After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 18

Chapter 18

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In the evening, Rong Qiu, who had finished writing his diary, lay on the bed, feeling physically tired. His mind, however, was still active, recalling the day’s meeting, and the replay extended to other thoughts.

Zhou Jia was publicly criticized, and the college even issued a notification for his retention.

Well, he felt satisfied.

As for the contempt he faced at the commendation ceremony, he had gotten used to it.

He was no longer as easily stung as he was in the beginning.

He still remembered when he was in the orphanage, those adopted were always either alphas or the Betas who had differentiated. He had been adopted by a family because of his obedient and well-behaved nature. However, when he turned thirteen and differentiated into a Beta, he was eventually sent back by that family.

“If it’s a Beta, no matter how good-looking, what’s the use?”

“In the future, you can only go to an ordinary Beta school, you little waste.”

“Do you have any other undifferentiated children here? We’re returning this Beta kid.”

—Little waste


He was like a defective product, abandoned by his foster parents.

Gradually, as disappointments accumulated, he realized that maybe it was because of his Beta second gender that he didn’t deserve to have precious candies one after another.

Rong Qiu sighed lightly, pulled the pillow from the back of his neck, held it in his arms, and gently pinched it. His sadness gradually dissipated with the movement of his hands.

But he had the best Ah Ye now; he shouldn’t be sad.

Yeah, not sad.


A new mission was about to be announced, and this time, it was on M Star.

The next morning, Rong Qiu, who was notified to attend a meeting, reignited his hopes.

He splashed water on his face with a clear mind.

If only he could be paired with Ah Ye in the draw this time.

Unfortunately, luck still didn’t favor Rong Qiu. The M Star bandit operation was a joint large-scale action of two departments, and the grouping was not detailed. He became a small team leader in the Combat Department, with a captain above him and three squad leaders.

But as a consolation, Ah Ye happened to be the overall team leader of the mission—

Qin Ye, Beta, a fourth-year student majoring in Command at A University.

Overall team leader of Mission KJ963 on M Star, enjoying Level 1 permissions.

Looking at the personnel arrangement in his hands, Rong Qiu, forgetting that he was the first in the combat department and should have been the captain, stared at the thin sheet of paper. It was as if he were confirming whether it was true or false. Once he confirmed that it was indeed real, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Ah Ye was really amazing.

When the meeting ended, Rong Qiu waited outside for a long time just to wait for Qin Muye.

He had a lot to say to the man.

Like praising Ah Ye for being amazing, or revealing some of his thoughts about missing him.

However, he didn’t get a chance to say the best words in advance. After a brief greeting, Qin Muye was taken away by the military personnel. On both sides were alphas holding firearms, wearing military uniforms, and their imposing aura was exceptionally grand.

The military took only Ah Ye away, but they treated the man with more respect than necessary, showing no signs of harassment.

Rong Qiu stood there foolishly.

Slightly later, Su Ran, who came out after Qin Muye, patted Rong Qiu’s shoulder carelessly. “Finally feeling the gap between you and Ah Ye?”

Ah Ye was the second S-class alpha in the history of the Federation, second only to Brother Zexi. If Brother Qin hadn’t been persecuted by several major families back then, the news of Ah Ye being a special A-class alpha would have been publicized long ago.

However, Rong Qiu didn’t understand the meaning in Su Ran’s words.

He thought Su Ran was referring to the different treatments they received as Betas.

Rong Qiu wasn’t bothered by this.

At that moment, as he watched Qin Muye being escorted away by a group of soldiers, he felt genuinely happy for the man. “This is good.”

Rong Qiu’s sincerity made Su Ran choke on the sarcastic words he had intended to say.

However, the awkwardness quickly dissipated. Su Ran shrugged, proudly displaying the shoulder insignia of the squad leader on his shoulders in front of Rong Qiu. “See my badge? Remember to listen to me during missions, Little Captain Rong~”

Captain Rong looked casually at his silver badge. “Oh.”

Su Ran widened his eyes. “Just ‘Oh’? Aren’t you angry? Your big captain has been taken by another alpha!”

“You seem to really want me to be angry.”

Su Ran stamped his foot. “Is this the way you talk to your squad leader and platoon leader? Ah Ye is the overall captain now. There’s an unbridgeable gap between you two. Besides, Ah Ye is thriving in the military district like a fish in water. As for you, with one rejection after another, sooner or later, you’ll be abandoned by Ah Ye.”

Rong Qiu corrected him with a sigh, “Stop talking nonsense!”

Rong Qiu rubbed his fists, a bit of fatigue showing on his face, but his eyes were bright. “The distance between Ah Ye and me won’t be far.”

Because he would forever chase after the man’s footsteps.

Rong Qiu’s departing figure was resolute. Su Ran rubbed his eyes forcefully, feeling like his vision was impaired. Surprisingly, the silhouette of the beta had a hint of Ah Ye’s scent.

Su Ran completely couldn’t understand Rong Qiu.

This beta was both sharp and soft. While everyone else still had a sense of attachment, he, who didn’t know Ah Ye’s identity, simply gave all his tenderness to Ah Ye.

In a certain moment, Su Ran suddenly understood why Ah Ye was unwilling to part with the beta.

Ah Ye was being resolutely chosen by the beta.

If it were him, it seemed like he wouldn’t let go either.

But then, what did it matter?

Ah Ye and the beta would eventually part ways.

Su Ran raised an eyebrow, and the faint envy that had risen dissipated when he turned his head.


Qin Muye has been very busy lately.

And it’s much busier than what he could imagine.

Relying on the connections and power accumulated by his brother in the military district, he naturally had a good life. However, to secure the position of overall captain in this recent mission against the bandits, it also relied on his own strength.

Three copies of the plan had already been issued.

Relying on the meticulous plan, he convinced the person in charge of the military district, who happened to be one of his brother’s former teachers.

Now he was being escorted to the command center.

M Star was a famous oceanic system in the Federation, with ninety percent covered by azure seas. Sparse population, vast land, and not too many resources. It’s only advantage was being a hub station in the nearby planetary belt.

When the A Star ship landed in the safety zone near M-star, it was pouring rain locally. Star pirates took advantage of this season’s rainfall to occupy M-star’s largest port.

According to the latest data provided by the locals, star pirates had already controlled thirty percent of the population, with a stronghold in the central port command room.

Qin Muye’s plan was to arrange two groups of troops—one pretending to attack the western dock of the harbor, and the other flanking to attack the command room of the star pirates.

The current problem was how to choose the personnel for the team attacking the dock. It didn’t need to escalate into actual combat, but it required proficient piloting of mechs to divert most of the star pirates’ attention.

Actually, the analysts below had already handed him the suitable leader for the attacking team, including Rong Qiu.

But Qin Muye temporarily held back.

After the people left, Qin Muye still stared at the three-dimensional map on the screen and the dense red dots representing the gathering of star pirate mechs. A few strands of struggle flickered across his cold brows.

This mission wouldn’t be easy.

In simple terms, it was a target to attract the firepower of the star pirates.

And Rong Qiu, in a certain sense, was indeed suitable.

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