After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 8

Chapter 008 Frightening Full Marks, digging out a genius

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After the last class in the morning, Jiang Fuyue went to the cafeteria with Wan Xiutong.

As soon as she left the classroom, she saw the form teacher Xu Jing walking towards her. His expression seemed impatient, but it also had a bit of suppressed excitement.

“Hello, Teacher Xu!” 

There were sparse greetings from the surroundings, Xu Jing nodded in response, and walked straight to Jiang Fuyue –

“Why didn’t you finish that proof question?” He blurted out.

Everyone pricked up their ears.

What proof question?

Isn’t it normal that Jiang Fuyue didn’t finish writing?

Is there a problem with her writing?

Wan Xiutong subconsciously tightened her scalp when the form teacher approached, she froze in place and didn’t dare to breathe much.

She was afraid of the teacher, just like a mouse was afraid of a cat.

But at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded, “Mr. Xu, I haven’t had lunch yet.”

Wan Xiutong: “?”

Xu Jing: “?”

The bystanders: “?”

Jiang Fuyue calmly added: “I’m going to the cafeteria now.”


Xu Jing took a long time to realize that he was in the way? !

“Cough—” He coughed lightly and brought out the style of a form teacher, “No rush, come to the office with me first.”

Jiang Fuyue was called away just like that.

“How miserable, she is going to be criticized again, and can’t even eat.”

“Lao Xu is nice, he doesn’t scold people very much.”

“Did Jiang Fuyue hand in a blank paper again? I watched her sleep during the exam… “

Grade Office.

“Eh? Lao Xu, you finished eating so soon?” The form teacher of class seven just got up from his seat and saw Xu Jing walking in, only to realize that there was a female classmate behind him.

He was a little surprised. One should know that Xu Jing was a model staff. There was no need to mention his professional knowledge and his teaching ability was obvious to all, however, he was just not very concerned about class management.

Other form teachers spoke to parents every three days, but he followed a “government by inaction” and rarely called students to the office, so today was very unusual!

But this female classmate seemed to be calm and quiet, not appearing disobedient… 

The form teacher of class seven sat back again. He was not in a rush to eat, it was more important to watch the fun!

Jiang Fuyue calmly watched Xu Jing pull out her test paper, spread it out, then point to the additional question and asked, “What about the middle steps? Why only the beginning and conclusion?”

“I couldn’t write it down.”

There was not much space for the additional question.

What’s more, this question was added temporarily by Xu Jing, and it should not have appeared on it in the first place.

“You can prove it, right?” Xu Jing’s eyes lit up.

Jiang Fuyue nodded: “Yes.”

Because the intermediate steps could not be written down, she could only complete them on scratch paper. Among them, three self-proven theorems were used, then came the conclusion, so Xu Jing asked about the intermediate steps.

The most crucial part of this question was precisely there!

Seeing this made Xu Jing so stimulated, he could not wait to go to class and bring Jiang Fuyue over.

Finally, the bell rang for the end of the class. For fear that Jiang Fuyue would leave, he hurriedly went to the door of the classroom to block the person, and that was the scene before.

“Let me see you write it down!” Xu Jing pushed the scratch paper and pen over, inexplicably excited.

If this is the case, he thought, he might have poached a genius!

Jiang Fuyue didn’t move.


“Mr. Xu, this question doesn’t seem to be in the high school syllabus.” She smiled.

Xu Jing touched his nose and felt guilty.

“If I remember correctly, this question is the one on your scratch paper yesterday, right?”

“Cough cough….” More silence.

Jiang Fuyue squinted her eyes slightly, and used an affirmative sentence: “You did it on purpose.”

“Oh, I just wanted to test everyone, to see if any students in the class can do it.”

Jiang Fuyue asked back: “Then could you do it?” 

The huge office was dead silent for a moment.

This kind of embarrassment of being pinched to death was even felt by the teacher from class seven form teacher who was on the sidelines.

It was only a few seconds, or it maybe half a minute before she hear Xu Jing’s voice –

He said, “…No.”

“Oh.” Jiang Fuyue didn’t have much expression, and took out a paper ball. “It’s on here, see for yourself, I’m going to eat first.”

After speaking, regardless of whether Xu Jing agreed or not, she turned and left.

After the person left, the form teacher of class seven looked over from the opposite side: “Lao Xu, what’s the situation? Is that a student in your class?” 

The little girl was still strangely good-looking, but why doesn’t he have any impression of her?

Xu Jing didn’t lift his head, carefully opened and flattened the paper ball, and swept through every step eagerly.

Then, his eyes became brighter and brighter…

“What did Mr. Xu want you to do? Were you criticized?” Wan Xiutong asked in a low voice during lunch break.


She breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good…”

In the afternoon, there was physical education class, but Jiang Fuyue could not participate because she was called to the office by Xu Jing again.

Bang –

A test paper was slapped in front of her.

Xu Jing: “Forty minutes, you can do as much as you can, the timer starts now!”

Jiang Fuyue paused, then picked up the pen.

It didn’t take forty minutes at all, it took her only half an hour to return the test paper to Xu Jing: “…What, aren’t you going to check the answers?”

Old Xu, who was still dumbfounded, responded: “Yes! That’s right! Right now!”

Five minutes later.

“…Full, full score?”

“Full score.” 

The former one was Xu Jing, who couldn’t believe it; the latter one was Jiang Fuyue, who felt it as expected.

He read the paper over and over three times, and did not miss any detail. Xu Jing was horrified to find that he could not find the slightest mistake. Even the word “solution” for each question was written neatly, he could not find a single fault on the scroll.

This was a perfect score that he stared at under his eyelids.

Xu Jing was dumbfounded, and what followed was ecstasy: “Student Jiang, do you know IMO?!”

“International Mathematical Olympiad.”

“Yes! Have you participated in it’s training?!”

Jiang Fuyue shook her head: “No.”

“It doesn’t matter, listen to me,” Xu Jing took a deep breath and tried to adjust his emotions, but his eyes still made waves unconsciously. He pointed to the test paper, “This is the predicted paper for last year’s provincial finals. Although the difficulty was not as difficult as the real test, no one has ever gotten full marks in the test…”

There were no finalists who made it in for this set of papers last year, and not long ago when he assigned this as homework for the Olympiad training class, none got it.

Even when he was doing it himself, there were mistakes.

It’s not how difficult these questions were for Xu Jing, but the whole paper was completed within the specified time without any mistakes, and she got full marks –

This was very difficult!

But Jiang Fuyue did it!

Moreover, she only took thirty minutes!

Xu Jing saw with his own eyes that she wrote the answer directly for both parts, fill in the blanks and multiple choice, and did not need to calculate at all.

He once suspected that the other party was filling it in randomly, but it turned out that they were that valiant and it was all right!

“Student Jiang, you are very talented! Are you interested in joining the Mathematical Olympiad class?” He spoke excitedly, his eyes glowing.

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