After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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Rong Qiu reflected for only two days and was released.

“Rong Qiu, come out. Can you continue with your missions?”

“Did you find out about the mecha incident?”

“I don’t know. Why ask so many questions? Just focus on your tasks.”

Rong Qiu was released in a daze, completely bewildered.

When he saw Chen Erfang again, Chen Erfang’s demeanor had changed drastically. Not only did he abandon his previous arrogance, but there was also a hint of fear. Later on, just a stare from Rong Qiu made Chen Erfang shiver.


Rong Qiu was puzzled.

Naturally, Rong Qiu wouldn’t think it was his doing. However, when he received a call from Qin Muye, he whispered in delight, “Chen Erfang has changed a lot in the past two days, much better.”

Qin Muye, reviewing topographic maps, didn’t take the Beta’s words seriously. “Better?”

If he hadn’t read all of Chen Erfang’s mission records, he might have believed this foolish Beta, thinking that the alpha had no ill intentions. He had never seen such a commander who would lead the mecha unit to death. If it weren’t for Rong Qiu’s skill, he would have lost his life under Chen Erfang’s command.

Thinking about how Chen Erfang wanted the Beta’s life, the suppressed impatience in Qin Muye surged up.

Rong Qiu, still humming on the other end of the phone, said, “It’s already much better~”

Qin Muye frowned.

What was this Beta cooing about, being all clingy?

Sensitive to the awkward atmosphere, the Beta hesitated for a few moments before couldn’t help but blurting out, “When Ah Ye is on a mission, be careful with your teammates. Many people are not what they seem, and that Chen Erfang, although he’s better now, was quite bad before. Last time, because of him, I even got spanked by the patrol team leader’s baton.”

The Beta’s original intention was to warn Qin Muye about his safety, but in just a few words, he sold Chen Erfang out again.

“You got hit by a baton?”

Rong Qiu had just “ah”ed when the call was abruptly disconnected.

Listening to the busy tone on his phone, Rong Qiu blinked.

He… hung up?

He nodded and tapped Qin Muye’s name in the contact list. Fifteen seconds later, the phone screen automatically went black.

As if that call had never happened.

But that was already good enough.

Ah Ye probably saw his call from yesterday, so he called back today.

The next day, Rong Qiu’s mood was somewhat subtle.

Because Chen Erfang was temporarily taken for a psychological test by the military district, and somehow, a lie detector was used. It seemed that the results were not good, and the leaders of the military district were furious, sending him to solitary confinement.

With Chen Erfang locked up, Rong Qiu’s partner was replaced with Zhou Jia.

Rong Qiu:…

Great, Zhou Jia was the last in the command department.

With Zhou Jia dragging him down, Rong Qiu’s ranking plummeted.

Three days later, Rong Qiu’s team was almost at the bottom!

That night, Rong Qiu was engaged in a pre-sleep “self-reflection.” He was thinking about how to cover Zhou Jia’s mouth, allowing himself to complete the mission independently. Honestly, he was better off acting alone than having Zhou Jia blindly giving orders on the side.

But this mission required cooperation between the command and combat departments.

Annoyed, Rong Qiu wrote a summary of the team’s tasks. Looking at Zhou Jia’s summary that was sent first, a long-winded three thousand words of nonsense, Rong Qiu couldn’t help but feel that Zhou Jia truly deserved the title of the dumbest commander in the command department.

Frustrated, he received a call from the man. The Beta was overjoyed.

Rong Qiu poured a glass of warm water and moistened his throat. He had been arguing with Zhou Jia whenever they met these days, and his throat was almost hoarse. He didn’t want Ah Ye to hear his unpleasant voice.

It took some time to moisten his throat, and by the time Rong Qiu answered the call, Qin Muye, who was in a special period, was already a bit impatient. However, hearing the Beta’s soft voice that still surrounded him like before, Qin Muye’s impatience diminished slightly.

The slow-witted Beta, however, was completely unaware.

In person, Qin Muye couldn’t discern his own emotions, let alone now, with such a distance between them, one on W Star in the east, the other on an unknown mission.

Rong Qiu liked to stare in a certain direction while making a call. Now, he tugged at the corner of his white shirt and fixed his gaze on the uniform sleeve with the standardized golden cross-shaped cufflink. His tone was soft, almost unnatural.

A series of greetings fell into the man’s ears like the softest clouds.

“Ah Ye, have you been working hard lately? Have you been sleeping well?”

Hearing Rong Qiu’s concern, Qin Muye responded with a faint “Mmm,” calm and indifferent. He casually leaned back in his chair, “How about you?”

—How about you.

In Rong Qiu’s heart, this was the man caring about him.

In a place where Qin Muye couldn’t see, Rong Qiu smiled happily.

Unfortunately, he had always been one to report good news and not troubles.

Rong Qiu only said that he was doing well, not mentioning anything about the issues with Zhou Jia. He even changed the subject, reminding Qin Muye to take care of himself in the West Zone.

Qin Muye listened quietly.

The gland on his back neck had just been injected with a sealing agent, but its effectiveness was minimal. His neck still felt warm, and his emotions became unstable. However, the crisp sound of the Beta’s voice, like pearls washed by water, with each word resonating silently, soothed his heart.

It was subtle; his restlessness during the susceptible period was alleviated.

Holding a cigarette in his hand, even the desire to smoke gradually subsided.

On the other end, Rong Qiu, thinking that Qin Muye was being bullied, became anxious.

“Is it your alpha partner bullying you?”

In that instant, Rong Qiu seemed like a fierce beast whose territory was violated, giving Qin Muye a strong feeling that if he was truly bullied, Rong Qiu would definitely show his claws to the target alpha.


Qin Muye put the expensive cigarette on the desk, paused, and calmly said, “So, you were troubled again?”

Rong Qiu:…

Don’t say “again.”

It makes him look weak.

Holding the phone, Rong Qiu said, “Not being bullied… it’s just that my teammate is too foolish.”

“Tell me.”

Stupid Beta always complained about others being foolish.

If Qin Muye wanted to know, Rong Qiu wouldn’t hide it.

Excluding the data that needed to be kept secret for the missions, Rong Qiu narrated the process of cooperating with Zhou Jia these days. Sometimes, not in detail, but Qin Muye picked up and continued to ask. Later on, he pouted and complained about Zhou Jia.

“Zhou Jia is different from Chen Erfang; he’s just a big fool in the command department, even reading the map wrong.”

Qin Muye listened while burying his head in the S-level omega data sent by his brother, a total of thirteen omegas. It made Qin Muye extremely annoyed.

Throwing the data aside, Qin Muye rubbed his eyebrows and suddenly said, “Do you want to change partners?”

Rong Qiu couldn’t help but laugh at Qin Muye’s words.

You can’t just change partners as you wish.

Ah Ye is so naive.

“No need.” Rong Qiu tried to comfort, “Zhou Jia neglects his duties just right. I can plan the tasks myself, and it’s more comfortable than having two people.”

“If you think it’s fine, then it’s fine.”

“Then I think it’s fine!”



Hearing Rong Qiu “hehe” again, Qin Muye’s eyebrows furrowed, and his voice maintained its distant and cold demeanor. “What are you laughing at?”

Stupid is as stupid does.

Clearly, he’s been wronged, yet he’s still laughing.

Rong Qiu stopped laughing instantly, but he was afraid that Ah Ye would find the conversation boring. He racked his brains and told Qin Muye all the interesting things he found. From having extra chicken drumsticks during lunch on W Star to lying by the window of the starship after taking a bath, looking at the galaxy nebula outside.

Qin Muye occasionally chimed in.

Rong Qiu became more spirited, like a child reporting interesting things to his parents after school. The soft voice carried a hint of sweetness in every word.

This feeling was really good.

He finally had someone he could call to share his troubles with.

Moreover, Ah Ye’s voice was really nice.

As Betas, both have soft voices, but even if Rong Qiu tried to raise his voice, it couldn’t match the quality. Qin Muye’s voice was completely different. His voice was like metal forged by countless fires, resonating magnetically with each utterance. Rong Qiu couldn’t describe the feeling in words, but it was just so A-class.

Sometimes, just listening to him talk made Rong Qiu’s legs feel weak.

As he continued talking, Rong Qiu mentioned the incident where he and Zhou Jia ranked thirtieth. Embarrassed, he pinched his flushed ear.

This time, it wasn’t shyness but embarrassment.

Since he entered A University, whether it was theoretical courses, mecha operations, or field missions, he had always been in the first place. Now he had dropped to thirtieth.

If this ranking continued, it could seriously affect his choice of military district after graduation.

Thinking that he might not be able to go to the first military district with Ah Ye, Rong Qiu felt like he had been poured with cold water.

Rong Qiu immediately straightened his chest and assured Qin Muye, “I will definitely not let Zhou Jia affect my ranking. Ah Ye, you can rest assured. I will definitely go to the first military district with you!”

Qin Muye:…

The Beta repeatedly emphasized the first military district, causing the previously smooth conversation to suddenly become awkward.

Rong Qiu, being silly, didn’t know what effect this sentence would have. He only heard a buzzing current sound on the other end, and the man’s breath became rapid. He even used a lower and huskier voice than usual to say, “Hang up.”

Reluctantly, Rong Qiu said, “Ah Ye seems tired! Make sure to rest well!”


After hanging up the phone, Rong Qiu still held the phone, savoring the conversation slowly.

But looking at the recording button on his phone, Rong Qiu suddenly regretted it. Ah Ye had been reassigned for a long time, and he couldn’t see him in person. Now he couldn’t even record his voice.


He was so stupid.

The little Beta slammed his head heavily into the pillow, and his long eyelashes couldn’t hide the regret in his eyes.


At this moment, in a private starship of the Fourth Military District.

The entire starship had a terrifying pheromone scent. Even A-level alpha guards with high pheromone levels couldn’t bear the suppression. The smell of agarwood outside the confinement room was even more intense. Due to the overwhelming pheromones, even the two trusted subordinates protecting Qin Muye were almost unable to bear it.

Zhao Qian, who was slightly younger, tightly held his legs, trying hard to keep himself steady. “Why hasn’t the doctor come yet?”

Brother Zheng comforted Zhao Qian, “Who could have expected the young master to enter the susceptible period so quickly? The accompanying doctors are all alphas; it’s possible that they might have been overwhelmed by the young master’s pheromones by now.”

S-level alphas are much rarer than S-level omegas, with only a few hundred S-level omegas in the current federation. The nominal S-level alpha is only their young master, and as for the fact that the young master is also an S-level alpha, they had only heard rumors before, not expecting his pheromone intensity to be comparable to the eldest young master’s.

The lingering pheromones from half an hour ago were already intoxicating; they had no idea what it would be like inside the confinement room.

It was nerve-wracking.

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