Zhao Yongtao know in advance?

Based on Yan Zhenfeng’s tone, he should have known. But why didn’t he tell her?

“You know, these high school students nowadays are quite remarkable. I don’t know if they’ve watched too many palace intrigue dramas, but they come with a built-in alertness buff. Some people think they have the upper hand, not realizing they’ve become the other party’s prey, and the big move is being prepared for a lethal blow! It’s really something…”

Li Xingfang couldn’t help but recall Jiang Fuyue’s calm tone during their conversation, which had left her speechless. With Yan Zhenfeng’s remarks, her fear of Jiang Fuyue intensified.

The recorded conversation became mysterious and unpredictable, ultimately turning into a sharp knife pressed against her throat.

Her mind began to spiral into chaos.

Seeing the timing was about right, Yan Zhenfeng added one final spark:

“If they find something, it won’t be as simple as your job negligence. It might involve abuse of power, corruption, or even bribery. At that point, losing your job will be the least of your worries. If the circumstances are severe, you could face prosecution, and imprisonment awaits you!”

Li Xingfang’s face turned pale. It was summer, but she felt an icy chill running through her body.

“Oh, by the way, you’re also part of the system. You should know that if your parents end up in jail, the next generation won’t be able to take a government position. Even if they manage to, they won’t pass the political review.”

Thinking of her son, Li Xingfang felt even colder, unable to suppress her shivers.

“But,” Yan Zhenfeng changed his tone, “if you were just an accomplice, someone manipulated you, or you did something wrong under threats, the primary responsibility wouldn’t lie with you.”

Something flickered in Li Xingfang’s eyes, but it quickly vanished, disappearing into the depths.

“Think about it carefully. Even with wealth and prosperity, you still need your life to enjoy it.” Having said what he needed to, Yan Zhenfeng didn’t linger and got up to leave.

Soon, the two investigators returned. “Ms. Li, thank you for cooperating with the investigation. You can leave now.”

“… Leave?” The woman looked up in confusion. “You mean I can leave?”

“Yes. If there are new discoveries, we will summon you again. We hope you’ll cooperate like you did today.”

Li Xingfang walked out of the interrogation room in a daze, finally seeing the sunlight. At that moment, the dazzling light made her eyes sting.

Yan Zhenfeng stood nearby, watching, muttering to himself, “I wonder if Jiang Fuyue’s method worked. The person is almost gone.”

After a moment of contemplation, he called two staff members, “Go check if Zhao Yongtao is done being questioned. If he is, release him.”

Soon, Zhao Yongtao emerged, neatly dressed and smiling, coincidentally crossing paths with the absent-minded Li Xingfang. To avoid suspicion, he didn’t cast a glance her way, as if he didn’t recognize her at all.

Li Xingfang felt like she had been struck by lightning. 

When did the other party stop taking her seriously? Was he going to burn bridges and turn hostile in the future?

Various speculations swirled in her mind for a moment.

Zhao Yongtao had already left the gate, disappearing from view. 

Li Xingfang withdrew her gaze and, as if waking from a dream, rushed to the two investigators, “I didn’t tell the truth just now! I want to confess again—”

Yan Zhenfeng’s clenched fist slowly relaxed. Suddenly, a smirk escaped his lips, and a hum resonated from his nostrils. “That little girl really knows how to handle things…”

Perhaps she watched too many palace intrigue dramas?

That afternoon, Zhao Yongtao was “invited” back to the interrogation room, but this time, his face no longer displayed the earlier composure and calmness.

That night, he was transferred to the detention center.

If it were just manipulating the summer camp quota through an abuse of power, it wouldn’t be this severe. But skipping the investigation process and directly detaining him suggested a more serious situation.

When Yan Zhenfeng received the news, he couldn’t hide his shock. He immediately called Xu Kaiqing.

The elderly man, awakened from his sleep, sighed faintly after hearing the news. “Too many debts will eventually crush a person. Book a flight for Jiang Fuyue, make it a business class. That guy holds grudges…”

Muttering a couple of unclear sentences, he seemed not to care much, but Yan Zhenfeng couldn’t hear clearly. He only remembered that he needed to book a business class ticket for the little girl.

Such treatment—he had never enjoyed it himself!

Yan Zhenfeng thought sarcastically.

In the night, at the Yutianhua Mansion, second-floor study.

“… Old Nine, I’ve taken care of the things you instructed me.”


“But I still find it strange. Why would you target Zhao Yongtao, who was perfectly fine? Although he has a notorious reputation in academia, he knows how to navigate social circles, and has connections with several institutions. Your sudden move without any warning doesn’t seem like your style.”

Xie Dingyuan closed the data analysis report in front of him, took off his glasses, and placed them aside. “He has been abusing his power for quite some time.”

Especially concerning his granddaughter, from kindergarten to high school, Zhao Yongtao had been paving the way for her at every stage. 

Those who stood in the way were systematically removed, with predictably brutal consequences.

For ordinary children, what was destroyed wasn’t just an admission qualification or a competition; it was the opportunity to change their lives through hard work.

“He went too far.”

The voice on the other end chuckled, showing disbelief. “Why didn’t I see you intervene before? Why did you decide to expose everything this time? Do you have some deep-seated grudge against the Zhao family? What’s the story there? Why can’t you let it go? Huh?”

If it were just the recent offense, Zhao Yongtao wouldn’t have ended up behind bars. But with Xie Dingyuan’s involvement, all his previous corruption and bribery issues resurfaced.

The amounts involved were staggering, enough to keep him in prison for a long time.

“Old Nine, are you… angry and doing this for a beautiful woman?”

Xie Dingyuan remained expressionless. “You talk too much.”

With that, he hung up.


Maybe a bit.

But… for a beautiful woman?

A smirk appeared on the man’s lips. Nonsense!

However, an image of Jiang Fuyue involuntarily flashed in his mind. What kind of “beautiful woman” was she?

He must be going crazy.

But in the next moment, his gaze fell on a certain spot, and his eyes suddenly narrowed…

By the way, the correct answer to the last chapter’s question was C. Did you get it right?

“Say one thing, mean another, Xie 99.”

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