After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Gossip

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The alarm clock at six o’clock woke Dong Du promptly. Even before Raptor reminded him, he quickly got up, rushed into the bathroom, and put on the short-sleeved pants he had just bought. He waited for Hanchester’s message to call him for the workout.

Before half past six, Hanchester made a video call. Seeing that Dong Du was already dressed, he was visibly surprised and laughed, “I called early to remind you to get ready. I didn’t expect you to be ready already.”

“Of course.” Dong Du lifted his chin slightly. “I want to exercise with you. I can’t let you wait for me. Shall we go out now? Where do we meet?”

“Little Highness is really principled.” Hanchester was amused by Dong Du. “I live downstairs from you, and the gym is on the twentieth floor. Let’s meet in the elevator.”

Dong Du immediately got up and walked towards the elevator. While talking, he kept asking, “Have you reached the elevator? I’m coming down. If you haven’t arrived, you’ll miss me.”

“I’m already here.” Hanchester adjusted his camera, showing Dong Du the elevator door. Only then did Dong Du confidently enter the elevator and hung up the call.

His attire was the same as yesterday. Dong Du couldn’t resist the urge to touch, but this time Hanchester was prepared and quickly blocked his playful hand, saying helplessly, “Little Highness…”

Dong Du now knew the difference in their genders. Although he often forgot this fact himself, others definitely wouldn’t. He felt a bit embarrassed and stopped fidgeting with his fingers.

A subtle smile appeared on Hanchester’s lips. When the elevator reached the twentieth floor, he opened the door first and said, “Little Highness, this way.”

Being addressed, Dong Du no longer felt awkward. He actively ran to Hanchester’s side and exclaimed, “It’s so spacious here, and there are so many people.”

“Soldiers stationed here are responsible for research and administration. They are usually busy, so General set up a gym in the district for them,” Hanchester explained as he took out a new towel from his instant carrying bag and handed it to Dong Du. “How would you like to exercise, Little Highness?”

“I want to build muscles.” Dong Du flexed his small arms, but no matter how hard he tried, his biceps didn’t show any face.

He made a disappointed face, causing Hanchester to chuckle. “It’s okay; you’ll have it in the future. Try lifting dumbbells for now.”

Hanchester took Dong Du to fetch some dumbbells, arranged from 5 kg to 50 kg. He asked Dong Du to start with the lightest one and go heavier if it felt too easy. After all, Dong Du was an omega, and even though he had seen Dong Du’s combat power, he still doubted Dong Du’s strength.

Hanchester stood by, preventing Dong Du from accidentally dropping the dumbbells on himself. Dong Du started with a 5 kg dumbbell and went all the way up to 50 kg, still looking relaxed. The 50 kg dumbbell in his hand seemed like a plastic toy.

Some alphas watching nearby couldn’t believe it. With one lift, the 50 kg dumbbell almost hit his foot.

Dong Du’s initially relaxed expression gradually turned serious. “What are you all looking at?”

Of course, they suspected that he was not an omega at all but some hidden top-level alpha.

“Little Highness.” Someone in the crowd called him, then gave him a thumbs up.

“You’re here too?” Dong Du greeted Hanchester then walked over to Han Lin. After saying a few words, a sweaty Xue Nancheng also walked over. He didn’t talk much, but at this moment, he couldn’t help imitating Han Lin’s gestures and gave Dong Du a thumbs up.

Proudly returning to Hanchester’s side, Dong Du, with a triumphant look, was like a little fox who had stolen ten chickens. Hanchester didn’t stop lifting weights, but he couldn’t ignore Dong Du’s expression. “What did they say? Why are you so happy?”

“They both praised me. We’re going shopping together later.” Dong Du’s little tail wagged.

Hanchester didn’t say much but silently arranged several exercises for Dong Du that were not suitable for beginners. Then, he personally guided the workout. After a morning of exercise, Dong Du had the illusion that they could develop an eight-pack by tomorrow.

After breakfast, Han Lin and Xue Nancheng were waiting as agreed at the gate of the high tower. As soon as Dong Du arrived, Han Lin waved at him, “Little Highness, over here.”

After bidding farewell to Hanchester, Dong Du walked over to them, asking, “Where are we going to shop?”

In the morning, the three of them discussed this matter. If Dong Du wanted to persist in exercising, it would be best to buy some fitness equipment, such as training gloves, resistance bands, and waist protectors. Dong Du originally thought of asking Hanchester to go with him, but Han Lin said that Hanchester had to work today, and he and Xue Nancheng were on leave, so they could accompany him.

It’s worth mentioning that after raptor bound all the information on the smart ring, the little prince’s property was transferred to the new smart ring. He was no longer a poor guy.

Having money makes things much more convenient. Dong Du quickly chose his items, paid the bill, and left with his gym bag. However, he was suddenly bumped by someone when leaving, a black-suited alpha bodyguard.

Dong Du was light, bumped to the side, but fortunately, Xue Nancheng quickly grabbed him.

The bodyguard didn’t say anything, after bumping into Dong Du, he walked to the side and stood behind an omega. The omega was trying on clothes, also buying sports clothes, but they were completely different from what Dong Du chose. Dong Du chose pure black, while the omega tried on bright yellow.

“Are you blind?” The omega’s tone was dripping with sweetness, mockingly scolding the bodyguard, “You dare to bump into the little prince of our Clos.”

The bodyguard kept his head down and didn’t retort.

“Young Master Qin, what do you mean by this?” Han Lin frowned and, together with Xue Nancheng, stood in front of Dong Du.

Qin Yu rolled his eyes dramatically, “Oh, you even keep two fierce dogs.”

“Qin Yu!”

An angrily shouted reprimand interrupted Han Lin’s imminent scolding. Gneville, wearing a white coat and stepping on high heels like a gust of wind, came over, “What are you doing, bullying people?”

“What am I doing?” Qin Yu took off his bright yellow sportswear and put on his own red vest, “This person ruined your glands, and now what are you doing? Playing the saint to save all living beings?”

“What are you then? A rabid dog biting indiscriminately?” Gneville retorted without showing weakness. The two instantly confronted each other.

“Uh, don’t fight.” Dong Du weakly stuck his head out, attempting to mediate. This seemed to be because of him, but he really had no experience in this area. Previously, he was only responsible for fighting and sleeping, this kind of lip and tongue battle only usually existed in the love stories told by the sisters in the base.

Not expecting Dong Du would mediate, Qin Yu snorted heavily, “Forget it, I won’t argue with a pathetic loser who ruined your glands.” After saying that, he walked out, still venting his frustration, “Next time, don’t entertain every Tom, Dick, and Harry who comes in. Our mall is not a dump—oh, and you, don’t daydream about things you shouldn’t think about.”

The salesperson awkwardly smiled, didn’t dare to retort, and Dong Du didn’t react either. He didn’t know that Qin Yu was talking about him.

Gneville glanced at Han Lin and Xue Nancheng, who were protecting Dong Du, and asked, “Did the general send them to protect you?”

“No, they’re my friends,” Dong Du answered in a low voice. He still remembered Gneville’s yelling at him that day, so he spoke extra cautiously, not wanting to be yelled at by the girl again.

“Let’s sit together for a while.” Gneville no longer paid attention to the two alphas. Her face looked a bit wrong as she took Dong Du into the coffee shop’s private room.

Han Lin and Xue Nancheng, who were left outside mercilessly, had to order something for themselves and sit outside.

As soon as the two sat down, Gneville cut to the chase, “I’m sorry for misunderstanding you before and making you carry the blame for so many years.”

Dong Du cautiously replied, “Hmm?”

“But what happened before? You didn’t do it yourself, yet you rushed to apologize to me,” Gneville complained without holding back, realizing only after finishing that Dong Du’s face was filled with confusion.

“Don’t you know?” she raised her voice.

Dong Du shook his head, “What are you talking about?”

“The pervert from before, he confessed,” Gneville took a moment before continuing, “You don’t pay attention to anything, do you?”

Dong Du never thought that the aftermath of that incident would still be related to him, so he didn’t bother to keep up. Now, hearing Gneville talk about it, he learned that the pervert was the one who ruined Gneville’s glands. From the fingerprints left by the previous thugs, this had been confirmed. Initially, everyone was busy punishing the little prince, and the person who actually committed the act had escaped.

Of course, the pervert consistently claimed he was acting under the orders of the little prince. However, on the night he confessed to conspiring with the little prince, the little prince happened to embarrass himself in front of the entire nation. That night, he was locked up by his emperor brother, who personally supervised him to write a self-criticism. There was no time for him to conspire against anyone.

“Do you know why I was so sure it was you who harmed me?” Gneville held the coffee cup in her hand and seemed a bit fearful. After Dong Du shook his head, she continued, “On the day my glands were destroyed, there was someone who looked very much like you sitting in the corner watching. Your Highness, someone is intentionally framing you.”

Dong Du didn’t speak. The coffee was too bitter for him to drink. After a long silence, Dong Du finally asked, “Gneville, why did I dislike you before?”

“Huh? How would I know?” Gneville actually didn’t understand why the little prince disliked her. Now that the person involved was asking her, she countered, “I met you for the first time when I entered the palace after being selected as His Majesty’s fiancee. I still want to ask why you disliked me?”

Dong Du said, “I don’t actually dislike you, but it seems someone doesn’t want you to marry my brother.”

“That doesn’t matter now.” Gneville put down the coffee cup, “There’s something I want to remind you of. Now that you have the general, don’t get too close to other alphas!”

“Huh?” Dong Du stared at Gneville in confusion.

Gneville said, “Qin Yu likes the general. That’s why he’s making trouble for you. The news of you and the general being together is spreading in the fortress!”

Who would spread rumors about him and the general having a relationship? It must be those interstellar pirates he had fooled before!

Dong Du couldn’t help but laugh.

The lost Book of Prophecies had returned!

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