After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Going to School

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After finishing the conversation with Gneville, Han Lin and Xue Nancheng had several empty coffee cups by their side. They even began to suspect if the two of them were tearing each other apart inside the private room, as they hadn’t come out for so long.

Dong Du walked lightly behind the two. The two were murmuring to each other, discussing whether they should call Hanchester to come and mediate.

Dong Du and Gneville exchanged a glance. Dong Du took a step forward, shouted next to Han Lin’s ear, startling him. Han Lin covered his ears, staring at Dong Du in horror, then his gaze wavered and focused on Gneville’s face.

“Are you done talking?” Xue Nancheng stood up, put on his coat, “It’s getting late, let’s go back. The Chief Officer was asking when you would return to the high tower.”

“Hanchester is looking for me?” Dong Du remembered their earlier discussion and thought maybe Hanchester had already arranged his military enlistment. So, after bidding farewell to Gneville, he quickly went back with Han Lin the two.

Xue Nancheng had contacted Hanchester in advance. When Dong Du came out of the elevator, Hanchester was already waiting at the door with a neatly folded set of clothes and some documents. Upon seeing Dong Du, he looked apologetic.

Dong Du glanced at the things in his hands. They didn’t look much like military uniforms. So, he asked in confusion, “What are you holding?”

“Your uniform,” Hanchester replied, temporarily putting away his usual smiling face, showing a hint of regret.

It turned out that the new recruit uniforms were so fancy nowadays. Dong Du opened the door, and Hanchester was welcomed in. He placed the clothes on the bed. While he was still contemplating how to explain things to Dong Du, Dong Du couldn’t wait and opened his smart ring, saying, “I’ll repay you the money I spent before. Once I enter the military camp, I’ll be busy with training, and I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to see you again.”

Hanchester paused for a moment, then guiltily said, “Little Highness, I couldn’t get you enrolled in the military.”

“Hmm?” Dong Du’s curly hair bounced in the air. “Then what are these?”

“These are uniforms for the Omega Academy,” Hanchester said awkwardly. “Earlier, I wanted to convey your wishes to the general, and he said the Omega Academy would be suitable for you.”

“You want to send me to school?” Dong Du looked bewildered. He picked up the uniform, a creamy white small suit with his name embroidered on the right side of the chest, Dong Du – Stuart.

Going to school was not a bad idea, but suddenly sending him to school was probably because the general was afraid of being surpassed by him.

In this situation, asking Hanchester to send him to the military would have been too difficult for him. Dong Du padded his feet and patted Hanchester’s shoulder, “It’s okay; I can go to school. Learning a bit more about science might help me in the future…”

Dong Du didn’t know what he could do better. If it was about ruling the Black Gold Fortress, it would be challenging for Hanchester, so he didn’t continue. Instead, he gave Hanchester a look that said, “You understand, right?” He transferred the money to Hanchester, expressing a lifelong commitment to the organization, and said resolutely, “Don’t worry, I’ll do my best.”

Seeing that he didn’t reject the idea, Hanchester sighed in relief. He couldn’t help reaching out and ruffling Dong Du’s curly hair. “Tomorrow’s class is very early. Your Highness, get some rest.”

Dong Du nodded and even went out to escort Hanchester into the elevator. Returning to the room, he immediately called for the housekeeping robot. “Raptor, bring me a notebook.”

“What does master want to do?” Raptor slid forward on small wheels, pulling out a notebook from the desk that had been there all along, along with a pen.

Dong Du opened the notebook, sprawled on the bed, and said fiercely, “I want to keep a grudge!”

He wrote in the notebook, “January 8, 2093: Zhu Di offended me; he didn’t let me join the military, fearing I would affect his position.”

With hatred in his heart, Dong Du slept until dawn. While he was still not fully awake, Raptor pulled him out of bed. The small robot’s arms could stretch and retract, and it was currently pulling Dong Du out of the blanket, lifting him into the air. Dong Du opened his eyes, finding himself suspended in mid-air. The little robot cheerfully said, “Young Master, it’s time to get up. Hurry up and wash, get dressed. Raptor will go out to bring you breakfast.”

Raptor lifted Dong Du into the washroom and gently placed him on the floor.

After breakfast, Dong Du was driven out by the driver arranged by Hanchester. Dong Du didn’t expect that the cars in this world also had four wheels and rolled on the ground. He exclaimed, “I thought the cars nowadays can fly in the sky.”

The driver chuckled. “You’re not wrong. There was a plan for flying cars before, but because driving in the air requires much higher standards than driving on the ground, widespread use would lead to frequent accidents. Accidents in the air also have a higher death rate. So, they left this old technology behind.”

Dong Du felt the driver’s explanation made sense. He nodded frequently in agreement. “Actually, it’s fine to run on the ground. Always flying in the sky would make it impossible to see the sky.”

“Oh, Your Highness, you’re absolutely right. The current technology can already achieve automatic driving, but not seeing the sky would certainly be depressing, so let’s not use flying cars,” the driver was very talkative and skilled at flattery.

Dong Du got off the car, his face blossoming with a smile.

By this time, he had missed the normal enrollment time. So when Dong Du arrived at the school, according to Hanchester’s arrangement, he was greeted by a surprised look from the staff. Hanchester left him a note of guidance, Dong Du went to the office and found his homeroom teacher.

The teacher was a cute omega, wearing round gold-rimmed glasses that framed a face no larger than a palm. He carefully checked his enrollment certificate first before getting up. Leading Dong Du to the classroom, he spoke with a gentle voice, as warm as a gentle spring breeze, “Dong Du, as a new student who just started today, you’re already behind everyone in terms of progress. So, make sure to pay attention in class, and also, get along well with your classmates. Making good friends will make your time at school much happier.”

“Okay, thank you, teacher.” He naturally had a sense of awe for the teaching profession, even if the person appeared soft and delicate; he didn’t feel the slightest hint of disrespect.

“We’re here; this is our classroom.” The teacher pushed his glasses up and, before entering, reminded him, “Be sure to get along well with everyone.”

“I will.” Dong Du obediently replied, thinking that he had gotten along well with everyone back at the base.

The teacher entered the classroom first, and the noisy atmosphere immediately quieted down. He gestured for Dong Du to enter, addressing the students below, “Classmates, we have a new student. Please get along well with him.”

As soon as Dong Du entered, there was a sudden collective intake of breath from the students below.

“Why is it him?”

“No, the air smells bad the moment he came in.”

“Can I transfer to another class now?”

The teacher sighed helplessly; he knew it would be like this. He raised her hand to quiet them down, “Everyone, don’t talk. It’s the first day for the new student. Please be tolerant, and let’s all get along well in the future.”

“Teacher, I’ll take care of him.” A particularly arrogant voice came from below, emphasizing the words “take care.”

“Since that’s the case, Qin Yu, take Dong Du to get textbooks.” The teacher smiled gently, but his tone brooked no argument.

Qin Yu lamented, “I….Teacher!”

“No complaining.” The teacher gently reprimanded and then turned to Dong Du, saying, “Come with me for a moment.”

“What’s the matter, teacher?” Dong Du stood in the corridor with the teacher, hands behind his back, resembling a primary school student.

“I thought you might be a big troublemaker.” The teacher crossed his arms. “My name is Ling Zhuo, and you need to listen to me in the future.”

“I understand, teacher.”

“In the future, get along well with Qin Yu. He has a good reputation in the class. If you build a good relationship with him, you’ll have a much better time here.” Ling Zhuo patted his shoulder, calling out to the class, “Qin Yu, why haven’t you come out yet?”

Qin Yu reluctantly walked out, muttering something, but he didn’t dare refuse Ling Zhuo’s assignment. With an arrogant tone, he said to Dong Du, “Let’s go, Your Highness. Watch your step, don’t break your legs on the flat ground.”

Dong Du didn’t say anything, smiling at Qin Yu. He punched the cotton mattress with great dissatisfaction and then turned to walk away. As Dong Du stretched his foot, Qin Yu, full of arrogance, was tripped and fell to the ground. Dong Du immediately approached with concern, “Classmate Qin, are you okay? You didn’t break your legs on flat ground, did you?”

Ling Zhuo watched them affectionately. “Go get your textbooks; class is starting soon.”

Qin Yu got up, wanting to kick Dong Du, but Dong Du gracefully dodged. He looked at Qin Yu with big eyes, saying, “Classmate Qin, even in the Black Gold Fortress, I am the little prince of the empire. Hope you know that.”

Qin Yu, realizing it was true, blushed immediately and scolded, “Morally corrupt! Being a little prince doesn’t change anything!”

“Well, I haven’t seen you saving the world either.” Dong Du, with a friendly grip on Qin Yu’s shoulder, asked, “Where are we going to get the textbooks?”

The two walked away intimately, while the classroom quickly exploded into chatter.

“Weren’t we supposed to be united against outsiders? Why is Qin Yu getting close to him?”

“Qin Yu must want to build a good relationship with him. Although that guy has a bad personality, he is still a little prince!”

Upon hearing this, the entire classroom fell silent for a moment, then someone indignantly said, “If Qin Yu is going to be nice to the little prince, then I will too. Who knows, he might go back to the capital in the future!”

Qin Yu didn’t know that his revolutionary comrades had already betrayed him. He threatened Dong Du, “You won’t have a good time in this class. You’d better treat me well; otherwise, I’ll also make it difficult for you.”

Dong Du responded nonchalantly, “It’s okay, you can make it difficult for me. Anyway, now you’re just someone I can’t get my hands off.”

“What’s there to be proud of?” Qin Yu struggled again, but Dong Du’s grip was like an iron clamp, tightly holding onto his shoulder. He grunted in frustration, “Your future alpha definitely won’t like you!”

Dong Du shrugged indifferently. They had arrived at the place to collect books. The librarian asked for his grade, and soon handed four textbooks to Dong Du. They were “Omega Pregnancy Guide,” “Complete Dessert Making,” “Alpha Emotion Analysis Method,” and “Essence of Flower Arrangement Art.”

Dong Du: Is this it?

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