After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 13

Chapter 13 High Tower

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He didn’t have a moment of rest today. Dong Du, feeling exhausted, entered the tower and took the elevator straight to the top floor. Right now, he just wanted to collapse on his bed and sleep well.

At his room door, he didn’t knock. The door opened automatically. It seemed like Hanchester had been waiting by the door, smiling and greeting him, “Little Prince, welcome home.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, a childish voice with an electric current followed, “Young Master, welcome home.”

Dong Du was no longer sleepy. His face was full of surprise, and his black and white eyes stared unblinkingly at the little robot. “What is this?”

“This is your butler robot, responsible for taking care of you in the future.” Hanchester couldn’t help showing a trace of distress. As a member of the royal family, the Little Prince had never seen even a butler robot. It showed what kind of days he had lived before. He wondered how cruel the Emperor’s heart must be to ruin his brother’s reputation like this. After all, he was just an omega.

Not only did the room have a new butler robot, but the interior decoration had also changed significantly. The blue and white walls looked very warm, and rows of bookshelves and green plants were added to the walls. The floor was covered with light gray carpets, and the four-piece bedding on the bed also had golden small flowers printed on them. Apart from resembling a girl’s room a bit, there were no more shortcomings.

Dong Du happily collapsed onto the bed, and almost all the fatigue in his body disappeared.

Seeing him like this, Hanchester, who had originally wanted to chat, didn’t want to disturb him anymore. He whispered a good night and quietly closed the door.

Dong Du laid on the bed without moving. The butler robot thought he was asleep and quietly slid over to take off his shoes. He suddenly sat up, scaring the little butler, “Wah, I am a monster that eats robots.”

There were sizzling sounds in the little butler’s microphone, and after a beat, it understood that the Little Master was just playing with it. So, it exaggeratedly responded, “You scared me to death!”

This false reaction made Dong Du unsure whether to be happy or not. He sighed and poked the little robot’s head, “By the way, what’s your name?”

The LED display on the butler robot’s face turned into a pleasing little face, “I don’t have a name yet, Little Master. Can you give me a name?”

He rubbed his chin and thought hard for a moment, “Although you’re small, dreams must be big. From now on, you’ll be called Raptor. How does that sound?”

“Raptor?” The little robot asked with confusion in its tone. Robots of their model were specifically designed to take care of gas, so everything, from appearance to the built-in language system, was developed in a cute direction. The name Raptor didn’t quite fit, but it had no objections. To accommodate the learning system that matched its owner’s preferences, the little robot happily said, “Thank you, Little Master. I’ll be called Raptor from now on.”

Dong Du was very satisfied with this robot. Sitting side by side with the robot, he actively learned how to use the smart ring. In this era of advanced technology, the smart ring served as a phone, computer, electronic wallet, TV, identity card, and more.

The little robot helped Dong Du bind all the necessary information to the smart ring. Dong Du discovered that everything in the room could be controlled by the smart ring.

Dong Du set an alarm on the smart ring, then climbed into bed and closed his eyes. Raptor wished him good night and turned off the lights and curtains in the room.

Whether Granny Liu entered the Grand View Garden that night or not, Dong Du slept peacefully. He woke up to the sound of the alarm and found Raptor standing by his bed, cheerfully reminding him, “Good morning, Little Master. It’s already 8 AM. Breakfast at the tower is served from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM. If you miss the time, breakfast will not be available.”

Despite the rare feeling of wanting to stay in bed when he woke up, Dong Du quickly got up. He rushed into the bathroom and was out in less than ten minutes. Then he sat by the floor-to-ceiling window, sending a message to Hanchester, inviting him to have breakfast together since he didn’t know the way to the canteen.

A few minutes after sending the message, Hanchester knocked on his door. Seeing Hanchester at that moment, Dong Du’s gaze was undoubtedly one of extreme admiration.

Before Dong Du invited Hanchester to breakfast, this man was undoubtedly exercising. He wasn’t wearing a military uniform, only a sleeveless short T-shirt and ankle-tight work pants. The vivid muscle lines on his arms were apparent, and even the chest muscles’ contours could be seen through his clothes. He seemed to be emitting heat from his entire body. For Dong Du, he was exceptionally handsome right now.

“Hanchester, you’re so handsome!” The two were already quite familiar, and Dong Du pinched his chest muscles without reservation, almost drooling with envy.

Hanchester felt a bit uncomfortable with Dong Du’s straightforwardness. He caught Dong Du’s hand trying to touch him randomly, “Didn’t you say you wanted breakfast? Let’s go.”

Eating was for the purpose of growing tall and strong, Dong Du nodded. He followed behind Hanchester on the way to the canteen and asked while walking, “How did you develop these muscles? Where do you exercise in the morning? Can you take me with you when you exercise?”

No matter how hard an omega exercises, he can’t develop muscles; this is determined by congenital factors. So, when Dong Du said this, in the eyes of an alpha who didn’t understand his true intentions, it seemed like he just wanted to stick to him.

Hanchester didn’t agree immediately but asked Dong Du, “Don’t you want to get to know other people? Exercising might be boring for you.”

“No way.” Dong Du assured, patting his chest, “I just want to exercise with you. I won’t find it boring for sure.”

After he said this, the alpha in front blushed slightly. He covered his mouth, pretending to cough, “Alright, I’ll send you a message tomorrow. Get ready to leave at 6:30 AM.”

Dong Du cheered, not paying attention to the blushing alpha in front of him.

When the two arrived at the canteen, there were already quite a few people. When Dong Du took out his specially made meal tray from his arms, many alphas mocked him. However, with a glance from Hanchester, those people shut up obediently.

Military officers had a separate window in the canteen. Hanchester took Dong Du to that window to get their meals. The chef in the canteen saw Dong Du was an omega and automatically gave him a small portion of everything. However, Dong Du didn’t leave but stared intently at the chef. The chef, puzzled, cautiously added a little more to Dong Du’s plate, but Dong Du still didn’t leave. After a quick glance at the plate, he stared at the chef again. The chef was startled and added more to Dong Du’s plate. This omega with curly hair and big eyes kept staying!

The chef was almost scared out of his wits. Hanchester, helpless, rubbed his forehead and said, “Give him a full portion.”

“Huh?” The chef was surprised, then quickly filled Dong Du’s entire plate.

The breakfast in the canteen consisted of white porridge, buns, and boiled eggs. When Dong Du left with his tray, he even grabbed two buns, astonishing the chef with his unexpected appetite.

Dong Du looked at his food, then at Hanchester’s, and sighed with great emotion, “People here eat so little.”

Hanchester couldn’t say that Dong Du ate too much, so he just smiled at him. However, Dong Du didn’t intend to discuss the issue of how much to eat. While quickly eating, he curiously asked, “By the way, how is the research going on the samples brought back by the patrol ship?”

“It has been handed over to Dr. Fu Yuanyuan in the research office. But it hasn’t been long, and the results aren’t out yet,” Hanchester started peeling a boiled egg for Dong Du, “But even after the research results come out, we may not be able to proceed with the second exploration smoothly.”

“Because it wandered into another country’s star domain?” Dong Du took the boiled egg and wolfed down more than half of it in one go.

Hanchester’s gaze faintly swept across Dong Du’s lips, and he nodded softly.

“That’s really difficult.” Dong Du sighed. In his world, there were no countries, only survivor bases. So, the whole world was essentially the base, and there was no place he couldn’t go.

Dong Du fell silent for a moment and asked, “I can’t just sit idle in the base, right, Hanchester? How can I join the military?”

If he doesn’t join the military, his dream of becoming the highest official in the fortress cannot be realized.

“I’ll help you inquire about this. It’s not certain yet, but I’ll do my best,” Hanchester said. Although he said so, in fact, there was no precedent for an omega joining the military, neither with Yars nor Kos.

After breakfast, Hanchester had to go to work, leaving Dong Du alone to wander around the tower. The tower had a total of twenty-four floors, with the canteen on the twentieth floor. Every four floors down, there was a canteen. Dong Du checked the time and found it wasn’t even 9:30 yet.

He looked around nervously, saw that no one was paying attention to him, and then slipped into the elevator, going down four floors before confidently entering the canteen on the lower level.

There was only one omega in the tower, so everyone knew him. Of course, except for the soldiers from the patrol ship, who despised him. Holding a tiny portion of white porridge, Dong Du sat in the corner of the canteen, sighing. No, he needed to figure out a way to change his reputation.

While he was struggling with his meal, Hanchester had already fully prepared and entered Zhu Di’s office. “General.”

Zhu Di raised his eyelids, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s about the Little Highness. He hopes to join the military,” Hanchester stood upright. Although he was a tall and strong person, he now seemed inexplicably weak.

“An omega?” Zhu Di closed his documents in his hands, sitting upright on the sofa. Zhu Di looked at Hanchester. “Every report you’ve given since returning from the patrol is related to this omega, Chief Officer.”

Hanchester’s face turned a bit pale. “General, it’s not out of personal feelings, but he does have the ability in this regard…”

“I know,” Zhu Di coldly interrupted Hanchester’s explanation. “Send him to the omega academy to study. That’s more suitable for him.”

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