Aristocrat Boys School Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Betray

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Back against the cold desk, Shen Shuting on his body conveyed a steady stream of heat. Jian Chi seemed to be tormented in the fire, trying to avoid the kiss, but the churning tongue was more like a response to Shen Shuting.


The hand on the waist continued to go up after a pause, Jian Chi could clearly draw the outline of Shen Shuting’s five fingers. The thin calluses on the fingertips brushing by left slight tremors on the skin, and climbed in a more uncontrollable direction. The chaotic brain only allowed Jian Chi to react instinctively, realizing the inadvertent gasping, he bit his lower lip, “Shen…Shen Shuting, calm down, this is the company, if you don’t let go, I will. …”

What to do? Shout for help? Jian Chi couldn’t even continue his own words.

Shen Shuting didn’t stop, he bit his earlobe, “Has Ji Huaisi touched you like this?”

Jian Chi had deliberately avoided thinking about Ji Huaisi, in order not to bring a deeper sense of apology and guilt, but Shen Shuting’s words forced him to recall what he had done with Ji Huaisi. Shen Shuting had already convicted him in his heart. Increasing his strength, Jian Chi subconsciously wanted to break free, but Shen Shuting grabbed his arm.

“What have you guys done?”

Looking at Shen Shuting’s dark eyes, it intuitively told Jian Chi that if he said something wrong, it would not end well, and he hurriedly looked away, “…Nothing, hurry down.”


Shen Shuting vented and bit Jian Chi’s side neck, his teeth mercilessly sank down, and Jian Chi let out a short cry of pain. He was sure that there was a mark on it, and if he bit deeper, it might be able to tear off a piece of meat. Physiological tears moistened the end of his eyes uncontrollably, but Jian Chi tried his best to hold it back, “I didn’t lie to you, really.”

In fact, Jian Chi didn’t lie. His behavior that day was not completely out of line. He only helped Ji Huaisi once. He thought it was finished, but he was coaxed by Ji Huaisi for a second time. They did not reach the last step, Jian Chi felt like that was too soon.

“I saw him kissing you in the office,” Shen Shuting’s eyes darkened, “How could he have done nothing for so many days on board?”

“You saw……”

His brain stopped for a moment, and Jian Chi suddenly remembered the time when he went to Ji Huaisi’s office before going to sea. When he left, he found the door ajar. Except for the members of the student union, there was Shen Shuting. But how could it be Shen Shuting?

At that time, he still firmly believed that Shen Shuting hated him.

…but now, this ‘hate’ and the hate he understood were completely different.

“You saw it all?”

“Did you think it was just me that saw?”

Jian Chi’s heart skipped a beat, and he heard Shen Shuting spit out the next sentence in a tone full of sarcasm.

“From that angle, Ji Huaisi can easily discover me.”


Realizing the deep meaning of Shen Shuting’s words, Jian Chi didn’t care about being in a disadvantageous position, and retorted: “You are talking nonsense, Ji Huaisi can’t have discovered you, if that’s the case, he won’t…”

“Won’t kiss you in front of my face?” Shen Shuting lowered his long neck, his breath falling on Jian Chi’s hot earlobe, “How do you know if he wasn’t more excited?”

Jian Chi gritted his back teeth, “You… mm…”

The hand under the clothes moved again, and Shen Shuting pinched Jian Chi’s flesh either deliberately or unintentionally, and whispered a hint: “Don’t think too much about Ji Huaisi, did you think it was a coincidence in the beginning for him to appear in front of you every time? To help you, or save you.”

There seemed to be countless chaotic lines in front of Jian Chi’s eyes, smashing and trampling the truth he had always believed in, and reassembling them into a strange and terrifying answer. Jian Chi wanted to refute, but his voice was not as firm and powerful as the previous sentence, and he trembled slightly: “I won’t believe you.”

“You don’t have to trust me,” Shen Shuting said, “you will find out for yourself.”

After speaking, without giving Jian Chi a chance to resist, he lowered his head and kissed deeper than the first time. In fact, Jian Chi didn’t have the energy to resist now. His mind was full of the words Shen Shuting left just now, as well as the gentle and harmless smile on Ji Huaisi’s face every time he met and helped him. Thinking too much, it was until there was a distinct touch between his legs that Jian Chi followed his gaze, then it was as if something exploded in his mind, blackened for a while, and then turned numb like an electric shock.

“Shen Shuting, if you dare continue, I will tell Ji Huaisi what happened today.”

“You won’t.” Shen Shuting said.

Jian Chi felt powerless for a while, and said in a low voice, “Even if I won’t, you can’t force me. Didn’t you say it’s disgusting?”

“It won’t be here,” Shen Shuting kissed the place he had bitten just now, not sure if it was meant as a comfort or something else, “You don’t have to do anything, I won’t force it.”

Just when Jian Chi was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Shen Shuting’s second half sentence full of lust: “But you need to help me here.”

He bumped into Jian Chi’s leg.

After getting off the table, Jian Chi’s legs were all soft, and the moment he touched the ground, his knees went soft and he almost fell. Shen Shuting pulled him into his arms. There was an unusual smell in the air. He didn’t know if it was a psychological effect but Jian Chi felt that the smell was extremely strong. Although Shen Shuting wiped it clean, he still felt that everything that had just happened was reflected everywhere.

When cleaning up, Shen Shuting’s face didn’t even turn red, and Jian Chi next to him couldn’t stand it anymore, and he didn’t want to stay in the same place with Shen Shuting, so he hurried away without saying a word. When walking, the rough fabric of his trousers rubbed against the heel of his leg, and he usually didn’t feel it, but now he could feel a clear tingling pain with every step he took, and the shame turned into a sharp needle, stabbing the skin one by one.

When Jian Chi went back, he locked himself in the bathroom, took off his clothes, and his legs turned red as expected. The more he rubbed, the more red it was, followed by the pain. Jian Chi gritted his teeth, and turned off the shower. No matter what happened now, it was useless, and even the psychological comfort was pitiful. Shen Shuting was aware, and he was also aware. When he closed his eyes, a lot of unbearable images flooded into his mind. His ears were surrounded by Shen Shuting’s forbearance and low breathing, the close touch and temperature, and… Jian Chi opened his eyes, then put his face in a wet bath towel.

Before entering Saintston, he never thought that he would develop a relationship other than friends of the same sex, and after being with Ji Huaisi, he never thought that there would be a second person who would do such a thing.

Jian Chi didn’t know how everything became like this. Shao Hang could be explained due to interest and freshness. Maybe Wen Chuan just mistook the cherishing of his first friend as something else, but why Shen Shuting? When did he become so popular? Why doesn’t he know it himself?

This kind of feeling that can only be passively accepted was particularly uncomfortable. Jian Chi was used to not arguing, and was used to being the most transparent one in the crowd. When he met Shen Shuting just now, the first thing he thought about was the consequences of trying his best to stop it. He can’t beat Shen Shuting, and all the movements here were likely to be noticed by Bai Yinian who was not far away. If he chose to resist desperately, can Shen Shuting really stop stop doing things like today?

At least the answer on Shen Shuting’s face was ‘no’.

In his wavering, Jian Chi didn’t have time to decide the answer, until after everything happened, the feelings of powerlessness, annoyance, and guilt overwhelmed him. This was a betrayal of Ji Huaisi. Jian Chi understood this. When he thought that Ji Huaisi was still looking for his whereabouts worriedly, but he did this kind of thing with his best friend, Jian Chi felt full of unbearable guilt. 

Guilt for concealing and betraying Ji Huaisi. Guilt…he didn’t know how hated this kind of thing was.

Jian Chi originally thought that he would resist Shen Shuting’s actions, and in fact he did resist. It was not serious, at least it was not as repulsive as he thought, such as wishing to kick Shen Shuting inhumanely. The body’s reaction was too honest and too hard to suppress, especially the contrast in Shen Shuting’s body that mae Jian Chi in a blank state most of the time. Except for pain and discomfort, shame and resistance, the disgust in it was very small. Jian Chi had no way to deny that he really felt an uncontrollable pleasure in the few seconds or minutes of it.

This feeling deepened the guilt. Jian Chi knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help but think of what Shen Shuting said about Ji Huaisi. It didn’t seem like vengeful words or a staged script. Was Ji Huaisi paying attention to his every move from the very beginning, all those accidents and warmth were just an illusion for him?

Trust was like a thin piece of paper, as long as you poke the first hole, it will never be able to withstand the wind and rain, and it will not be restored to its original state. Jian Chi remembered a lot of things, such as when he was brought into the room by Shao Hang, and Ji Huaisi was able to find him immediately; for example, how Ji Huaisi found out about him and Wen Chuan leaving school, when there was obviously no one on the road that day. …..When coincidence turns into deliberate, or even a follow-up search, it felt like a thorn in the heart that can’t be pulled out.

But it was useless to think about it more. Jian Chi can only suppress the precarious shaking in his heart, and decide to have a good chat with Ji Huaisi after he goes out. If Ji Huaisi denies this, he will never believe in Shen Shuting in the future. As for what happened just now… Jian Chi didn’t know how to tell Ji Huaisi, the only thing he could do now seemed to be avoid it, or, take a good, serious look at this relationship, without Ji Huaisi’ interference .

Jian Chi watched the clock on the sofa and waited. After several weeks of recuperation, the injury to his left leg had improved a lot, and sometimes he can walk a few steps without a cane. Thinking of the embarrassment when Bai Yinian took away the ‘things of the Bai family’ last time, Jian Chi didn’t bring a cane this time. He figured that Bai Yinian’s dinner would end at a certain time, but how would he say it to have Bai Yinnian not have him see Shen Shuting anymore… Time passed, Jian Chi was drowsy. The hour hand was almost at twelve when the sound of the door broke the silence of darkness.

“Mr. Bai.”

In a formal situation, Jian Chi would still call him that, and Bai Yinnian never corrected it. There was no response after the sound, only the light at the entrance was dimly lit. Jian Chi walked over slowly. Before the rehearsed remarks on his lips had time to exit, a pungent smell penetrated into his nose first, and he couldn’t help frowning.

“What’s the matter?” Bai Yinian’s cold and stern eyebrows looked a little softer under the warm light of the porch. Looking closely, the skin under his eyes was glowing with an inconspicuous thin red.

…he drank alcohol?

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