Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Seduce

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Shen Shuting wasn’t just saying things. Since then, there has been an extra Jian Chi in the car that sends Bai Yinian to the company every day.

The people in the company gradually got used to the tail behind Bai Yinnian, and they said hello in the morning while not forgetting him who was behind. Jian Chi strayed into the pantry once and was ‘detained’ for ten minutes by a group of resting employees. Some asked him if he was a relative of Bai Yinnian, some asked how old he was, where did he go to school, and some asked is Bai Yinian was also so strict in private, holding the air of a president. Jian Chi felt surrounded by a pungent fragrance. He was so bored that he didn’t know which to answer first, but fortunately, Han Zheng came out and interrupted them, and then did the people gathered around Jian Chi disperse in a rush.

“You don’t need to answer next time. If you can’t avoid it, you can say that you are a junior in Mr. Bai’s family.” During this period of time, Han Zheng spoke more.

Jian Chi asked with uncertainty, “Is that not a good idea?”

Han Zheng said, “President Bai allowed it.”

These four words were like a gold medal for avoiding death.

Bai Yinnian, who was sitting behind the desk and flipping through the documents, raised his head, his eyes were a little less business-like when his eyes met Jian Chi who came in, and he stated the purpose of calling him here: “I have something to do tonight, after you’re finished, someone will send you back.”

During this time, Jian Chi witnessed Bai Yinnian’s self-disciplined and heinous schedule. It was the first time he heard the word ‘something to do’ in his mouth, and his first reaction turned out to be that Bai Yinnian finally had a nightlife. 

He really can’t blame Jian Chi for thinking this way. Although Bai Yinnian didn’t seem to be approachable, and in the words of an employee, he was putting on airs, but this does not prevent Bai Yinian from giving people a feeling of experiencing a thousand sails*; simply stated having quite a few female friends.
* experienced a lot in life but still young

As if reading Jian Chi’s thoughts, Bai Yinian leaned on the chair with a dark expression, “It’s a dinner party with a partner, what are you thinking?”

“It’s nothing.” Of course Jian Chi wouldn’t admit what he thought just now, and answered without blushing and skipping a beat.

Bai Yinnian raised the corner of his lips with a half-smile, opened the document in his hand, and stopped staring at Jian Chi to exert pressure, “He’s already here, you can go.”

In fact, Jian Chi didn’t understand why he had to make it so inconvenient. He tried to ask about Bai Yinnian’s conversation that day, but got only a superficial answer, avoiding the main point. Shen Shuting’s profile was smooth and graceful when he was lecturing, his eyelashes were half-drooping, and he read out the key points in the book in a low voice, but Jian Chi’s thoughts drifted further and further, and the answer became clearer and clearer — could this be their deal?

Allowing Shen Shuting to borrow this reception room, and then… to come see him?

“Did you listen to what I just said?”

Like a hook, it hooked back Jian Chi’s attention. Shen Shuting frowned slightly, making Jian Chi feel guilty of being caught by the teacher for deserting in class, and coughed lightly, “Listening.”

“Repeat what I just said.”

Jian Chi looked at the math problem that Shen Shuting circled. It was the one he did wrong when he went back yesterday. He vaguely remembered the two formulas Shen Shuting said at the beginning, and the rest was lost. Shen Shuting seemed to want to say something to him, which shouldn’t be a good thing, but in the end he didn’t say it, “I’ll say it again, if you don’t listen, I won’t repeat it a third time.”

It still sounded like his usual cold and impatient tone, but upon closer inspection, this layer of impatience on the surface was more like a thin piece of paper used to cover up, blurring the truth behind the paper, attracting Jian Chi to explore; a faint hesitation that should not set foot. After Shen Shuting finished speaking, Jian Chi nodded, “I understand.”

After a few seconds, Jian Chi looked at Shen Shuting, “Can I ask a question?”


“Does Ji Huaisi know that I’m here?”

The pen fell on the desk, making a loud noise. Shen Shuting took off his glasses, his eyes that lacked the lens modification were a little less gentle, like two cold emeralds, staring at Jian Chi’s heart drumming. He straightened up his waist, not losing his momentum. After looking at each other for some time, Shen Shuting’s voice pierced his eardrums: “Is this important?”

“He’s my boyfriend,” this should be the first time Jian Chi used these three words to admit their relationship. Facing Shen Shuting’s eyes, he became a little more daring, “Besides, aren’t you friends, why? …”

“Friends also have their own secrets,” Shen Shuting said coldly, “including gaps.”

Jian Chi seemed to know that there was no possibility of asking for an answer. It was only a few minutes before the end. He stood up, but Shen Shuting grabbed his arm. Maybe it was because of the previous experience, but there were no more stiff tremors: “If it is Ji Huaisi sitting here, would you still be so eager to leave?”

The touch of skin made Jian Chi look over. He pulled his hand but was unsuccessful, “You’re not…”

“Don’t I hate physical contact with others? Did you want to ask this?” Shen Shuting can always catch up with him before he spoke. He suddenly said, “Want to know why?”

Jian Chi moved his lips, but couldn’t make a sound. He was pinned to the spot by Shen Shuting’s eyes, and he could only hear a slightly unstable breathing.

“I have an older sister who was seven years older than me. Ever since I can remember, I have known that she doesn’t like this little brother of her. She hated me so much that she doesn’t even want to give me a hug. When I was a child, my only playmate was the housemaid. My favorite game at that time was hide-and-seek, hiding in a hidden corner and waiting for the other party to find me, and I won every time. Once, I hid in the closet of my parents’ bedroom when I heard my Father with an unfamiliar woman’s voice.”

“I will never forget that disgusting picture for the rest of my life, the sound that would get in even if my ears were blocked. The next day, I had a high fever, and the servant who always played hide-and-seek with me never showed up in the house. I realized everything I witnessed that day was a betrayal to my mother, so I made up my mind and prepared to tell my mother when I once again saw a familiar scene,” Shen Shuting pulled the corner of his lips, “She was having an affair in the garden with a man who was not my father. “

“It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that it was only me who was naive. That was not a betrayal at all. They were a complete business marriage. In front of the camera, they were in love with each other. Turn off the camera, and they can turn around to be with each other’s lover. Later I found out why my sister hated me, she found out before me, maybe she felt that I had inherited the filth of the two of them.”

Shen Shuting approached step by step, the heavy words took away all of Jian Chi’s thoughts, and he didn’t even realize that he had broken the safe distance. His arms were still firmly grasped, and he stepped back and pressed his waist against the desk, making Jian Chi let out a grunt.

“That’s why I hate all those who have bad intentions and sell themselves out for power and interests,” Shen Shuting stared at Jian Chi’s eyes, a storm brewing in the silence, “they are dirty. This idea entangles me tightly. In the end, this thought popped up even when I touched a normal person, and I couldn’t hold back my nausea.”

Jian Chi took a deep breath, “so you thought I was this kind of person at first?”

The strength on his wrist tightened a little, Shen Shuting said: “You seduced Ji Huaisi, entangled with Shao Hang and Wen Chuan under the banner of being a friend, hung with them, and didn’t give them a reply; besides benefits you can get, why else did you do it?”

The strangeness that was produced by Shen Shuting when he said those words was reduced by half at this moment. Jian Chi didn’t know where Shen Shuting saw ‘seduction’. He wanted to pull out his hand, but was pressed a little tighter. He gritted his teeth: “You are fooling…”

Suddenly, the world was spinning, Jian Chi was pressed on the desk, the computer and books that had not been put away were in a mess and were pushed away by Shen Shuting. His shoulder blades hurt, and Jian Chi’s unfinished words in his mouth, and the sight in front of him was shattered. The light was tightly blocked by Shen Shuting, who was bullying down, and his body was squeezed between his legs. This dangerous posture made Jian Chi’s mind go blank.

“You’re also seducing me,” the hair hanging down on his forehead covered the coldness in Shen Shuting’s eyes that looked as if he wanted to take off the clothes on Jian Chi’s body and see through his whole body, “You touched me on purpose, appeared in front of me on purpose, you made me see you close to others on purpose. You made me pay attention to you, care about you, and like you on purpose.”


Jian Chi thought for a while that this was some kind of new type of torture, each of which was a ‘crime’ committed by him, until his last words that came out like a heavy hammer hitting his eardrum, and the dizzy reverberation lingered for a long time. Jian Chi wanted to refute, but couldn’t speak when Shen Shuting clasped his chin. Shen Shuting seemed to have taken off the face of indifference and disgust. In that disgust, densely interspersed was breathless desire and deep meaning. 

“You… get off,” Jian Chi resisted with difficulty, but he couldn’t shake the shackles from Shen Shuting, his heart almost jumped out of his weak chest, “Aren’t you… Aren’t you disgusted?”

Shen Shuting lowered his head and neck and slowly approached Jian Chi, his unfamiliar movements were slightly stiff, his heavy breathing was getting closer and closer to his earlobe, getting tighter and tighter. The face, and the layers of covered opposing high temperatures, were already mute: “I haven’t felt disgusted since the first time you touched me.”

Not… disgusted.

These short words were repeated in Jian Chi’s ears. Since it wasn’t disgusting, what was the reason for every disgusting, malicious remark and avoidance?

Shen Shuting personally told him the answer.

The moment they kissed, Jian Chi froze under Shen Shuting, forgetting to breathe and gasp. He let out a few resistances and low groans. Shen Shuting’s kiss and tenderness didn’t touch him at all, his lips and tongue robbed the only air left in his mouth, like the primitive biting and plundering of beasts, to mark his prey. His sharp teeth nicked Jian Chi’s tongue several times, but the pain turned into irritation, making Shen Shuting’s unfamiliar and tough movements more and more proficient. Jian Chi pushed his shoulders away with the other hand, but the effect was minimal. He could clearly feel Shen Shuting’s body that was almost on fire. His palms dipped under his thin clothes and stroked his waist.

Jian Chi couldn’t help but tremble, and the uncontrollable reaction of his body made him seem to be ignited together. Shame and a strange feeling stuck in his chest, all of which turned into a forbearance gasp in Shen Shuting’s kiss.

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