After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Qin Muye went to take a shower.

Rong Qiu, legs weak, sprawled on the bed. Even though he had excellent physical fitness and ranked high in the combat department every year, he couldn’t endure Qin Muye’s unrestrained exploitation after a few rounds.

But he was happy. His eyes curved, and he was satisfied with the man in the bathroom.

After a long while, Rong Qiu felt a bit embarrassed and finally got up.

Dripping wet, he grabbed a tissue and wiped himself repeatedly.

In a moment of contemplation, he wondered if he were an omega, would he already be pregnant?

Betas could also get pregnant, but it was more difficult.

At least, in these few times, Ah Ye hadn’t reached the point that would make him pregnant.

But if he were really carrying a baby, what would happen?

Mid-wipe, he couldn’t help but touch his belly, which was adorned with mottled marks of kisses.

The man was too intense.

He practically swallowed him whole.

Rong Qiu’s face turned red, and he quickly grabbed a few more tissues.

He wiped for quite a while.

Rong Qiu had almost used up half a pack of tissues.

Throwing the used tissues into the trash, he casually noticed the small cake on the table.

The originally moist cherries were gradually drying out under the air conditioner’s breeze. Rong Qiu looked at the wrinkling blood-red skin on top, feeling a sense of regret. They hadn’t even taken a bite. There were two cherries; if he only ate one…

When Qin Muye came out, he saw someone with their buttocks raised, sneakily eating.

The Beta wasn’t wearing long pants, and the buttons on his upper shirt were torn off. A bit more than half of his shoulder was exposed, along with countless hickeys, all made by him.

He took a few steps forward, and the chilly fingertips touched the Beta’s shoulder.

The Beta was startled. If it weren’t for Qin Muye pulling in time, he would have almost collapsed to the ground.

“Why are you so fidgety?”

Rong Qiu awkwardly grinned. His mouth was full, making an effort not to let Qin Muye see him stealing. However, with a big cherry in his mouth, how could Qin Muye not see it? He simply pretended not to know.

The room still had a lingering taste. Qin Muye thought about opening the window for ventilation, but looking at the Beta’s legs beneath the shirt, he frowned and pulled the curtains even tighter.

After finishing one cherry with caution, Rong Qiu spat out the pit. When he turned around, he saw Qin Muye sitting in front of him with his legs apart.

Both being the Betas, Qin Muye’s physique was far superior, displaying a perfect figure before Rong Qiu’s eyes. Just out of the shower, his fair muscles were adorned with glistening droplets, reflecting a unique and translucent glow under the lamplight.

Comparing himself, Rong Qiu’s arms were thin, with only a thin layer of muscles. Although his skin was fair, it was a weak and pale kind of fairness.

Was it because he didn’t drink milk since childhood that he was so inferior to Qin Muye?

Maintaining his position squatting on the ground, his small stature made the shirt he was wearing look too big. It seemed like a radish growing inside the clothes, a radish adorned with colorful and mottled marks.

Qin Muye dried his hair and casually touched Rong Qiu’s furry head.

Rong Qiu, because of Qin Muye’s actions, instantly aroused numerous tiny goosebumps. Every pore was shouting with joy. With his delicate Adam’s apple lightly rolling, he pressed against the palm of Qin Muye’s hand and rubbed it gently.

Seeing that Qin Muye didn’t reject, he moved his head again, and at the same time, his pupils brightened.

Not in a hurry to take a bath, Rong Qiu’s gaze remained fixated on the small cake on the table. He had gotten up early, been through morning exercises, and his stomach was now growling.

All his thoughts were written on his face, which Qin Muye clearly understood.

The man pushed the small cake, missing a cherry, in front of him. “Eat.”

Even though Rong Qiu was the one who bought the cake, after being caught, he felt embarrassed. With the Beta’s long lashes blinking twice, he quickly moved away, looking elsewhere. “I just ordered congee and some breakfast. It will be delivered soon.”

A large commercial street was just outside A University, and the delivery service was well-established. It would probably take only ten minutes or so.

Qin Muye let out a low “Mmm,” although his expression remained indifferent, he didn’t reject it.

Rong Qiu was used to taking care of the man.

His affection was obvious — he just wanted to treat the man well and wished he could carry him around all the time.

The Beta found time to take a shower.

The man played with his phone out of boredom. Although his expression remained unchanged, those who knew him well would understand that he was much more relaxed than usual.

After taking a shower, Rong Qiu went downstairs to get breakfast.

Although Qin Muye usually had a strong taste, he preferred a light breakfast. Like presenting a treasure, Rong Qiu took out the white congee and shrimp dumplings from the thermos one by one.

These were not cheap, costing five to six times more than ordinary breakfast items.

The man had a large appetite, and almost two-thirds of the food ended up in Qin Muye’s stomach.

Seeing the man enjoying his meal, Rong Qiu felt happy too.

He ate half full, but fortunately, the leftover cake from earlier also found its way into his stomach.

After finishing the meal, there wasn’t much to talk about. Rong Qiu reported his daily routine to Qin Muye.

Now in his fourth year, Rong Qiu had fewer theoretical classes, and going out for missions in the mechs would become more common. Each time he operated the mech, he had to shut down all communication devices, making each mission equivalent to losing contact. Who could accept their partner going to other planets for missions every now and then?

This was the dilemma Rong Qiu faced.

Seeing the Beta hesitating, Qin Muye lifted his eyes coldly, “Got something to say?”

Choosing his words carefully, Rong Qiu explained the situation to Qin Muye.

The man showed no expression.

His sitting posture remained the same, his back straight, and his deep eyes, like moist ink soil under the covering of ice and snow, had a chilly and unyielding glint.

Rong Qiu felt a bit lost.

Was Ah Ye not pleased?

If it were him, he wouldn’t be pleased either.

Rong Qiu suddenly felt awkward. He wasn’t good at comforting others. After tugging at his own clothes for a long time, he finally gathered the courage to sit on the man’s thigh.

Qin Muye lazily hugged his waist.

Rong Qiu, with clean and pure features and eyes like a starry river, had a soft and loyal voice. “Besides missions, I always think of you, and only you.”


Since clarifying the plans with Qin Muye, Rong Qiu had been anxious.

He tried to comfort, but it seemed to have no effect.

Because after saying those words, Qin Muye showed no change, still as cold as ever, his expression like a newly sharpened sword, revealing a sharp edge.

He really felt useless.

He couldn’t even comfort someone.

With worries on his mind, the next day Rong Qiu was also absent-minded in class. He barely managed to note down all the points the teacher discussed. Faced with Su Ran’s provocations, he couldn’t muster the energy to respond.

Su Ran was getting annoying.

Usually, he would get angry when arguing with Rong Qiu, but now that Rong Qiu was genuinely ignoring him, Su Ran felt something was off. It was as if he, who usually boasted, was being ignored when trying to show off to others.

An alpha who always considered himself noble had never suffered such grievances.

He stopped Rong Qiu, “Didn’t you hear me talking to you?”

Rong Qiu glanced at him indifferently. His hair had grown slightly longer, almost reaching his eyelids, making his eyes appear even clearer. But only when facing Qin Muye was Rong Qiu an unadorned Beta without edges. Now, in front of Su Ran, he seemed a bit fierce. If Su Ran provoked him again, he wouldn’t mind fighting again.

Su Ran stopped him again, “If it weren’t for our future missions being bound together, do you think I would willingly talk to you?”

The combat team would be going to another planet for a mission next week.

After hearing Su Ran’s words, Rong Qiu knew Su Ran didn’t like him. He was about to suggest switching teams even if they drew the same group.

But before he could say it, he noticed Qin Muye.

What Rong Qiu wanted to say immediately changed, “Then please guide me. Let’s work together on this mission.”

Su Ran:?

Rong Qiu’s sudden change caught Su Ran off guard. He shivered, “Who wants to work with you! Ah Ye likes you, but I absolutely won’t like you. You will forever be my most disliked Beta.”

The words fell sharply, and Su Ran felt it wasn’t enough.

How could Rong Qiu be so kind to live harmoniously with him?

Su Ran crossed his arms, “If it weren’t for you being tied to Ah Ye in the future, do you think I would want anything to do with you? I’m telling you, don’t have any plans with me.”

“No plans.”

“What plans.”

Two voices, one clear and one deep, spoke simultaneously.

Su Ran turned around, looking surprised at his friend who had come up behind him.

Qin Muye was clearly in a bad mood. His icy eyes fell on Rong Qiu, and finally, he looked at Su Ran, who was just an arm’s length away from the Beta. He said solemnly, “What plans could he have with you?”

In an instant, Su Ran felt that Qin Muye’s words weren’t questioning but accusing.

What plans could there be?

Certainly, there were no plans.

Su Ran opened his mouth, wanting to explain, but didn’t know where to start. Now, he felt that what he had said sounded self-centered, and it was truly not good that Qin Muye had heard it.

Rong Qiu was Ah Ye’s bed companion, and the way he said it made it seem like he was trying to win Ah Ye over.

Moreover, this bed companion was an ineffective Beta.

He must have committed countless sins in his past life to fall for a Beta this life.

Su Ran shuddered with disgust.

Ignoring Su Ran, Qin Muye focused his gaze on Rong Qiu.

In the past, the Beta would be delighted when they saw him outside, but this time there was no reaction from Rong Qiu. Qin Muye vaguely sensed that Rong Qiu had something to say. He waited patiently. He knew that maybe Rong Qiu was about to say some polite words, but this time, the Beta just lowered his head.

Qin Muye felt a bit irritated inexplicably, and this irritation reached its peak when Rong Qiu suddenly turned and left.

“Where are you going?”

Rong Qiu turned to look at him, his eyes innocent like a newborn calf.

He wasn’t sure if the man was talking to him.

Having been ignored by the man for so long, Rong Qiu had naturally developed the habit of ignoring the man.

Seeing his dumbfounded look, Qin Muye, with patience, repeated himself, adding his name this time.

Rong Qiu tightened the arm holding the book abruptly. Glancing at Su Ran beside him, he was a bit less arrogant in front of Su Ran. His voice was quieter this time, “I’m going to eat.”

Qin Muye took a step forward and walked to his side. “Hmm, I’ll go too.”

“Huh? Really? Didn’t we agree to go to the restaurant outside the school?”

Hearing that they had agreed to go to the restaurant, Rong Qiu lowered his head.

“How about you guys go.” Rong Qiu touched his nose, emphasizing with his head down, “I’ll eat at the cafeteria.”

He deliberately emphasized the last few words.

Qin Muye glanced at Su Ran, hands in his pockets. This time, he spoke to Rong Qiu, “Ignore him; we’ll go.”

Rong Qiu said, “Oh,” then felt a sweetness in his heart. On the way to the cafeteria with the group, he sneakily glanced at the man. He didn’t know why the man suddenly decided to acknowledge him in front of Su Ran again, but it was a good thing. After all, he would have very little time to come back starting next week.

He cherished every opportunity to be with Qin Muye.

Like a hamster not letting go of any grain of rice, he would remember every moment spent with Qin Muye. If possible, he wanted to record this scene with an invisible camera and replay it repeatedly on the days he couldn’t see Qin Muye.

Although Su Ran was arrogant, he still followed.

Rong Qiu carefully considered the food in the cafeteria. In the end, he picked the dishes that Qin Muye ate more of.

A University invested a lot, and the cafeteria was well-constructed, satisfactory for ordinary students. However, these dishes seemed less refined in front of Qin Muye and Su Ran. The scrambled eggs with tomatoes were broken, the braised lion’s head was greasy, and the soup lacked clarity. Only the steamed bass looked somewhat good, but it was a bit cold.

Rong Qiu deliberately placed the dishes in the microwave for a couple of rounds. Meanwhile, Su Ran, unsatisfied, used chopsticks to pick at the rice in his bowl.

“Ah Ye, why are you eating with him?”

Bed companion is just a bed companion, no need for them to spend extra effort on each other.

Qin Muye didn’t touch the dishes in front of him. There were probably three or two servings of rice in front of him, piled into a small peak, looking quite abundant.

For this bowl of rice, Rong Qiu urged three or four times, asking the person serving to give more.

Worried that he might go hungry.

No one could match the Beta’s thoughtfulness towards him.

Su Ran really couldn’t eat this meal, so he found an excuse to leave.

When Rong Qiu returned with the fish, Su Ran was already gone.

“Don’t bother looking; he’s gone.”

Rong Qiu said, “Oh,” ignoring the dozen or so scattered students in the cafeteria. He was happy for the two of them to be alone.

“Ah Ye, eat this fish!”


Rong Qiu watched him use chopsticks, feeling happy. A hint of joy surfaced on the Beta’s porcelain cheeks, like a dance in his heart.

Qin Muye glanced at him. “Why are you laughing while eating?”

Rong Qiu cradled his face. “I thought Ah Ye doesn’t eat in the cafeteria.”

Qin Muye, upon hearing that the Beta said he didn’t like the cafeteria, slowly swallowed the food on the tip of his tongue and said, “Not that I don’t like it.”

He looked at Rong Qiu with confusion. “It’s noisy.”

Rong Qiu, holding his bowl, didn’t say anything, but he understood.

So, it’s because it’s noisy.

Rong Qiu remembered that he often complained about being noisy by the man early on…

Holding his rice bowl, the Beta sullenly kept quiet.

But Ah Ye was right. During the peak hours after class, the students in the cafeteria would even fight over the food.

Fortunately, they came early today and avoided the crowd.

Rong Qiu enjoyed this meal, and when he carried the tray to the collection bin, he carefully observed the remaining amount of food on Qin Muye’s plate – not bad, he finished almost all of it!

Rong Qiu became even happier.

But what made him happier was that Qin Muye followed him back to the dormitory.

At the end of September, the weather was still unusually hot. The weather forecast said there would be rain in the afternoon, and the clouds were drifting low at the moment, shrouding the tall buildings with a particularly dark and oppressive cloud cover. The trend indicated that a storm was imminent.

Rong Qiu was afraid Qin Muye would get caught in the rain, so he walked a bit faster.

But on the way, they encountered familiar faces.

Chu Ming greeted him, and they were about ten meters apart. Rong Qiu nodded in acknowledgment but only gave a shallow greeting. Since the last time Rong Qiu rejected the little cake he offered, Chu Ming felt embarrassed to approach Rong Qiu again. This time, after the greeting, he bowed slightly and left in the opposite direction.

Originally, this was not a big deal, but it was seen by Qin Muye.

Last time, this alpha was very enthusiastic when he saw Rong Qiu. Why did he leave so cautiously this time?

What happened between Rong Qiu and that alpha?

However, Rong Qiu did not take the initiative to mention it. After greeting Chu Ming, he went straight to the dormitory, showing no sign of explaining. This made Qin Muye’s mood unpleasant.

He felt like the Beta was hiding something from him.

The two of them walked at a moderate pace. When they returned to the dormitory, Qin Muye was fine, as he didn’t sweat much due to his constitution. However, Rong Qiu was different; he looked like he had just been fished out of the water.

Rong Qiu washed his hands and immediately pulled out a set of clothes for Qin Muye. “Ah Ye, go take a shower. I’ll be back soon after going out.”

Qin Muye looked at the clothes handed to him but didn’t take them. “Where are you going?”

“Ah…” Rong Qiu hesitated, having his own plans. “Just going out for a bit.”

The slight concealment in the Beta’s words ignited the bomb that had been restless in Alpha’s heart for a long time.

Qin Muye tightly held Rong Qiu’s wrist. His eyes were distant, cold, and handsome, yet exuded a different charm, as if he could absorb Rong Qiu’s soul.

Rong Qiu blushed at being looked at like that.

“Are you going to see Chu Ming?”

“See Chu Ming?” Rong Qiu didn’t understand his meaning. “Why would I see Chu Ming?”

Qin Muye’s tone had become serious. “Is there something between you and Chu Ming that I don’t know?”

That new alpha, who stayed far away today, even actively restrained himself from approaching Rong Qiu.

Rong Qiu was completely bewildered.

There was nothing between him and Chu Ming.

It was just that he didn’t accept the things Chu Ming gave him. Perhaps, due to being rejected by him multiple times, Chu Ming became distant. In fact, Rong Qiu wouldn’t have noticed it if Qin Muye hadn’t mentioned Chu Ming’s indifference today.

After hearing Rong Qiu’s explanation, Qin Muye’s expression didn’t improve, and it even became more indescribable. “What did he give you?”

Being chased by a junior who kept giving him things made Rong Qiu feel embarrassed. “He gave me milk before, but I’m lactose intolerant, so I didn’t take it. Last time, he gave me a small cake, but I…”

“Cake?” Qin Muye seemed to have caught onto something.

Rong Qiu nodded. “Yes, it’s the cake I later bought for Ah Ye. It tastes really good!”

“Chu Ming also gave you that cake?”

“Yes.” Rong Qiu didn’t know what was wrong, stuttering, “But I rejected it.”

Now Qin Muye finally understood Chu Ming’s feelings for Rong Qiu. The thought of someone secretly giving things to his Beta behind his back disgusted Qin Muye, as if his private belongings had been contaminated by an outsider.

Confessing with a cake, only this little fool couldn’t understand the hint.

Even though Qin Muye was annoyed, he could perfectly hide his emotions. At least in Rong Qiu’s eyes, the man seemed no different from usual.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem with Chu Ming?”

“Do you still have contact with Chu Ming now? Did you exchange numbers? Are you still making plans to do things together?”

Rong Qiu honestly answered, “No.”

But it seemed like the man didn’t believe him.

The grip on Rong Qiu’s wrist did not loosen.

Rong Qiu felt some pain from being held.

Feeling lost and confused, Rong Qiu took a while to realize that Ah Ye might not like him having any interaction with Chu Ming.

But why?

Rong Qiu’s long eyelashes blinked rapidly, and then he quickly met Qin Muye’s gaze. Not knowing why, he suddenly became happy and his eyes, like crescent moons, sparkled. “Is Ah Ye jealous?”


Rhe Beta’s words were like a thunderous explosion, and Qin Muye immediately released his grip.

How could he be jealous over the Beta?

He just didn’t want his Beta to be tainted by other men.

Rong Qiu couldn’t understand his meaning. “Hehe,” he asked again, his voice getting softer. In the end, he carefully observed Qin Muye’s attitude, as if he was nervous and eager for a certain response.

Qin Muye stared fixedly at Rong Qiu. Rong Qiu’s features were well-defined and delicate, with cold-pale skin and rosy lips, like a red rose waiting to be plucked from the white snow.

Qin Muye looked away.

He wouldn’t indulge a beta.

So, Qin Muye took the clothes that Rong Qiu had been holding and breezily changed the topic, “What are you going out for later?”

Rong Qiu widened his eyes, clearly dissatisfied with the man changing the subject, but he dared not ask again.

Seeing him subdued and silent, Qin Muye softened his gaze. Perhaps he was sure that Rong Qiu had no involvement with other alphas. He cleared his throat and tightened his lips, adopting a milder tone, though it wasn’t much different—still chilly, “Why are you going out on such a hot day?”

Now, Rong Qiu was the one being pressed.



“Buying something.”

“What are you buying?”

The man continued to inquire persistently, and Rong Qiu blushed like a lit firecracker.

His sweaty hair clung to his forehead, jet black and shiny. The small beta seemed nervous yet shy, and his voice buzzed like a mosquito, “Just… need to buy condoms.”

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