After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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With Qin Muye gently touching the corner of his eyes, the dry fingertips made Rong Qiu’s eyes itchy. Rong Qiu blinked, and his curled and slender eyelashes moved with it.

He hadn’t been unable to walk properly after seeing another junior.

Rong Qiu thought for a moment, looking at the handsome man, and honestly admitted, “It’s just that I couldn’t walk properly after seeing Ah Ye.”

The beta was straightforward with his affectionate words.

Qin Muye’s fingertips, touching the corner of Rong Qiu’s eyes, instantly retracted.

The man’s ear tips turned slightly red. “I never realized you were so eloquent.”

Suddenly “praised,” Rong Qiu couldn’t help but burst into a big smile.

“Isn’t Ah Ye supposed to be having lunch with Su Ran? Why did you come back?”

Qin Muye didn’t answer the beta’s question. “How did you meet Chu Ming?”

Rong Qiu’s pupils sparkled. “A few days ago, you mentioned I had the scent of alpha pheromones on me; it was actually his.”

Ignoring his tingling nose, Rong Qiu reached out to grab Qin Muye’s arm, fearing the man would push him away. As a result, his outstretched fingertips drew a comical circle in the air. Unaware of this, he stared at Qin Muye with a pair of clear and attractive eyes.

Rong Qiu lifted his head, continuing to explain in a low voice, “But it should be gone this time. I told him not to release pheromones randomly. Don’t you believe me, Ah Ye? Check it if you don’t.”

After saying this, the beta tiptoed forward.

Qin Muye’s gaze passed over Rong Qiu’s beautiful face. The beta’s features were delicate and appealing, and his fair face had a thin layer of sweat mist due to the hot weather. His wet and shiny forehead, even the eyelashes were dewy with moisture.

The beta’s lips were slightly open, seemingly enticing.

Pure desire and ambiguity.

Perhaps it was intentionally enticing.

After all, the beta had too many seduction techniques in bed.

Qin Muye regained his composure, maintaining an upright posture.

But his arm subtly pulled Rong Qiu back about a foot.

Slightly pushed away, Rong Qiu’s slightly open lips closed.

Ah Ye didn’t check, huh.

Thinking of something, he suddenly withdrew awkwardly. “Better not smell.”

I just came back, haven’t taken a shower, and I’m all sweaty.

Although Ah Ye didn’t say it, he must find it very unpleasant.

Rong Qiu knew Qin Muye’s cleanliness. After bringing him to his dorm, Ah Ye turned on the air conditioner, ordered takeaway from the place he liked, and then took his clothes to the bathroom to wash.

Rong Qiu’s body was covered in fresh water vapor, and facing the air conditioner, his skin felt cool, like applying highly concentrated peppermint water.

Wow, it’s so comfortable.

Seeing Ah Ye’s phone on his desk, Rong Qiu knew Ah Ye would come back.

He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s nice.

He thought Ah Ye would only go to lunch with Su Ran, but he didn’t expect him to come looking for him at noon.

He even waited in front of his dormitory.

So, did Ah Ye push Su Ran away and choose him?

Hehe, so happy.

Qin Muye came back quickly.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Rong Qiu lifting his clothes to blow in front of the air conditioner, exposing a white waist.

Seeing him, he chuckled foolishly.

After taking another look, he casually put down Rong Qiu’s phone and the takeaway, and asked indifferently, “Didn’t you add Chu Ming’s phone number?”

Rong Qiu, still holding the posture of lifting his clothes, looked a bit regretful. “No, I forgot to give him my number in a hurry.”

Qin Muye raised an eyebrow at Rong Qiu. “Do you want to add him?”

The words spoken made Qin Muye annoyed at himself for probing.

Why did he care so much about a bed partner?

“If you want to add, then add.”


He emphasized again, “It has nothing to do with me.”


Rong Qiu blinked, touched his cooled belly, and fell into confusion.


The beta didn’t understand.

Thought about it all night and still didn’t understand.

Chu Ming was Ah Ye’s direct junior, and Rong Qiu liked Chu Ming’s personality.

Since entering A University, Rong Qiu rarely encountered an alpha so sincere, innocent, and unpretentious.

Finally, Rong Qiu made up his mind. He wouldn’t add Chu Ming’s contact for now. If Chu Ming had any questions, he could come to him in person. If he could help, he would; if he couldn’t, he would decline.

After figuring it out, Rong Qiu’s attention during class was much more focused the next day.

Unfortunately, during the break, Rong Qiu’s alpha desk mate turned out to be Su Ran.

To be precise, Su Ran came to provoke him again.

Su Ran had a foul temper. Before Ah Ye came to A University, he liked to team up with alphas in the class to provoke him. Later, when Rong Qiu beat them up during a boxing class, Su Ran improved a lot.

But it was just a slight improvement. Su Ran would still give him a bad face whenever he felt like it.

Now Su Ran forced his desk mate to move to the back.

Rong Qiu, ignoring the alpha, didn’t lift his eyes to acknowledge him.

Although Su Ran was Ah Ye’s good friend.

But if he could, Rong Qiu really hoped Ah Ye could break off ties with Su Ran. Rong Qiu had long noticed that Su Ran played around a lot outside. He had even been lucky enough to witness a few omegas clutching their stomachs and coming over to force a palace coup.

Although it was later proven to be a fake pregnancy, several omegas did the same. It was enough to make Rong Qiu’s impression of Su Ran plummet.

Ah Ye couldn’t be influenced by Su Ran.

Seeing that Rong Qiu didn’t give him a proper look, Su Ran got angry again.

What’s an ordinary beta acting so proud for?

In Su Ran’s eyes, Rong Qiu had nothing good. Poor family background, and a beta that couldn’t match with alphas. Besides giving his whole heart to his friend, he didn’t have any other merits.

But even this wasn’t considered a merit.

In Su Ran’s view, the beta was just a short-term diversion for his friend.

Once his friend recovered his true alpha status, Rong Qiu wouldn’t even rank high in his friend’s priorities.

Alphas from such large families doesn’t need to wait until they reach a certain age. The family patriarch will arrange suitable omegas for them.

Maybe Brother Zexi has already started looking.

Thinking about this, Su Ran’s mood improved.

Su Ran was smug. “You must have felt really bad when Ah Ye didn’t look at you properly yesterday. I saw you wanted to greet him, but Ah Ye just passed by you. Being ignored by someone, isn’t that a great feeling?”

Su Ran knew best how to hurt Rong Qiu’s feelings.

The grudge from three years ago, when he beat him up, still lingered.

But Rong Qiu just glanced at him lightly and then rolled his eyes in a not-so-obvious manner.

He was not ignored by Ah Ye.

Ah Ye waited for him in front of his dormitory.

Seeing that Rong Qiu didn’t react and even rolled his eyes at him, Su Ran tried to provoke Rong Qiu through other means, such as bringing up Chu Ming, whom Rong Qiu encountered yesterday.

“Do you only like newly enrolled male students?”


“If Ah Ye can’t satisfy you, are you going to find a newly enrolled alpha?”


“How about it? Have you tried going to bed with him? Is he bigger or Ah Ye? Which one is more comfortable?”

If people had assigned colors, Su Ran would surely be yellow.

Rong Qiu’s fist clenched under his words. “Not everyone is as filthy as you.”


Su Ran sneered. “Aren’t you just lusting after Ah Ye’s body? How about this, break up with Ah Ye now, and I’ll immediately find you ten alphas like Chu Ming, guaranteeing each one will make you happy.”

Rong Qiu’s expression remained dignified and serious.

But even though waves of emotions surged in his heart, Rong Qiu’s face remained calm.

“I don’t understand why you want Ah Ye and me to break up so much. Since you found out that Ah Ye and I are together, you’ve said countless times that we don’t match.”

“Tsk, you really don’t match.”

“But what’s incompatible between two betas?”

Rong Qiu’s pupils hid a calm blue sea. “Ah Ye and I are both betas. I know better than you how betas can love and live together. In other words, please, as an alpha, don’t interfere in matters between us betas.”

Rong Qiu’s words came crashing down like a storm. Su Ran widened his eyes.

Not only did Rong Qiu retort, but he also separated him and Ah Ye into different camps.

What did he mean by matters between betas?

And alphas weren’t allowed to intervene?

Su Ran, who was clearly also an alpha, was the one who understood alphas the most!

For a moment, Su Ran’s blood boiled.

The words of rebuttal were on the tip of his tongue, but reason pulled him back.

No, he couldn’t say it now.

He had to keep his friend’s alpha identity secret, and it couldn’t be exposed until graduation.

But if Brother Zexi knew…

Brother Zexi would definitely not let such a beta stay by Ah Ye’s side.

The Alpha raised his head and sneered.

He looked at the disadvantaged beta and his frustration quickly turned into malice.

“You wait, Ah Ye will definitely break up with you!” Su Ran issued a final warning. “No, at the latest by graduation, Ah Ye will break up with you!”

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