After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Purpose Revealed, Potential of Popularity

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“So, you decided to play the tracking game and even found your way to our home? What do you want? Break in, rob us, or commit arson and murder?”

Wu Qian: “?” How did this little girl suddenly change her attitude without any warning?

And so suddenly…

At this moment, Little Brother Jiang, who had heard the commotion, opened the door from inside. He was holding a frying spatula and was about to say, “Sis, you’re back!” However, his eyes fell on the presence of another person, and his brows furrowed visibly.

“Why is it you again?” He sounded displeased.

Clearly, he recognized Wu Qian.

“Hey there… fellow student Jiang, we meet again! What do you think about Uncle’s proposal from last time? Do you want to become an internet celebrity? You can earn a lot of money!” 

Little Brother Jiang pressed his lips together and remained silent.

Jiang Fuyue’s gaze subtly shifted as she positioned Little Brother Jiang behind her. She spoke calmly, “Mr. Wu, how about we continue this conversation somewhere else?”

Half an hour later, in a certain restaurant.

Two square tables were pushed together to form a large dining table, filled with various dishes, fresh and abundant in ingredients.

Jiang Fuyue and her younger brother, along with Wu Qian, sat facing each other, an air of negotiation hanging around them.

“Sir, your ordered dishes are ready.”

Wu Qian took a pair of chopsticks, dipped them in hot tea, and then handed them to Jiang Chenxing with a warm smile, “Go ahead, Uncle’s treating.”

Jiang Chenxing didn’t move. Instead, he turned to Jiang Fuyue, waiting for her agreement before accepting the chopsticks and thanking him.

Wu Qian couldn’t help but cast an extra glance at the girl.

He was inclined to believe her earlier statement, “I can make decisions about small matters.”

“Young lady, you should eat too, don’t be polite.”

Jiang Fuyue smiled and nodded, but she still didn’t start eating. “Mr. Wu, you mentioned that you are a talent agent from Yimi Entertainment, correct?”

“That’s right!” Wu Qian answered seriously. Even though this young girl seemed harmless and innocent, he didn’t dare underestimate her. He had a feeling her eyes could see right through him.

“Why isn’t your information available on Yimi’s official website?” 

Wu Qian was taken aback. His initial reaction wasn’t embarrassment or annoyance, but rather, “How do you know?”

When Jiang Fuyue came, she had used her phone to look up information about “Yimi Entertainment.”

Although the information was scattered, after sorting through it, she found a portion of it to be credible.

“That makes sense in the age of information,” Wu Qian nodded awkwardly, “you can find anything online.”

Jiang Fuyue looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

“That’s correct. My name isn’t on the official website because I only transitioned from being an assistant to a talent agent two months ago.”

“So, you don’t have any presentable anchors on your roster at the moment?” Jiang Fuyue hit the nail on the head.

Wu Qian chuckled awkwardly.

Yimi Entertainment was a local company in Linhuai that specialized in “internet celebrity incubation.” It had nothing to do with mainstream celebrities and primarily focused on the live streaming industry.

Since the term “internet celebrity” didn’t sound very appealing, they adopted the title of “talent agency” to give themselves a more professional image. While it might seem impressive, the company wasn’t that large in scale. Currently, they had only signed four official anchors, and these anchors were far from being major internet celebrities.

Wu Qian was forty years old this year and facing a midlife crisis. He had previously worked at a larger internet celebrity company, but due to certain circumstances, he was forced to resign. He seamlessly transitioned to Yimi Entertainment, starting as an assistant and working diligently for over half a year to become a talent agent again.

However, the company already had another talent agent who was tightly holding onto the four anchors, leaving no room for Wu Qian. He was practically a lone ranger, and he could only sift through a heap of amateurs, hoping to find some promising talents.

But reality was always crueler than imagination. Despite his tireless efforts for over half a month, he hadn’t managed to discover any exceptional talents, not even a single potential star.

As the deadline approached, if he couldn’t sign any new talents, he would have to go back to being a mere assistant. Wu Qian was filled with frustration!

When he left his previous company, he had boldly declared that he would become the best talent agent in the internet celebrity industry. Yet, the result…

It wasn’t until half a month ago when he came across a “Mukbang Compilation” on Vibrato. In one of the segments, a little boy caught his eye.

This boy wasn’t just good at eating (as evidenced by the empty plates before him), he also had a good-looking appearance.

Although the video quality was distant and not very clear, Wu Qian’s experienced eyes could already discern the boy’s hidden potential for popularity.

Sure enough, within two days, the compilation was reposted on Weibo and even trended for a while. The most common comments were “the little brother is adorable,” “the little brother is so cute,” “the little brother is killing me”…

Since the content appeared in the form of a compilation and lacked follow-up marketing and promotion, although it generated some discussion, it didn’t become a major sensation.

But this only strengthened Wu Qian’s determination to sign him.

Imagine if this wild growth could capture attention so effectively. If guided properly and supported by professional promotion and operation, wouldn’t becoming popular be a matter of minutes?

True to his word, Wu Qian first located the uploader of the compilation and inquired about the source of the segment. Following the trail, he found the original video creator—an ordinary netizen.

The video was captured when she was dining at a restaurant near the back gate of Linnan No. 1 High School. She found the little boy in the video incredibly cute, so she uploaded it to Vibrato. The creator of the compilation then included her submission, allowing it to be seen by a wide audience.

Wu Qian emphasized a key point: Linnan No. 1 High School

However, judging from the boy’s size, he didn’t seem like a high school student.

He repeatedly watched the video, attempting to uncover more clues. Eventually, he noticed that the boy was wearing the uniform of Hongguang Elementary School…

What followed was a lengthy stakeout and wait. Finally, his persistence paid off—he found him!

However, the child was heavily guarded and didn’t respond to any attempts to engage.

As the end of the term approached and the other children went on summer vacation, he was left with no progress. In desperation, he decided to track the boy to his home, hoping to communicate directly with his parents. Perhaps there was still a chance.

After all, living in an older apartment building like this, the family probably wasn’t particularly well-off.

If the child could earn money to contribute to the household, the parents would likely welcome the opportunity.

However, the situation veered off course. Wu Qian never met the child’s parents but ended up with a painful bruise on his head from being hit with an apple by the child’s sister. The pain was still lingering, and he wondered just how much force she used…

“That’s about it.” Wu Qian had come to realize that he was at a disadvantage, and he didn’t feel like struggling any further. He provided Jiang Fuyue with all the information she wanted to know.

Satisfied with his candor, Jiang Fuyue responded, “We will give this careful consideration.”

“When can you give me a definite answer?”


“Okay.” Wu Qian appreciated her straightforwardness.

At that moment, Jiang Chenxing had finished eating. The siblings left, leaving behind empty plates on the table for Wu Qian to settle the bill.

Back at home, Jiang Fuyue sat on the couch, and her younger brother stood in front of her, his head drooping like a wilted puppy.

“Do you want to go?” Without beating around the bush, Jiang Fuyue got straight to the point.

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