After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Su Ran’s words were venomous.

Rong Qiu would rather Su Ran curse him with failing an exam than wish for this.

He actually cursed that he and Qin Ye would break up.

In that moment, the veins on Rong Qiu’s back of his hand twisted, and the usually smooth and warm outline of his lips turned angular. If the teacher hadn’t returned in time, Rong Qiu and Su Ran might have started fighting again.

The tense atmosphere between the two was shattered by the piercing sound of the bell signaling the end of the class.

The alpha at the same table sat back quietly.

Su Ran, who had just returned to his seat, was not easy to provoke. The alpha at the same table found that Rong Qiu’s mood was explosively bad.

The tablemate was an alpha. Although instinctively disliking the Betas, he couldn’t help but be impressed by Rong Qiu’s prowess.

Now, as the teacher announced the scores, Rong Qiu was once again ranked first.

Receiving the exam paper, Rong Qiu became very composed. He opened the paper as if he were a monk who had spent over a decade in a Buddhist temple, and every movement emitted a sense of warmth and amiability.

But was this calmness real?

The scene of Rong Qiu beating up a group of alphas was still vivid in his mind. Facing several alphas, he fractured the bones of three of them and made four alphas bleed while only sustaining minor injuries himself.

Rong Qiu wasn’t as gentle as he appeared.

The alpha at the same table thought so.

Touching his bottom line might even make Rong Qiu risk his life for revenge.


At noon, Su Ran and Qin Muye had lunch together.

In the morning, Su Ran daringly called Brother Zexi. In the call, he denigrated Rong Qiu, and now, having lunch with his friend, he felt a bit uneasy.

Would Ah Ye blame him for meddling too much?

But he had already made the call, and he didn’t know if Brother Zexi could control Ah Ye…

Qin Muye knew nothing about that phone call.

While waiting for the dishes, Qin Muye lazily looked at his phone.

His brother had a car accident last week and was hospitalized. If not for a call from Rong Qin informing him, he might still be kept in the dark.

His brother came out of the ICU the day before yesterday. Qin Muye wanted to visit him, but his brother scolded him harshly. Finally, his brother agreed to let Rong Qin send him a video every day.

But Qin Muye didn’t like Rong Qin.

Rong Qin was a the Beta, a particularly scheming one. 

His brother trusted that the Beta deeply. Not only did Rong Qin handle all the affairs of the company, but he also knew many of the Qin family’s secrets. Even now, when his brother had the accident, Rong Qin stayed by his side instead of his biological little brother.

Although Qin Muye wasn’t a medical professional, he had some knowledge in the medical field due to courses in the command department. 

The data wasn’t looking good.

Three fractures in the body, internal bleeding. Although out of the ICU, his brother would probably need a long period of rest, and there might be several after-effects.

Qin Muye emptied the remaining wine in the tall glass, and just after reviewing the report, a certain annoying the Beta unexpectedly called him.

Under normal circumstances, Qin Muye would definitely not answer, but not now.

Rong Qin was the only person who could take care of his brother personally.

Both orphans, both the Betas, but why was Rong Qin’s temperament so much worse than Rong Qiu’s?

Suppressing his annoyance, Qin Muye walked to the terrace outside the restaurant and answered the call.

Qin Muye rubbed his sore temples. “What’s the matter?”

“Hey, Young Master Qin from the Qin family has no manners. Can’t you at least call me Older Brother Rong Qin?”

Rong Qin’s voice was very arrogant, much like his personality. He was indulgent and cold, always ready to jab at anyone, including Qin Muye now.

Qin Muye ignored him and played with his lighter. “If you’re not saying anything important, I’ll hang up.”

“Why the rush? It’s nothing major. Your brother wants you to advance a grade and graduate to the 13th military district.”

The 13th military district was chaotic, with federal forces, star bandits, and even a private army.

It wasn’t a safe place.

But it was where Qin Muye had always wanted to go.

Qin Muye raised an eyebrow. “He finally can’t handle it anymore.”

Rong Qin sneered, “He can handle it, but why can’t you? Your brother has been carrying this burden for so many years, letting you hide in the background and sending you to hide on Planet A, but you won’t be able to hide for long.”

Qin Muye frowned.

Rong Qin continued, “It seems that the old men in the Qin family have started arranging suitable arranged omegas for you. They plan for you to get married right after graduation.”

Without waiting for Qin Muye to think more, Rong Qin continued, “But, if they find out you’re an S-class alpha…”

Rong Qin didn’t say more.

His brother seemed to say something on the other end, but Qin Muye couldn’t hear.

Soon, Rong Qin abruptly changed the topic, “You should break up with that the Beta sooner.”

Qin Muye was displeased. “Are you monitoring me?”

He had never mentioned the the Beta to his family.

Rong Qin chuckled, the laughter hiding a needle. “How can you call it monitoring? I don’t have time to bother with your small matters. It’s Su Ran, that little guy from the Su family, who told your brother.”

Su Ran was playing a game when a chill suddenly enveloped him.

Was the air conditioning too cold?

Qin Muye withdrew his gaze. “Was it my brother’s idea?”

“Who said that? It was my idea.”


“I’m doing it for your own good. Since that the Beta is destined not to enter the Qin family, it’s better for you two to break up. Otherwise, when your brother interferes… that little the Beta won’t have a good time.”


After hanging up the phone, Qin Muye was irritated.

He was annoyed about his brother’s accident and about breaking up with the the Beta. The multiple annoyances made Qin Muye’s complexion not look good as he returned to his table.

“Did you call my brother?”

Su Ran got excited, and the character he controlled was instantly killed in the game: “I just… called to greet Brother Zexi.”

Qin Muye took a sip of wine.

Men were proud. With an exquisite wine glass in hand, a roll of the throat, the liquid flowed down the lips, and when the cup fell, it made a crisp, deliberate sound.

Su Ran tried to explain incoherently, and somehow, he spilled all the details of the conversation with Rong Qiu in the morning to Qin Muye. Qin Muye, hearing this, drank his wine, then lowered his head to pick at fish bones, seemingly not paying much attention.

He didn’t even ask a single question about Rong Qiu.

Su Ran lifted his eyes.

It seemed that Ah Ye didn’t care much about that the Beta.

Which made sense. It was just a bed partner.

Why invest so much time and energy in caring about it?

He took the wrong path.

He wasn’t even as clear-headed as Ah Ye, who saw things through so easily.

Su Ran thought the matter was over, and coincidentally, an omega from the neighboring table had been secretly observing them. In no time, a shy omega was pushed over by a group of omegas.

Seeing his expression and actions, Su Ran knew he was here to confess, but he didn’t know if it was Ah Ye or him being confessed to.

Although Ah Ye pretended to be a the Beta, he had quite a few admirers.

Sure enough, this omega stopped in front of Qin Muye.

Su Ran crossed his arms, silently mourning for this pretty little omega.

“Senior Qin Ye, this is a gift I prepared for you…”

The omega was interrupted in what he wanted to say by Qin Muye’s action of drinking.

The summer sunlight was dazzling, and through the clean carved glass window, it seemed warm. However, when it shone on the man, the warm colors did nothing to soften the man’s cold and sharp aura.

Was it just his illusion?

Why did he see a trace of aversion in the eyes of the person he admired?

The omega’s words got stuck in his throat.

What did he want to say next?

Yes, he liked Senior Qin Ye, and he didn’t even mind that Senior was a the Beta.

“I like Senior Qin Ye!”

The gift the omega presented found no taker.

The man didn’t even look at him. Smoking wasn’t allowed in the restaurant, so Qin Muye was playing with the ancient lighter. The exquisite metal casing snapped open, and the flame ignited.

There was no obvious movement, but those who knew him would find that the man was currently in a very irritable mood.

“Take it away.”

When the man lowered his eyes, it made people silent.

The omega who came to confess got a shiver, and his little face turned pale.

Su Ran “coughed” and came to the rescue of the pretty little omega: “Can I have this beautiful little cake? Ah Ye doesn’t like sweets.”

“Sure… thank you.”

The omega stuttered several times, immediately placing the exquisitely wrapped small cake in front of Su Ran’s table. After finishing a series of movements and leaving, he even felt strangely relieved, and there was even a sense of celebration, as if surviving in the wilderness.

The Omega ran fast.

Su Ran helplessly said, “Fine, scared away another one. The one from the bar last time, you complained about the omega being dirty. This time, she’s pure, a freshman omega. Rumor has it she’s even the freshman school flower. Are you still not satisfied?”

Qin Muye remained indifferent. The taste of citrus liqueur lingered in his mouth, reminding him of the citrus-scented shower gel on a the Beta.

The the Beta doesn’t have pheromones.

But they had a certain quality that he can’t let go of.

Seeing him silent, Su Ran continued to toy with the pink bow on the small cake, “This cake has been quite popular lately, making fifty a day, all turned into confession gifts. Do you want to eat the confessing cake? Well, forget it, you definitely won’t eat it. I’ll eat it for you.”

The cake was packed in a transparent box with a pink ribbon wrapped around it, and there was a one-centimeter store logo on it.

With distinctive golden powder.

Qin Muye gave Su Ran a disdainful glance and only briefly glanced at the cake.


After the evening class, Rong Qiu saw Chu Ming again.

Chu Ming, an alpha, ran towards him while carefully protecting something in his arms. Rong Qiu, noticing it was Chu Ming, stopped under the shade of a tree.

“Running so fast, aren’t you hot?”

Chu Ming, panting heavily but with a hearty smile on his face, said, “I’m giving a gift to Senior Brother Little Qiu.”

Rong Qiu felt helpless; why did he have to receive gifts again?

This time, Chu Ming gave him a triangular small cake. Rong Qiu had seen Su Ran eat it in class before. The cake was delicate, and Su Ran even praised its taste. So, he had some impression of it.

It costs two hundred and eighty-eight, or so he heard.

He didn’t know if Ah Ye liked it.

Rong Qiu quickly recovered. He pursed his lips, “No need for a gift; it’s too extravagant.”

“Senior Brother Little Qiu, why are you so polite?”

Chu Ming looked at Rong Qiu with eager eyes.

The splendid twilight softened the handsome side profile of the the Beta, and Chu Ming’s heart was boiling. He wasn’t sure if Rong Qiu understood his intention after seeing the cake, but he had fallen in love with Senior Brother Little Qiu at first sight.

The alpha looked nervously at Rong Qiu, waiting for his response.

Rong Qiu rarely went online, so he naturally didn’t know the significance of this type of cake. At that moment, he thought it was just a regular thank-you gift.

Even for a regular thank-you gift, he couldn’t accept it.

Tilting his head, he looked at Chu Ming and voiced his rejection, “I don’t like sweet things.”

Chu Ming instantly felt disheartened.

Was he being rejected by Senior Brother Little Qiu?

Holding the small cake in his hands, the alpha asked with a hint of grievance, “Can I ask why, Senior Brother Little Qiu?”

Why not?

Rong Qiu glanced at him and honestly gave his reason, “It’s too expensive.”

“Too expensive?” Chu Ming was surprised.

“Yeah.” Although Rong Qiu declined the cake, he inquired, “Can you tell me which store it’s from?”

He wanted to buy it for Ah Ye.

“Senior Brother Little Qiu really won’t accept it…” 

“I don’t accept gifts from juniors.” Rong Qiu pointed to the school broadcast that was playing, “There was a senior before who used the excuse of tutoring to make juniors pay money and got expelled. After that, the school tightened regulations in terms of financial matters.”

Rong Qiu was cautious.

He cherished the opportunity to study at A Star, and if there were an exam for the school emblem, he could definitely pass with a perfect score.

Rong Qiu was speaking the truth, but it sounded like an excuse to Chu Ming.

See, Senior Brother Little Qiu came up with such a feeble reason just to reject him…

Senior Brother Little Qiu is really kind.

Chu Ming naturally believed he had been rejected.

However, he still politely provided Rong Qiu with the name and phone number of the store. Rong Qiu diligently recorded them on his phone, expressing his gratitude sincerely.

Chu Ming felt a mix of joy and bitterness. He was glad that Senior Brother Little Qiu didn’t avoid him, and even kindly shared the information without revealing any emotions he might have tested. However, the bitterness stemmed from being rejected by Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu thought Chu Ming was merely feeling upset for being rejected and didn’t think much beyond that.

As Rong Qiu was about to return to the dormitory, Chu Ming stopped him again, “Senior Brother Little Qiu!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Do you have someone you like, Senior Brother Little Qiu?”

Rong Qiu’s steps paused. 

In that moment, the already handsome face of the the Beta seemed to radiate a different kind of radiance. Despite the weariness from a day of classes still apparent, his clear eyes sparkled, like a sea filled with stars.


“And I like them a lot.”


Rong Qiu was a shy person. As long as he didn’t cross certain boundaries, he would stay within his comfort zone. But this was the first time he had openly shared his feelings with others.

After saying it, he felt embarrassed. Unaware of Chu Ming’s disappointment, he hugged his books and walked back to the dormitory in large strides.

Back in the dormitory, his face was as red as if scalded by boiling water.

Why did he say such things?

But Chu Ming probably didn’t know who he liked.

Holding a cup, Rong Qiu took a big sip of the cooled boiled water from the morning. As the cool water passed his throat, all his restlessness gradually eased.

He remembered the small cake from Chu Ming and immediately contacted the bakery.

“Are you saying all the cakes for today are sold out?”

“Yes, if sir needs them, you can come to the store and queue tomorrow.”

“What time tomorrow?”

“5 AM.”

The staff wasn’t deliberately making it difficult for Rong Qiu.

The next day, at 4:30 AM, Rong Qiu saw people queuing outside the store. He felt surprised and relieved at the same time.

Luckily, he came half an hour early.

Most of the people waiting for the cake with Rong Qiu were omegas. These beautiful and gentle young men and women had information barrier patches on the back of their necks. Even though their eyes showed sleepiness, their spirits were high.

Ten minutes in advance, the staff came to open the door.

As if anticipating something, she said in advance, “Please line up in an orderly manner, do not push.”

As soon as the words fell, people surged forward, and Rong Qiu was swept along, forced to move forward.

Rong Qiu: …

It’s indeed not easy to buy such a cake.

The moment Rong Qiu came out with the exquisite box, he took a deep breath. Just now, it was so crowded, and he didn’t know how many times he had been stepped on. His originally clean shoes now had a few footprints.

But now, as he looked down at the cake box in his hand, he couldn’t help but smile more and more.

Ah Ye should like this little cake.

With this treat in hand, the the Beta went back. It was only five o’clock; at this time, Ah Ye should be getting up for a run.

Rong Qiu tidied up his dorm a bit.

There was not a single hair on the pillow, and the desktop was spotless. After doing all this, Rong Qiu sent the pre-edited message.

After sending the message, he waited by the side.

Five minutes later, a simple and rude reply from the other party made Rong Qiu involuntarily curve his lips.

Ah Ye: Coming


Before receiving Rong Qiu’s message, Qin Muye had just come out of the gym’s shower room.

Seeing Rong Qiu’s chat box pop up, Qin Muye didn’t rush to look.

The the Beta usually talked about trivial things.

Grabbing a clean towel, the man casually wiped the water droplets off his hair. The restlessness from waking up was eased by a thorough exercise.

Exercise should have been effective.

Now, it was declared futile by a the Beta’s message.

[the Beta: Ah Ye, come have a small cake~]

[Time sent: 5:20]

At this ambiguous time, a sweet message was sent by the Beta.

The cold light in Qin Muye’s pitch-black eyes dissipated, replaced by a faint desire.

Suddenly, he wanted to smoke.

Qin Muye dried his hair. The the Beta’s tempting message still showed on the screen. The man lowered his head and glanced at it, then casually took out the lighter from his pocket and played with it. The clattering metal collision sounded casual and irregular, just like his turbulent emotions.

Where did the the Beta learn this?

And did the the Beta start preparing this early in the morning?

Before, Rong Qiu had played similar tricks, such as pretending his clothes were soaked, wearing his shirt, lying in bed seducing him; or insisting on entering the shower together afterward; or last Christmas, hiding in a huge red gift box, with a bow tied on his head.

No matter how it was done, the result was the same.

It was all to seduce him into bed.

He had to admit that he was quite receptive to the the Beta’s tactics.

The Qin family’s style was exceptionally strict. Although they had both money and power, there were many people fawning over them. But in terms of sexual knowledge, Qin Muye was essentially a blank slate before meeting Rong Qiu. He thought that apart from finding an omega, the only way to relieve desires was through self-gratification.

Later, being with Rong Qiu, he learned many positions from the the Beta.

He opened his eyes and felt that the the Beta was not pure and innocent enough.

Alphas are generally arrogant, proud, and he is even more so, carrying an inherent sense of superiority. In his eyes, there is nothing he can’t get.

He disdained learning these things.

But the the Beta had quite a few new tricks this time.

And this time it’s even about eating a “small cake”…

Eat a small cake?

Qin Muye was slightly surprised.

He didn’t like sweets. From childhood to adulthood, the number of sweet pastries he had tasted was less than ten. The most memorable was the birthday cake every year, with rich and smooth chocolate and cream, over ten layers high, sticky and greasy. Just smelling the sweet aroma already numbed him.

Although he didn’t like it, he still had expectations for the the Beta’s preparations.

This time was the same.

Before seeing the person, Qin Muye had already imagined the Beta’s stickiness. Perhaps the the Beta had a different taste, a fresh texture, a rich fragrance…

Qin Muye appeared indifferent, but the pace of leaving was quite fast.

However, when he briskly arrived at Rong Qiu’s dormitory, all of Qin Muye’s superiority was instantly snapped in half.

What greeted him was not the sweet the Beta he expected.

It was not a sweet the Beta, but a triangular sliced cake barely the size of a palm. The cherries and strawberries on top were fresh and vibrant, shining with colors as if mocking him.

Qin Muye recalled the message the Beta sent: “Ah Ye come have a small cake~”

So, the small cake referred to an actual cake.

The pink, ribbon-tied cake.

But why wasn’t the ribbon tied in the right place, like the the Beta’s neck, or delicate wrist…

The disparity was too great, leaving Qin Muye momentarily speechless.

Holding the cake in his hands, Rong Qiu, unaware of the man’s anomaly, offered the hard-won small cake, “I queued up at 4:30 in the morning and got this. They only make fifty a day!”

Qin Muye responded with a simple “Mmm,” ignoring Rong Qiu and the cake he was holding, and went straight to lie on the the Beta’s bed.

Rong Qiu was still puzzled.

Does Ah Ye not like it…

Holding the small cake carefully and preventing the cherries on top from falling off, he couldn’t understand Qin Muye.

He placed the small cake gently on the table, then walked to the bedside and squatted down, looking at the man’s obviously just-exercised face. Rong Qiu tentatively asked while pinching the corner of his clothes, “Ah Ye, don’t you like it?”

Qin Muye half-opened his eyes to look at him.

Rong Qiu leaned on the edge of the bed, his big eyes surprisingly obedient and gentle, unable to express his meekness and tenderness. Under the lamp, his face was as clear and delicate as a white moon, moist and delicate, not inferior to the cream decoration on the cake.

He suddenly reached out, pulling Rong Qiu onto the bed with a simple movement, and a simple turn had Rong Qiu pressed beneath him.

Rong Qiu let out a soft exclamation.

But soon, he covered his lips to keep silent.

Ah Ye doesn’t like noise.

Qin Muye looked at the constantly blinking eyes of the Beta, his hand caressing the Beta’s lower back. “Did you wake up so early just to buy a cake?”

Rong Qiu nodded gently.

Qin Muye restrained Rong Qiu’s wrist, imprisoning it above the Beta’s head.

In this posture, the Beta offered no resistance, representing complete trust and submission. Qin Muye’s eyes darkened again, revealing deep desires.

Rong Qiu dared not meet Qin Muye’s gaze.

It was too explicit; just a second of eye contact made his body uncontrollably numb.

The Beta bit his lower lip with his upper teeth, slightly tilting his head, exposing his bright red earlobes directly in front of Qin Muye.

It was strange.

Clearly, it was the Beta who initiated the provocation.

But the Beta always remained unbelievably innocent in certain aspects.

Qin Muye, with one hand restraining Rong Qiu’s arm, suddenly tore open the Beta’s collar with the other hand, finally seeing a tender and pleasant expanse of white.

Rong Qiu couldn’t help but tremble, his legs bending.

He softly called out, “Ah Ye,” his voice gentle and weak, like an unweaned kitten.

Qin Muye violently suppressed all his small movements. As arrogant and proud as ever, his emotions showed no fluctuation, but the deep pupils contained an unbearable shimmer.

“Don’t move.”

“I don’t want cake.”

“I want something else. Will you give it to me?”

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