After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 4

Chapter 4

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Rong Qiu accepted the money Qin Muye gave him, but he didn’t spend a penny of it. As usual, it all went into his bank account.


Buy oat milk?

Why did Ah Ye suddenly want to drink oat milk?

Rong Qiu hadn’t tried this kind of milk before, so he searched online. After reading the information, Rong Qiu’s mouth formed a perfect “O” shape. He didn’t think much about it.

Holding his phone, Rong Qiu stared blankly for a while before slowly lifting his eyes.

So, lactose-intolerant people could drink oat milk.

The Beta felt sweet inside.


In the following three days, Qin Muye didn’t contact Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu knew his “habit.” Even if he wanted to see him, he would suppress his longing with other things.

As he walked out of class one day, someone suddenly called his name. Rong Qiu was dazed for a moment, and a tall boy on the other side greeted him.

There was still a pheromone-suppressing patch on his neck.

Seemingly an alpha.

But why would an alpha call him?

As the alpha met eyes with Rong Qiu, he hurriedly ran over. Seeing that Rong Qiu didn’t recognize him, the alpha pointed to his own face anxiously, “That night three days ago, you and the security guard saved me from the ground. I’m that alpha.”

That night, the alpha was so drunk that his face was distorted, and due to the dim lighting, Rong Qiu didn’t observe his appearance. Fortunately, the alpha had a clean and neat crew cut, allowing Rong Qiu to make out his rough silhouette.

Rong Qiu suddenly realized, “Oh, it’s you.”

The alpha nodded happily, “I’ve been looking for Senior Little Qiu for a long time. Finally met you today.”

Rong Qiu felt embarrassed by his enthusiasm. He noticed the distinctive green shoulder patch on the alpha, different from his own. With a smile, he asked, “Are you a freshman?”

“Yeah! Freshman from the Command Department.”

The young student liked him a lot, being honest and shy. Due to the military training that had just ended last week, his skin was sun-kissed. However, his eyes sparkled when he smiled, like seeing an idol.

Rong Qiu laughed again, a bit self-conscious, and suddenly reminded, “Don’t release pheromones.”

Otherwise, Ah Ye might not be pleased if he smells them.

Although he didn’t know if he would meet Ah Ye today, being cautious wouldn’t hurt.

The excited alpha obediently said, “Oh,” and quickly handed the gift bag he had prepared in advance to Rong Qiu, “A thank-you gift for Senior Brother Little Qiu.”

Rong Qiu chuckled, declining, “No need, it’s what senior brothers should do for junior brothers.”

“It’s not anything valuable, just milk produced in my hometown, Planet R. I’m sharing half of it with Senior Brother Little Qiu.”

The ranch on Planet R was particularly famous, with a well-developed livestock industry and excellent milk quality.

It was just a pity that Rong Qiu was lactose intolerant.

Rong Qiu nudged him, “I can’t drink milk.”

The alpha stood there in disappointment, despite being a tall figure of 1.8 meters, looking somewhat dejected like a big dog.

Rong Qiu softened a bit. Without waiting for him to be consoled, the alpha rallied again, “Then next time, I’ll bring cheese for Senior Brother Little Qiu! Those of us who can’t drink milk, eat cheese. Senior Brother Little Qiu, rest assured, the taste of cheese is not inferior to milk! I’ll have my parents send it with a refrigerated delivery!”

“Uh, no need to trouble yourself.” Rong Qiu, watching him talk so much, quickly declined, “Actually, I’m not that fond of dairy products.”

And what’s with the refrigerated box? It’s too much trouble.

Rong Qiu didn’t want to unnecessarily burden someone with gratitude, and he also didn’t want to hurt the alpha’s goodwill. After all, the alpha had been rejected repeatedly, and his originally high spirits visibly dropped.

Rong Qiu understood the discomfort of being rejected, so he patiently explained.

When Su Ran went downstairs, he happened to see this scene.

He didn’t care much about how Rong Qiu felt, but Rong Qiu usually kept to himself. Now, how could he be chatting and laughing with an alpha? Moreover, this alpha looked quite good, and the blue shoulder patch indicated he was a new freshman alpha.

A newcomer…

He remembered that when Ah Ye first entered school, Rong Qiu was also sticking closely to Qin Muye like this.

What’s wrong with this beta?

Just likes to eat tender grass?

This is getting interesting.

Su Ran enjoyed watching the fun and took a photo, sending it to Qin Muye.

Su Ran: [Picture].jpg

Su Ran: Tsk tsk, look at someone’s beta, hooking up with a new junior.

Qin Muye had just finished class, and he was in better condition than the alphas in his class. Among the dizzy and confused alphas, he, as a “beta,” stood out with exceptional steadiness.

When he saw the message from his friend, his originally cold demeanor was suddenly shattered.

In the photo, Rong Qiu and a tall boy stood close together, about an arm’s length apart. Qin Muye didn’t recognize this boy, but Su Ran was familiar.

Su Ran: I just asked; he’s a freshman who just entered this year, named Chu Ming. Quite a handsome guy, I guess that beta has already been charmed~

Qin Muye didn’t believe that Rong Qiu would have any ambiguous relationships with others.

However, the intimacy in the photo between the two was undeniably genuine.

The man with the crew cut looked downcast, and Rong Qiu appeared nervous, clearly trying to placate someone.

Rong Qiu soothing someone else?

Qin Muye’s possessiveness surged.

An inexplicable sense of pressure shocked the surrounding alphas. Everyone instinctively touched their necks, the alarm in their hearts raised, and their gazes unanimously focused on Qin Muye’s face.

Although he was a beta, his aura was fierce enough to be lethal.


Rong Qiu and Chu Ming were still chatting, and for him, the communication between them was very harmonious.

Apart from his mentor Professor Ren, there were very few alphas who made him feel this comfortable.

Previously, the alphas he encountered were arrogant and used their high-level pheromones to dominate the campus. They even bullied him.

The suppression of non-top-tier alpha pheromones on betas is extremely limited. So, this group of alphas decided to test him in different ways. During exams, they intentionally kicked his chair from behind, swapped his water during physical training, and engaged in a constant back-and-forth. 

After a while, he had had enough.

Even someone with a soft temper would take drastic measures when annoyed.

So, during a boxing class when Su Ran, the leading alpha, provoked him, Rong Qiu took action and dealt with those unruly alphas. The commotion was significant, he wasn’t hurt, but several alphas were left bleeding by his hands.

The department leaders had to intervene in the end.

Still, they sided with the alphas.

Raised high, gently lowered.

He admitted his mistake, and alphas, led by Su Ran, had to write self-reflections. Fortunately, after that, the alphas didn’t dare to provoke him anymore. Rong Qiu had gained a few years of peaceful life.

But Chu Ming was different from the alphas Rong Qiu had encountered before – sincere, enthusiastic, and he could easily understand this alpha’s thoughts.

Like now, the alpha asked him softly if he could seek guidance on their shared coursework.

Before Rong Qiu could respond with a “yes,” a familiar figure at the corner of the tree shade instantly grabbed all his attention.

It was Ah Ye!

Rong Qiu stared straight at the approaching man.

Qin Muye was tall and had long legs. The simple uniform on him turned into a high-end custom-made outfit, but the clothes couldn’t conceal the radiance of the person. Especially the man’s high and straight nose, deep eye sockets, and the specks of light filtering through the lush branches and falling into his naturally deep eyes – it was like an oil painting, rich and colorful.

As the man approached step by step, Rong Qiu instantly became nervous.

Is Ah Ye looking for him?

But he’s all sweaty now, would he smell bad? Rong Qiu’s heart raced like gears “clicking” and turning at their peak when the man was half a meter away from him.

“Ah Ye.”

“Su Ran.”

Qin Muye and Rong Qiu passed by without stopping.

And behind Rong Qiu, Su Ran, who had emerged earlier, was already waving to Qin Muye, showing off or teasing. In any case, his voice was surprisingly loud, reaching Rong Qiu’s eardrums, “Ah Ye! I’m here!”

The man responded with a low “Mmm,” his voice suppressed, but Rong Qiu still heard it clearly.

Ah Ye didn’t come to find him.

The gears that had been orderly turning in Rong Qiu’s mind instantly shattered into countless pieces of discarded components, joining the black, muddy puddle as invisible raindrops. In an instant, they turned into a muddy mess.

Due to his second gender, Rong Qiu mostly preferred to be alone. When he and Qin Muye decided on their relationship, Rong Qiu had imagined whether they would receive blessings from others after going public. 

However, Qin Muye suggested keeping it private, and Rong Qiu didn’t even consider this question.

Ah Ye was a loner, a beta who didn’t like others prying into his private affairs. Their relationship was known only to the annoying alpha Su Ran.

Su Ran had been working hard to separate them…

And it was still the same now.

Su Ran, like a triumphant rooster, proudly led Qin Muye away from him.

Rong Qiu’s head drooped even lower.

The quietness of his senior brother left Chu Ming puzzled, “Senior Brother Little Qiu… Are you okay?”

The Beta breathed a long sigh, “I’m heading back now. If you have any difficulties with your studies, feel free to ask me.”

However, with a hidden concern in his heart, Rong Qiu forgot to leave his contact information.

His long lashes drooped, and he quickly left.


Rong Qiu was not feeling well at all.

Maybe it was the hot weather, or perhaps he wasn’t in the right state today due to lack of sleep last night. In any case, on the way back, Qin Muye’s cold face repeatedly appeared in Rong Qiu’s mind.

The man’s dark eyes held no trace of him.

It was like reaching out to touch the moon, only to discover that it was just a reflection in the water, something you couldn’t touch or grasp.

Walking with such a low and despondent mood, Rong Qiu suddenly collided with a wall of warmth.

The acridity at the tip of his nose spread instantly, and even his eye sockets turned red due to the tears.


“Watch where you’re going.”

A familiar cold and stern voice came.

Rong Qiu, still stunned and drowsy, looked up at the man in front of him.

Qin Muye, looking at the bewildered beta, suddenly felt a surge of possessiveness. He pinched the wet redness at the corner of Rong Qiu’s eyes with his fingertips. The mocking tone in his voice couldn’t hide his sarcasm.

“What’s wrong? Can’t walk properly today after meeting the new junior?”

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