After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Forgiveness

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The Black Gold Fortress has a massive children’s library. Dongdu used his newly purchased smart ring to borrow a popular science book for kindergarten from there. When he went to the front desk to process the borrowing procedure, the upbeat receptionist girl mistakenly thought he already had a baby and was borrowing the book for educational purposes.

Because Dongdu had never even considered the idea of himself having anything to do with having a child, it wasn’t until he walked out of the library’s doors that he vaguely realized what had happened. However, that didn’t matter. 

What mattered was that as he sat on a bench by the lake, slowly flipping open the popular science book in his hands, the gateway to a new world beckoned to him.

Dong Du couldn’t believe it and took a deep breath. This world actually had six genders, and male-omega and female-omega were almost equivalent, meaning anyone identified as omega, regardless of gender, could conceive. The key to determining the probability of conception, based on one’s own genetic superiority or inferiority, was the gland.

That Little Prince had ruined Gneville’s gland.

After learning everything, Dong Du was genuinely angry. But after the anger subsided, anxiety set in. Since he arrived here, everyone had been saying he was omega. Was he really omega? Did he have a gland?

Lost in this tremendous revelation, he didn’t come back to his senses for a long time. Therefore, he didn’t notice how long he had been sitting there and how long Gneville and Lin Huai had been watching him from behind a tree.

Lin Huai’s feet had already gone numb, and he whispered to Gneville, “How much longer do we have to watch? He hasn’t moved at all.”

“Sorry, Huaihuai.” Gneville was awakened by this question. They had been watching Dong Du for a long time. By now, Dong Du had entered the library, and since the library had only one entrance, Gneville didn’t follow him. She told Lin Huai, “You go back first. I’ll keep an eye on him for a while. If he comes out and goes straight home, I’ll go home myself.”

“Are you sure you won’t be in danger?” Lin Huai did want to go home, but he was also a bit worried. He wanted Gneville to leave with him.

“I’ll be fine. This is Black Gold Fortress, not the capital star. He won’t dare to do anything here.” Gneville pushed Lin Huai, urging him to go home. “And I’m just secretly watching. I won’t get into a conflict with him.”

Black Gold Fortress housed the military, with integrated military and political management, maintaining good public order. Gneville herself said she wouldn’t cause trouble, so Lin Huai thought it should be safe, pounded his legs that were tingling from numbness, and left.

Not long after Lin Huai left, Dong Du came out of the library. However, instead of leaving, he sat back down at the same spot, still reeling from the blow. Gneville found it strange and didn’t leave according to the original plan; she continued hiding behind the tree.

She wanted to see what kind of medicine this unprotected Little Prince was selling in his gourd.

Unexpectedly, waiting led to the arrival of nightfall.

Gneville was about to go directly and ask Dong Du what he was up to after sitting here for so long, possibly repenting, but before she could move, her mouth was firmly covered.

The person behind her didn’t emit any pheromones, but the tall figure wasn’t like a beta. Gneville didn’t dare to move randomly, afraid that provoking this person might lead to harm.

The person behind her seemed satisfied with her performance and whispered in her ear, “Gneville, don’t worry. I’ll help you get revenge. Your enemies are my enemies. We are a natural pair. He ruined your gland, and mine is ruined too. You are the gift he brought to Black Gold Fortress for me.”

Gneville trembled all over, cold sweat breaking out on her back. But with few alphas around, seeking help from an omega wasn’t wise; it might end up causing harm to others as well.

She could only see one enemy in her sight – Dong Du.

In an instant, Gneville felt a bit cold in her heart. She struggled slightly, and as she made a little noise, Dong Du, sitting there, suddenly looked over. The person grabbing Gneville was scared by Dong Du’s gaze, released his grip, and immediately distanced himself from her.

Due to her soft feet, she staggered several times. After stabilizing herself, she escaped without looking back.

Dong Du, of course, recognized the person who was running away. Considering Gneville’s statement about monitoring him, it wasn’t hard to imagine why she would be nearby. However, this poor girl was having a string of bad luck—first encountering the Little Prince who ruined her gland and now being harassed by a pervert.

He sighed heavily, then stood up and approached the harassing pervert step by step. The pervert seemed quite self-aware, wearing a hat that covered his entire face, revealing only his eyes.

This person was not afraid of Dong Du at all. As Dong Du approached, he even sneered, “I happen to be looking for you too.”

Dong Du didn’t respond. When things were going well, he always spared words. He directly punched the person in the stomach, making him spit out a mouthful of saliva.

The person’s physique was vastly different from Dong Du’s, yet he was unilaterally beaten by Dong Du. The commotion quickly attracted onlookers.

“Hey, is that an omega?”

“The person being beaten is so tall, is he an alpha?”

“No way, even if he’s a beta, he shouldn’t be beaten up by an omega.”

Dong Du seemed oblivious to the surrounding voices, but the person who got beaten clearly heard them. He yelled, attempting to retaliate against Dong Du, but Dong Du dodged his attacks two or three times.

People around pointed and laughed at the beaten person, and he couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, he pushed away an omega and fled in embarrassment.

Dong Du casually wiped his shoes on the ground. Initially, he didn’t want to bother with the pervert, but suddenly remembering his harassment of Gneville, he reluctantly followed the path the person had taken.

The person ran fast, and Dong Du asked people along the way, searching slowly. Luckily, with his kind appearance, asking passersby for directions was met with gentle responses. Some didn’t know and even helped him by asking others.

He continued asking all the way until gradually, there were fewer pedestrians on the road. With no one else to ask, Dong Du had to rely on luck and continued walking forward.

He arrived at a well-maintained residential area. While passing by a building, he heard cries inside.

It was Gneville.

Dong Du rushed into the corridor at his fastest speed. Without any hesitation, he kicked open the door on the left side of the first floor. As the door opened, the screams instantly became clear. The pervert who had harassed Gneville was dragging her by the hair towards the bedroom.

Dong Du kicked the person directly, and Gneville was scared into silence instantly. Without any pause, he grabbed the person by the collar and started beating him unmercifully, punch after punch into the flesh, like he was hitting a punching bag.

The man’s painful cries echoed throughout the room. The black hood he wore looked damp, and Dong Du ripped it off. Blood smeared the man’s face, and the room instantly felt like a crime scene.

Dong Du stared at the person expressionlessly. The person curled up, afraid to move. He dared not look at Dong Du and instead focused his gaze on the stunned Gneville by the side. Suddenly, his expression turned sinister again, “It’s all because of you! All because you, this b*tch, provoked him. If it weren’t for you provoking him, I wouldn’t have sought revenge. Without revenge, I wouldn’t have been beaten!”

Gneville’s head turned, as if she wanted to retort, but before she could speak, Dong Du moved again. Room was filled only with screams.

Dong Du continued beating the person without a word. Two people outside the door couldn’t bear it any longer and finally entered the room, looking down at Dong Du. “Little Prince, that’s enough. If you keep going, this person will die.”

“Why are you two here?” Being stopped, Dong Du naturally stopped his hands. He couldn’t really beat the person to death.

“Well, um, the Chief Officer was worried you might suffer a loss.” Han Lin chuckled and was jabbed hard by Xue Nancheng.

Dong Du stared at the two. “He’s that concerned about me? Fine, take this guy away. I won’t cause trouble.”

“Alright, alright.” Han Lin responded and quickly, together with Xue Nancheng, grabbed the bewildered man, almost dragging him out of the door.

The room quieted down. Dong Du walked up to Gneville and asked softly, “Are you okay?”

Gneville stared at him blankly. She couldn’t say a word, hiccupping as if she had returned to her senses. With a hiccup, she seemed to regain consciousness, stammering, “I—I don’t know him.”

“I know.” Dong Du had wanted to pat her on the shoulder, but he felt she was a girl, so he didn’t take action, just asked softly, “You all say I’m an omega, are you sure I have a gland?”

He wanted to let this girl, who had experienced so much hardship in her life, go through all the difficulties tonight so that her future days would be clear and everything lovable.

“Sure.” Gneville didn’t know what he meant but subconsciously gave an answer.

Dong Du breathed a sigh of relief, and he smiled, “Gneville, I’ll transplant my gland to you as compensation. Can you forgive me?”

“Is, is it possible?” Gneville’s face was full of confusion.

With Dong Du helping her up, they walked out together. But when they reached the door, she suddenly stopped, and Dong Du, preparing to ask why, saw the golden-haired girl burst into tears. She suddenly threw herself into Dong Du’s arms and cried loudly.

“You’re not him at all.” Gneville cried, “He can never be like this.”

“I am.” Dong Du hesitated for a long time but still patted Gneville’s back. Anyway, now they were of the same gender, and this wouldn’t be considered offensive.

Gneville didn’t argue with him again; she cried for a long time. When she raised her head, Dong Du’s chest was wet, and he was still wearing a protective suit, the once white clothes now dirty.

“Go, I still have to work tomorrow.” She sniffed, pretending not to see the traces of her crying, wiping her tears while saying, “From now on, let’s consider ourselves even.”

“But the gland…” Dong Du started.

“Shut up.” Gneville angrily said, “I don’t need it!”

Dong Du was scolded. He returned to the tower in a daze, his curly hair now a mess.

On the top floor of the tower, two people stood by the French windows. The one in front wore a complete military uniform, and a dark red cloak was fastened by silver buckles. The fitted military uniform was enclosed by the cloak, and he held his own hat, slightly lowering his eyelids. His indifferent gaze fell on the tower below, silently listening to the report behind him.

Hanchester finished the report. Seeing that the person in front of the window had no response, he took the initiative to ask, “General, do you want me to remind the Little Prince?”

Zhu Di returned his gaze, turned around, and put down his military hat, “No need.”

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