After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 53

Chapter 53

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The remaining scene unfolded like a silent movie.

Both of them remained silent. Rong Qiu packed up the first aid kit, saw off Qin Muye, and as the door closed with a resounding “bang,” Rong Qiu suddenly felt relaxed. It was as if he had locked something that made him uncomfortable outside the door.

Qin Muye was like the grain of sand stirring up his flesh. Rong Qiu repeatedly tried to move and dislodge the grain of sand, but he couldn’t expel it. Instead, it seemed to embed itself deeper, showing signs of taking root in his shell.

He didn’t know how he appeared in Qin Muye’s eyes, but Qin Muye was persistent in his heart.

Persistently chasing him, persistently expressing his affection for him. If this affection was genuine, Rong Qiu could call it “love brain.” Shouldn’t Qin Muye’s intelligent brain be focused on the affairs of the 13th Military District? Why did he divert his attention to him? Qin Muye’s appearance, whether it was related to Chu Ming or the subsequent events in the research institute, always stood by his side.

Rong Qiu didn’t understand, but Qin Muye’s actions seemed genuine.

Could someone act so well? And for such a long time, even if he was deceiving Rong Qiu, he had invested so much time and patience.

Nine parts external influence, one part weakening defense.

He admitted that his mental state was gradually deteriorating.

So, under the influence of alcohol, he said those words to Qin Muye.

Is Qin Muye clean?

Is there anyone else beside Qin Muye?

If possible, he wanted to have a bed partner like Qin Muye, just like his beta lover, loving him. To some extent, Qin Muye was indeed perfect. Especially since Qin Muye added the attribute of deep affection, making him even more like his beta lover.

Rong Qiu had a night full of strange and surreal dreams.

First, he dreamt of his joyful life with Ah Ye when he was still studying. Then, he dreamed of two identical people standing in front of him. One was young and handsome, and the other was mature and handsome, with a pheromone isolation ring around his neck.

The young one held his hand and gently told him that he was going to a distant place, and they might never see each other again. Before he could show any sadness or sorrow, the young man placed his hand on the other person’s hand. He said, “But this person will take good care of you.”

Rong Qiu couldn’t pull his hand away. Although it was placed on the other person’s hand, that person had already tightly grasped his hand, like hot iron.

Rong Qiu raised his head slightly to look at the two.

The figure of his young lover gradually dissipated like sand in the wind.

In the end, only the tall man with the pheromone isolation ring remained.

The man was still holding his hand.

He solemnly stated that he would become his beta lover.

Rong Qiu wasn’t sure whether he answered with willingness or unwillingness. He only knew that the hands holding him were very hot, and the air around him was oppressive. He felt like he was falling into the mouth of a volcano about to erupt.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that he had buried his head in the pillow at some point, which explained why it was so hot and stuffy.

Rong Qiu touched his lower back, soaked in sweat.

Furrowing his brows, he looked at the clock on the bedside table by the moonlight and dawn.

It was half-past five in the morning.

But he couldn’t fall back asleep.

Carefully sensing it, his head still throbbed with pain.

Even though he had drunk the sobering soup last night, the aftereffects of alcohol continued to linger.

At this point, it wasn’t early anymore.

He had some morning reactions, but he didn’t feel like dealing with it himself.

Rong Qiu took a cold shower, changed into fresh clothes, and went out for a run. After sweating profusely, Rong Qiu’s irritability slightly subsided.


Rong Qiu couldn’t take a day off; he still had to go to work.

Even though he no longer had a favorable view of this research institute, Rong Qiu still carried out his experiments diligently. However, before Rong Qiu could put on his lab coat, Director Qian was already waiting outside his office.

Standing next to Director Qian was a middle-aged alpha.

How coincidental.

Wasn’t this the one who secretly came to his lab and tampered with his research instruments? Now, these two were like door gods, standing on either side of Qin Muye’s office.

Rong Qiu stopped in his tracks, his expression unusually cold. “What brings you here so early?”

He no longer even wanted to address Director Qian by his title.

Sensing his resistance, Director Qian, with a somewhat embarrassed old face, said, “Little Qiu, I’ve brought someone to apologize to you…”


Rong Qiu turned his head to look at the alpha behind Director Qian. Even though this person was the one who did something wrong, he remained arrogantly aloof, not even hiding his displeasure.

If he was dealing with an alpha of the same age, Rong Qiu wouldn’t mind taking action.

But this old alpha was like an old bone, and his eyes were clouded with a murky look. Rong Qiu was afraid that if he accidentally hit him, the man might die. Rong Qiu had no regard for such people and didn’t want to get his hands dirty. Who knew, even before he could start a fight, he might be accused for a lifetime.

At this point, Rong Qiu directly expressed his refusal. “I haven’t seen any signs of him wanting to apologize.”

“Little Qiu… the institute has suspended his current research project, and he knows he’s wrong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come with me today.”

“Director Qian, did you make a mistake?”

Rong Qiu interrupted Director Qian, pointing at the alpha behind him, and sneered, “He’s the one who made the mistake. Director Qian, why have you been rushing to apologize for him? As an alpha, he hasn’t said a word of apology for his mistakes until now. Is this the attitude of an apology? And if he wanted to apologize, why didn’t he come over immediately when the incident happened? Why come to me now to settle it privately, fearing that I might cause trouble for him and affect his position as the deputy chairman of the Institute General Union?”

Rong Qiu withdrew his pointing finger, angrily saying, “I assume it’s because the matter can’t be concealed anymore, and he’s afraid I’ll report it to higher-ups, affecting his position. That’s why he had to come over for a private settlement today.”

As soon as Rong Qiu finished speaking, both alphas in front of him underwent a sudden change in demeanor.

Especially the one behind, clenching his teeth, Rong Qiu was afraid his unclean eyeballs might pop out.

“How did you know? Did you secretly peek at our confidential files!”

The matter of the recommendation for General Union duties was confidential for each research institute, known by few people other than the director.

Rong Qiu truly didn’t know this was considered confidential.

He discreetly took a step back, not wanting to be splattered by the alpha’s spittle.

“I am not as shameless as you. Please step aside. Since you’re not sincerely apologizing, and the institute hasn’t given me a public response, what’s there to discuss? Please leave and don’t delay my experiments.”

With the conversation reaching this point, even the shameless alphas couldn’t continue confronting Rong Qiu.

It was quite amusing, to say the least.

This alpha, unaware that Director Qian had withdrawn his recommendation for the deputy chairman position in the General Union, had secretly taken Rong Qiu’s lab key. He then tampered with Rong Qiu’s experimental equipment, likely intending to give Rong Qiu a small lesson. However, he never expected that all his actions would be recorded by the surveillance cameras.

It wasn’t until Rong Qiu brought the video evidence to the institute that he realized he might be in danger. But at that time, he still harbored a sense of optimism. It wasn’t until Director Qian informed him that he had been nominated as the candidate for the deputy chairman of the General Union that he understood the magnitude of his mistake.

If Rong Qiu exposed his actions, his future prospects would be ruined.

But now Rong Qiu’s attitude was clear.

He wasn’t willing to let him off.

A poisonous gleam flashed in the alpha’s eyes, and he looked at Rong Qiu with the gaze of a venomous python fixated on its prey.


Encountering such a frustrating situation early in the morning, Rong Qiu could see that the institute was reluctant to take action against that alpha, and the negotiation completely collapsed. Spending the entire morning, Rong Qiu quickly wrapped up his research project. Fortunately, it wasn’t a major project, and the experimental data he had obtained before was swiftly cleared.

Unexpectedly, this would probably be his last project at the institute.

Rong Qiu felt a bit melancholic, but more than that, he felt fortunate.

If he had taken on a larger project initially, he would have to leave now with only half of the project completed, and what he gained would undoubtedly become a stepping stone for others.

People in research usually had a keen sense.

Just as Rong Qiu thought before, even among researchers, everyone had their own hidden motives.

During lunch, Rong Qiu encountered many curious glances.

These glances were even more intense than when he was first named the chief mech designer of the 13th Military District.

He was the youngest mech designer.

But within less than two years of receiving his certificate, he designed military mechs that shocked the entire 13th Military District.

Envious glares had always been present.

However, today, Rong Qiu found it annoying.

During the two-hour lunch break, Rong Qiu took his meal back to his office. He rarely did this because he disliked the lingering smell of food in the office.

While he was immersed in his meal, contemplating his future, he received a communication request from Qin Muye.

Rong Qiu thought it would be a voice call but was surprised to find it was a video call.

As soon as he opened it, he saw the handsome face of the man on the screen, with a bright and tidy office in the background. With his mouth full of food, Rong Qiu looked expressionless at the man in military uniform on the screen, wondering why he called. However, he couldn’t speak with food in his mouth.

Qin Muye didn’t mind.

In his eyes, Rong Qiu was like a hamster continuously chewing.

Once Rong Qiu swallowed the mouthful of food, Qin Muye slowly spoke, “Did you have a dispute with the people from the institute?”

“How did you know?”

“Well, because the military received several anonymous reports about you.”

Rong Qiu couldn’t eat another bite, putting down his chopsticks. “Report me? What do I have to be reported for?”

Qin Muye opened the anonymous letters in front of his light brain.

Hearing Qin Muye say that an anonymous person reported him for forming a private volunteer army, leaking the institute’s mech secrets, the accusations were detailed and seemed as if he were a real criminal.

Rong Qiu couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Although he didn’t know who it was, it didn’t prevent him from feeling irritated.

“The institute didn’t explicitly state that researchers couldn’t form other project teams externally. Besides, I’ve never leaked any project data from the institute. This report is utterly groundless.”

Seeing Rong Qiu’s frustration, Qin Muye comforted him calmly.

“After receiving the report, your project might be suspended, and the military will send someone to investigate.”

Rong Qiu sneered, “Investigate if they want.”

Rong Qiu wasn’t worried about being found guilty of anything. In his two years at the institute, he had conducted himself cleanly and had no fear of being investigated.

“So, what are your plans for the future? The Mech Research Institute might not be a good place for you.”

He had always thought Director Qian of the Mech Research Institute was quite clever, favoring and using Rong Qiu while also holding onto him as a golden tree.

After reevaluating the situation, Qin Muye understood why Director Qian acted this way. Rong Qiu was unwilling to occupy an important position in the General Union of the institute, but the Mech Research Institute couldn’t afford to give up that crucial position. Therefore, Director Qian pushed or the recommendation for that alpha.

However, Director Qian didn’t expect that the alpha he recommended had an unscrupulous nature.

He actually tampered with Rong Qiu’s experimental equipment.

Even Qin Muye could see that the institute wasn’t friendly to Rong Qiu, and Rong Qiu was well aware of it. With a pair of chopsticks in his hand, as if stabbing an invisible enemy, he said, “They can investigate first. Regardless of the outcome, I will resign later.”

Hearing Rong Qiu say this, Qin Muye surprisingly felt a bit happy. His lips slightly curved, as if he had found a good opportunity to showcase himself. He calmly suggested, “I can sponsor you to start your own research institute.”

Rong Qiu’s heart warmed, but he still declined, saying, “No need for sponsorship. I still have enough money on hand, barely.”

“Alright, if it’s not enough, just let me know. Take this time to rest well.”

“Rest well?” 

Rong Qiu looked at the person on the screen. Clearly, Qin Muye had heavier dark circles, yet he was advising Rong Qiu to rest first.

Nevertheless, Rong Qiu accepted Qin Muye’s goodwill. 

“By the way… now that you’ve told me about the report against me, will it affect you? And will I be monitored during the investigation period?”

Qin Muye explained carefully, “It won’t affect me. This is just an inspection, so it won’t restrict your personal freedom. Only if they find something concrete will your movements be restricted, and there might be disciplinary actions.”

With Qin Muye’s reassurance, Rong Qiu felt at ease.


Indeed, in the afternoon of the same day, Rong Qiu received an email notification from the military District.

It mentioned that he had been anonymously reported, and the Military District Prosecutor’s Office would conduct an investigation. However, the email assured him that his personal freedom would not be restricted.

Rong Qiu deleted this email, not overly concerned.

He was upright and had nothing to fear from the prosecutor’s office.

Rong Qiu intended to close the light brain, but unexpectedly a new email popped up, sent by the alpha who had accompanied Director Qian during the day. 

The words were intense, filled with curses. 

Rong Qiu forwarded this email calmly, along with the video he had recorded earlier. Since the alpha no longer valued what mattered most to him, Rong Qiu didn’t mind destroying it. 

After sending the email, Rong Qiu lay wearily on the armchair. 

He was tired of this kind of research institute, and tired of himself. 

Playing these political games really wasn’t fun at all.


Rong Qiu planned to take a good rest. Since he arrived at the 13th Military District, he hadn’t had a proper long break. Even his annual leave in the past two years had been spent at the research institute due to project issues.

Now, with the prosecutor’s office investigating him and his project wrapped up, he decided to join a luxurious ten-day tour of the three major star systems of the 13th Military District.

It was recommended by the beta boss.

The beta boss had long wanted to go out for fun but hesitated to close the beta bar. Upon hearing that Rong Qiu had been working without a proper break, the beta boss was moved and recommended this excellent tour to Rong Qiu.

“Have you heard of the ‘Highway Romance’? Many strangers who came out of this tour formed romantic relationships.”

Rong Qiu smiled, considering it just a gimmick.

Unexpectedly, on the first day the beta boss joined the tour, he encountered a very nice beta. The two hit it off immediately and naturally began an adult relationship. For the next few days, the boss didn’t return to Rong Qiu’s double room at night.

Rong Qiu traveled with the group alone.

He also got to see many unique sceneries of the 13th Military District.

Auroras on the planets, drifting icebergs, and penguins trembling on the ice, everywhere without people, Rong Qiu enjoyed it all.

One day, while Rong Qiu was sitting on the starship, observing the densely packed black penguins on the iceberg below, he suddenly received a call. Looking at the familiar contact, Rong Qiu remembered that he seemed to have forgotten to inform this person about his trip.

“Qiuqiu, aren’t you at home?”

“Uh, I’m outside.”

“But Beta bar is closed. Qiuqiu, where are you?”

“I’m at U-69 Star.”


Qin Muye opened the map and realized that this U-69 star system was three thousand light-years away from the main star of the 13th Military District. It was perennially icy and uninhabited. Why did Rong Qiu come here?

“You’re on a tour, huh? I booked a luxury ten-day tour of the 13th Military District. With whom? I’m with the beta boss. He has a member discount, so it’s 20% off for two people. This is already the fourth planet we’ve visited.”

“Sounds great.”

Qin Muye asked one question at a time. After asking, he looked at the towering stack of military files in front of him. At this moment, he truly envied Rong Qiu. He hadn’t gone on a trip with Rong Qiu for more than five years.

But seeing Rong Qiu having such a good time, he felt a bit lighter.

Rong Qiu was originally still looking at the penguins outside the starship’s window. His gaze shifted when he heard Qin Muye’s questions, and he saw an unfamiliar face behind Qin Muye. At first, he didn’t pay much attention, thinking it was a sergeant by Qin Muye’s side.

Later, feeling a bit unfamiliar, he took a closer look.

He remembered that the beta sergeant by Qin Muye’s side didn’t look like this.

Now, standing behind Qin Muye was a tall and slim young man with a pheromone patch around his neck. The white lines indicated that he was an omega.

Rong Qiu twisted his eyebrows.

Qin Muye, an omega by his side…

Rong Qiu’s serious expression made Qin Muye’s ears turn red. He thought Rong Qiu was seriously scrutinizing him, and Rong Qiu’s head even tilted slightly forward, allowing Qin Muye to see his blue pupils reflecting his face.

A surge of electricity slid down his spine.

This feeling was both familiar and unfamiliar. For more than five years, Rong Qiu hadn’t looked at him so seriously. Qin Muye opened his lips, contemplating what to say to Rong Qiu. Suddenly, the phone screen turned black, indicating the video call had been terminated.

Rong Qiu ended the video call.

Qin Muye’s eyes widened in surprise.

Why did he hang up the call for no reason? His pheromones weren’t stable again, and he could feel them rising dangerously. The omega behind him took out a medical syringe.

Qin Muye glanced at it, his gaze as sharp as a cold blade.

He didn’t use it, just sternly ordered the omega to leave.

The omega said, “I am the private doctor sent by the Federation to take care of Commander Qin. Commander Qin’s pheromones are in a dangerous stage now, and I cannot leave.”

“I have my own beta doctor.” Qin Muye dialed a phone number without showing any mercy. “Wei Ming, take this person out.”

The beta sergeant arrived quickly. When the omega doctor entered just now, he had tried to stop him, but the omega was too agile and managed to slip in when the door opened. Now, following Qin Muye’s order, the beta sergeant, with one hand holding the omega, quickly escorted him out.


This luxurious trip quickly reached its conclusion.

And, just as the beta boss had mentioned, this tour group had gained many temporary couples. In the initial days, everyone restrained themselves, but as the days went by, hormones were unleashed everywhere. Especially on the second-to-last day, Rong Qiu clearly noticed that during the thrilling gorge-leaping activity, emotions were heightened. Even though many people looked pale afterward, their spirits were exceptionally high. After descending, many even passionately embraced strangers around them.

Rong Qiu felt like an outsider, watching people disperse and gather, disperse again, and hugs being exchanged as if giving away free vouchers.

Was this the “Highway Romance” or the “Suspension Bridge Effect”?

Rong Qiu’s heart remained calm and unruffled.

The thrilling gorge-leaping project that amazed others meant little to Rong Qiu. It wasn’t as exhilarating as the inverted sliding with the mecha. Besides, recently, Rong Qiu’s threshold had become higher. Just moving a bit with the mecha wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

However, the beta boss’s reactions were completely different from others.

Initially, the beta boss was very enthusiastic, reluctant to part from his beta bed partner. But after a few days, their interactions faded. The reason was that the beta wanted to know his specific information, hoping to continue the connection after the trip. This was inappropriate, so the beta boss refused.

The beta boss seemed like an emotional experience enthusiast.

He loved indulging when immersed, faster to detach when separated.

Rong Qiu, however, envied this state.

Hearing Rong Qiu express his envy, the beta boss chuckled while sipping his drink. “I used to be naive, treating love as the entirety of life. Almost had an accident this time. The beta I met on the first day, we got along well in the first few days, but later he kept asking for my personal information, even asking where my home is. It’s not appropriate. Clearly, we agreed to be bed partners, but he crossed the line.”

Rong Qiu found it amusing.

The beta boss didn’t hide anything. “If we could sign an agreement before dating, one round, one payment, walk away after payment. It would save us from post-encounter entanglements.”

Rong Qiu laughed heartily at the suggestion.

But after laughing, he felt it was not entirely inappropriate; it might actually work.

Rong Qiu’s last stop was an ordinary pastoral star.

Autumn was the season of harvest. Tourists could experience harvesting agricultural products. Rong Qiu was skillful, and since he harvested the most, he received the first-place flower crown reward. It was woven from local flowers and plants, fresh and beautiful. Rong Qiu hadn’t had a chance to pick one himself; the beta boss had already taken a photo of him.

“Wait, wait, it’s so pretty. Let me take a picture first!”

After taking the photo, the beta boss obtained Rong Qiu’s permission and included this picture and a group photo in the nine-grid layout of this trip.

【Having a great time playing with Grandpa Qiu! Incredibly happy! Looking forward to traveling with Grandpa Qiu again next time】

Rong Qiu also added his contact number. In less than three minutes, he received enthusiastic responses with ninety-nine likes and over forty comments. Rong Qiu couldn’t help but marvel at the beta boss’s extensive social network.

Seeing Rong Qiu only focused on liking his own post, the beta boss urged him to repost. “If you find it troublesome, just repost my post directly. I took such a good picture! Repost it to let your friends and relatives in your circle see.”

Thinking of his Brother Rong Qin, who had asked him several times for photos, Rong Qiu directly reposted the beta boss’s post and added a caption:

【I’m happy too.】

His responses came quickly.

The first was from Qin Muye.

【Qin Muye: The flower crown looks great. When are you coming back?】

The second was from Rong Qin, who was a bit late, feeling anxious and irritable.

【Rong Qin: Kick off the trash A upstairs, I’m the first!】

Looking at the lively comments section, Rong Qiu’s lips curved into a soft smile.

Boarding the starship back to the main star of the 13th Military District, Rong Qiu received a call from Qin Muye. Glancing at his almost depleted phone, he thought of recharging it before answering, delaying for a few minutes.

On the other end of the phone, Qin Muye was somewhat nervous.

Rong Qiu hadn’t answered his call yet.

Actually, he had already checked Rong Qiu’s starship schedule. He pretended not to know and wanted to hear Rong Qiu say it himself.

When Rong Qiu answered his phone, Qin Muye’s heart finally settled down slowly. The man’s delicate and attractive Adam’s apple bobbed lightly as he spoke in a calm tone, “What time are you arriving at the starship?” 

Rong Qiu didn’t notice his underlying thoughts. “At seven in the evening.” 

“I’ll pick you up.” 

It wasn’t a question but an assertion. 

Just as Rong Qiu was about to decline, he saw his beta boss sitting opposite, gesturing enthusiastically, “Agree to him, agree to him. I have to go to my brother’s house tonight, so I might not be able to drive you.” 

Thinking of his luggage and another box of new souvenirs. 

Rong Qiu agreed. 

“Then I’ll wait for you in the waiting area.” 


Rong Qiu didn’t need to go to the waiting area at all. He dragged two large suitcases and saw the tall man standing next to the exit. 

He was unusually tall, towering over everyone else by almost half a head. 

He stood out so much that Rong Qiu recognized him at a glance. 

Qin Muye was still wearing a mask today, his hair pulled back, revealing a full forehead and those deep eyes. He wasn’t wearing the military uniform, but Rong Qiu could still tell that Qin Muye must have hurried over after work because he hadn’t taken off his uniform shirt, and the familiar silver thread indicated it was a high-level uniform from the military district. 

When he saw him, Qin Muye’s eyes brightened. The alpha strode over, taking Rong Qiu’s two suitcases in his hands, one in each hand. He even handed Rong Qiu a paper bag in advance.

Rong Qiu couldn’t retrieve his luggage, so he could only shake the paper bag the man gave him.

“What’s inside?”

“Some pastries, in case you get hungry.”


Rong Qiu opened the paper bag halfway through the journey.

Inside were indeed pastries, and they were savory.

Rong Qiu’s heart trembled slightly.

Qin Muye was arranging Rong Qiu’s luggage. When Rong Qiu walked to Qin Muye’s car, he noticed a stranger in the back seat. Rong Qiu blinked, finding the person somewhat familiar. Oh, right, it was the omega who stood behind Qin Muye in that video.

He stood behind Qin Muye at work, and now he’s following him after work?

What was this omega’s identity?

Rong Qiu’s steps faltered for a moment as he approached the car. But he didn’t say anything and quietly sat in the front passenger seat.

During the drive, Qin Muye occasionally asked questions, and Rong Qiu gave brief answers.

“Was this trip fun?”


“Anything memorable?”


“…Are you hungry, Qiu Qiu? Eat the snacks in the bag on the way.”

Qin Muye tactfully stopped asking more, thinking Rong Qiu might be tired from the trip and didn’t feel like talking.

However, Qin Muye’s silence only intensified Rong Qiu’s restlessness.

Rong Qiu looked out the window, but his gaze passed through the glass and fixed on the silhouette of the person behind.

The more he forbade himself from thinking, the more he wanted to think about it.

It was annoying.

He might as well have taken a car back by himself.

Fortunately, Qin Muye let the omega off midway. Though the omega was reluctant, holding his medical kit, he expressed his hope that Qin Muye could take him home or let him accompany Qin Muye home, emphasizing that he was Qin Muye’s personal doctor and needed to stay by his side at all times.

Qin Muye hadn’t spoken yet, but Rong Qiu chuckled inwardly.

Hearing the omega’s words, he understood the small omega had taken a liking to Qin Muye.

Rong Qiu smiled, watching the show.

Qin Muye, unaware, opened the car door, and the man’s expression turned as cold as ice that had been frozen for a thousand years. “Get out. You were never my personal doctor. Take your medical kit and go back to your Federation.”

The omega wanted to argue, but suddenly felt a chilling cold. His glands twitched slightly, and he couldn’t believe it. How could an A-level omega withstand the pheromones of an S-level alpha?

Rong Qiu was unaware that the scent of agarwood was Qin Muye’s pheromones. He just felt a suddenly pleasant fragrance in the car, which eased his irritable mood.

Then, the omega in the back quickly left, with unusually fast footsteps.

Rong Qiu tapped his arm lightly.

“What’s the matter with that omega?”

“A doctor sent by the Federation to take care of my glands.”

“An omega doctor?”

“So, I sent him away.”


Rong Qiu dryly responded with an “Oh.”

The interstellar airport was a bit far from Rong Qiu’s villa, but Qin Muye drove steadily. Rong Qiu, who didn’t usually eat in the car, gradually felt drowsy while holding the bag of savory pastries. Surprisingly, he really fell asleep with his eyes closed.

When Rong Qiu opened his eyes again, the car had stopped. The surroundings weren’t too bright, and Rong Qiu blinked a few times before realizing they were already at the entrance of his house.

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“I saw you sleeping so soundly, so I didn’t.”

Stretching his arms in the car, Rong Qiu gave a simple yawn. “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to tea.”


Although he said he would treat Qin Muye to tea, when Qin Muye heard the growling sound from Rong Qiu’s stomach, he urged Rong Qiu to take a shower.

“You go take a shower; I’ll make dinner.”

Rong Qiu’s steps faltered as he headed upstairs. He rubbed his ears, his eyes narrowing slightly. “Who will be cooking dinner?”

Qin Muye was calm, and even when Rong Qiu didn’t notice, he slightly straightened his chest. “I will.”

“But the vegetables in my fridge are long gone.”

“I’ll order from my phone. It will be delivered in ten minutes.”

“Why don’t we just order takeout?”

Rong Qiu said so much just to prevent Qin Muye from exploding the kitchen. He finally understood; Qin Muye wasn’t someone who was always in the kitchen. The last time he cooked Rong Qiu a bowl of hangover soup, he even burned himself, forming a blister.

Qin Muye, however, was persistent. “Takeout is unhealthy.”

Implying that what he cooked was healthy.

Rong Qiu had nothing more to say. Fine, since the alpha was so determined, he didn’t want to interrupt. At most, he would reduce the water flow when showering, listen more to what was happening downstairs.

Rong Qiu went upstairs cautiously.

Worried about the situation downstairs, he intentionally took a battle shower and rinsed his hair.

When he came down, Qin Muye had already cut the meat and vegetables.

Wearing an apron he usually wore when cooking, holding a ladle in his hand, Qin Muye looked decent, even emitting a mild and soft aura, somewhat similar to Ah Ye.

Rong Qiu glanced a few more times.

Then he shifted his gaze elsewhere.

The range hood was operating at an appropriate power level, and a pot on the stove was boiling water with diced tomatoes of uniform size. Beside it was a bowl of beaten eggs, and it looked decent. Even chopped green onions were included.

Seeing Rong Qiu approaching, Qin Muye looked somewhat ashamed.

The time was too short, and he hadn’t learned many dishes.

But seeing Rong Qiu’s hair still dripping water, Qin Muye’s expression became serious. “Hurry, go blow-dry your hair.”

“Oh.” Rong Qiu responded, but he didn’t move.

Qin Muye repeated it, and Rong Qiu slowly left the kitchen.

Not sure what happened, but today the hair dryer seems to have some issues. Rong Qiu ended up with a slightly frizzy hairstyle, resembling a small exploded furball, as he looked at the mirror with his fluffy black lion-like mane. Rong Qiu reached up to pat it down, but his hair defiantly stood back up.

He had no choice but to go downstairs with this hairstyle.

Since the meal was simple, Qin Muye prepared it quickly. He even made some sweet rice balls with full red wolfberries inside, and Rong Qiu drank a lot from the bowl. After finishing the meal, Rong Qiu’s mood improved. They chatted casually, and Qin Muye updated him on the situation at the Mecha Research Institute. The problematic alpha had been expelled, and Rong Qiu’s reported issue was resolved.

Rong Qiu remembered something, opened his phone’s blacklist, and found many messages from Director Qian.

Rong Qiu sneered.

Now they wanted to keep him?

Really boring.

“Suppose you want to establish your own Mecha Research Institute. I have friends who can provide sophisticated research equipment.”

Rong Qiu raised an eyebrow, “That sounds expensive.”

“But you can create more significant value.”

Rong Qiu rested his chin on his hand, “Alright, I’ll order what I need first. Deduct it from the patent fee when it comes in.”

“Okay,” Qin Muye smiled gently.

Rong Qiu glanced at him and quickly looked away.

After the meal, Rong Qiu didn’t let Qin Muye wash the dishes. He overheard Qin Muye making a call, seemingly to a doctor, discussing his gland condition without treating it as confidential information.

Rong Qiu tried not to listen but couldn’t avoid hearing it clearly.

Qin Muye said his gland had stabilized, and the susceptible period wasn’t as severe as before, so he only needed the previous sedative. There was no need for a new doctor, especially an omega doctor. Towards the end, Qin Muye’s expression turned unpleasant. As Rong Qiu entered with a glass of water, he heard Qin Muye tersely say, “Dr. Li, you’ve crossed the line,” and hung up the phone.

Rong Qiu caught half of it.

What did the other person say to make Qin Muye react this way?

Was it the omega doctor from earlier in the day?

He set down the glass in his hand.

Looking at the tall and gentle man sitting in the living room, Rong Qiu suddenly spoke, “You said you are very clean.”

Qin Muye was surprised, but he quickly opened his cloud brain, “I’ll show you my health check report.”

Rong Qiu made a sound of acknowledgment this time and took it. Qin Muye was somewhat nervous and involuntarily swallowed, his eyes fixed on the beta before him.

After reading it, Rong Qiu confirmed once again, “Have you had any other bed partners outside?”


“Have you had any experience before?”


“On top or bottom?”

“On top.”

“I’ve said it before, Commander Qin, I’m a top.”

“I know.”

“So, have you prepared yourself?”


“Do you really want to make an appointment with me?”

Qin Muye’s bone structure tightened, and the word “appointment” seemed to squeeze out from between clenched teeth.

“Okay, Commander Qin, follow me upstairs.”

Qin Muye’s heart skipped a beat; was it going to be this direct? Straight upstairs?

Qin Muye’s hands clenched tightly. He didn’t know how to describe his current feelings—it was quite complicated, and also quite agonizing. Overall, he felt like he wasn’t ready yet, not ready to become the one below. He might need three to five days to reconcile with himself.

However, Rong Qiu didn’t lead him to the master bedroom but to the study.

Qin Muye felt a bit lost.

But also somewhat relieved.

“Have a seat, Commander Qin, wait for me for a few minutes.”

Letting Qin Muye sit on the sofa, Rong Qiu sat in front of the computer. As it booted up, his fingers tapped away, connecting to the printer.

Qin Muye, however, kept his gaze fixed on him.

Under the weight of such a substantial gaze, Rong Qiu’s fingers almost missed the keys as he typed.

“What is Commander Qin looking at me for?” 

“What are you writing, Qiuqiu?” 

“A contract.” 

“What kind of contract?” 

A faint thought crossed Qin Muye’s mind, but he couldn’t believe it was true. 

“It’s a contract for the bed-partner relationship between you and me.” 

“Why do we need to sign this?” 

Looking up at the alpha, Qiuqiu’s fingers flew over the paper again. “A contractual relationship is the safest. I don’t want any tricky situations arising after we become bed partners.” 

Qin Muye felt a pang in his heart. “I won’t cause you any trouble.” 

Rong Qiu lifted his head from the document, feeling a bit irritated by Qin Muye’s reluctance. 

“But words alone aren’t reliable.” 

Ten minutes later, two contracts with the scent of fresh ink lay before them. 

Rong Qiu was satisfied and signed his name early. 

But Qin Muye remained still. 

Rong Qiu frowned. Why wasn’t he signing? 

His contract was fair. Both parties could terminate the bed partner relationship at any time, so if Qin Muye wanted to find an omega partner in the future, they would part ways amicably. 

What more did Qin Muye want? 

Seeing Qin Muye holding the contract but not signing it, Rong Qiu’s face was filled with impatience. He rested his chin on his hand, tapping the side of his face with the tip of his ringed finger. The rhythm was erratic, mirroring his emotions. 

“Commander Qin, are you signing or not?” 

“Sign if you want, otherwise, leave.”

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