Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Excuse

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After learning that Bai Shuyun was also in this villa, Jian Chi was not surprised.

Although he and Bai Yinnian have only met two times, from the description and contact in the book, Bai Yinian’s desire to control was particularly serious. Needless to say, it would be the same for his younger brother. Bai Yinnian in the original book was a younger brother con who had no bottom line. With the help of two times, Jian Chi finally reversed his impression. Now it seems that he was too naive.

The next morning, the servant did not come in to deliver the meal, but told him that Bai Yinnian was waiting for him downstairs. Jian Chi limped downstairs and smelled the aroma of breakfast. Bai Yinnian was sitting at the table, reading a tablet with half-drunk coffee in his hand, and said without looking up, “Come here.”

Like calling a subordinate, or keeping a pet.

Jian Chi really wanted to throw the crutch at Bai Yinian. The last time he was this upset was with Shao Hang, but thinking that he was still under the other party’s roof, he had to bow his head. Jian Chi sat silently, and was hesitating whether to eat directly or ask Bai Yinnian. After all, he was still the owner of the house, when Bai Yinian said, “Are you going to just sit here?”

Jian Chi silently recited ‘forbearance’, and took a bite of toast. Bai Yinnian put down the tablet in his hand, “Come with me after eating, Xiao Yun is still angry because I punished him by restricting him. If he speaks irresponsibly, you can just treat it as if listening to a cloud of air.”

The word ‘grounding him’ made Jian Chi feel that he was back in a TV series with the background of the Republic of China, but it was inevitable for a big family like the Bai family to make some strict rules, so he swallowed the bread in his mouth, “So I need to go there to be scolded?”

This thorny question made Bai Yinian lift his eyelids, and his eyes stayed on Jian Chi for two seconds, “I will stop it.”

Well, although Jian Chi didn’t trust this sentence much, Bai Yinian’s promise was still very valuable. After breakfast, he took the elevator behind Bai Yinnian to the fifth floor. Bai Yinian’s starting pace made it laborious for Jian Chi to follow. He didn’t know if he noticed this but after walking out of the elevator, Bai Yinian slowed down and he would stop when turning the corner. His peripheral vision glanced at him as if to determine if he was following. He didn’t know why, but Jian Chi always felt that Bai Yinnian had a faint smile on his face. Given that he was in such a troubled position, Jian Chi regarded this as a mockery.

This indignant mood only lasted for a few minutes. When he followed Bai Yinnian into the room, a pillow flew over, turning Jian Chi’s eyes black, then there was a ‘bang’ sound, without any pain from being hit. The palm in front of him firmly pinched the center of the pillow, and the back of the five-fingered hand protruded with blue veins. Before Jian Chi could completely calm down from the shock, Bai Yinnian threw the pillow to another man in the room, “Didn’t I say to take away everything he can touch.”

Dr. Han took the pillow and shrugged, “The young master wants to rest, so I can’t help but give him a pillow.”

Bai Yinnian didn’t answer, turned his head slightly, and asked in a neither light nor heavy voice, “Were you scared?”

Yes, but Jian Chi shook his head. He looked in the direction where the pillow was thrown. If he ignored the unnamed but advanced-looking medical equipment by the bed, this place should be the most well-lit, spacious and comfortable room. But when seeing Bai Shuyun tied to the bed, it was difficult to evaluate it with the word ‘comfortable’.

Bai Shuyun’s legs were tightly tied to the bed by two long black straps, one was tied to the ankle, the other was to the thigh, and only one of his hands could move normally. Jian Chi never thought that Bai Yinian’s ‘restricting’ actually was literal. At this moment, Jian Chi, who was still full of dissatisfaction and anger, couldn’t get out his anger. He only thought: being Bai Yinian’s younger brother is awful.

“Jian Chi!” The blow just now didn’t hit him as he wished, and Bai Shuyun squeezed two words out of his teeth, his eyes seemed to want to swallow Jian Chi alive. He still looked weak and pale, and could be blown over by the wind at any time, but Jian Chi knew that if he was loosened at this moment, Bai Shuyun would definitely jump down on the spot and fight him without waiting a breath.

Bai Yinian’s voice was cold: “Speak nicely.”

Bai Shuyun swallowed the swearing words in his mouth. He didn’t dare to look at Bai Yinnian. Under this confusion, Jian Chi said, “Do you have anything to explain?”

In fact, at this time, Jian Chi didn’t care so much about the reason. Everything that should have happened happened. Now, how to go out and contact Ji Huaisi was the most important thing. Jian Chi’s words seemed to hit Bai Shuyun’s sore foot. If he hadn’t been tied up, he would never have let Jian Chi stand in such a safe place.

“Aren’t you embarrassed to ask me? If I didn’t see you, my brother wouldn’t have found out about my departure, and I wouldn’t have been locked up at home until now without seeing Ah Hang. He said he liked you, but I’d like to see how much he likes you. Does he dare to fight with me and the Bai family for you?”

Jian Chi was at a loss, and realized that Bai Shuyun was referring to the last meeting in the hotel, he thought it was funny but couldn’t laugh, “It was you who took action against my family first, that’s why I asked you to meet, and it was me who helped you when you were sick. Does this count as revenge for a favour given?”

“Who wants you to save me?” Bai Shuyun vehemently refuted it, “If you hadn’t angered me on purpose, I wouldn’t have gotten sick at all. I still haven’t found the medicine yet, you must have stolen it…”

“Okay,” Bai Yinian interrupted Bai Shuyun’s chattering accusations, “Did you forget what I said? It’s your fault, apologize.”

The last two words fell forcefully. Bai Shuyun blushed for a while, puffed out his cheeks, and didn’t say a word, as if the words ‘sorry’ were a huge shame for him. Jian Chi interrupted the stalemate for him: “It’s okay not to apologize, as long as you don’t trouble me again in the future, everything can be settled completely.”

It’s not Jian Chi’s generosity, he knew that even if Bai Shuyun apologized under the pressure of Bai Yinnian, he still would curse him indignantly in some way or manner. It’s better not to make such a hypocritical apology. In contrast, a promise from Bai Shuyun under the witness of Bai Yinnian was better. If Bai Shuyun goes back on his words at that time, he will at least have a trump card.

Jian Chi can see that Bai Yinnian’s younger brother con was actually ‘control’ control*. He was willing to clean up all the mess Bai Shuyun had committed and protect Bai Shuyun behind him, but at the same time, Bai Shuyun can only be controlled and punished by him. It can even be said to be unrelenting. For Bai Shuyun, he didn’t know whether he was lucky or unfortunate.

* brocon = usually brother complex but saying its brother control

Facing the demands of his most hated person, Bai Shuyun certainly couldn’t easily compromise, but under Bai Yinian’s gaze, he finally reluctantly squeezed out an en from his nose. Jian Chi didn’t want to entangle with him anymore, so he made an excuse of being tired and walked out of the room. He originally thought that Bai Yinnian would stay inside and talk to Bai Shuyun for a while, but after leaving not that far away, Bai Yinian’s figure was coming not close or far from him slowly.

“His obsession with Shao Hang is too deep.” Bai Yinnian said suddenly.

“What?” Jian Chi asked.

“When I was young, my parents were busy with work and were separated from each other. Xiao Yun and I are almost ten years apart. When he needed company the most, I was in a closed off high school and couldn’t go home several times a year,” said Bai Yinnian. Bai Yinnian didn’t seem like he was talking about himself, more like telling a story, “Xiao Yun’s illness was discovered when he was older, and after that we realized our neglect of him and tried to make up for it as much as possible, but it was too late. Before this, Xiao Yun and grandfather had been together for the longest time. They had known Shao Hang since childhood. Maybe it was the appearance of Shao Hang that made Xiao Yun give him all his reliance and trust. When I found out, there was no way for him to change his mind.”

Jian Chi was silent for a while, “This shouldn’t be an excuse for him to kidnap me.”

“It’s not an excuse, it’s the reason.”

Bai Yinian stopped, the corners of his cold lips curved upwards in a not obvious way, “I agree with what Xiao Yun said just now, I wonder how far will Shao Hang go for you? Will he be willing to tear his relationship with Bai family for you or will he give up on the relationship between you two for the Bai family. Xiao Yun had given me a headache for so many years because of him, and this time it will finally be Shao Hang’s turn to stand in the wind. I am very curious about his choice.”

Jian Chi’s heart beat fast, he couldn’t believe it, “You…”

“Don’t worry, when the time comes, I will send you back safe and sound,” Bai Yinnian left this sentence before leaving, “Now you don’t need to think about it, just take care of your injuries, as for what you asked Xiao Yun to do just now. I promise I will keep an eye on him to make sure he fulfills it.”

Jian Chi didn’t have a chance to refute a word.

‘Make up for Bai Shuyun’s mistakes’ was just an excuse. Bai Yinian’s real thoughts were actually similar to Bai Shuyun’s, but he was smarter and more intolerant than Bai Shuyun. He would give a jujube then a stick, which made Jian Chi feel like it was hitting cotton, unable to really vent his anger.

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