After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Guilt

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When someone slapped at him, Dong Du instinctively intercepted it. When he reacted, he found himself holding a girl’s hand. His face turned red, and he quickly let go, apologizing politely, “I didn’t mean to.”

Gneville’s face was full of anger. She wiped her hand vigorously, “Is an apology useful? You’re good at pretending now. The Emperor should have kicked you out earlier. I could have taken revenge sooner!”

“Revenge?” Dong Du asked in confusion, and it took him a while to realize, “I see, you’re Gneville, right?”

The golden-haired girl on the opposite side was almost crying with anger. She clenched her fists tightly, leaned forward, glaring at him fiercely, “You ruined my glands, but you don’t even remember the victim. You are morally corrupt to the extreme. Xia En clearly said he would deal with you. How come you’re still alive!”

In Dong Du’s eyes, the other party was of a different gender, and he had never comforted any girl before. At this moment, he stood there feeling awkward, thinking for a long time before cautiously speaking, “Xia En didn’t break his promise. He took action, but I’m very skilled, so I escaped.”

Gneville’s tears finally fell heavily on the ground, “So, do you want me to praise you now?”

He turned his face slightly, feeling embarrassed to be scolded in front of so many people. He separated himself from Gneville, softly saying, “There’s no need for that.”

Gneville was furious, stomped her feet on the ground, turned and left.

Dong Du looked back at the Alphas behind him, who were all wearing awkward expressions. Hanchester, in a friendly manner, patted his shoulder, “Alright, don’t just stand there. Let’s go see the General first, and then take a good rest today.”

He sighed dejectedly and followed Hanchester into the huge white tower in front of him. 

In fact, it was just a tower-like structure, but the equipment inside was at the forefront of current technology. Men had a natural fascination with machinery. Dong Du quickly pulled himself out of the awkward mood just now and exclaimed, “This is too cool!”

In the center of the tower was an elevator, standing as steady as Sun Wukong’s Golden Cudgel. Around it were circular floors, one after another going up. Every floor has different facilities and equipment, with clear and precise division of labor. Each floor is filled with a sense of science fiction. In the previous world, Dong Du had never even seen a science fiction movie, so the floor-cleaning robots in the corridor made him feel very high-end.

Hanchester directly took Dong Du to the top floor. The top floor is different from other places; it resembles more of a living area. The floor is divided into four parts, and the corridor only has the traces of floor-cleaning robots. There are only four doors, and the place is neither lively nor has a sense of science fiction. Dong Du is not very interested; his attention was focused on the floor-cleaning robots.

After tidying up his collar, Hanchester knocked on one of the doors and instructed him, “Little Prince, please wait.”

Being an official requires a bit of etiquette, and Dong Du nodded in understanding. He watched as Hanchester went inside and closed the door. Dong Du, bored, started strolling down the corridor. However, this floor’s corridor really had nothing; he only saw floor-cleaning robots moving around.

He stretched his foot against the robot’s wheel, and the display on the robot’s face showed a tired, sweating single-line expression. After a couple of hissing electrical sounds, it made a distress call, “Little A is trapped, requesting support, requesting support.”

Soon, several robots from the same floor came, pushing against Dong Du’s legs with coordinated effort, making heaving sounds.

Dong Du felt like he was bullying a child, so he moved his foot, and Little A spun in place. “Thank you, everyone. Little A is saved.”

In just a moment, Hanchester walked out of the room. Dong Du thought it was finally his turn to meet the high-ranking official, but Hanchester pointed to another room and said, “Little Prince, you’ll stay there. Let’s go check out your room.”

“Do I not need to meet the general?” Dong Du followed behind Hanchester, carrying his long bag. He initially wanted to meet the person he was supposed to replace; after all, knowing your enemy is key to a hundred victories.

Hanchester helped Dong Du open the room door and sighed wryly, “The general is busy, Little Prince.”

There was a hint of helplessness in his tone, and Dong Du immediately understood that the general simply didn’t want to see him. It wasn’t like he insisted on meeting, but the two of them were destined to be enemies.

Dong Du snorted and then walked into his room.

As soon as he entered, he cheered. Unlike its plain door, this room seemed like a hidden paradise. Except for the bathroom, everything was contained in one room. The integrated design made the room look very spacious. There was even a curved floor-to-ceiling window covering an entire wall, providing excellent sunlight. The heavy blackout curtains on both sides looked very soft.

The room was luxurious, but there were very few things inside. Apart from a bed, there was only a desk and a chair. Nobody had cared enough to decorate the room for the Little Prince.

Dong Du had lived in extremely basic conditions during the apocalypse, so he didn’t notice that the room hadn’t been taken care of. He happily put down his bag and inspected every corner of the room.

Hanchester sighed slightly, seemingly incredulous. “You like this room so much?”

“It’s quite nice here.” Dong Du looked at Hanchester strangely. “You can get sunlight and have a distant view. In the place I lived before, it was cold and damp; even expecting sunlight was a luxury.”

Dong Du was too happy, speaking without thinking about life in another world. This made Hanchester frown, finding it hard to believe. He said, “The Majesty treats you like this?”

This expression of doubt made Dong Du realize he had slipped up. He immediately started stammering in denial. However, his reaction only deepened Hanchester’s misunderstanding.

“Little Prince, where’s your smart ring? Let’s go buy some things for you.” The concern in Hanchester’s eyes seemed palpable, making Dong Du feel even more uneasy.

“Smart ring?” Dong Du muttered softly, “I don’t have one.”

Hanchester looked like he was about to get angry, but in the end, he sighed helplessly. “Come on, let’s go out and buy one.”

“But I don’t have money.” Dong Du scratched his head awkwardly. When he left the capital star, he thought he was coming to Black Gold Fortress to live a comfortable life. If he had known he had to struggle on his own, he would have brought some valuable things.

Finally persuaded by Hanchester, Dong Du reluctantly went out shopping. In the current world, life couldn’t do without a smart ring. So, Hanchester first took Dong Du to buy one before going to see the furnishings for his room.

However, Dong Du didn’t feel the shopping experience at all. The items were delivered to the high tower after purchase, so in the end, he only knew that he spent a considerable amount of Hanchester’s money. After counting on his fingers, it seemed he would owe for many years.

After buying everything, the two sat in a small beverage shop on the street. Dong Du sipped his fruit tea and sighed frequently, while Hanchester watched him with amusement. “Little Prince, what’s wrong?”

“I owe you so much money now.” Dong Du frowned, but before he could say the next sentence, he heard voices from across the street.

“Oh, isn’t this the little prince who thinks he’s high and mighty?”

Dong Du glanced up; it was an unfamiliar boy. However, the person next to him was someone he recognized, Gneville, the one who tried to slap him not long ago.

Facing Gneville, Dong Du always felt he was in the wrong. So, he dryly greeted, “Are you here for milk tea too?”

Gneville coldly glanced at him, approached the person who wanted to continue mocking Dong Du, and whispered, “Forget it, Huaihuai, let’s not drink here. Seeing him makes my stomach turn.”

Lin Huai, who originally wanted to say a few more words, changed his expression and left coldly.

Dong Du put down his fruit tea, lowered his head, and fell silent. Hanchester also remained silent; he knew that at this time, no one could comfort Dong Du. After all, the Little Prince had ruined someone’s glands, and it was already kind that the person didn’t want to see him.

“Are glands important?” After a long while, Dong Du finally raised his head and asked Hanchester.

Hanchester interlocked his fingers on the table, remained silent for a moment, and then whispered, “Very important, Little Prince.”

“When my room’s… things arrive, can you help me arrange them?” Dong Du stood up from the wooden chair. “I’m going out for a bit. If it’s dinner time, send me a message.”

Hanchester stared at him blankly for a while, then agreed with a nod.

Dong Du hastily left the beverage shop, and shortly after, Hanchester sent messages to two alphas.

After Gneville came out of the beverage store, her mood remained low. To be precise, since the day she learned that Dong Du was coming to the Black Gold Fortress, her spirits had been consistently dampened. After all, no one wanted to live in the same place as someone who had harmed them.

She and Lin Huai didn’t go far. After Dong Du came out, he saw them in another beverage shop. When he walked in, Gneville pulled Lin Huai to leave. When Lin Huai got to his side, he whispered, “Why are you so persistent? Bullying people just because you’re a little prince? Gneville also has a background; don’t push it too far.”

Dong Du completely ignored Lin Huai’s intentions, but he didn’t want to stop Gneville either. He could only follow behind them and explain softly, “I didn’t come to bully you. Can you listen to me for a few words? I want to apologize to you.”

“Apologize?” Gneville suddenly stopped, her lips trembled, and tears welled up in her eyes. “I won’t accept it. I’ll never accept it. Can a simple apology make up for the catastrophic harm you’ve caused me?”

Dong Du was speechless; all he wanted now was to drag the Little Prince back and give him a good beating for three days.

Gneville wiped away the tears on her face, controlled her emotions, and said expressionlessly to Dong Du, “I’ll be watching you at Black Gold Fortress. If you dare to do those things again, you’ll definitely be punished.”

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