After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Reunion

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When Dong Du and Qin Yu returned to the classroom, the first class had already begun. The teacher was also an omega, similar to Ling Zhuo, appearing as if she would never get angry.

Dong Du was still immersed in the tremendous shock. In his original world, everyone studied subjects like language, mathematics, physics, and chemistry at school. How did it turn into these strange and peculiar things here? It felt like a cultural and ideological regression!

He grumbled in his mind, indignant, as he sat down in a daze in the back row next to Qin Yu. There was only one person in this row, who softly reminded him, “This class is about the Pregnancy Guide; they’re already on the second page.”

Although he didn’t want to study, Dong Du still appreciated the person with a thankful glance. However, when he glanced at the person, he froze for a moment. The person had a very beautiful face, and their black hair and black-and-white eyes made them look very gentle. However, this seemingly favored person was sitting in a wheelchair.

Since talking during class wasn’t allowed, Dong Du expressed his gratitude with a note, but there was no reply. Instead, the person sweetly smiled at him.

During the class, Dong Du had no idea what the teacher was talking about. He didn’t even realize how he fell asleep in class until he felt someone twisting his ear. He reflexively grabbed the hand of the person messing with his ear, and when he realized, the teacher was already in tears, “You, not paying attention in class and even hitting the teacher! I’m going to inform the homeroom teacher!”

The Pregnancy Guide teacher was very angry and refused to continue the class. He ordered the class monitor to call the homeroom teacher.

Ling Zhuo quickly came in with the class monitor. After inquiring about what happened, he comforted the subject teacher and, after telling him to continue the class, took Dong Du to his office.

“Little Highness, sleeping in class and hitting the teacher, even if you’re a prince, you did something wrong. Do you have any objections?” Ling Zhuo applied hand cream to his hands, not even glancing at Dong Du.

Dong Du wasn’t intentional about it in the first place, so he naturally had no objections at this moment. He obediently said, “I have no objections, Teacher Ling. I did something wrong.”

Ling Zhuo glanced at Dong Du in surprise, nodded, and said, “Since you know you’re wrong, go back to class and apologize to the teacher. The teacher isn’t petty; he’ll forgive you.”

Dong Du walked to the classroom door, cleared his throat, and then knocked on the door. He bowed and apologized to the teacher, “I’m sorry, teacher. I shouldn’t have slept in class and accidentally harmed you.”

“Humph, forget it. I knew you were like this. I won’t bother with you. Just go back to your seat.” The teacher rolled their eyes and continued with the class.

It was evident that they deliberately didn’t want to give him face. The classroom erupted into low laughter. Dong Du scanned the room, and everyone silenced, except for Qin Yu, who sneered at him, gesturing with his mouth, “Serves you right.”

Dong Du blinked, smiled at Qin Yu, and then gestured with his mouth, “You too.”

Qin Yu didn’t figure out what he was gesturing, but the teacher noticed their little movements and angrily said, “Stand further away, don’t disturb other students in class.”

Amid laughter, Dong Du stood in the corridor. Standing for a class was fine; after all, straight guys couldn’t comprehend the intricacies of pregnancy.

More than half an hour later, the Pregnancy Guide class finally ended. However, everyone in the classroom was leaving with their textbooks. Dong Du wanted to enter the classroom, but just as he reached the door, his desk mate intercepted him, “The next class is cooking. We’re learning dessert-making this year. I brought the textbook for you.”

As Dong Du reached for it, his desk mate was kicked by Qin Yu, who came from behind. The wheelchair, without proper fixings, slid forward upon the kick, collided with the concrete corridor, and both of their textbooks fell to the ground, receiving a few stomps from Qin Yu.

His desk mate gasped in pain but said nothing. Dong Du quickly went over to check; his desk mate’s knees were bruised.

“Useless, serves you right,” gloated Qin Yu.

His desk mate grabbed Dong Du’s hand. “Let it go, don’t bother with him.”

Dong Du didn’t move; he picked up their textbooks, pushed his desk mate forward, and asked, “By the way, what’s your name?”

“I’m called Li Sheng.” His desk mate looked up at him. “You’re Dong Du, I know.”

“Then you probably don’t know about my bad reputation.” Dong Du deliberately put on a serious face to intimidate him.

Unexpectedly, Li Sheng burst into laughter. “Not long ago, they used to call me Canary.”

“Why?” Dong Du asked in confusion.

Li Sheng shrugged nonchalantly and lifted his pants leg, revealing a pair of electronic cuffs on his ankles. “Because they thought I was the canary raised by Qin Yu’s brother. I stubbornly stayed at his house and refused to leave. But look, that guy Qin Yi put me under a lock. I can’t even escape, let alone run away.”

Dong Du put his pants leg down, and his eyes stared at him with particular seriousness. He asked in a low voice, “Do you want to escape?”

Dong Du didn’t look intimidating on the outside; with his small face and big eyes, he appeared delicate and fragile like a porcelain doll. Li Sheng swallowed, whispering, “Are you willing to help me escape?”

Before they could finish, two students followed them. One pretended to speak softly but didn’t control the volume, “Did you hear what the teacher said just now? His friend in the capital said the royal family has given up on the little prince. So, the little prince doesn’t really count as a prince anymore.”

“Huh? Someone was just saying they wanted to be friends with him. Is there still a need for that?” Another person chimed in.

“So only people like Canary talk to him now. They really are birds of a feather,” the person laughed.

Thinking that the unprotected little prince wouldn’t dare say anything, and Canary was always weak and easy to bully, the two dared to mock loudly. Unexpectedly, when they passed Dong Du, he suddenly lifted his foot and kicked, knocking one of them to the ground.

The person fell to his knees, eyes turning red as he began to cry. “How dare you kick me! Do you know who I am?”

“Who knows who you are?” Dong Du scoffed, then with a face full of flattery, pointed to the person next to him. “I only know who he is. You, this nameless nobody, what’s the big deal if I kick you?”

“You, his family is not as powerful as mine!” The person got angry, stood up, and kicked the other person. “Zhou Yan, go, beat him up for me.”

“Young Master Xu, fighting in school will get us scolded. Why bother with someone of bad character?” Zhou Yan whispered in consolation but didn’t make a move.

Dong Du coldly snorted, “You, surnamed Xu, dare to address only Young Master Zhou. Is Young Master Zhou afraid of you? Young Master Zhou, I know you’re letting him off. From now on, I only allow you to scold me. This surnamed Xu doesn’t deserve it.”

“Zhou Yan, did you say something that made him say this? Do you think I’m not worthy?” Young Master Xu was infuriated, but he wasn’t angry with Dong Du; he was angry with Zhou Yan, who challenged his authority.

“You certainly aren’t worthy. You aren’t even worthy of giving Young Master Zhou shoes!” Dong Du continued to fan the flames. “What are you? Young Master Zhou is the real young master!”

“It’s almost time for class.” Li Sheng tugged on Dong Du’s sleeve. “Let’s go.”

This class, neither Young Master Xu nor Young Master Zhou showed up. When the class ended, Dong Du was preparing to eat the small cake Li Sheng had baked for him. Ling Zhuo came with a smile on his face. He arrived at the entrance of the cooking classroom. “Dong Du, can you come out for a moment? The teacher needs to talk to you about something.”

Li Sheng looked worried, but Ling Zhuo showed him a reassuring smile.

Today, only halfway through, Dong Du found himself in Ling Zhuo’s office for the second time. Ling Zhuo didn’t seem angry. He pushed up his glasses, motioned for Dong Du to sit at another table in the office, and said, “It’s just the first day of class, Little Highness. You probably don’t like it, so for today, don’t go to the classroom. Get used to it here first. Also, tomorrow, have your parent come to discuss your education matters with the teacher.”

Dong Du obediently agreed, sitting upright at the desk and awaiting Ling Zhuo’s guidance.

Ling Zhuo moved his fingers slightly, and a projection screen appeared on the desk in front of Dong Du. It started playing an educational documentary about the construction of omega sacred bodies. The documentary was real and uncensored, making Dong Du’s scalp tingle.

Only when the school’s reading club disbanded after school did Ling Zhuo glance at his smart ring. “It’s been a while, Dong Du. You should be able to adapt to school life tomorrow, right?”

“I can adapt,” Dong Du replied, appearing drained. He bid farewell to Ling Zhuo listlessly and walked out of the school gate.

The school was now devoid of other students. Dong Du didn’t ask anyone to pick him up after class; he intended to walk home alone. One reason was to digest the shock he experienced today, and the other was to give certain individuals a chance. This way, he could meet them and confirm whether the book ended up buried in space or in the hands of the enemy.

Dong Du had barely walked out of the school gate when footsteps approached from behind. He pretended to be tired, walking unsteadily, but the person behind him remained vigilant until he entered a grove. Suddenly, someone rushed out and called out to him.

“Lion, why are you here?” Dong Du didn’t plan to escape, so he casually greeted them.

“You’re doing quite well. Are you planning to get married and have children?” Lion taunted. “What’s wrong, already forgotten the debt you owe us?”

“It’s not really a debt if you think about it.” After some contemplation, he continued, “If I didn’t lie to you, you would have killed me. But it’s just a matter of winning or losing; where does the concept of owing a debt come from?”

“Have we treated you badly?” Lion was somewhat angered by Dong Du’s words. “You deceitful omega. Clearly, you’re so cute, yet your mouth is full of lies.”

“Get real, Lion. Do you really think you were deceived out of kindness?” Before Dong Du could explain the meaning of this statement, he suddenly felt dizzy. Then, the Ash Wolf kicked him to the ground and scolded, “Listen to what he says? Does he ever tell the truth?”


Dong Du quickly regained consciousness. The room was dimly lit, with only a faint light coming through the half-open curtains. A high-backed chair was placed by the window, and someone was sitting in it, completely obscured from view, only revealing an arm leaning against the armrest.

The only sound in the room was the flipping of pages. The pace was unhurried, indicating that the person reading was focused.

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