After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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During the vibrant summer, A Star experienced the hottest sun of all four seasons. When it rained, it poured, especially during the expected heavy rain, when dark clouds pressed upon the city.

Rong Qiu hadn’t brought an umbrella.

When he returned quickly from the convenience store just a few hundred meters away, his hair was already wet enough to drip.

It was a mix of sweat from running and fresh raindrops.

Qin Muye was still showering. The rushing sound of water mixed with the noise from the air conditioner fan drowned out the pouring rain outside.

Watching the newly fallen droplets on the ground, Rong Qiu couldn’t help but frown.

He needed to quickly wipe it off.

Otherwise, Ah Ye, who had cleanliness preferences, would be unhappy.

But before Rong Qiu could tidy himself up, he was lifted up by the waist, and it made him doubt whether his weight of over 130 pounds was all virtual.

“I haven’t taken a shower yet!” the beta exclaimed softly.

“Mmm,” the man held onto him without letting go.

“…I’ll go take a shower first. Ah Ye, wait for me outside?”

Qin Muye remained unmoved.

His nose was against the beta’s abdomen, and he could feel a unique warmth inside the body, not the scent of exclusive alpha or omega pheromones, nor the artificial fragrance of shower gel. This particular scent only appeared when Rong Qiu was extremely fatigued and sweating heavily.

Like the fragrance from amber trees, emitting a faint pine resin aroma.

It was subtle, and Qin Muye surprisingly didn’t find it distasteful.

Rong Qiu was quite happy being held like this, feeling as if he was being loved.

Bubbles were popping in Rong Qiu’s heart.


But being “loved” like this was too tiring!

For some reason, Qin Muye was particularly fierce this time. Even with the air conditioner on, Rong Qiu felt so hot that he was like a pancake flipping on a scorching iron. Whether on his front or back, there was no chance to catch a breath or take a break.

And from the bathroom to the table, finally moving to the bed, the chaotic sounds of people mixed with various items falling.

Even though Rong Qiu was mentally prepared, he couldn’t help but be surprised by the intensity of the man’s dominance.

Both Betas, Rong Qiu’s physical fitness data excelled in the outstanding combat series, and Qin Muye could still clean up without panting or rushing.

This made Rong Qiu, who had just gotten up from the bed, embarrassed, sitting back with weak legs.

Are Betas really this strong?

He could hardly endure it!

The little Beta, still in a daze, blushed more and more, eventually becoming hot enough to fry an egg.

Maybe he can really hatch chicks.

But Rong Qiu soon had no time to think about chicks. He propped himself up on the bed, and as he sat up, he felt his backhand hurting and itching.

Rong Qiu looked down.

A red and swollen area.

Rong Qiu looked at the bruise, his eyebrows twisted like a tightly knotted rope. The previous bruise from the collision with the mecha cabin door was almost healed, so how did he get a new injury now?

When did it happen?

He was sure it wasn’t there when he went out to buy things.

Rong Qiu tried to stretch his hand, but the stabbing pain in his back made his teeth tingle.

Rong Qiu pressed it with pain, feeling as if countless needles were piercing his meridians on his back. Even his entire arm seemed to be trembling slightly, albeit subtly, but still noticeable.

Rong Qiu’s serious expression relaxed.

Fortunately, it wasn’t too severe; at least there was no fracture.

But he didn’t know if there was a fracture…

When Qin Muye came out, he saw Rong Qiu playing with his hands, head lowered.

And his mood was still good. He rarely felt so satisfied. So the man sat on the chair, pulled Rong Qiu’s hand towards him.

Seeing this injury, Qin Muye furrowed his brows. “You hit your hand just now.”

Rong Qiu slightly opened his lips, looking confused. “Huh?”

Qin Muye restrained himself. “You passed out for a while. It seems your hand hit the bed railing.”

Rong Qiu blinked. He thought for a moment.

It seemed like there was indeed a vague memory. It was like floating between life and death, as if in the clouds. It was so comfortable that at a certain moment, his whole body felt electrified, and then everything went black…

Recalling this was a bit embarrassing, and Rong Qiu’s cheeks blushed slightly.

Qin Muye didn’t notice the Beta’s discomfort.

He took out a drawer from Rong Qiu’s side table, finding many ointments inside. He selected one. “Clean it first, then come over for the ointment.”

Rong Qiu: “!”

Seeing that the beta didn’t move, Qin Muye raised an eyebrow and asked, “Not going?”

Rong Qiu, like a little dog expecting a response from its owner, had bright and clear eyes, faintly shimmering with a mysterious blue light. “Is Ah Ye helping me with the medicine?”

The man didn’t speak, nor did he refuse.

Observing his expression closely, Rong Qiu presumptuously assumed that he had agreed.

The beta immediately got up from the bed, grabbed some clothes from the wardrobe, and turned to head into the bathroom. Before closing the bathroom door, he stuck out his fluffy head, reminding, “Ah Ye, wait for me!”


Rong Qiu has always had a high tolerance.

Perhaps it’s because he grew up in an orphanage.

When he was a child, he tried crying, but crying in the orphanage was useless. Many children cried, and even if Rong Qiu’s eyes dried up, he wouldn’t get a piece of candy in return.

So, Rong Qiu simply stopped crying.

If he fell and hurt himself while walking, the short Rong Qiu would get up on his own, hugging his knees, and endure the pain. If he caught a cold, he would ask the head caretaker for medicine, take it, and then sleep under the blanket.

Standing alone in the vast orphanage, Rong Qiu’s personality persisted into adulthood.

Every time Rong Qiu got hurt, he could calmly deal with it himself.

However, this time, surprisingly, Rong Qiu couldn’t help it.

In pain, the beta grimaced, and washing in the shower only made his arm hurt more. During the process of putting on clothes, his arm trembled slightly.

But when he pushed the door open, the wrinkled brows had already smoothed out.

Rong Qiu waved his arm at the man. “Ah Ye, I’m done bathing.”

So, Ah Ye can help me with the medicine now.

However, the man didn’t move, and Qin Muye’s expression was even darker than the clouds outside.

Feeling uncomfortable, Rong Qiu hugged his arm. “Aren’t you going to apply the medicine?”

Qin Muye’s gaze stopped on Rong Qiu’s hand. The beta’s skin was pale, so the bruise looked particularly severe.

Why did it get worse after taking a shower?

Silently, Qin Muye picked up his wallet and phone. “Let’s go.”

“Go where?”

“To the hospital.”

“No need. I don’t have a fracture. Applying medicine is enough.”

Rong Qiu didn’t want to trouble the man. The last time he got rashes from eating spicy barbecue, he was annoying enough. Being sent to the hospital by Ah Ye would be too troublesome.

He might annoy the man…

Qin Muye was indeed annoyed.

With such a serious injury, he couldn’t rest assured without going to the hospital.

Unable to refuse, Qin Muye had already changed his shoes at the door. “Take an umbrella and your ID.”

Ten minutes later, Rong Qiu sat in the passenger seat, feeling somewhat apprehensive.

He recognized the logo on the car; it was expensive.

He thought that Qin Muye borrowed the car from Su Ran, and since Su Ran had some grudges against him, if anything went wrong with the car, Su Ran might blame it on him.

So, Rong Qiu was very well-behaved in the car. Like an elementary school student on a spring outing, he fastened his seatbelt, sat upright, hands clenched into fists, placed them on his knees, and kept his back straight like a young poplar tree.

Qin Muye set the navigation, and only then did Rong Qiu remember to ask, “Ah Ye, do you have a driver’s license?”

Without looking at him, Qin Muye replied, “Yes.”

The man drove steadily.

The rain had stopped long ago, and as Rong Qiu watched the trees along the road pass by, his eyes couldn’t help but sparkle.

Rong Qiu suddenly started praising him, “Ah Ye, you’re really good at driving!”

He didn’t know how to drive.

The man gave Rong Qiu a sidelong glance, naturally carrying a disdainful air.

He didn’t understand what was so impressive about it.

Clearly, the the Beta himself knew how to operate mechas.

Yet, Rong Qiu continued talking.

There was no sign of him stopping, as he spoke persistently.

Qin Muye sensed the admiration from the Beta. Although his lips remained straight, there was a slight upward curve. He shifted his gaze away and tossed a bottle of mineral water to the Beta in the co-driver’s seat.

Fool, his lips were already chapped, yet he kept on talking.


Considering the Beta’s hand injury, Qin Muye drove at the maximum legal speed, compressing the originally twenty-minute journey to just ten minutes.

The process of registering at the hospital and entering the consultation room was swift, and Rong Qiu was soon taken into the doctor’s office.

Once inside, Qin Muye was stopped outside.

Rong Qiu, facing the doctor alone, appeared unusually hesitant.

He rarely visited hospitals, and it could be said that he had never been to one. 

For minor injuries or illnesses, he usually endured them until they passed. If things got really bad, he would take some medicine from the director-mother and rest in his blanket, sweating out the illness to wake up lively the next day. Later, when he attended A University, he suffered many injuries during practical classes, but the medical room was enough for his needs.

Now, the doctor with glasses said nothing. Perhaps he had seen such situations frequently and didn’t pay much attention. “Nothing serious, just go back and rest. Apply some ointment.”

“No fractures, right?”

Rong Qiu could tell if there were no fractures, but hairline fractures were hard to discern.

The doctor pushed up his glasses. “Why would there be? It’s just a soft tissue contusion, with some oozing of blood forming a bruise.”

“That’s good.”

The patient seemed docile at the moment, and the doctor stretched his eyebrows. “Don’t worry; it’s just a bruise. You need local ice compress to reduce bleeding and bruising during this process. You should also take anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication for treatment. However, your hand shows signs of a second injury.”

Rong Qiu mumbled, “I was hit by the mecha door before, and this afternoon, I accidentally bumped into the railing.”

“Why are you so reckless? Your partner should pay more attention. Both of you are young men; be more careful.”


“Isn’t the one outside your partner?”

Rong Qiu seemed to hear a buzz in his ears. “Ah… maybe… in the future…”

Feeling guilty, the Beta blushed.

Rong Qiu silently walked out of the treatment room under the doctor’s suspicious gaze.

When he came out, he was still pondering the doctor’s advice and circled back to the term “partner.”


Just silently thinking about it, Rong Qiu’s chest was filled with fluffy and soft feathers. If there was a breeze at the moment, he might even float into the clouds with it.

Unfortunately, he and Ah Ye were just dating…

Partners need to get certified.

They haven’t yet.

Rong Qiu slapped his face hard to try to wake up. When he looked around and didn’t see the person he wanted to meet, he suddenly woke up.

He was getting a bit anxious.

In the corridor on the same floor, the waiting hall, the restroom, and the hot water room, there was no sign of the man.

Where did Ah Ye go?

Rong Qiu’s pocket vibrated.

Ding da da da…

It was the only person who cared about him on his phone!

It’s Ah Ye!

Rong Qiu happily thought that the man informed him to wait outside, but when he opened the message, what he got was the news that Ah Ye had already left—

Ah Ye: Got something to do, go back first.

The disappointment doubled.

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