Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Faster

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Jian Chi rarely suffered from insomnia. Once he couldn’t sleep, it was because something prevented him from thinking of a solution. Before coming to Saintston, the only people who enjoyed this kind of treatment were math problems. Now the ‘hard problems’ were spreading in unexpected directions. At least Jian Chi never thought that ordinary people like him could experience being kidnapped in his life. 

When he woke up, it was not early and only time was getting longer and longer in a life cut off from the outside world. The servant who came in informed him that breakfast was downstairs just like yesterday. Jian Chi went downstairs with a chaotic brain, and when he saw Bai Yinian sitting at the end of the long table in the same posture as yesterday, his drowsiness disappeared.

For a split second, Jian Chi thought that the time had jumped back to yesterday. Bai Yinian raised his eyelids this time, and he could not hear happiness or anger from his voice: “Do you like looking?”

…it doesn’t appear to be a dream.

Jian Chi was no longer as stupid as yesterday when he sat down. He lowered his head and ate breakfast silently, his heart beating up and down, wondering if Bai Yinian had something to tell him. However, until the coffee in Bai Yinnian’s hand emptied out, his tablet put away, his jacket worn and himself gone, he didn’t say a word to him again, and Jian Chi realized it later – this was just an ordinary breakfast. 

It’s normal for others, but when this other person was Bai Yinian, Jian Chi felt it a little unpredictable.

“I’ve finished reading the books last time,” Jian Chi asked the servant, “Can you give me some more?”

“I’ll take it to your room later.”

“Wait a minute,” Jian Chi stopped him when he saw the servant was about to go upstairs. “Tell me where the study is. I’ll go there myself. I’m not interested in the few books you picked.”

The servant hesitated: “But…”

“Bai Yinian allowed me to go up,” Jian Chi brought up the big Buddha without changing his face, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask him, don’t worry, I just want to find something for myself to do, and I won’t cause you any trouble. “

Maybe it was the scene where Jian Chi and Bai Yinnian were sitting and eating together just now, but the other party didn’t dare to look down on him, and he finally let out a sigh. Jian Chi took the key to the study on the fourth floor. The room was bright and spacious. It was no exaggeration to say that it was a small library. Jian Chi swept through the list slowly. Except for the famous novels, he basically knew how obscure it was by looking at the name. Professional books. Not surprisingly, it fit Bai Yinian’s identity very well.

The desk next to it was very clean, in other words, it was empty, and it was obvious that it was rarely used. Also, if this was where Bai Yinian worked, it was absolutely impossible for the servants to come and go freely. Jian Chi took out a novel, sat on the soft leather chair, went down, swept over the room in front of him, then suddenly gave birth to a solemnity of signing a million-dollar bill.

Then, he couldn’t help laughing to himself.

There was a bit of finding joy in one’s sorrow.

“I heard that you are bluffing with my name.”

Jian Chi, who was reading, didn’t notice the sound of the door opening. When Bai Yinian’s voice pierced his eardrums unpreparedly, he realized that it was dark outside the window. Jian Chi looked at Bai Yinian’s tall figure at the door, subconsciously wanted to get up, but accidentally touched the wound on his left leg. The words on his lips turned into a ‘hiss’, and out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Bai Yinnian watching him. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Jian Chi felt that familiar smile again.

“I didn’t lie,” Jian Chi endured the pain, “you have detained me here, I can’t help but find something to do for myself.”

“You told the servant that I would allow you to come up?”

“Then do you allow it?”

Bai Yinnian said, “You have already acted first then reported it afterwards, can I say no?”

Before hearing this sentence, Jian Chi’s heart was trembling. In fact, apart from this reason, he still had some thoughts of revenge against Bai Yinnian, but seeing Bai Yinnian’s appearance in which he didn’t take it to heart, Jian Chi felt it was very boring. He closed the book, “I’m going back.”

“Someone came to find me today.”

Bai Yinian sat on the sofa and loosened his tie. Perhaps his voice was slightly hoarse from exhaustion, but as if he was leaning into his ear, he said, “Guess who it was.”

“……Who was it?”

Bai Yinnian didn’t answer, “What’s your relationship with Shen Shuting?”

Jian Chi’s heart skipped a beat. He couldn’t tell whether he was disappointed or stunned. He paused for a while, then met Bai Yinian’s meaningful gaze. For some reason, he felt like he saw Shen Shuting from the past, but compared to the unreasonable Shen Shuting, Bai Yinian’s thoughts were hidden deeper and more invisible. Jian Chi could only bite the bullet, “He is the president of the student union.”

Who would have expected Bai Yinnian to laugh, this was the first time Jian Chi had seen Bai Yinnian laugh. The tone was lower than when he spoke, the lines of his cold and severe face were slightly softer, and his lips seemed to be hooked upwards. Seeming a bit cursed, Jian Chi looked away and heard Bai Yinnian say, “Don’t fool me with this answer.”

“It’s not fooling.” It’s obviously true.

“With his ability, it is easy to find out about this matter,” Bai Yinian said. “I told him that you were injured and could not leave the Bai family for the time being. He looked nervous and finally threatened me.”

Although he said ‘threat’, there was no panic on Bai Yinian’s face, and the word that made Jian Chi even more concerned about the previous sentence – nervous? Shen Shuting was nervous about him? Was this a joke that he and Bai Yinnian joined forces to play? The confusion on Jian Chi’s face was too obvious, and Bai Yinnian noticed it too, his eyebrows moved slightly, “He wants to see you.”

“You’re going to…”

“No, I don’t plan to,” Bai Yinian seemed to be able to read Jian Chi’s heart, got up and said, “but I’d be happy to invite him to my house as a guest.”

Shen Shuting wanted to see him, Shen Shuting was nervous about him, and Shen Shuting was the first to find him. Jian Chi didn’t know which one to pay attention to, and even wondered if it was an excuse made up by Bai Yinnian, but thinking that there was no benefit in lying to him, so this conjecture was as deflated as a punctured ball.

This wavering sense of fake reality completely dissipated when he actually saw Shen Shuting down stairs. Before Jian Chi could make a sound, Shen Shuting raised his head as if he was sent an electric current. Seeing that, Jian Chi’s heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t tell what kind of look it was. After a brief glance, Shen Shuting glanced away, and it was too late for Jian Chi to continue his investigation.

“Can you trust me now?” Bai Yinian, who was sitting on the sofa, asked, but Shen Shuting didn’t answer. After a few seconds, he said ‘en’ indifferently, still with the aloof and alienated look that Jian Chi was familiar with.

No dissatisfaction could be seen on Bai Yinian’s face, and he leaned back to meet Jian Chi’s eyes with a vague meaning, “Do you want to come down?”

At the same time, Shen Shuting cast his gaze again. Emerald pupils concealed thrilling waves for a second, and they settled deeply into the bottom, sending Jian Chi palpitations. He felt that Shen Shuting was a little different, but he couldn’t say what was wrong. Under the stalemate, Jian Chi hesitated and limped downstairs. Shen Shuting’s eyes were glued to his left foot, and his voice was slightly deep: “How did you do it?”

Jian Chi answered truthfully: “I fell.”

Shen Shuting pulled the corners of his lips, very good, that familiar sarcasm, like saying ‘really stupid’, Jian Chi wondered how Bai Yinnian found the word ‘nervous’ on his face, until now, he didn’t notice it even a little bit. He pursed his lips, and asked, “Does Ji Huaisi know I’m here?”

This time, he couldn’t even find the word ‘really stupid’, and Shen Shuting’s frosty face became even colder, “After finding out that you were gone, they were all in a mess.” For some reason there was an emphasis on “they”.

“Shao Hang thought that Ji Huaisi hid you. Wen Chuan thought that Shao Hang threw you into the sea,” Shen Shuting’s indifferent expression and the content of the words made Jian Chi speechless, “It was only after a fight that they realized something was wrong.”

It sounded as if there was inexplicable contempt, as if he was secretly satirizing the IQ of these people. Jian Chi didn’t know how to evaluate it, but after a few seconds, he returned to the original question: “Ji Huaisi…”

“He was not that stupid. When he found out that you were gone, he started an investigation,” Shen Shuting paused, “I was also investigating, even faster than him.”

Jian Chi felt relieved. He didn’t want Ji Huaisi to worry. Him being grateful overcame the previous unpleasantness at this moment. He was about to ask for more details when he heard the second half of Shen Shuting’s unfinished sentence.

“But, I didn’t tell him.”

Explaining a little

1. Jian Chi’s character will not change. From beginning to the end, what I wanted to write was a cold and ordinary protagonist. What he can do is what an ordinary person can do.

2. The content of the ending was disclosed on Weibo before, I can’t put it down here, you can go to my Weibo and search for it

3. The Mary Sue and the heartthrobs in the store are the center. My original intention was to write a Mary Sue that frees myself. Before I wrote it, I never thought that it would be seen by so many people, and many shortcomings that I did not find were gradually exposed. So far, I have been developing the plot according to the outline, but maybe because of the lack of writing power, it has not given everyone a good look and feel. I will pay more attention to the description in the following text. The determined ending will not change. If you are not satisfied with the reading, you must stop here. This text is not perfect, and I just wrote it according to my own preferences, which cannot satisfy everyone. Writing a novel is to be happy, and I also hope that everyone can read it happily.

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