After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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Ten minutes later, two doctors finally arrived, appearing somewhat tardy.

“Why is there a Beta?”

The leading alpha doctor was panting heavily. He pushed the Beta doctor behind him and said, “All alphas are lying down by now, only the Betas can enter. Don’t worry; he belongs to our team.”

In the end, it was still the Beta who entered the confinement room.

Just as Qin Muye hung up Rong Qiu’s call, the doctors entered with their medical kits.

The confinement room was airtight, perfect for situations where pheromones suddenly went out of control, like Qin Muye’s. However, the pheromones of an S-level alpha were not something an ordinary person could withstand. If it weren’t for Qin Muye, on the first day of his susceptible period, being conscious and able to control the pheromones from not actively attacking, half of the alphas on this starship would probably have already fallen.

Even so, the alpha inside the confinement room was still fierce and unruly like a Shura.

Intense pheromones continuously overflowed from the back of his neck, round after round, seemingly never-ending.

Was this the high susceptible period of an S-level alpha?

But evidently, it wasn’t Qin Muye’s first time dealing with such a situation.

Alpha’s reactions during the susceptible period vary in intensity.

They are usually divided into high and low susceptible periods. Under normal circumstances, Qin Muye is in a low susceptible period where he can control his emotions even though he feels low and melancholic for three days.

High susceptible periods are different.

Uncontrolled, irritable, and an instinctive desire for destruction drive them to tear apart everything in front of them.

His usually neat and orderly military uniform was torn into a mess by the man. The cross-shaped silver buttons had been torn off at some point, losing their original shape. The powerful and muscular arm veins bulged, and if the Beta doctor dared to look up, he would see the pulsating meridians on them.

But the Beta doctor didn’t dare. He seemed as if facing the god of death.

Although he was a Beta, his susceptibility to pheromones was less than that of alphas and omegas. However, their young master was an S-level alpha, how could he compare to ordinary alphas?

The Beta doctor felt like he was facing death, sweating profusely.

What’s even more frightening is that even with the injection and soothing agents, their effectiveness was still minimal.

“What is the concentration of the pheromones?”

The Beta doctor shook his leg, looked down at the thermometer and test strips, and stammered, “Body temperature is slightly high, pheromones… pheromone concentration… has dropped by three percent.”

Compared to the previously quadrupled data, three percent was almost negligible.

The Beta doctor wiped his sweat and looked at the S-level omega’s information sheet on the table. Gathering courage, he suggested, “Actually, the pheromones of an S-level omega might be more effective for calming him down…”

Silence filled the room.

The Beta doctor pinched his leg hard to keep himself from fainting in the sudden eruption of alpha pheromones.

Too terrifying, the young master’s pheromones had increased again.

“Get out.”


The doctor fled with the medical kit, leaving the alpha alone in the confinement room, holding a lighter. The thick metal casing in his palm was already deformed, but his gaze was coldly fixed on the thin sheets of paper.

Searching for an S-level omega, huh…


Except for avoiding work, Zhou Jia was better in every aspect than the previous Chen Erfang. But whether it was Rong Qiu’s illusion or not, Zhou Jia seemed not to like him. Even though he greeted him with a smile every day, there was always a hint of dislike leaking through.

Moreover, Zhou Jia seemed to be testing something, asking him openly and secretly about Chen Erfang’s affairs, and even inquiring about the person supporting him from behind. But knowing he was an orphan, the dislike and mockery on his face were unabashed.

Rong Qiu couldn’t help but find it amusing.

Who does he have to support him?

After finishing his diary and stretching in the evening, it was just ten o’clock.

Professor Ren, who was far away on Planet A, called him.

“Teacher, is there something urgent for you to call so late?”

Professor Ren brought good news, “I have a student, your predecessor, a senior. He recently got transferred from District One to District Thirteen. The house he had there is no longer needed, and he is eager to sell it. I took a look, and the house is quite good, just a bit larger than your expected budget.”

Rong Qiu was very happy, “How much is the price?”

After hearing Professor Ren’s answer, Rong Qiu silently calculated in his heart.

Indeed, it was a bit more than the money he had on hand, but hearing Professor Ren say that the house had a good location, was a detached small building, quiet, and elegant, Rong Qiu instantly overlooked the issue of price.

“Sure, I just don’t have that much money on hand. Can the senior accept installment payments? I can prepay 80% now.”

Professor Ren smiled, “I’ll help you with the remaining 20%, and you can slowly repay me when you work in District One in the future.”

Rong Qiu originally didn’t want to trouble him, but Professor Ren’s manner of handling people and things was exceptionally gentle. In just a few words, Rong Qiu agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Rong Qiu felt sweet and happy.

However, he thought about his bank account soon to be emptied, and his instincts, like a hamster hoarding food, made him a bit uneasy.

It seemed like he had to find a way to make money.

Rong Qiu accumulated most of the money to buy the house during university, relying on his skill in repairing mechas. Now, he planned to compress his time again. Fortunately, the search and rescue missions were coming to an end, reducing the daily task hours from twelve to six. This gave Rong Qiu extra time to repair mechas for the people of W Star.

Rong Qiu not only knew how to repair mechas but also engage in legal mecha modifications when the regulations allow.

After showcasing his skills, many influential alphas on W Star approached him privately. These alphas had money and usually enjoyed modifying civilian mechas, such as organizing various mecha racing competitions. Even though W Star was still recovering from the disaster, the lives of the upper echelons were not greatly affected.

Mecha racing competitions continued as usual.

Rong Qiu’s task was to repair their mechas. If they paid well, he could even enhance the speed of their mechas.

Furthermore, Rong Qiu even acted as a representative for one of the alphas in a race.

He easily lapped the second-place contestant by one and a half rounds.

In just ten days, Rong Qiu had accumulated nearly seven figures in savings.

Knowing that the Beta could earn money, Zhou Jia felt envious yet sour. His family wasn’t wealthy, and he joined A University just to pass the time. Sucking up to Su Ran was only because Su Ran had money. However, with Su Ran going on missions recently, Zhou Jia had less time to butter him up, and his other thoughts became more active.

So, Zhou Jia anonymously reported Rong Qiu.

But this fell into a sensitive area. They were still students, not actual soldiers stationed in the military district. Therefore, Rong Qiu’s time after completing the mission belonged to his private life, and the military district wouldn’t typically impose strict controls.

However, they hoped Rong Qiu would be mindful of the impact and preferably not go out without authorization.

Rong Qiu didn’t quite understand.

After asking a couple of questions, Rong Qiu finally understood the implication. It seemed he had been anonymously reported…

Rong Qiu: …

He couldn’t go out to repair mechas anymore.


Seeing Rong Qiu having some free time, Zhou Jia, feeling the sweetness of reporting, went to complain to Su Ran again.

Unexpectedly, after Su Ran learned about Rong Qiu’s abilities, he personally came to ask if Rong Qiu could modify the mechas Su Ran brought. Su Ran had also participated in the mecha racing competition organized by the W Star alpha group. He had consistently been in first place, but in last night’s race, he was overtaken by someone by one and a half laps.

Su Ran didn’t know that the person who surpassed him was Rong Qiu. Still, he secretly had someone investigate and found out that the mecha that had defeated him before was modified by Rong Qiu, achieving frightening speeds.

So, to get Rong Qiu to modify his mecha, Su Ran directly offered a sky-high price.

Thinking that Rong Qiu would still play hard to get, he didn’t expect the Beta to agree so easily.

Scratching his head, Su Ran seemed unbelieving, “Wait a minute… You’ll fix it properly, right? You won’t leave any parts missing from my mecha?”

Rong Qiu chuckled, “If you don’t trust me, forget it. I’ll fix it for someone else.”


Su Ran frowned, “No, fix mine! If you just modify it for me, I’ll pay you double! It’s just money, and I have plenty.”

Zhou Jia, who was sour behind Su Ran, couldn’t stand it, “Young Master Su, there’s no need to give him so much money.”

Rong Qiu raised an eyebrow, looking at Zhou Jia behind Su Ran, and sarcastically smiled, “Alright.”

After this incident, Rong Qiu roughly figured out who had anonymously reported him.

Although Rong Qiu was gentle by nature, he remembered the grudges he should.

Zhou Jia often slacked off during tasks, and Rong Qiu faithfully recorded it in the summary documents. Zhou Jia, unlike him, had been in the bottom for three years. If he got low scores again this time, Zhou Jia might have to repeat a grade.


The tasks on W Star quickly entered their final stage, and the starship hall.

There were 320 fourth-year students from A University gathered here.

Rong Qiu’s seat was in the last row, surrounded by alphas. However, his posture was more upright than theirs, and his clear blue-amber eyes exuded a mild yet powerful clarity.

From his perspective, he could see Qin Muye’s tall figure in the first row. How could the Beta have such a strong presence? A lonely figure like his back made people shudder.

Looking at this figure, whether it was his illusion or not, he felt an inexplicable scent of agarwood in the disinfectant water.

Although faint, there was a trace.

It seemed that when people smelled this scent, they could imagine the deep and intense features of a man, with strong and assertive eyebrows and eyes.

Now, smelling this scent, Rong Qiu’s mood suddenly improved, and a warm smile appeared on his lips.

The vice president of A University was holding a concluding meeting for the W-star mission. People from the military district were also present. When it was the turn of the G-star military district to summarize, the leading alpha looked somewhat pale.

The military’s discrimination against the second gender, especially the Betas, was particularly severe.

Qin Muye came from a prestigious family, and those in high positions in the military district were well aware of it. However, Rong Qiu was different—a skinny beta, yet surprisingly, he was the second in this mission.

The alpha officers in the military district were “praising” him, calling Rong Qiu’s name several times, but he showed no reaction. 

The third repetition of Rong Qiu’s name caught everyone’s attention, and even Qin Muye, who had stood up at the front without notice, turned to look at him. 

Rong Qiu was momentarily stunned, meeting Qin Muye’s gaze directly. 

The man’s eyes were gray with a hint of black, creating a noticeable distance due to the low saturation. 

Cold, reserved, and carrying an aura of restraint.

Qin Muye’s expression seemed to be questioning why Rong Qiu was daydreaming.

Rong Qiu’s smile froze.

Perhaps feeling that it was inappropriate to smile in this situation, he stood up with a slight movement and took advantage of this gap to straighten the folded corner of his clothes. At the same time, he suppressed his smile.

Only then did the meeting continue, but the atmosphere changed dramatically.

Rather than a commendation ceremony, it seemed more like a meeting to vent hostility towards the Betas.

Rong Qiu realized this belatedly.

His appearance had created a ripple effect, but unlike the students from A University, the military district alphas were ruthless and overbearing. The more outstanding Rong Qiu was, the stronger the alphas’ animosity towards the Beta.

It was truly ridiculous and absurd.

If they didn’t want to commend him, they could defeat him in the mission. In the current situation, they were all giants in words but dwarfs in action.

But the disdainful attitude of the military officers from the Fourth Military District towards Rong Qiu did not seem to be an issue for everyone present.

Even Qin Muye was unaware.

Because this was a silent bullying specifically targeting the Beta.

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