After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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So Ah Ye left.

Rong Qiu stared blankly at his phone.

The old-fashioned phone, palm-sized, gradually turned into a black shadow in his palm, and Rong Qiu sniffled. He leaned against the wall, sitting on the armrest of the bench, his heart filled with loss and bitterness.

The young man was too sad, and even the passing head nurse couldn’t help but worry.

She had an impression of Rong Qiu because he looked too neat and clean, and he seemed pitiful, limping with one hand, coming to the hospital like this. Besides, the man who came with him was handsome.

However, the man who came with him left after answering a call.

The head nurse, seeing Rong Qiu’s lost look as he leaned against the wall, walked over and asked if he needed help. Rong Qiu, seeing someone approach, instantly became like a vigilant little beast, hiding all his outward emotions.

The head nurse was taken aback for a moment and then put on a professional smile. “Sir, are you feeling unwell? Do you need assistance?”

Rong Qiu, looking at the bruised back of his hand, shook his head gently. “I’m fine.”

After a brief pause, Rong Qiu pursed his lips. “But I don’t know where to get the prescribed medicine.”

The head nurse replied with a smile.

“Thank you.”

Rong Qiu nodded slightly, expressing gratitude, and left.


Rong Qiu’s hand injury wasn’t severe. The doctor advised him not to use his hand too much for now, apply the ointment every day, and come back for a checkup in three days. Rong Qiu comforted himself; since it wasn’t severe, Ah Ye didn’t need to wait for him.

But sitting on the tram back to school, Rong Qiu’s heart was still in disarray.

Good or bad was always relative.

Especially when he saw a pair of AO couples beside him, seemingly returning from the hospital, holding a bag of medicine from the same hospital.

The omega was tightly embraced by the alpha male, his head resting on the alpha’s chest. He furrowed his delicate eyebrows, pouted his red lips, and made whimpering sounds, looking pitiful and wronged.

The alpha was clearly very concerned.

He softly asked if the omega wanted to drink hot water, if he wanted to eat soft candy, and finally, he gently patted the omega’s back while holding his arm, coaxing him to sleep.

Rong Qiu, holding the bag of medicine, unconsciously watched for quite a while.

It seemed like he still felt envy.

Just a little bit of envy.

But this subtle emotion was quickly suppressed by Rong Qiu.

What’s the use of thinking so much?

The Beta relationship between him and Ah Ye was different from AO relationships. Without the interference of pheromones, it always seemed restrained and distant.

And, being alone is fine; they both have their own things to do.

Ah Ye has a lot of textbooks in the command department, and he’s already in his fourth year. When his hand gets better, he will go to other planets to complete missions.

Long-distance will be the norm.

They are destined not to be a couple content with staying in one place.


On Wednesday, Rong Qiu’s teacher called him to the office.

Professor Ren, who is not yet fifty this year, is already the most famous mecha practical instructor at A University. Most importantly, despite being an alpha, he has no bias against the Betas.

Among all the students he has taught, Rong Qiu is the most diligent, hardworking, and talented. Professor Ren values him greatly.

Precisely because of this, he couldn’t bear to see Rong Qiu jeopardizing his future by not taking care of himself.

The two spent a long time talking in the office.

Rong Qiu was sensitive to the care of his caretakers.

At that moment, Professor Ren, with a mix of hardship and care, gave guidance, and Rong Qiu naturally admitted his mistake obediently.

Seeing his most cherished student in such a state, Professor Ren couldn’t continue scolding. He had no children, and all his thoughts for decades have been devoted to A University’s education. After teaching so many alphas, it’s rare to see a Beta with such a good character.

To Professor Ren, Rong Qiu was like his own child.

Seeing Rong Qiu’s submissive appearance, Professor Ren sighed deeply.

“Teacher knows you have your own ideas, but you must remember to take care of yourself.”

Rong Qiu’s eyes sparkled, and he shook his hand in front of the teacher, clenched his fingers, and then opened them again to demonstrate that his hand was still very flexible.

“Teacher, look!”

Professor Ren took a sip of tea, smiled, gave him a teasing look, and handed him a few boxes of medicine. “Talk about it when you’re piloting the mecha. If something happens, you’ll be the one crying.”

Rong Qiu naturally kept the teacher’s words in his heart.

Coming out of Professor Ren’s office, Rong Qiu was in an extremely good mood. He stuffed the medicine given by Professor Ren into his pocket, increased his pace, and went to the mecha practical training room.

It was only nine o’clock, and he could practice until eleven and then go back to the dormitory. Afterward, he would spend half an hour studying theory.

Tomorrow night at seven o’clock would be his theoretical exam.

If everything went well, he aimed to firmly secure the first place.


Unfortunately, the next day, when Rong Qiu was ready to take the exam, he felt like he had caught a cold, sneezing countless times along the way.

Rong Qiu lightly touched the tip of his nose with his fingertips, the stimulation making his nose itch, and he sneezed several times in a row.

He was almost out of breath.

Frowning, Rong Qiu rubbed his nose forcefully, rubbing the porcelain-like nose tip until it turned rosy.

Could it be that someone is cursing him behind his back?


It wasn’t Rong Qiu’s imagination; someone was indeed cursing him all day.

At the City Western Bar, Su Ran was drinking.

Today was the theoretical exam for the combat department, and he deliberately applied for a deferred exam so that he could pass with a score of sixty. He wasn’t like Rong Qiu, who had all his ability points inexplicably invested in studying. Just thinking that Rong Qiu might top the exam again this time made Su Ran annoyed. In the combat department where alphas were concentrated, he could tolerate being suppressed by alphas, but it was unacceptable that a Beta like Rong Qiu could climb above him.

It really annoyed him.

He wasn’t the only one feeling annoyed. His good friend seemed to have some problems recently, becoming irritable. So Su Ran decided to drown his sorrows in alcohol.

He booked a private room for Qin Muye and himself, and then ordered a table full of drinks. This time, he only invited two obedient omegas to accompany them.

It was clear that Qin Muye had something on his mind.

They finished three bottles of liquor.

In the end, Su Ran, who was leaning on the sofa, finished the remaining half bottle of champagne, and started talking incoherently, “I said, what’s wrong with Ah Ye recently? If he’s in a bad mood, he should at least give a reason. It makes people worried.”

Knowing that Su Ran would have memory gaps after drinking, Qin Muye didn’t say anything.

He opened another bottle of liquor, and the high-alcohol content liquid entering his mouth made his nerves start to tremble. But the expression on the man’s face remained unchanged.

After another big sip of alcohol, the omega beside him didn’t dare to pour him more.

But after waiting for a few minutes, the man showed no signs of becoming more hostile.

With a bit more courage, the omega approached him, and at the same time, calmly poured more alcohol for him.

Qin Muye looked at him.

The omega was overjoyed.

This was the first time the man looked at him like this since he came in. The omega interpreted the gaze as passionate, licked his lips, and leaned a few centimeters closer, his eyes filled with ambiguity, his movements as soft as a snake.

“Get lost.”


“Get lost.”

The man’s eyes were as cold as unsheathed sharp blades, piercing the omega harshly. The omega was stung fiercely, wondering if this man was truly a Beta. Why did he exude such a strong oppressive aura?

Shivering, the omega trembled and fled.

The intoxication entered his eyes, and the man’s dark pupils resembled an extremely cold deep sea. Although his gaze was directed at the omega’s back, he thought of the Beta.

The omega who ran away in panic looked a lot like that foolish Beta.

It wasn’t Rong Qin, but Rong Qiu.

Somehow, the incident of him sending Rong Qiu to the hospital a few days ago was known to Rong Qin.

Rong Qin deliberately called to mock him for being softhearted, saying that a bed partner was just a bed partner. He should choose an omega, an S-rank omega, as his future partner. The call from Rong Qin really messed up his mind.

So much so that he hasn’t seen Rong Qiu since then.



Su Ran is not a person who can stay quiet, and when he’s drunk, this is even more true. He even liberated his nature, making phone calls.

Five minutes later, a large number of omegas entered the private room.

Qin Muye’s irritation surged instantly.

Su Ran was having a great time. With a loud “clank,” he put the bottle back on the table. He called out to the omegas coming in, “Over here! Over here!”

Qin Muye suppressed his irritation and looked at Su Ran. This butterfly alpha, surrounded by omegas, suddenly remembered that his good friend was still on the side.

Su Ran “generously” pushed an omega towards him.

The omega leaned in, but he was intimidated by Qin Muye’s gaze and dared not approach any further.

Su Ran was speechless.

Thinking of something, the increasingly unpleasant Su Ran, commanding the omega, made him lean towards Qin Muye. He then took out his phone, aimed it at their direction, and snapped a few photos.

After finishing, Su Ran even asked Qin Muye for his phone, saying, “Ah Ye, let me borrow your phone. I’ll return it to you later.”

They grew up together and were considered lifelong buddies.

Qin Muye didn’t refuse him.

But soon, he regretted it.

Su Ran, who was drunk and confused, threw both phones into the ice bucket of the ice wine. Splashes of water flew, causing the nearby omegas to scream.

Qin Muye furrowed his brows even deeper. “What kind of drunken madness are you playing!”

“Just wait, Ah Ye.”

Since they say that releasing frustration helps improve one’s mood, if omegas are not pleasing, then why not go for a Beta?

So, he called that Beta.

The only question was whether Rong Qiu would come. At this hour, everyone in the combat department, except for him who had applied for a deferred exam, was preparing to enter the exam hall.

But Rong Qiu should come.

After all—

The Beta, when it comes to Ah Ye, completely turns into a being ruled by love.

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