After Transmigrating into a Book, I Became the Strongest Omega Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Results

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Even though he had awakened, Dong Du hesitated to open his eyes. He squinted, recognizing that the person sitting in the chair was Chu Xuhuan. He must be reading the book Dong Du had brought with him.

Knowing his secret was one thing, but now he was reading it right in front of Dong Du. This was a bit too much, considering Dong Du hadn’t even read the entire content of the book himself yet.

Chu Xuhuan completely ignored Dong Du, who gradually relaxed. He surveyed the surroundings; this seemed to be a small hotel room. It wasn’t spacious, and there were even some stains in the room.

It seemed that interstellar pirates were truly running low on funds.

He turned his head gently to look at the door, estimating the likelihood of his escape. However, just as he turned, the room door suddenly clicked open, and Dong Du, acting furtively, met eyes with Lion, who was holding a cup of hot coffee.

Dong Du: “…”

Lion: “Brother Huan, Xicheng… ahem, the little prince is awake.”

Chu Xuhuan didn’t get up to look at him, nor did he express any opinion on the fact that Dong Du had awakened. He glanced at Lion from the book and said, “Give me the coffee.”

Lion quickly handed him the coffee, and while Chu Xuhuan continued reading and sipping his coffee, Ash Wolf also entered. This guy still exuded a bandit-like aura, and when he came in, the door slammed open, bringing in a gust of wind tainted with a hint of blood.

Without saying a word, he gave Dong Du a strong elbow, hitting him hard in the stomach. Dong Du immediately tasted a metallic tang in his mouth, having exhaled heavily. He couldn’t be bothered to speak.

“You hit too hard. After all, he’s an omega. If he can’t handle it and dies, what use is a dead person to us?” Lion gasped and, grabbing Dong Du’s hair to look at his face, sneered, “Still tough, huh?”

“Alright, you two, get out.” Chu Xuhuan handed the spilled coffee cup to Lion, saying, “I want to talk to him alone.”

Chu Xuhuan threw the book he was reading on the chair due to the lighting, and Dong Du couldn’t see clearly whether it was the book he brought. He kept his head down without saying a word, and Chu Xuhuan didn’t rush to speak.

After a moment, Chu Xuhuan opened all the curtains, brightening up the room. Dong Du squinted slightly, and when he opened his eyes, Chu Xuhuan was already squatting in front of him.

“You’re really good at convincing people, Dong Du. Your original name sounds nice.” Chu Xuhuan even had a smile on his face, but he hadn’t shown any intention of stopping Ash Wolf when he was beating Dong Du. It was evident that he wasn’t in a good mood now.

Dong Du took a breath. Ash Wolf’s elbow probably injured his internal organs. Breathing now caused a dull pain, but he didn’t show any signs of pain on his face. He looked genuinely puzzled, “If you’re nostalgic, I can continue to persuade you.”

As Dong Du spoke, Chu Xuhuan’s expression suddenly changed. He raised his hand and pinched Dong Du’s chin harshly. “Do you think I can’t bear to kill you? You’re indeed good-looking. If you were sold to the black market for some… activities, how much do you think you could fetch?”

Dong Du: “Who knows? But no matter how much is earned, it’s still a loss for the seller, right?”

“You’re being tough now. Weren’t you flexible in space?” Chu Xuhuan brought a chair over and sat down, placing the book behind him.

Dong Du still couldn’t confirm whether the book was his. Feeling a bit impatient, he asked, “Now that times have changed, can you still pretend?”

“Keep your acting skills; they’ll be useful. Now, let’s discuss another issue.” Chu Xuhuan crossed his legs, leaning back against the chair. “Where did you get the book you’re holding?”

Dong Du remained silent, his gaze fixed on the chair.

“Want it back?” Chu Xuhuan asked.

Dong Du didn’t answer, only asking him, “Will you give it back to me?”

Since Chu Xuhuan asked, it meant he had seen the book. So, there was no need for Dong Du to continue pretending.

Chu Xuhuan played with the armrest of the chair, not answering the question. He asked, “Where did you get this thing?”

Dong Du tilted his head and thought for a moment. “Collected by interstellar agents? Bought from black market intelligence brokers? Did I make it up? Where do you think I got it?”

Chu Xuhuan didn’t reply. If it weren’t for the detailed description of his interactions with Xia En, he wouldn’t have cared about such a worn-out book. If Lion hadn’t thought it was some leisure book to pass the time, they wouldn’t have realized its significance.

Not only in the past, but the book also revealed the future. That’s why he was angry – angry at Dong Du, and even angrier at Xia En. He had once given his sincere feelings to Xia En, but what he got in return was betrayal. Not just him, but many others. Xia En’s sincerity was only given to one person, and it was someone Chu Xuhuan had never expected.

“What exactly do you plan to do for revenge?” Dong Du’s curly hair shook above his head, and a hint of impatience appeared in his eyes. “If I don’t go back now, I won’t even make it for supper.”

“You still want to go back for supper?” Chu Xuhuan was almost amused.

“If you plan to tie me up, can you at least give me dinner?” Dong Du negotiated, “I’m already malnourished.”

Chu Xuhuan didn’t say anything. He suspected Dong Du was up to something. Staring at him with a gloomy gaze for a long time, he finally said, “You’re dreaming.”

After saying that, he pushed the chair outwards, got up, and due to his strength, the high-backed chair made a loud crash as it hit the floor. The book flew out, and although Dong Du heard the sound, he still couldn’t see the appearance of the book clearly.

Chu Xuhuan wanted to leave, but Dong Du stopped him. “Hey, are you planning to expose me?”

“With such a good handle, of course, I’ll keep it for future use. When I call you, be faster.” Chu Xuhuan sneered. Seeing that Dong Du had been intentionally or unintentionally looking at the book on the floor, he picked it up. “Why keep staring at it? If you want it, I’ll give it to you.”

The book was thrown onto Dong Du’s legs. It was a travel guide for the Black Gold Fortress.

Chu Xuhuan gave Dong Du a cold look and left the room in a good mood. In no time, Ash Wolf and Lion came in. Lion was okay, just muttering something, but Ash Wolf always wanted to physically attack him.

Dong Du smiled slightly, suddenly stood up, and ruthlessly threw the chair to the ground. The chair broke into pieces, and naturally, the rope loosened. Dong Du twisted his bruised wrists, “The elbow compensation earlier was enough. If you want to fight now, I’ll fight back.”

Ash Wolf spat, “Who are you threatening?”

Dong Du pursed his lips and didn’t say anything. Ash Wolf directly attacked, but after two or three moves, Dong Du pressed him to the ground, and Ash Wolf couldn’t move. Ash Wolf, who was almost stunned, looked at Lion and scolded, “Are you stupid?”

After being scolded, Lion quickly stepped forward to help Ash Wolf, but he was not as good as Ash Wolf. Dong Du kicked Lion to the ground, and the frustrated Ash Wolf scolded, “Idiot!”

Dong Du had never seen how soldiers in this world were trained, but in the Survivor Base, training was extremely strict for both men and women. Every day, besides going on missions, they either ate or trained. There was almost no leisure time.

If it weren’t for such strict training, the soldiers in the Survivor Base would probably have died out long ago. Zombies had no consciousness, no fear, and always moved in large groups, making them much harder to deal with than humans.

Their relationship was not one where they could derive pleasure from bullying each other. Dong Du let go of Ash Wolf. Seeing that the two had no intention of attacking, he turned and left the room.

The two didn’t plan to do anything more. Originally, Chu Xuhuan let them in to settle old scores, and now they were beaten up, what else could they do?

The hotel had a corridor with rooms on both sides. The corridor was dimly lit, and several glass lamps were broken. White walls, red carpets – it felt like a low-quality horror movie.

It was unclear where Chu Xuhuan went, and the entire hotel was empty. The front door was half-closed, and even the front desk was empty. Dong Du looked around strangely and saw through the crack in the door to the staff rest area behind the front desk a foot, a dead person’s foot.

Dong Du suddenly felt a chill. He immediately contacted Hanchester with his smart ring and rushed outside the hotel. He didn’t dare to go too far; he had to keep an eye on the entrance.

Hanchester quickly arrived with people, but when they rushed in, Chu Xuhuan and the others had already left. They only found several bodies in the hotel, proving that they had indeed been there.

Dong Du sat on the flower bed, still stunned. Before Hanchester came out, he went to the lakeside of the library alone. The night wind was bitterly cold, but he seemed not to feel it, sitting there all night.

He had never seen human corpses. Even if his teammates died, they couldn’t be retrieved, and zombies rarely had a human appearance.

He sat like an ice sculpture all night. The library, once deserted, gradually became lively in the morning. However, Dong Du remained oblivious. If he hadn’t intercepted them on the patrol ship, perhaps these people wouldn’t have died. He shouldn’t have saved a bunch of thugs.

The smart ring made a sound, and Dong Du finally snapped out of his trance. He quickly opened the smart ring, and it was a message from Hanchester, detailing the final outcome of last night’s events. Seven people had died in total, all ordinary hotel staff.

After sending these messages, Hanchester sent several more, asking where Dong Du was, comforting him, urging him not to blame himself, and reminding him to eat.

Dong Du exhaled slowly. He had sat all night, and his entire foot was numb. He stood up, walked a few steps in place, gradually recovering. The smart ring chimed again. Dong Du thought it was another caring message from Hanchester. However, upon checking, it was a message from an unfamiliar person with no note.

“I found you.”

Chu Xuhuan!

Dong Du felt anger rising within him. Without restraint, he kicked over a public table and chair by the lake. The table and chair were fixed in place by steel nails. Now, only the lonely steel nails rolled a few circles before getting caught by a clump of grass.

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