After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Persuading the Little Brother, Sister Discusses the Contract

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“I want to.” Little Brother Jiang nodded, his gaze intense.

He was a child without sharp edges, mild and harmonious, obedient and sensible. He never demanded or competed for anything, but this time, his determination was rare.

Jiang Fuyue suddenly became curious, “Do you understand live streaming? Do you know the current situation, default rules, and elimination system in this industry?”

Little Brother Jiang shook his head. He didn’t know, but…

“That uncle said as long as I sit in front of the camera and eat, it’s enough.” Innocent, simple, naive.

“Why do you want to do this?”

“The uncle said I can earn money. And all the food I eat is free, so I won’t need to spend money from home anymore…”

Jiang Fuyue rubbed his head gently and spoke in a gentle tone, “Our family has money and can afford it. You don’t need to save.”

“But…” Little Brother Jiang blinked his big eyes, “Wouldn’t it be better to save?”

Jiang Fuyue: “…” Such a young age, yet so frugal. He might have trouble finding a wife when he grows up!

“Sis, I also want to help the family earn money.” He blushed and pursed his lips. Unlike usual, he didn’t lower his gaze but instead mustered the courage to meet Jiang Fuyue’s eyes with a soft and timid determination. “Just like you.”

The storefront with unusually cheap rent, the considerable daily expenses, and the cost of dining out and bringing back late-night snacks were beyond what the few hundred yuan subsidies from math and science classes could cover.

Little Brother Jiang noticed all of this, but he never asked.

He knew his sister had her own ways of making money. Could he also do something?

Jiang Fuyue continued, “You can’t neglect your studies, be affected emotionally by online viewers, force yourself to eat things you don’t like or do things you don’t want to, and if you encounter difficulties or feel wronged, you need to tell me immediately. Can you do that?”

Little Brother Jiang’s eyes lit up, “Sis, you agree?!”

“Answer my question first.”

“I can do it!”


“But… will Mom and Dad agree?”

“I will talk to them.”

That night, the moonlight was bright, and the entire apartment building was enveloped in slumber.

Jiang Da and Han Yunru returned from closing the shop. They quietly opened the door and found their children sitting on the couch, both awake. They thought something major had happened.

Jiang Fuyue had her younger brother enter his room first, then invited their parents to sit down. She recounted the events of the day, explaining how Wu Qian had come to their home.

She also provided a brief introduction to the situation at the Yimi Talent Agency, the concept of “internet celebrities,” and the live streaming industry.

Thirty minutes later, the conversation ended, and Jiang Fuyue returned to her room.

Little Brother Jiang looked at her expectantly, his nervousness mixed with anticipation, “Sis…”

“Mom and Dad agreed.”


“But…” Jiang Fuyue’s tone shifted, “All the contract terms must be approved by me. If Wu Qian refuses to compromise on certain clauses, there’s a significant chance the negotiations might fall apart in the end. Be prepared, don’t get too excited too soon.”

“Okay,” Little Brother Jiang nodded, “I’ll listen to you. If the negotiations fall apart, it must be the other party’s fault.”

Jiang Fuyue playfully rubbed his forehead and praised, “Perfect understanding.”

The young boy blushed and lowered his head, smiling softly and tenderly.

The next day, they were back at the same restaurant, and Jiang Fuyue and her brother were already seated, waiting.

“Sorry, there was some traffic on the way. I arrived late,” Wu Qian apologized.

“It’s alright!” Jiang Chenxing replied.

Wu Qian smiled at him and handed over the menu, “What would you like to eat today? Order whatever you want, no need to be polite.”

“Thank you, Uncle, but we already had lunch.”

“I see… How about dessert then? Mango cake, perhaps? Or this soda? Would you like the large size?” Wu Qian was considerate.

“Really, there’s no need,” Jiang Chenxing smiled at him.

Wu Qian didn’t insist any further, turning his attention to Jiang Fuyue. Although there was kindness in his eyes, it was far from the warmth he had shown Jiang Chenxing.

Of course, Jiang Fuyue wasn’t used to being treated this way either. Instead of “gentleness” and “friendliness,” she hoped to see “fear” and “caution” in his eyes. That would allow her to confidently state her conditions and act resolutely.

Wu Qian asked, “Aren’t your parents coming?”

Jiang Fuyue shook her head, “I can make the decision.”

“So, the answer is?” The moment the question was asked, a trace of unnoticed unease flickered in the man’s eyes.

“We agree to the contract,” Jiang Fuyue replied.

Wu Qian’s face brightened.

“However, there are conditions,” Jiang Fuyue continued.

“What conditions?”

“I’ve reviewed the talent agency contract you sent last night. There are a few areas that need to be revised.”

A slight furrow appeared between Wu Qian’s eyebrows, “Tell me.”

“First, the duration is too long. Three years is definitely not possible. We can only accept a maximum of one year.”

“Secondly, after signing Jiang Chenxing, you can only represent him. You can’t sign anyone else.”

“Thirdly, protect his privacy and handle online comments.”

“Fourthly, you cannot force him to eat anything or a certain amount. If Jiang Chenxing objects, you must stop.”

“Fifthly, reduce the penalty for breach of contract by 60% from the original, and additionally, we request to add a clause for counterclaims. If the talent agency violates the contract, they will be held legally accountable.”

“The above five conditions correspond to the original clauses 10, 12, 16, 20, and 23 in the agency contract.”

After listening, Wu Qian couldn’t help but chuckle. He looked at Jiang Fuyue as if she were an unreasonable elementary school student.

“Chenxing’s sister, do you have some misunderstanding about the current talent agency? Not to mention that these selfish and detrimental clauses you propose have no precedent, even if they did, the company cannot change its standard contract for the sake of one person.”

“Why is it impossible?” Jiang Fuyue looked at him with composure. “All conditions are negotiable.”

“You have ideas, but I’m just a small talent agent, not the boss. I can’t make these decisions.”

“If you’re willing, the second and fourth conditions are not difficult.”

“I might be willing, but my willingness won’t make a difference. The rest of those conditions need the approval of the boss.”

“Do you have the CEO’s phone number?” Jiang Fuyue asked.

“What for?”

“The phone number of the CEO of Yi Mi Talent Agency. I want to talk to him directly.”


“Don’t worry, it won’t involve you.”

“I didn’t mean that…” In the end, Wu Qian gave her the CEO’s phone number. Jiang Fuyue dialed the number on the spot and then went to a corner to have the conversation.

It’s unclear what she said to the other end, but the whole process was calm. At least from Jiang Fuyue’s demeanor, it didn’t seem like a major conflict had occurred. She remained remarkably composed throughout.

Fifteen minutes later, the call ended, and Jiang Fuyue returned to her seat. She informed Wu Qian that everything was settled and asked him to prepare the new contract as soon as possible.

Wu Qian: “?” What just happened?

Then he received a message from his superior, confirming that Jiang Fuyue’s words were true.

Now that their goal was achieved, the siblings didn’t plan to linger any longer. After saying their goodbyes, they began to leave.

“Just a moment—” Wu Qian, realizing something, put away his phone and stopped them.

Jiang Fuyue paused and turned around.

“How did you manage to do that? It’s impossible… It’s completely unreasonable…”

“It is indeed unreasonable,” Jiang Fuyue nodded, admitting it herself.

But in the next instant, a faint smile graced her lips, and her tone suddenly shifted…

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